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The candle seemed to call my name I watched its brightly flickering flame The light from it shone bright in the dark I was hypnotised by its golden glow The wax melted slowly so slowly Like creamy liquid tears running down the sides Drip Drip Drip A silent puddle formed Slowly oh so gradually over time the wick decreased Almost like your life was ebbing away Getting smaller and weaker every second The candle flame started to dim Flickering dancing flickering dancing Fighting to stay alive with every ounce of its strength Finally it flickers for the final time It gave its final breath Leaving a wisp of smoke I imagined it was your spirit rising through the air Ascending towards heaven 13th September 2014 Entered in Premiere Contest #3 Sponsored by Skat

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2014

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One moist patch, like dewy grass,
surrounded by a field of weeds,
emerges first and breathes at last, 
through openings, the air it needs.
Cut off from, and cut off of;
counting on, and counting in;
from down below, to up above - 
A smack on tender, crimson skin.
	There is a pulse.

One spring bud, like seedling stems,
surrounded by a garden wall,
is standing out from all of them, 
despite the fact, they're just as tall.
And though the bud has not yet grown,
the soil and the water see
more than just the seed they've sewn.
They see the flower it will be.
	There is a pulse.

One tall stem, like climbing vines,
surrounded by its petals' plumes,
shares its elegant designs,
and stretches as it blooms.
And when the wind begins to call,
the flower spreads it's pollen 'round.
It falls in love, and loves in fall,
and falling love renews the ground.
	There is a pulse.

Copyright © John Taylor | Year Posted 2010

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you are you

Where do I go ?
What should I do?
Cannot mistake 
My feelings about you.
Running behind,
Making mistakes,
What do I give?
What do I take?
You seem to know 
What I should do 
But, you're not me
You are you...

Empty feelings,
of being alone.
I cannot wait
until you're not home.
You yell, you scream
You make mistakes.
But now it's different,
it's O.K.
You seem to know 
What I should do
But, you're not me 
You are you...

Undying surface
Emmenseful pain
You have no knowledge
that's what I'll gain.
Crucial arrogance,
times go bad.
I'll always remember,
I have no Dad.
You seem to know 
What I should do
But, you're not me 
You are you...

Copyright © kristin miller | Year Posted 2005

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By John Weaver

At school I learned to read and write, to add and take away, 
Of geography and history and sports I learned to play 
They taught me all about the world and even outer space
And how to beat another as competition I would face

I learned of lands and cultures that had a different cause
And so we fought and beat them in many different wars
They said that strength and power was the thing I needed most
That I should learn to conquer others, no matter what the cost

They taught me how to be a winner at my work and play
And never mind the loser who may fall along the way
Through all those years of learning the plan was plain to see, 
The only thing that mattered was what I could do for ME

Then I met my teacher who taught me something new
That all those things I’d learned had nothing at all to do
With living life with purpose and thought for our fellow man
By showing care and love to others as often as we can

My teacher taught me that life is a level playing field
That we’re all in it together sharing wounds that must be healed
There simply is no difference between you and me
We’re all God’s own children and one big family

My teacher taught the needs of others and the hardships they have to face
May well have been my own, if not for God’s good grace
That handicaps and weaknesses are really there to prove
How fortunate I am to see and talk and hear and move

My teacher showed that happiness is just a case of choice
Instead of choosing sadness we simply choose rejoice
Rejoice that we are able to experience every day
The beauty that the blind can’t see and words the mute can’t say

To walk and talk and feed yourself are gifts you should embrace
It’s the taking part that matters and not who wins the race
And as each and every one of us is taking part in life
What matters most is our gratitude regardless of our strife

To be grateful for the gifts you have and not those you desire
Is the secret to your happiness and to which you should aspire
To show your love to others with help, support and care
To let them know if needed that you are always there

My teacher taught me lessons I never will forget; and I know it sounds absurd
But she taught me all of this and yet…SHE NEVER SPOKE A WORD.

(I call Emily my teacher because although she cannot speak and can do so little, she has taught me so much).

Copyright © John Weaver | Year Posted 2014

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The Dream

By John Weaver

Whenever I dream of my little girl she runs and shouts and plays
Like all the other children in all their boisterous ways
I see her skip, I see her trip; I hear her laugh and cry
Then when she’s had her fun, home she’ll run and into my arms she’ll fly
With a great big hug and a teasing tug, she’ll cuddle me close and say
‘Daddy I love you heaps and heaps’ in her cheeky little way.

Whenever I dream of my little girl, she’s healthy, fit and well
With eyes alight and a smile so bright it’s really hard to tell
That my dream is a wish and a longing, a hope for something new
For her life to be one that is normal and able-bodied too.

But then I awake and I have to forsake my dream for what is true
That she cannot walk and she cannot talk like the other children do
That she cannot shout and skip about and cuddle me close and say
The things she desperately wants to, yet in her own special way…

Instead she talks to me with her eyes and reassures me with her smile
That all is well and I can tell that she’s happy all the while
Knowing that one day in some magical way, we’ll play together and scheme
And sing and shout and skip about…in an everlasting dream.

