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Personification Woman Poems | Personification Poems About Woman

These Personification Woman poems are examples of Personification poems about Woman. These are the best examples of Personification Woman poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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PART 2 - Earthbound Angels Made of Stone - An Epic

Those evil thorns of bitterness
That couldn't bear to see
This child so loved and so adored
By their father
Captain Lee

Until one day in early May
When she went out to play
In  fields drenched in morning  dew
Above a wind swept Bay
While standing there
Out on a ledge
Above a sea of green 
With eyes cast down
In deep reflection
Upon that ship of dreams

T'was then 
Her brothers 
Only half
Stepped out beyond the pale
And took the life of Amber 
As her father's ship set sail

The child of Rose
And Captain lee
So cherished and adored
Her lifeless body
Found that morning 
On the Ocean floor 
Forever laid to rest in death
Beneath her mother's breast 
Her named refrained for years in vain
Cried through her father's pain

So many times in life
This Rose 
Had dealt with tragedy 
But this time 
She was dealt
A lifetime 
Of grief 
Without reprieve

So...now alone with 
Hope and faith 
Nowhere in her sight
She drifted  in a fog of
Endless days 
And endless nights

A broken soul 
With only yearnings
For her little girl
A broken soul
Through a cruel 
And lonely world

A soul so deeply steeped in
Endless grief and
Endless  sorrow
Chained to that tragic day 
With no wish
To see tomorrow

Until one day
When Rose laid down
Upon the brink of death
And watched those green leaves
Turn to amber
Kissed by autumn's breath
A breath that set a blazing fire
Deep within her soul
When that mighty tree
Found the strength
To finally let her children go

And...standing there
Before her now
Rose saw a tree 
With empty boughs
And in that moment realized
Those we love 
Will never die

That tree would bear
The cruel sting
That winter's breath 
Of ice would bring
To once again
Give birth
In spring 

So with faith and hope
Now at her side
She found again the will
To rise
To spread her wings again
And fly


For two more score
Rose closed the door
On that devil Tragedy
Reborn again
Found inner-peace
In spirituality

Loyal companion
And caregiver to
The ailing
Captain Lee
Who no longer had the 
Will to sail
Upon the endless sea 

He died a sad and broken man
Who finally came to understand
It was his son's 
Who bore the thorns
That left his heart and mind so torn
When they with
Greed and  jealousy 
The sweetest child
Ever born

But... Justice 
In its own strange way  
Had indeed 
The final say
When the sons of  Captain Lee
Went to the bottom
Of the sea
Downed by a fierce
Raging storm
That finally killed
Those bitter thorns
The day their father

Coin and land 
And hearth and home
The Captain had bequeathed  
For she had stayed there
By his side
Long after she was free
In his final 
Will and testament
His one  good parting deed
Signed with a long repenting quill
And by the legal powers that be
He did in deed
In deep repose
Give it all to Rose

Rose now walked 
The streets of town
With grace and dignity
The richest women in the land
Thanks to Captain Lee

For two more score
With open door
Rose lived in tranquility
Her house dedicated 
To the legacy 
Of Captain Cannon Lee
Providing shelter to the poor
Abandoned women
And their babes
So grateful for the many lives
With the grace of God 
She saved

She died one day in autumn
When amber leaves fell from the tree
And was laid to rest
Beside her daughter
And the Captain Cannon Lee
Dubbed the Rose of Savannah
By those who knew her well
They came by the hundreds
To say their last farewell
Rose petals 
In shades of ebony
Were laid upon her grave
Each one in loving memory
For all the lives she 
Helped  to save


We dwell in quiet places
Where mortals sleep eternally
We earthbound angels made of stone
Keeping vigil for thee

Stone angels carved by human hands
In honor of the dead
Giving meaning to the path
Where mortals dare to tread

Written:  June, 2016
Author:  Elaine C. George of Canada

Copyright © Elaine George | Year Posted 2016

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Kashmir-The woman

Kashmir is the innocent beauty of nature
It lifted me above all mire dark and dense.

Kashmir is the divine smile
It gifted me a peace beyond all of my sense.

Kashmir is the sorrow
It showed me a combined pain of poverty, corruption and terrorism.

