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Personification Freedom Poems | Personification Poems About Freedom

These Personification Freedom poems are examples of Personification poems about Freedom. These are the best examples of Personification Freedom poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Personification |

Poetry was Her Best Lover- Adult Content

Poetry was her best lover
Like no other
He loved her
Without restraint
She could be herself
And explore
And discover
Secret pleasures and fantasies
Naked above the covers
He let her lie
As he slowly caressed her imagination
Making her flow
With the sweet essence of her soul
In waves of delirium
Flying free
He let her be
Unworried of how to please
Or how to tease
Just simply to be
A woman in a prelude
To ecstacy

Poetry was her best lover
Her escape from reality
In clandestine intimacy
He ravished her mind
Again and again
For all he wanted
Was for her to come
To experience
To taste
Every pleasure
He had to offer
Her insatiable appetite
He fed
With firm truths
That burst forth with wisdom
He fed her desire
To reach supremacy
He never betrayed
Or delayed
In pleasing her
In giving her just what she wanted
In different ways and forms
His creativity endless

Poetry was her best lover
The only time in her day
When she had her way
And could be free
To be the woman she was mean to be
Sensual and sultry, sexy and savory 
Not having to hide
Behind the guise
The veil of culture
Or religion
Or misconstrued sexism
Or alibis
Being demure
And “sterile”
When she was fertile
Laden with passion

Poetry was her best lover
He adored her
For whom she was
And he gave and gave 
At times
Leading her in submission to his will
Taming her
Training her
To live in the confines
Of his rules
For perfection to be reached
She had to follow his lead
To the pinnacle of pleasure
Where all was in rhythmic union and rhyme
The sublime
Tasted and lived and then to descend
To warm after glow
Basking in the satisfaction
Of a fruitful union
For beauty has been conceived 
Waiting for delivery

Yes, Poetry was her best lover
And she
Came looking for him
Begging him 
To take her 
Again and again and again
To transport her to heaven from hell
Tasting eternity

Poetry was her best lover
And she
Had no need of another
To help her discover
Her own entity….
None other
But her best lover

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2014

Details | Personification |

A faceless enemy (what's there to Celebrate)

He appear to be a ladd of maybe 9 yrs. old.  It's Friday, as our troop's prepared to move
out unto enemy territory, and then KABOOM!!...he becomes a suicide bomber.  WOW! face-
less at such a young age.  Now as I gather my comrade's body parts (as well as my thou-
ght's) to myself I say, "these people's belong in a cage".  Pain in Irag, will it ever end, here
children's are taught too kill again & again.  Our Boy'zz in misery, misery all around us, the
stinch of death is everywhere.  Their fearless leader leads no more.  Soon he's capture, "one
would think, finally!! and now answer's of life can be restore, but sadly there's only more
bloodshed here in Irag.  And a salacious cloud still hoovers above our heads as the dead
bodie's continue's to rise, another soldier get sent home and familie's shall not be able to
stop the flow of tear's pouring from their eye's. (faceless at such a young age)
Our Boy's and Gal's in misery - here in a country, were there is no love, "A faceless enemy",
we continue to fight.  Our Congressmen and Senator's vote to keep this sinceles war going,
"for our freedom", lying to themselve's and to the American people's.  "For our Freedom",
"I don't understand-how can freedom be justified with a bullet and a gun".  How can Freedom
be (?) when every Saturday you'll be burying your daughter or your son.  Someday soon
we do get to go home, from here to a faceless nation.  As the dead bodie's continue to rise,
and before the break of dawn starts another day.  Your lil 9 year old goes outside to play.
In this land of confusion lil boy's also goes outside, freedom for him is to suicidily kill the
enemy-each and every morning in the name of Allah his mother tells him.  So 10 U.S. sold-
ier's live's are gone, more are on the way.  Remember their President is dead and gone
while our wants a "Celebration".