Copyright © John Weaver | Year Posted 2014

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The Banyan Tree

The Banyan Tree

I the Atlas carry a home 
My master strong for his
Children seven had built.
Shorts and skirts 
Thunder up my shoulders,
All hell let lose,
With their galloping horse-hooves,
Ride up the stairs full a twenty.
Doomsday be here
While they make a merry!
Platoons of ghosts, 
Burst through the door,
Somersaults quaking me, to and fro.
My arms aching in holding the floor,
Left and right till muscles do tear.
Roaring laughter through
Quaking windows four,
Trap door opens and shuts,
Opens and shuts.
Down they slide from
My shoulder to root,
Clinging and scraping
My shins a many.
One by one upto the stairs 
And down to the root.
Witchcraft and magic
Can save me not
With wizards seven!
The lord I thank thee for the 
Night so starry and breeze so cool!,
Nightly rest to heal my sores,
A generation over, 
Another I do endure.
History changes not 
With more furore!
Stout and and strong,
With roots many more,
I, the Banyan, will shade many more!

Balveen Cheema
September 9, 2015
Competition: Personification

Copyright © Balveen Cheema | Year Posted 2015

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Enough Already

Where have you been? I’ve worried so.
I feared to leave the nest.
That Mr. Crow was hanging round.
You know he’s such a pest

He taunted me and said that you
were a bold philanderer
and that you’d be deserting me
and running off with her.

I know what he was doing,
just trying to get my goat
so I’d leave our home unguarded.
That would be all she wrote.

Have you eaten? I’ve been waiting
for you to bring some food.
You’ve forgotten it?  How could you?
Mom said you were no good.

I swear I’m going back to her
unless you change your way.
Now come back here!  I am not through.
I’ve plenty more to say.

Get on that nest. It’s your turn now.
I’m going out to eat.
And don’t mess up my nice clean house.
You had  better wipe your feet.

Don’t look at me with those big eyes.
You think you have it tough?
It’s time you took some of the load.
I’ve simply had enough!!

For Francine's "Enough" contest placed at no. 4

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2011

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In The Name Of Jesus


The Spiritual wings'
Of Eternity there-by
Expands' with me and you
We sing the praises'
           Of Christ....
And totally abhor
His Holy sacrifice
We seek His wisdom
We seek it in His Name
Should we have did
What He had did
       On the CROSS
The one in the same
Should it have ended that way
Could we have just stayed
             With Jesus'
The Man of the Cloth.....
Under different circumstances'
We all could have been lost
Fore The Lord is Thy Shepard 
Could we have followed
      That day'....
In the name of the Lord
Give due praises'         
And just let us pray!
We shall become Resurrect
      Come Judgement day'

                Poet Author
                Gary Fields

copyright Apr2012

Copyright © Gary Fields | Year Posted 2012

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Pessimistic Love

Love is
the morning dew...
lurking, looming

Copyright © JSLambert Mister ROBOTO | Year Posted 2011

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Zealous Zeus

I am the father of gods, the Olympian family and of mortals
The protector of the sky, soil and sea; heights and human race
Lord and lover of eagles and oak tree; aegis my mighty metals
A just judge, with a merciful mind with a firm, friendly face.

The youngest yet, the sweetest son of Cronus and Rhae…tall Titans;
The brother of Poseidon, Hades, Hesta, Hera and Demeter… deities,
For freedom, I fought my father and his followers…terrible Titans,
And set my siblings free from the cage of Cronus who dodged duties.

The protector of the weak, the punisher of the wicked and mercy-mania;
Winning all wars but one… I am the husband of Hera, my sweet sister,
Father of gods and goddesses: Ares, Hebe, Hephaestus and Eileithyia,
Lived a loosed life with women, fell for so many flowers…a trickster.

I am the Zealous Zeus, god of rain, gatherer of the cloud and thunder,
I an the zealous Zeus, the father of charming and cheerful children,
I am the zealous zeus, the husband of the immortal and mortal mothers,
I am the zealous zeus, the mentor of all mighty, merciful and mild men.

Copyright © Adeleke Adeite | Year Posted 2010

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Blast From The Past


Will their be a New Government
   Is this some kind of trick
        Will His name be Lucifer?
          The infamous' 666
               Fore we....
      Have been a fore warned
       Way back from the day'
       That their will be no ' GOD '
                  Before He..
       And that is the only way'
           That we shall see Him
                     On Calvary....
            And that it is to He
         That we must pray...