Kashmir is the beautiful helpless unmarried woman.
Whose neighbors are trying to capture her body not sweet heart.

Kashmir is the paradise on earth without dream...


Copyright © Sandip Goswami | Year Posted 2014

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PART 1 - Earthbound Angels Made of Stone - An Epic

We dwell in quiet places Where mortals sleep eternally We earthbound angels made of stone Keeping vigil for thee Stone angels carved by human hands In honor of the dead Giving meaning to the path Where mortals dare to tread And if you care to rest a spell In this quiet place we dwell You too will come to understand The stories we will tell Stories that are etched in stone For each departed soul And their journey here on earth The greatest stories ever told So listen very carefully With your heart and not your ears And with our silent voices Let us take you through the years Of one dearly departed And her life of joy and tears From the cradle to the grave A life of courage and of fear Now step with us into this realm Where earth and heaven meet And see the petals of this Rose Strewn o'er the cobbled streets And like the rose that bears her name May her beauty bloom again In all its glory in this story Amid the thorns that still remain Let us tell you of a child Born in eighteen twenty-five A little girl so pure and shy She made the willows sigh In a land where wooden ships With canvas wings did fly On a wailing wind With the moon and the stars Their only guide A child born without a sin The way that life begins Who at the age of seventeen Lost her innocence To a Captain Twice her age Who on that fateful day Took away her freedom When she became his slave How at the age of 17 She finally came to know The bitter thorn that lies beneath The beauty of the rose As she hid his seed Beneath a frock Of slavery and shame And her face beneath a veil of tears Each one Cried in vain Bought by this man A widower Raising babes that weren't her own She called upon her inner strength To make this land her home While he remained for months at sea She waited patiently Until the day when one-by-one The leaves fell from the trees As autumn died And heaven cried Her baby girl was born While all the village gossips Looked at Rose with utter scorn A stranger in a strange strange land A Rose that whites called black In that moment realized There was no going back She named her daughter Amber With hair the hue of flames A child of God who town-folk dubbed The Captain's child of shame And like the thorns that laid in wait beneath her mother Rose This child would one day come to know The evil they would sew A child with blood of black and white A heavy cross to bear Who could not In her innocence Conceive The evil lurking there ``` The remainder of this epic can be read in Part Two posted in my next entry. Please proceed.

Copyright © Elaine George | Year Posted 2016

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In the center of a fresh pageant, she throttles like a mythical woman quick to dance among open flowers, twirling like a hundred stars with curves round and breasts oyster pink as the trees, ovules, candles in her eyes open the fingertips of near April. Wild tempo vibrates on wispy tunes, until eyes of fire melt nightfall's brew... for primal and young is this Aries goddess holding a voile skirt that lifts into a pirouette while the moon hangs like a violin... eager to wing this lady's reggae jigs drifting on brocade of her springtime arms: And if every detail of lace in a gown can be sewn in the light touching her flesh , this she shall bring too... this near April debut. Open Poetry Contest Sponsor: Charlotte Jade Puddifoot 3/6/2017

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2017

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The Head of a Woman, She sits Alone

The visitors arrive and I must bear
Their comments, not that I really care.
I stare at them as they would stare at me; 
Until they break the ice, act so beastly.

Listen to their litany of abuse,
"Look well, her eyes are closed, having a snooze?"
"Isn't this an invert of a known painting?"
"Nice auburn hair though she looks like fainting."
"Not as good as Mona, now that's a dear."
I cannot understand why they come here.

They dare compare me to that wanton lass
How many men know she was sick, alas.
Finally they leave except for one man.
His love for me I know return I can.
If it were in my power down I'll come
Leave this mural, on his lips kiss him some.
Da Vinci paints our love and endeavor,
Happy; we'll be each other forever.