P.S.... This particular poem came to me in a dream, as in a dream I was there (in Irag)
holding this soldier who had been shot, and he relate's this particular
poem for me to write:

Copyright © John Streeter | Year Posted 2010

Details | Personification |


The raging beast of fear in darkness was
Its father: Terror  
Its mother: Ignorance, 
With the black milk of hate was it
By wrath was it, nurtured    
By fanaticism its character was forged 
Its soul saturated was with repugnance


The deformed prince of gloom, once matured, 
A menace to humanity grew up to be, 
Threatening the beacon of civilization to
Extinguish by:
All this, in the name of a God that the brute doesn’t
Even understand, 
It demanded the whole world to kneel in dread

Humanity didn’t succumb 
United, in its finest hour, marched on,
Proud and 
Sending thus the message to the kingdom of gloom that 
Its days are numbered

One ray of light, mightier it is than any amount of darkness 
And easily could obliterate beast’s obscure empire at a blink
Of the eye


© Demetrios Trifiatis
  16 JANUARY 2015 

*In memory of those who were slaughtered by the evil children 
of the beast, be they Christians, Muslims or Jews! 

**Dedicated to all those who marched in Paris and elsewhere 
and all those who felt In their heart, the solidarity with those who marched!

The whole world shouts: Je suis Charlie!

Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis | Year Posted 2015

Details | Personification |


A man like this,
Who sacrifices his entire life
for the betterment of our country
uniting whole nation.
Who reached his goal
digesting every tension.
India become independent
without any war,
without any aggression.
It is only possible due to such a great son
He is our ‘Bapuji’ , father of our nation.

A man like this 
Who spent his life
wearing a six feet ‘dhoti’,
eating food of a common man,
walking miles & miles by foot,
talking the secret of non-violence,
brought our independence
spending life in the prison,
defeated our enemy without any gun.
He is our ‘Bapuji’ , father of our nation.

A man like this,
Who was a man dressed god.
Didn’t need any post 
Even after our freedom.
 Still, we could not able to feel
the heart of a sacred idol.
Could not able to read
the message of a sacrosanct soul.
Who struggled entire life for our freedom,
he was  shot dead by a blind  Indian son ,
He is our  ‘Bapuji’ , father of our nation.
This poem is written to commemorate our great freedom fighter & father of our nation ‘Mahatma Gandhi’.

Copyright © Manmath Dalei | Year Posted 2016

Details | Personification |


what do you ask of me
you already get 25% of my life
for i try to survive
but i am not sure
if you want me dead, or alive

Copyright © David Pennington | Year Posted 2014

Details | Personification |

Puzzle Piece

A puzzle piece you are to me 
Like a vine without any leaves. 
Your heart is pure your soul is 
Gold, the sweetest thing I'll 
ever hold! A miracle in my eyes 
it seemed, knowing they said 
no babies for me! Always a 
surprise you seem to be just 
like a puzzle piece! At 9 months 
you walked but not until 4 did 
you first talk! Always a terror 
making a beautiful mess always 
a surprise that has yet to be 
met! The twists and turns I 
know we will see will seem 
somewhat like a roller coaster 
to me! The milestones and 
special gifts you bring will make 
my life seem Like a dream, my 
special boy I have always said 
How special I knew not till 
Aspergers they said! The 
journey will be trying the 
journey will seem long! But 
with our family together we will 
chug along! My special boy I 
love you so and cannot wait to 
see you mature and grow! Now 
we have a goal we have our 
dream you see to make you the 
perfect fitting puzzle piece!! 

Written by: Christina Kirks 
McCullouch 04/05/2012 For 
Jonathan S McCullouch Jr 
Mommy loves you to eternity 
and beyond! Forever and 

Copyright © Christina McCullouch | Year Posted 2013

Details | Personification |

dream catcher

Blooming before us, like dandelions sprouting in the spring.
Rising above and beyond, invisible during the day,
  Guardians at night.

Dangling up high as if it were puppets.
So close, mountains could give a kiss away.
The Stars dance and wiggle, as if putting on a play.
Clouds form a dark, grey, thunderstorm,
Clapping and roaring vividly, like an applause.
The wind glides along in appraise.
The moon shivers and squirms, it smiles upon the stars.

A shooting star evolves, 
Leaving a trail of the dreams that sparkle in the dust.
Feeling pure joy, the
Moon erupts into a wall of tears. 
Water breaks the bond of the dreams attached to the star,
It slowly sinks down into the homes, in the rooms, 
Into the minds, of the beholder.

