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My Life, My Rules

 You walk at night,
No fear, no worry.
Darkness shows your might,
It's first glance I've to hurry.

You drink and smoke and chill and freak!
To my interests is none of those.
For texting a mate, I need to sneak,
Then for all the rest, once think of my woes!

How lucky I was! My dad didn't compel me die.
Yes there is a cause, I dream to reach the sky!

But you couldn't see me smile,
Harass me and torment.
Merely to show off your style,
Your deeds were wild and blatant!

Wasn't your mom alive? To teach you to respect me
Was your sister hidden in the hive? Her pains you couldn't see!

But now that time's far gone,
My power has reached the zenith!
Your worthless progressions I scorn,
Just read my vision beneath!

Until now I was all alone,
Today the whole world's at my back.
Along the current of dominance I've flown,
Against the flow now I pack!

My love remains the same,
And so does all my care.
But its no more your dirty game,
To me you won't ever scare!

Respect is not something that I now demand,
I know this world is mine.
Respect is something that now I command,
Better get it all through your spine!

I make this world a better place yo live.
And so do the rest of the women.
To universe, hope and existence we give,
Will keep on forever and ever and ever again.

I'll wear what I want,
Step out without a daunt.
Meet and hang with whom I desire,
For as long as I aspire.
I know my boundaries very well,
Won't slip off, needless to tell.
Shall do all, that does a man.
Dare you doubt if I can.
Yes!Yes I'm proud to be a woman!
Because only I can bring up a daughter and son.

Now no one can stop me from filling my life with all the existing hues,
 Because from now its "My life, My rules!!"

Copyright © Nishant Patil | Year Posted 2015

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The Perfect Woman

 Since I was a boy I have known of her . I've dreamed of her in my fantasies , I have visioned you in my thoughts.Never knowing why or how or 

where she came from, Just she was there .Not ever did I see her face ,but I've known all the while of her beautiful smile. Eyes of an Angel , I can  

see all the way to her soul. Hair that flows over her shoulders like a waterfall.  . Just a dream in my head , my imagination gone wild , but I have 

always known she would be mine one day , A goddess  I will cherrish as my Queen and love her with all my heart. Spoil her with gifts and 

treasures, what ever she likes .The girl of my dreams I have honestly seen .I have spoken to her  and it is exactly as it was suppose to be . She's in 

love with me. Oh and she is the prettiest thing, this woman thats always been in my dreams .I was put here to meet her and she to meet me . I have 

always been in her dreams ,that's what she's been telling me . A match made in Heaven is what she claims, a love forever , a happiness for life , a 

Joy in our hearts that makes our lives worth living. Every since I was a boy I have known her. This woman of my dreams.

Copyright © TIMOTHY CARTER | Year Posted 2013

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As she spread her crest, sweet fumes filled the air.
From a humble bud, she turned to a beautiful red rose,
Ripe enough to make a garden of its own.
With her scent, insects flew,
Tempted to taste its sweet milky bottom.
That's what happens when a flower blooms!

Copyright © Flora Mae Gudez | Year Posted 2014

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Birth of a Poet

The animals know better than us. The rain has never poured so loudly in a key so soft.
To the front, the sailing of city buses and mini vans cruising across in this weather makes the water underneath their tires sound like the street is crying out for 5 more minutes of sleep. Up above, the trees are protecting a nest of baby blue jays before they get washed away by the silence of their mother not being there. But with sky blue young spirits, and small empty stomachs, they keep hope alive in the fact that even children know storms and struggles don’t last forever.
Below the trees, nature has found a name to call it’s own. From the hole dug by the little boy next door, a family of three foxes have named human nature sanctuary, and burrowed their problems into the sediment to rest for a while.
To the side of the hole, a flock of ducks are swimming in the water with eyes open wide enough to where you can see their loyalty to love one another rushes wild.
To the right of the pond, caged up in a man made blanket, and lost in his own mind, is the boy. From what he remembers, last night was like a train accident; A head on collision of two people he could’ve sworn he saw holding hands just the other day. He hears the sound of plates shattering in C-minor, and the chorus of words that his parents screamed in F-sharp, so he imprisoned himself in his own bed sheets, accompanied by the courageous corduroy bear who he swears keeps hearing whisper “everything will be okay.”
It’s raining outside, and the crescendos of screams have been silenced by it’s peaceful security.
The boy, sleeps soundly now. The rain has protected his ears, and guarded his heart from being washed away by all of his nightmares.
He doesn’t care whether he wakes up. The baby blue jay, the resourceful fox and the brave little duck are all he wants to keep dreaming about.
Maybe he’ll run away into the rain? Or maybe into the arms if his mother?, whom he prays he can still recognize. To the left of his bed, he picked up the blank page of his coloring book and a crayon, and became a life long poet in that moment that morning. Taking a deep breath in, and giving a soft breath out, his first sentence was
“The animals know better than us.”

