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I Bleed White - success

I bleed white
I am feared
hating each sight 
behaving wierd.

skeptical to everything
reluctant to each
like a lone king
who to everyone beseech

Trembling lips 
and numb fingers
sweating forhead sips,
mind's sap and lingers.

often swooning around
and hiding behind
can be seen dead on ground
I am success hard to find.

Copyright © Akash ripper | Year Posted 2014

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A sunshine behind every darkness 
In the end, we will reach success 
There's a rainbow behind every tear 
Face thy tomorrow with no fear 

The shades of hope are seen from above 
Out of those beast of struggles that we have 
Embarking to defeat the unfair reality 
There's a daredevil in ones identity 

Prejudice exists everywhere 
Turn thy back as if thee won't care 
Let the karma drag them to hell 
They couldn't escape even if they keep on hiding from their shell 

Enjoy as you reap your golden fruits 
Determination,courage and faith are the roots 
Responsive truth as you feel the rain 
Believe in God's plan and let us exalt his name :)

August 5, 2014

Copyright © Joyzel Mae Sotes | Year Posted 2014

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I Am Success

I was once told the sky was the limit
Then I learned of the footprints on the moon
I distanced my steps, imagined and then committed
I danced to the rhythm of my own tune

I Am Success

Copyright © SHERRY BECK | Year Posted 2016

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The Personification of Success

The Personification of Success
Success when seen with my eyes looks like quilts, diaries, prayers chastening rods and lots of hugs, off to school and then to college even marriage too.
Success smells like pastures with cows horses and chickens in a coop, orchids in the meadows, daisy’s and pine and big tall paper trees and  Squirrels running on the power line ; rabbits running through the bushes, smoke from the wood left from previous campers which lingers .
Success taste like a 
 feast on the table with lots of apple pies,  you know  Turkey with dressing  rice with gravy , and  a green beans recipe you got from your neighbor.
Success sounds like laughter, cheering and little children playing .grandma and grandpa giving sound advice; oh wait it sounds like my fast car playing melodies on the radio I like to hear; and my favorite TV shows and funny episodes.
Success I can touch it my with my hands, because it  
Feels like real possessions from my labor, I can sigh with relief because of my achievement. I really work hard and do what is right and I am free to live good. 
Success Is  displaying charity through  the lenses of hope giving  with only  good intentions asking nothing in return as was  taught to you  and  displayed by  people who have come before you  ; for Instance, you recall  your parents , Pastors ,teachers , mentors and friends. Their success exemplifies just how it should be.
                    The end.
By Felicia Elizabeth Jefferson written for my Children to inspire them to follow after success.

Copyright © Felicia Jefferson-Weaver- Jefferson | Year Posted 2017

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Frightened; scared; worrisome, that's how I am..
Not that I am so ****ed up or too bad..
Rather I am caring so much...
Or maybe I have experienced too much..

I built up walls to protect myself...
I restricted myself to rules and regulations..
I defined and structured ways to be in control..
I followed a pattern to avoid dominion...

Maybe because of how I have grew up..
Maybe because of how the persons treated me..
Maybe because of how situations challenge me..
Maybe because of actual experience..

True, I am almost exactly like that..
Few have taken the time and effort to discover me..

Behind those smiles are hidden pains to burst..
Behind those silence are quiet tears waiting to break..
Behind those hugs are yearnings of affection.
Behind those compositions are me: myself...

Yet, I have always been hopeful...
Always holding on...
Not that of pretentions.
Nor to give good impression..

Rather, It is because of that burning faith..
It is because of that selfless love...

Didn't I laugh hard until I'm teary eyed..
Didn't I sing so much until my voice hoarse..
Didn't I eat so much that I burp..
Didn't I given so much that I'm remembered...
Didn't I still love so much that I don't expect any returns..

I lie to protect people I love..
I break rules to get closer to what I want..
I work hard to attain my dreams...
I try to be the happy me to me others happy..

I am living my life the way I know right..
I made mistakes and even failed..
but, I rejoice to acknowledge these didn't stop me..
These didn't lead me to quit..

I rise up..
I stood up..
I am still here..
God, helped me through it all..

by: olive_eloi


Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2013

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Desperate Candidate

Desperate candidate
invited firefly at night
to light for him books
he was revising for tests

Copyright © Solomon Ochwo-Oburu | Year Posted 2017

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A Journey With PoetrySoup

A Journey With PoetrySoup

as I began to walk with poetrysoup
I realised this love
love of poetry
poetry that bring me a smile
a smile that creates courage 
courage that helps me to go forward
forward in writing my poems
poems that keep me going
going to the house of success
success as my favourite plan
a plan that will light my ways
ways that lead me to my future
future that is waiting for me
as I journey with poetrysoup
my poetry
my toy and my joy.

Drencho POET Loads

Copyright © Drencho POET | Year Posted 2017