Placed 1

180 syllables – Couplets  - Personification
She Sits Alone - Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Eve Roper 

Written 5 August 2017
Posted 7 August 2017

Copyright © Victor Buhagiar | Year Posted 2017

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The Tree

The Tree- 

My bark is worn from time and life
My steady branches have withstood much strife
The life blood that raged in my youth
Its edges raw and at times uncouth
Time has polished and as steel has hardened
As I have stood watch faithfully in my garden
My saplings I have sheltered and nourished
Their tiny sprouts have grown and flourished
My work here is almost done and
I was content to stand silent in the sun
However, one day as I stood alone
Came a carpenter with hands gentle and strong
He looked past my peeling ragged bark and
Found my barely beating heart.
He has caused me to dream of my youth again
Of beauty, peace and the passion of men
I am his project to mold and to make
A challenge only he is equipped to take
I stand here now curious to see
What this craftsman can make of me.

Copyright © Tina Anderson | Year Posted 2015

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Strong Woman

If you should ever see me cry, it is not because I am Weak...it is because my eyelids are heavy from holding in all The pain in me...I have eyes to see the things I am supposed to see...Jesus died on a cross...the tears he weep was for me...I have the strength of all the king men!...and that alone makes me a STRONG WOMAN! I have a gift that was given to me, and that is my passion for writing. My inspiration that burns inside of me...I write from my heart and from the things I have seen, therefore my wisdom made me the woman I am now, and many before me...my life path has been written out for me...and that's my motivation that guides me.

Copyright © twanna Irisha | Year Posted 2012

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This Day

This is a day that I could have really done without,
Saying you love me and do this to me hurts no doubt.
   Day  after day I pray that you will please stop,
What pain you've caused me has taken all I've got .
   I love you and adore you but it seems not to matter,
Still you continue to hurt me leaving my heart shattered.
   You come to me with words I have only  dreamed ,
But what they were meant for was to hurt me it seems .
    Never  have I seen a woman with so much hate ,
Taking revenge on me by disrespecting me till it hurts.
    True I have  waivered with my troubles with trust,
The one thing thats important and this is a must.
     There are no more words or sayings that will ever work,
I have tried everything  I know giving it all that its worth .     
     To the day I die I will never understand why ,
The woman I love does everything to make me cry .
     So this my dream to be forever with you ,
Is only nightmares for me  and dying is all I can do.
     This a day I surely could do without.

Copyright © TIMOTHY CARTER | Year Posted 2013

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The Perfect Woman

 Since I was a boy I have known of her . I've dreamed of her in my fantasies , I have visioned you in my thoughts.Never knowing why or how or 

where she came from, Just she was there .Not ever did I see her face ,but I've known all the while of her beautiful smile. Eyes of an Angel , I can  

see all the way to her soul. Hair that flows over her shoulders like a waterfall.  . Just a dream in my head , my imagination gone wild , but I have 

always known she would be mine one day , A goddess  I will cherrish as my Queen and love her with all my heart. Spoil her with gifts and 

treasures, what ever she likes .The girl of my dreams I have honestly seen .I have spoken to her  and it is exactly as it was suppose to be . She's in 

love with me. Oh and she is the prettiest thing, this woman thats always been in my dreams .I was put here to meet her and she to meet me . I have 

always been in her dreams ,that's what she's been telling me . A match made in Heaven is what she claims, a love forever , a happiness for life , a 

Joy in our hearts that makes our lives worth living. Every since I was a boy I have known her. This woman of my dreams.

Copyright © TIMOTHY CARTER | Year Posted 2013

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Empress Crown As Queen

I am going on a trip because I need to spend a week away from these aspects.

Don’t burn that money.

Don’t waste it either.

I’ll spend it on something that I dislike.

It may be a venture but since I have spent my money, I can get high.

Clip art are my drawings and they are of beautiful megabits.

I think I am superfly so I play Rock & Roll all night.


Sheer excitement 

Escape to the highest heights of my imagination is when I know who I am and where I have been

Little am I and my jeans are tight.

With my big tits, I walk as if I am filled with sexual desire.

I see myself and smile.

My empire.

I’m feeling something that is so real.

I knew, if I lost focus, I lose my inner being.

So I give self a darn bulge, know that this is my world; therefore, I don’t lose the sensation.

The impression I give is that of confidence.

Self-asserted and assured, I moving up to finer things.

Handsome is the day and the night falls so lovely.

But I need to see what’s mine.

I need to see what belongs to me.

Strikingly, I find that I own so many priceless images.

A landscape I may pick to be serenity.

Or, a portrait is nice for the stillness.