 It has now lost its dreams.
The sun is rising, and the star at once must become invisible,
It now must start over and watch from above like a hawk.
It now must watch the lives of everyday people,
And become one with the beholder.
It now must take dreams and guard them with its life.
It now must take on its duty as a Dream-Catcher.

Copyright © Angel classified | Year Posted 2014

Details | Personification |

I Am A Wildflower

Out in the open meadow 
Swaying in the breeze
I am a wildflower 
Living a life of ease

The seed from which I grew 
Was blown here by the wind
It landed on the earth 
And that was my beginning

I am watered by the rain 
And fed by the earth
Each of them is dear to me
My life depends on both

I have two faithful friends
Who come to visit me
One is a pretty butterfly
The other is a honeybee

I feed them with my nectar
And then they fly away
I tell them to come back
On another day

I am bathed by the sunshine
Which makes my colours glow
It keeps me nice and warm
And also helps me grow 

My beauty is free for all to see
Even a little child
I love the life I am living
I enjoy being free and wild

wildflower - a flower that grows wild and free

I have added three more verses: (verses 4,5,6)
I had removed them to meet the contest requirements.

Copyright © john beharry | Year Posted 2015

Details | Personification |

The Call of the Wild

Sharp fangs flashes as he growls
threatening to bring death
the eyes flames in fury
looking for an escape

He once ruled in his kingdom
the predator in a solitary wild
strength was his armor
never feeling sorry for his fights

One day a trap caught the king
in an iron throne, a crown he was given
yet he rejects the admires
for it is not what his heart desires

he longs of his life back
he was a beast, fierce and wild
freedom is his definition of love
one the master will never understand

The death that echoes in every flight
the chase that severs wretched life
the danger of the wild
now he cries his lonely howl in the night

Copyright © Jeinara Odonio | Year Posted 2014

Details | Personification |

I Threw Caution to the Wind

I threw caution to the wind
As I stood there on the edge
Would she carry me over?
Or just leave me on the ledge?

I threw caution to the wind
Never did I really believe
That the wind was ever kind
And waiting to give relief

I threw caution to the wind
And soared upon her wings
Never really knowing
The freedom that she brings

I threw caution to the wind
And what a pleasant surprise
The wind carried back to me
All that my heart desires

I threw caution to the wind
                   I threw caution to the wind
                                      I threw caution to the wind
                                                        And the wind carried you to me!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2013

Details | Personification |

Life's Paradox

Seeing yourself through
     A full-length mirror
Through the endless deed
            Of time
To day a mere reflection
      Of yesterday dreams'
    Today's curtains
       Yet to be opened
Dark Oh! so misty
Reality is only a myth
      From the times'
Draped by the promises'
     Of people we adore'
Knowing that freedom awaits'
         Just beyond thy
    Foot-steps' door

Gary Fields
Poet Author

From:  "The Cross"
            Xlibris  book # 106627
             Rev.  NOV2013

Copyright © Gary Fields | Year Posted 2013

Details | Personification |

What It Is To Be Free

Not many see,
 What it is to be free.
What it is to amount,
 To make every day count.
Everything has a story,
 Though the place your at you say is boring.
There's more behind this rundown town.
 From the highest mountian,
To the streets unfound.
 Where children once played, 
And by their side their parents stayed.
 Where the sky may not shine as bright,
But to every darkness there's light.
 Where the creature's of the world find home,
While your complaining that the air's too cold.
 When you're strong, it shows,
Planing each day as it goes.
 Smiling and helping whoever you can,
Instead of moping about how much you hate this land.
 You can't change the way the trees sway,
You can't change what's already gone away.
 But the beauty of the world can take you in,
Make you see beauty like you should have when your life began.
 When you start to appreciate the little things,
Like the crickets chirping,
 And the songs birds sing.
You'll find all you needed has been there all along,
 Only then you'll see where happiness comes from.
If to see is to believe,
 Then there's belief all around.
From the starry night sky,
 To the flowers on the ground.
So many find pleasure in all the wrong things,
 Humanity has overcome,
Yet still falls apart at the seams. 
 We're so focused in on money and gold,
Before we know it our life has no meaning,
 Our skin becomes cold. 
It's never too late,
 And you're never too near or far.
To make the best of things,
 And be happy where you are.