Copyright © Spenser Jones | Year Posted 2012

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What am I

Like dough 
I am
So malleable 
Into one
Or many forms

Like dough
I burn
And burn
On stove
On fire
Only to be
Strong, rigid and firm

Like dough
I am 
To provide
Exotic delicacies 
To your tongue
To let you savour me
While am young 

Like dough 
I burn
To be in the shape
And size
You yearn 
And yearn

Like dough
I am a habit
Just a bun
Tasteful, forgetful 
Just a craving
Which makes your stomach burn

Copyright © Ishu Sharma | Year Posted 2017

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A Good Laughter

A good laughter by a gentleman
among beautiful ladies within
may transform into passionate love
and given wings to fly into hearts

Copyright © Solomon Ochwo-Oburu | Year Posted 2017

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I am Alfonso II, Warally Chris,
The Son of Prince Theodore Rally,

I was born in nineteen eighty,
In Uvira Kidjaga. 
When I was eight years 
The river Kalimabenge flooded;

It took my granny’s house 
And some people found 

Me in the mud after eight hours. 
When I was eighteen years,

Some murderers killed our four neighbors.
The entire community was shocked and marched 

Carrying the dead bodies.
I was among protesters who fought against lawbreakers

But we were shot by the lawmakers. 
Many friends lost their lives 

And my leg was broken.
It was around ten,

The birds sang some sad songs 
In the entire town. 

Coming Evening, 
Some Samaritans rescued me from the pit,

The bullet broke the bone into pieces, 
The world sounded over to me. 

I saw darkness in eight days, 
I hide in the grave before my burial, 

The soldiers were looking for the survivors of the massacre. 
After hundred twenty-eight, I could walk well. 

When I was twenty-eight years,
One night, I was coming from work,

I met with some xenophobic people 
And they stabbed me mortally. 

God was with me.
It was not my last day on this earth. 

I was admitted to a good hospital,
The doctors and nurses took care for me, 

After twenty-eight days, 
I was healed completely. 

I decided to work for God forever,
Today, I am teaching the Bible 

To women groups, Schools, Prisons
And Hospitals.

To God be the glory

By Alfonso II Warally Chris
June 9th,2017

Copyright © Alfonso II Warally Chris | Year Posted 2017

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Brown eyes

Hi brown eyes so lovely as thus just to here your smile is a sound of music to my ear. Yes to her your voice it’s so deep to know. Brown eye’s as lovely as thou watching your thinking mind just make happy to see an educated man is what all women want. Brown eye’s your dependable and nice one day will be a dream come true for a women but soon you will make a women happy person.

Copyright © roselee montgomery | Year Posted 2008

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look around for what?

it was like a day break and ever one what me to look around for what. 
look around at how you mistreated me.
look around at how you mistreated each other.
look around at these same african american women who wants 
to be treat right but can't treat each other.
look around at what?
like i say i dont want look at you a hippcrited is out their in this world ever day.
why dont you african american women take that time and look around at yourselves.
if you negitive then ever one around you will be negitive.
but that is your world not mines.
take some advice
when you grow yourself then your world will grow around you.
pull that plunk out of your eyes for a change.

Copyright © roselee montgomery | Year Posted 2008

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An African


I am an African,
Not because of my colour skin,
Not because of my faith in Jesus Christ.
Not because of my education,
Not because of eating African,
Food day and night,
Not because I speak African languages.

I am an African,
Not because of my position.
Not because of my African surname.
Not because it is my birthplace,
Not because I married a beautiful
African queen.

I am an African,
Because I love Africa,
Because I love Africans.

Because I have a vision to develop Africa,
Because I promote the African Union,
Because I contribute to open eyes of

Because I teach Africans the history of glory
And dignity.
Because I am enlightening Africans mind and
I am an African forever and ever.

Copyright © Alfonso II Warally Chris | Year Posted 2017