I’ll plant a flower field to enjoy the contentment.

Equanimity is a silent panic.

I am just a being of the higher intelligence.

The noise is a clamor that does not last.

I will be the uproar of happiness.

Such a pleasure to have told you this.

If you want a replica, you may do the same.

That is joy in a virtual domain.

No more is the chance than any other government.

I have ruled this empire as long as I can remember.

Directions are easily to follow.

If you fail, I will not fail mines because all are downloadable.

I do not share my empirical secrets.

I am a régime of systems.

Simulated by thoughts that is pure.

Only I can be the downloader.

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2014

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As she spread her crest, sweet fumes filled the air.
From a humble bud, she turned to a beautiful red rose,
Ripe enough to make a garden of its own.
With her scent, insects flew,
Tempted to taste its sweet milky bottom.
That's what happens when a flower blooms!

Copyright © Flora Mae Gudez | Year Posted 2014

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A Woman

      A Woman
Is a Woman
   And there-by
Unique by design
      - Fore -
She is the Arbor
        Of Man
       - And -
In the Opuses'
         Of God


Copyright © Gary Fields | Year Posted 2011

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What am I

Like dough 
I am
So malleable 
Into one
Or many forms

Like dough
I burn
And burn
On stove
On fire
Only to be
Strong, rigid and firm

Like dough
I am 
To provide
Exotic delicacies 
To your tongue
To let you savour me
While am young 

Like dough 
I burn
To be in the shape
And size
You yearn 
And yearn

Like dough
I am a habit
Just a bun
Tasteful, forgetful 
Just a craving
Which makes your stomach burn

Copyright © Ishu Sharma | Year Posted 2017

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While Asleep

Her shadow crept into bedroom
and kissed me passionately

Copyright © Solomon Ochwo-Oburu | Year Posted 2017

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Who Is She

She glides through the village with perfect poise and grace,
a look of steady purpose, determination on her face.
Along the pathway she approaches the first passerby
who rudely cruises on his way with an irritated sigh.
The market place, the destination, where the lady arrives next
to a host of indolent youth that sit around and text.
She tries to catch their eye, begins to lift her voice
but they seemingly ignore her, definitely by choice.
Though what she has to offer, is better than silver and gold,
they won’t hear her instruction. She’s left out in the cold.
She’s been around a long time, before earth’s grand creation;
before so many traded her for pride, self -exaltation.
Yet, it is by her, that some kings and princes reign.
She gives to common men, a life that is not in vain.
All are truly blessed that choose to keep her ways
applying her sound counsel all their earthly days.
Fools that reject her will suffer eternal shame.
“Who is she?” you may ask. Wisdom is her name.

Copyright © Carol Connell | Year Posted 2017

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The Woman In Me

Something deep inside of me is longing to escape
to a better place outside of myself.
How will I get there?
Will there be anybody to help me find my place.
I'm not the same as before.
I want to walk away from it all but my first step is walking
through that door.
I'm afraid because I have no idea what's in store.
I want to live with no regrets, doubts or fears.
There's a big world out there for me to discover.
I have so many questions.
Will I be able to make it on my own or will I need 
a helping hand.
Someone who will listen to me and understand. 
I got to find a way to become the woman I so much 
want to be.
I got to be stronger to make it in this world.
I want to say goodbye to the girl that I once was 
and say hello to the new woman that is me. 

Copyright © Marina Cantu | Year Posted 2005

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I am looking for a woman

I'm Looking For A Woman

I'm looking for a woman, yes a woman to love, someone who's sweet and kind, and praises God above, one that I can hold each night to keep her safe and warm, yes I'm looking for a woman, someone to fill my heart.

I know that she is out there, waiting just for me, when I find this woman, my life will be complete, as God brings me a blessing, for the rest of my life, it's when I ask the  woman if she will be my wife.

Lord why can't I see, what you have for me, why can't i Hear the things your telling me, you say that she is out there and searching for me, help me Jesus to believe what your showing me.

On the day I truly meet, the woman of my dreams, all my hopes and wishes will finally be complete, then the two of us will become man and wife, and forever more we will praise you the rest of our lives.