Copyright © Hannah Croy | Year Posted 2013

Details | Personification |

The Honor of Love

                                                The Honor of Love

                                      Comes from within a soul at peace,
                                      Its measure of balance is strengthened with increase.
                                      Love bores its respect from honor,
                                      And breeds that passion between loes valor.

                                      The honor of love is the truth that leads,
                                      A person with thought not lust's greeds.
                                      For greed brings pain and sadness,
                                      Just as sorrow comforts ones madness.

                                      The honor of love makes a feeling strong,
                                      Not faking its passion and teasing a wrong.
                                      Just as one feels the respect love brings,
                                      So shall that honor of love will forever sing..

Copyright © Michael S. Johnson | Year Posted 2015

Details | Personification |

Empress Crown As Queen

I am going on a trip because I need to spend a week away from these aspects.

Don’t burn that money.

Don’t waste it either.

I’ll spend it on something that I dislike.

It may be a venture but since I have spent my money, I can get high.

Clip art are my drawings and they are of beautiful megabits.

I think I am superfly so I play Rock & Roll all night.


Sheer excitement 

Escape to the highest heights of my imagination is when I know who I am and where I have been

Little am I and my jeans are tight.

With my big tits, I walk as if I am filled with sexual desire.

I see myself and smile.

My empire.

I’m feeling something that is so real.

I knew, if I lost focus, I lose my inner being.

So I give self a darn bulge, know that this is my world; therefore, I don’t lose the sensation.

The impression I give is that of confidence.

Self-asserted and assured, I moving up to finer things.

Handsome is the day and the night falls so lovely.

But I need to see what’s mine.

I need to see what belongs to me.

Strikingly, I find that I own so many priceless images.

A landscape I may pick to be serenity.

Or, a portrait is nice for the stillness.

I’ll plant a flower field to enjoy the contentment.

Equanimity is a silent panic.

I am just a being of the higher intelligence.

The noise is a clamor that does not last.

I will be the uproar of happiness.

Such a pleasure to have told you this.

If you want a replica, you may do the same.

That is joy in a virtual domain.

No more is the chance than any other government.

I have ruled this empire as long as I can remember.

Directions are easily to follow.

If you fail, I will not fail mines because all are downloadable.

I do not share my empirical secrets.

I am a régime of systems.

Simulated by thoughts that is pure.

Only I can be the downloader.

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2014

Details | Personification |

The Free Bird

I am bird thinking about nothing
Seeing this freedom while I’m well flying
Can’t stop to flap my wings and feel this breeze
Seizing this moment like I’m all well freeze

I see those mountains soaring to skies,
World is better without beautiful lies
Gazing those rivers running silently,
I’ve heard those old trees shaking visibly

I see hundreds of people roaming with pleasure,
Enjoying the instants of His good treasure
Looking everywhere and see cheerful smiles,
Witness everything in just few miles

I’m a free bird seeing this wondrous place,
Just keep on flying in this widest space!
God made a sweet nature for someone like me 
It’s a land that is certain for everybody!

Copyright © Lei Strauss | Year Posted 2015

Details | Personification |

His Special Ability

Experiencing many different emotions, it is shocking to my soul.  Such an intense attraction drawing me in, surprising I am complete as a whole.

Finally full and complete within, a satisfation I've never experienced before. Finally someone able to find the hidden key, the only key that can unlock my safty door.

Gratified in every way possible, he has broken through the barrier I've been hiding behind for years.  Complete in life and in love, finally able to let go of all my fears.

With a smile on my face and happiness in my heart, my dream has come true.  He is my definition of perfect, from day one, my heart and head just knew.

He leads me through many exciting adventures, packed full of pleasant surprises.  Everyday he gives me something new, the intensity level constantly rises.

As the relationship continues, the emotions get more intense.  Surprising me every chance he gets, my suspense level balances on the fence.

It hit me like a tons of bricks, how fast I needed what he had to offer.  His eyes, his touch, his love and charm, made me a little softer.

Everyday I look forward to where this will lead, but I am excited as a couple what we have become.  Enjoying every moment as it's our very first, my heart constantly beats like a drum.

