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To The Bank And Ballroom Delights

            To The Bank And Ballroom Delights

Right here right now explosions!... excited fuses!... Bombs going off!
In the back ally by the river bank
History rising to gun shots, balloons and music
Too fast to stop as something goes off
Ballroom dancing in the dark next door
Stumbling into the bank
Alarms going off.  Shots going off.  Babies screaming for a change
Drinks in three or more hands or so it seems
A little blurred and fuzzy on the scene
Music blaring, people dancing
Yellow wall flowers flying off the walls 
Exploding, floating on the edges 
With my sweetie peach we dance all night
In hand in flight over silver lights, flashing reds overhead
Music rocks history to death in the speed of numbered steps
Caresses of my baby warm against the flesh
Power drums pounding at the door of love
Feels so real, moving slowly, growing into building rhythms 
Primordial religions spinning on in joy  
Tearing yellow flowers off the walls
Hurricane bands of magic raining down on clouds of love
Enhancing, advancing on the living floor
Holding on to dear life, my sweetie pie and I 
Guns in our pockets as we rock
We came to rob a bank
Where did it go
Someone pointed to outside
Next to the disco tech is the ballroom dancing hall
By the river bank next door

11/21/14 Ballroom Delights - Poetry Contest

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2014

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Villanelle: The Dilemma of the Non-Violent - 54

Villanelle: The Dilemma of the Non-Violent – 54

Must Nature fulfil its terminal plans
The question is Are we in its primal aims
Can Man be content with what he understands

Does Nature kill for fun or to teach lessons
Are we central to the Multi-Verse’s claims
Must Nature fulfil its terminal plans

Does the Tao inform Siva’s dream drunk dance
Or is some standstill boredom reason for games
Can Man be content with what he understands

Is so much lightning-thunder mere flash in pans
So many players in outfields lost without names
Must Nature fulfil its terminal plans

Must Nature destroy what IT creates in trance
Life and Death the Known and Unknown whom one blames
Can Man be content with what he understands

Is the idea Maya a contresens
Who would create to destroy what he proclaims
Must Nature fulfil its terminal plans
Can Man be content with what he understands

© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2015

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2015

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A June Night in Rotgut Saloon

A June Night in Rotgut Saloon

In walked Lefty Red behind him lay many dead
into this old dusty town his tired horse had tread
Well known his draw was quick as lightning 
his stare deadly cold and so very frightening

Stranger where is the nearest watering hole
getting drunk and riled up is my goal
Ahead 120 paces is our old Rotgut saloon
enter there and you'll get your wish soon

Lefty Red , cold, bitter and as hard as granite
entered and saw a scene like he had planned it
Crowd was loud, rowdy as hell and so very drunk
beer and whiskey flowing , an odor foully stunk

Give me a beer and two shots of your best redeye
send over that sweet blonde philly that I spy
Barkeep did exactly as he was very sternly told
That philly's man was none other than Billy Cold

Billy Cold that had 7 carved notches on his gun
even once cut a man slowly to death just for fun
The stare sent a hard and well understood reply
want this har' woman , get her , jest you try

Lefty Red knocked down whiskey shots and his beer
spun around to show a fastdraw rig , he had no fear
Billy wasted not a second to make his best play
drawed his 45 to make that insulting Lefty Red pay

As his hammer was so very quickly cocked back
his ears heard a loud booming pistol crack
A huge hole suddenly tore open in his chest
a mistake, for Lefty Red was always the very best

Body was calmly , swiftly and carefully taken away
nothing new, this was like just about any other day
Lefty told the piano man to shut up and play a tune
time for the pretty saloon girl and getting drunk soon

Townfolks remember so very well that hot June day
Lefty Red had tested Billy Cold and made him pay
Forty-five slug and justice had caught up with that man
as Lefty Red had for seven, long searching years planned


Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2014

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Diamond Dance

Villages crushed, by shiny rocks, 
Demolished while, the profits shot, 
Sapper gets nought, from shards in sand, 
His life and yours, in wicked hands [

Twist in it’s dance, 
You are entranced 
Until the last. 

The king’s cup flows, over with blood, 
You know you think, money is love, 
Giving nothing, they steal your trust, 
Binding you with, aesthetic lust. 

You can’t break the, hardest substance, 
Your body twists, in diamond dance, 
Would you save a, million lives, 
Or get lost in, it’s twinkling eye? 

Puppets in the diamond dance, 
Mankind lost in, the wicked trance, 
If you mistake, waste for romance, 
You won’t have an-ything that lasts. 

Purest glass light, that grows in earth, 
Heaven from soil, the land gave birth, 
But it won’t feed, humanity 
Your mindless greed, their agony 

Copyright © Danny Stockton | Year Posted 2015

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Answerable to none

Answerable to none He waltzed across the party floor A rosy cheek, a kiss Dainty lady or tarty whore Not one would he miss Divorce had come and gone As messy as it could be With no dictator to look upon He could not hide his glee Of most domestic battery Men on women we’ve heard His freedom became the lottery He’d won by the Judge’s word Now footloose and fancy-free; Answerable to none If again he'll committed be It must be for love and fun May 02, 2017 For Fancy-Free Poetry Contest

Copyright © Sandison Jumbo | Year Posted 2017

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Happy Snowflake Pretty Dance

At the first sign of life
Pull the plug
Why should it begin at birth
Why not conception
It is hard to swallow wisdom
Reason gets in the way of thinking
Do you have something for indigestion
And thirst for knowledge my savage friend
Something sharp and penetrating
A quick easy fix to take a life
Take it happy snow flake pretty
Dancing with a knife

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2017