                                          By John Hanna

Copyright © john hanna | Year Posted 2016

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I AM A Woman

What makes me a woman, I cook , I clean. beyond all means. It is a gift of what 
other women dream. I work, I think, I use my brains, No one can say that i'm 
insane. I may be young, But above all i'm not dumb. I am strong and fine, And 
definitely have peace of mind. When i look at myself, I see a beautiful young 
woman. Trying to succeed not worrying about race, Color, Or creed. I am my own 
woman, I do my own deeds, I help others out when they are in need. It is the 
intelligence that i have, The hard work that i do, The goals i plan to accomplish 
that makes me strong and true. I am a woman no matter what you may say. I am 
here for a purpose and that is to work, Fight,  And pray.

Written By: Aisha Tuere' Brown

Copyright © AISHA BROWN | Year Posted 2006

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Top hills, chilly morning
Oh!that night is drowning
Beautiful flies has awaken
In this world everyone is taken
Sunrise to sunset
I am all set
Ready to face challenges
Oh!this life gives so much changes
Sparkling eyes, glittered dreams
Let's face some more screams!
Those demons, those souls
Thinking of them my mind rolls
Beautiful weather, lovely snowfall
Get up and take a chance to roll
Do not fall! Do not fall!
Wake up your soul and make some goal
Oh crap!she is awake
Everyone here seems to be fake
On these roads, glowing streets
I am here you freak !!

Copyright © Swati Jain | Year Posted 2017

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The lady in black is my worst nightmare
She comes to me in daylight when I am not aware
She has an affair with everyman
But yet she comes to my life and leaves with great despair

She loves me
And I am afraid I will never love her back
She visits me often when I least expect it
I have great hate for her
But I don’t know how to express it

When I’m enjoying my sleep
She wakes me up to reality just to see me weep
She pushes me in a pool of tears just to see me sink
And rapes my mind so that I don’t think

Her name is sorrow
And she promised that she will see me tomorrow 
She never breaks her promises
She lives by her words 
I have tried hiding in many places
She keeps finding me and defying me 
A chance of trying to escape her miseries
Someone please help me, I can’t take it no more 

Copyright © Edwin T Molosiwa | Year Posted 2017

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oy Gevalt - Moi Ongepatchket Married Life - part uno

Once thy future spouse (Abby Zison) found herself in the family way
  (with what would turn out to be the first of our two daughters – i do say
  determined and sealed the decision per our rolling in the figurative hay
  to wed said mother of thine deux female progeny 
  on an agreed (in Linkin Park) upon a green day.
Both of us happened to be older grown offspring at ten times thrice
  Or three plus decades to be generally precise 
  our fate sealed sans no hup hauling clay dice.
Said age difference approximately a year and a half between us two,
  and miserably living with parents, which o’er the years rancor grew.

I agreed to pledge my troth on the premise this writer
  (christened Matthew Harris) aka king o one scott the lighter
  found himself in the throes of becoming a potential mister mom)
  per one dominant seminal striver a darwinian foo fighter.
Since neither of us took any precautions and thru caution to the wind
  the inevitable (i.e. a so called bun in the oven) nonetheless
  tasting supposed verboten fruits branded us as having sinned
  took us by surprise and got us necessarily biologically pinned.

Even though a decision to tie the gordian knot (more like a noose)
  per donning the role of future father tightened and n’er got loose
  an inner conflict jostled thine inner being 
  against forming a legal wedded union – the deuce.
Prior to taking that legal vow to be husband and wife
  until death doth us part before the justice of the peace 
  (which building matter of fact, happens to be 
  a hopper, skipper and jumper 
  from where this seat experiences posterior strife 
  because this gluteus maximus constitutes on bony arse 
  as if being cut by a knife 
  matrimonial bliss seemed like a pipe dream 
  in subsequent years only to spiral into a maelstrom of chaotic life.
In truth, the prospect to marry 
  in general mills and aforementioned gal in particular 
  hardly filled yours truly with giddy excitement 
  but a decision this troubadour wished to defer and tarry
even as of this writing thoughts meander envisioning 
  the bachelor life - since daughters grown and I feel self confidant
  to manage the unforeseen challenges of life, and hence less wary.

Copyright © MATTHEW harris | Year Posted 2017