We have been through many trials and tribulations, with every memory I keep on replay.  DeShane, you are the one meant for me, in my mind, in my heart and in my soul, is where I want you to stay!

Copyright © Priscilla Ford | Year Posted 2013

Details | Personification |


                                  Today, finally, with:
                                      Karma and
                                  Face to face I came  
               All to me with great emphasis declared that
                      Their obedient child I ought to be  
                There was nothing, in my life I should ever,
                              Think, say or do, if first,
                     Their consent to me was not given!

   Attentively and with great respect, their arguments, I heard 
                  Making certain not to make any sound
       But when, the courage in my heart, suddenly, I found
                 My voice I raised and daringly announced:
   “Since your child I am then some of your powers in me you 
                                    Have invested
     So as to do the things that you wish me, reality to make
   Some sort of freedom I must possess, otherwise, I do not see
            The reason into this life for which I was brought,


   It seems to me that with you, I am a co-creator and as such
   Have rights and responsibilities which you to me cannot deny 
And the most sacred right of all is that of my FREEDOM which now,
                      With respect, I have from you to claim
             My vocation to complete, as Providence expects from
                                         Me to realize! 

                               © Demetrios Trifiatis
                                  11 November 2015

Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis | Year Posted 2015

Details | Personification |

the world is burning

The peace the darkness has brought is shattered. 
the world is burning
the light has slaughtered many. 
Taking the souls of the living and the dead; Trapped they seek escape.

Freedom to run, freedom to fight, freedom to live
 By knife and claw, sword and fang, the taken souls fight their chains.

who shall free them from their suffering

Copyright © Wolf Lief | Year Posted 2012

Details | Personification |

Narwhal And a Narwhal-Contest

Narwhal And A Narwhal

Saw the caption of a narwhal and reflected over it
A room for warrior community of north India in poesy?
Was intrigued by the chosen name yet slept over it

It remained there like my mocking mirror
Tweaking me to gear up to put on my armour
Held my quilled sword charted out my action plan
Learnt what a narwhal is, its modus operandi of survival

Its images made me burst into a gregarious laughter
Its poems created a ripple of sorts to tickle my bones
Narwhal and a narwhal for sure are clones!

One in the Arctic and the other in Asia
One underwater and the other on earth
One looks like a whale the other a whale of a heart

The arctic has a toothy tusk grown out of head
The asian has a tusky sword round his waist
The tusk dives deep into frozen water
The sword dives deep into the betrayer

Both the clan protectors live in pods 
Attuned to honest truths and energised in empathy
A smooth exterior unless the hierarchical swords are clanging

A unicorn and a grower of corn gormandize on fishy delights
The mythical spirit and the earthly spirit
Embody healing power and if unloved
These loveless souls die in captivity

October 8, 2015
Contest: Impress Me With A Narwhal Poem
Sponsor: Skat A


Copyright © Balveen Cheema | Year Posted 2015

Details | Personification |

A Flag Pays Tribute

I am not flying high and proud today,
For one who honored me has passed away,
And now my tribute to this man I pay
By flying half mast in the gentle breeze.
My friends all do the same across the land--
It is our simple, patriotic plan
To pay respect and honor to this man
By flying this way everybody sees.
I’ve flown here through the night and through the day
Reminding of the price that many pay;
My stars and stripes a message seem to say
That I for freedom in this nation stand.
But now they come and slowly take me down
And take such care that I don’t touch the ground,
For I’m the flag that they will wrap around
The casket of this great and famous man.
I wonder now as down the road I go
If people who look on do really know
The message that I try to clearly show:
I honor those who gladly honor me.
Or do they even take time to salute
And honor those who for me took pursuit?
I know not, but I still pay my tribute
To men who know the price of liberty.
My friends who stayed behind don’t envy me,
They take their pride in skies for all to see;
They know they have this place in liberty
To fly, proclaiming freedom to all men.
I wonder, though, how many more it takes
Before all men who honor freedom’s sake
And humbly on their knees new vows then make
To honor God’s great freedom once again.

Copyright © Clarence Billheimer | Year Posted 2011

Details | Personification |

Freedom's Crow

Board fence entraps three Angus cows
who would much rather go
out and about to their content
than hear from freedom's crow.

Corralled within their space so small
constrained by her pride-filled squawk
no grass to graze, grounds for escape
so here they gaze and gawk.

"Of what does she have to complain?"
crow hears a lowly moo.
Indignant cry inspires this queen
to do what she can do.

She picks the pin which holds them in,
gives them the needed boost.
So free they run until the sun
invites them home to roost.

Queen Crow awaiting on her pole
accepts the "thank yous" on each face.
And when the cows have passed the gate,
she puts the pin in place.

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet | Year Posted 2016

Details | Personification |


Iam crying  for freedom; Yes, freedom, I am losing my value.
I was used  as trade by   barter and I  lost my values,
you  forced me into paper, my value depreciated.  
For you to carry me about;  you  forced me into plastic- credit cards
What have I done to you? 
I promised myself never to come back in the next world.
Crimes I committed not;  I settled. When will you pay for your  own crimes without  dragging me to pay?
I became significant in the world of  bribery and corruptions;
what have I done to deserve the cry in my heart? 
 Stay away from me;  you that  love me. 
 If I  fly away;  the  voice  of  the poor saying into my ear:  there's no money –“economic meltdown”.
Tell  the rich to grant me freedom from wherever I am kept.
Yes Freedom!  I paid for everyone’s  freedom but nobody think of mine.
Until the poor  start to fight  for my freedom;
Their pocket will remain dried while the rich get  richers.
 War against the rich, and get me freedom once and praise me in your homes.
where are you money? 
The poor cried. In  the pocket and private banks, and savings in their homes; there I  will be  find. 
The rich are the cause  of my scarcity; Iam lonely in their private bank accounts , separated from the joy the poor.
Spill their blood and you will find me available again.
The rich are the root  cause of all evil and not me –money.
Written by:
Pastor Emmanuel Brown.

Copyright © Omojewve Emmanuel Brown | Year Posted 2012

Details | Personification |

MY yangs yin

Conscious extends out a hand
"Are you alright?" it gently asks subconscious
A garbled mutter is heard, and conscious looks on concerned

"I know we haven't seen eye to eye as of recent" he stammers forth, "but you know I'm always here.  I just want to understand. We're a team"
He reaches over and pats subconscious on the back

Subconscious picks his head up and turns to look 
His tear stained cheeks are like pillars holding up sad eyes and the strain lines of angered expression 
Though despite the poor traits, underneath, and perhaps slowly climbing up into the rest of his face is a rosy color and hint of joy. The slight upward curve around his mouth suggest happiness may be beginning to poke through a long worn mask
A mask whos front perhaps seemed to the outside once as it now looks inwardly, except it was fraudulent, and a true mask in the sense to cover what lay underneath
But now, the first mask gone, and the second beginning to peel away the portrait of our narrator, shaped through his struggles as hes grown as an artist, his face a canvas to experience, begins to shine
Do I, conscious, have a face? It suddenly wonders as it looks on.
Or perhaps it, or I, am just the unidentified painter on the long term art of our friend, and other half.
As his final masterpiece comes along, the two halves of the narrator come together in companionship to shape the painting of his true face. The one he makes and plans to put up on display that might someday glow with the  warmth and beauty an artist develops through a long aged career

Copyright © daniel bender | Year Posted 2015

Details | Personification |

life story

A road going along the river
that is calm and long
the width varies with time
the tide swallows the ride

The motion of water
is curling up and down
with the ripples and gorges 
going around

I do not care for reasons any longer
but it had made me stronger
I could think of moving ahead now
and live king size the plough

Myself had been stunted by the time itself
A faith alive with the shine and rhyme
I do not know the care of causes any more
The life goes by like anything that strands

Just how long it had been is not the question 
but it had been a bit favoured
just wish to move ahead and do something now
A Lot has been left behind like a low and rusty crown.

Copyright © anurag bansal | Year Posted 2016

Details | Personification |

As We Grow We Become

As We Grow...We Become...

Carrying on  through the everyday
In Our thoughts and the words we say 
Conforming to the society's way
An inertial pattern would  stay

As we grow and become more mature
We should embrace our life with our failure
Knowing this and not searching for reasons why
Accepting our mistakes and admitting our lie 
Letting  go of the past and forgiveness to seek 
Being forgiving doesn't mean you're weak
Nor is it saying you're a doormat as choice 
For people to walk over you without a voice
There shouldn't be a need to justify 
But to let go of animosity kept inside 
And in  all, that was cast 
Shedding the weight, 
In all that we relate 
And not repeating the past

We cannot change people, but we can certainly change inside 
If we can all learn to simply forgive and admit what we hide
First to ourselves and then to every  other 
There's no need to continue deceiving another 
To assume our blame 
To embrace our shame
The lessons in life to becoming better 
It takes a bit of courage and will to endeavor 
And the result is in the respect 
You may not know or even expect 
But this is life, simply teaching us to grow
As in failures, and in our strife
All our achievements would certainly follow

And yet...

In our lives, and what we're born into
Following the rules and pursuing we do
But There are questions, questions of why 
Questioning everything even as we die
What're our reasons for being? 
Within this reality, we're seeing 
Why are we born? and why do we die?
And do we all truly, have a soul inside?
Why do we feel emotions? And why is there pain?
And what happens when we go, and what would remain?

When did this all begin?
And are we truly alive and living?
What's the purpose of life each day?
In my mind these questions display 



Copyright © SUNIL seebalack | Year Posted 2017

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the smile

                                          THE SMILE
                                       The curve that is 
                                  More like a wave curves
                              Like after rainfall the rainbow
                                In seven colors so bright
                               Running across the sky to
                                 Be seen by all because
                               He enjoys the moment of
                                Freedom and freeway to
                                    Express himself like
                    The only the only thing nature because
                                     He doesn’t care for
                               Those down below whether
                                  Happy or depressed 
                                     In sorrow or joy 
                           Face drop nor chest out because
                                    He is not really look 
                                As his face is upside down
                       Probably enjoying the view of the sun
Author Neo Masetlane

Copyright © Neo Masetlane | Year Posted 2017

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I light the lamp burning it
complaining it does not
I leave it hungry, does not talk
kick it  but no voice from it
whatever I do to it
obedience and service it gives
Is it blindly loyal to me?
Is it foolishness of the lamp?
or is it its natural humility?

Copyright © Solomon Ochwo-Oburu | Year Posted 2017

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A Path to Freedom: A Black Mans Dream

Today I’m free from slavery
Yet hatred still revolves in my life rev MLK had a dream
it was for darkness of hatred to be freed by the light
Dr king died doing his best so that people like me would have a better place to 
live in
 A different world than the one he lived in everyday he wanted a change but It 
seemed the more change was made the more most things stayed the same
Slavery ended and segregation and oppression began
The only difference was now we were not bonded but our rights as humans still 
were. We were free to go wherever we pleased 
But not free from disgust and hateful remarks
Signs that banned the colored from certain privileges 
If people put as much energy in to love as that did with hatred
The world would be lovely
But it seems as thought that dream is a fantasy and  
It seems as though history repeats itself
With my 40 acres and a mule
Yet I’m held captive by hatred of people who think they can rule me, 
Just because my skin was dark brown
It’s not going to happen because we have rights now
Hatred of people like me who think because one generation put chains on our 
feet and lashes on our backs called us words that started with the letter n 
referring to “blacks”
Listen to me, one bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch
Black and white are two shades of beauty to me 
Two five-letter words that mean my skin in darker than yours is light
Don’t try to stereotype me as a person who hates you because of the past
I look in to the future on to my freedom path 
I can not be in despair about mistakes and bad judgment 
I have to get over my feelings toward things that happened long ago 
I can forgive, I just won’t forget or I will make the same mistake as other people 
around here 

Copyright © Norey Bailey | Year Posted 2006

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Dying Star

I'm reserved and yet outspoken, 
I'm open and yet I keep secrets,
I'm filled with anger and yet I embrace love,
I'm simple and yet complex,
I am a nebula with life to give,
Who am I?
I'm life's contradictions!

Copyright © Iva Sivaraja | Year Posted 2016

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Uniquely United

Uniquely United
My favorite people are humans. Humanity is our unity.

Copyright © Tracia Kilwien | Year Posted 2016