                        Gary Fields
                        Poet Author

copyright Apr2012

Copyright © Gary Fields | Year Posted 2012

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Thoughtful Thoughts

The furniture, Tell, them it's the furniture, The chair is heavy, And the blanket is warm, For me to go there, I would have to be here, For you go there, I would have to be... Somewhere where the new moon rises, And the blind people sing, About the Glorious Love, That they share, That they are, That they give, In essence, you, me, that tree, those animals, that day, Always inside of you, me, those trees, those animals, those days - See more at:

Copyright © Kody Dibble | Year Posted 2014

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         **********Note: The Game is over********

The second batter put th ball
             Over the fence
No one knew where it went
It screamed and it screeched the sky
And burdened it's silence with light
Their was an Angel in deep middle field
It was also an Angel of the LORD
He really fielded it hard....
He swept so high
That he breech the sky
He braved the breath of
Death and Eternity
But, He make it back eventually
He cast that ball in the name
              Of the Lord
But, He didn't cast that hard
And as it turned out
The game was won
In the name of the Father
And the Holy Son
And this is how we have
To end this pun!

                 Poet Author
                 Gary FIELDS

Copyright © Gary Fields | Year Posted 2012

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Don't Grab the Steering Wheel While God Is Driving

don't grab the steering wheel while God is driving the car
just put your trust in Him that you will travel very far
we have a tendency to pray on things but of them we won't let go
we keep worrying about the problems and won't let God run the show
instead of looking at the Lord we keep looking at the load
we need to keep our eyes on God and not on the road
so don't grab the steering wheel while God is in the driver's seat
just be prepared to remain a passenger until the journey is complete

there's no person too insignificant and there's no problem that's too great
God's always on time, He's seldom early but He never arrives late
so just sit back and enjoy the road trip that is your life
and place all in the hands of your mechanic Jesus the Christ
don't worry if you get a flat Father God has a spare in the back
and don't worry if you run out of gas the Holy Ghost has a full spiritual flask
and don't fret if you happen to a make a wrong turn
just consider it a lesson in life that you've learned

don't grab the steering wheel while God is driving the SUV
just make sure you have on your seat belt for the road of life tends to be bumpy
you won't need a navigational system nor a GPS
just trust in God to steer you safely through all of your mess
don't worry about the insurance and you've already passed inspection
just don't try to be a back seat driver and give God any directions
the road of life may twist and turn down some valleys and over some dales
but as long as you stay prayerful you might miss that exit going to hell
and if you get stuck in traffic there's no need to feel overwhelmed
be anxious over nothing remember God is at the helm

so hand over the keys to your life and let God take the wheel
and believe He will guide you towards those eternal Elysian Fields
so don't grab the steering wheel while Father God is driving the van
He'll get you to your final destination according to His master plans

Copyright © louise nelson | Year Posted 2008

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A New Kingdom


Doe's things' seem strange
Not what they used to be
This is for the first time
The first time in History
Doe's things' seem slow
While a bestselling economy
   Just doe's not grow'
Everything is a shroud
         In mystery...
And everyone must know...
         It is time
  It is time one may say
For a One World Government
        To save the day'
But, their is one thing
That I would like to say
      And that is that
By the Blood of Jesus
Things' wouldn't be this way
What We really don't need
    Is a new government
        What we do need
Is a New Covenant'
     A Covenant'
         With ' GOD '
      Did anyone think
            Of the way
       That it should be
To dwell in the House of the Lord
            For all Eternity...
To be with the Prince of King'
    To be with the Almighty
With-in the Kingdom of ' GOD '
Where He has already prepared
      A place for you and me...

Copyright © Gary Fields | Year Posted 2012

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Make the Silence linger on

Please make the silence linger on.
If un-wanted and un-needed pain is what's engraved in me,
make me def and numb.

Excessive pride is detrimental to empathy & sympathy.

Emotional & physical pain are involved in such violence,
your never-ending rage is riotous.
To be relentless is to intentionally cause others pain.
while they themselves still hope in vain.

They feel your wrath.
It destroys the people you lord over

Because of these attitudes, actions, and intentions 
those around you become inflamed with pain.
Confusion & anger engulf the victims of your fury.

Tears are inevitable in such emotional build up and
constant exposure to such violent circumstances.

All this pain inherited by an ancient mistake that affects the human race.
The pain for one who is chained by unfavorable circumstances, is  flagrant & true.
The length of the pain minimizes ones strength 
as if all their effort's in vain.

It gives way to tears
and exposes fears.
If this be my fate, please make the silence linger on.

Copyright © Tori Jackman | Year Posted 2013

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The wind sketches
memories in the breeze.

Little feet move,
propelling giggles;

“Daddy, push me please!” 

The wind draws
my memories,
transfixed by the breeze 

“To the sky, Daddy! To the sky!”
Soft, faded memories,

The wind blows
and I move.
Longing hangs upon the breeze.
Small feet pumping shrieks;
“Stop, Daddy, stop!



Title; "Higher Please"

The wind blows
with it I move
memory stirs with the breeze.

Small feet swinging, beat

“Daddy push me please!”

The wind blows
with it I move
retrospection stirs with the breeze.

“Higher Daddy!” “Higher!”
Faint, soft memories.

The wind blows
with it I move
longing stirs with the breeze.
Small feet, pump, pull and shriek;
“STOP, stop” “Daddy!” “Please”

                    - by Deborah Guzzi, 2/10/09 

Contest,  by Deborah Guzzi

"Critcise ME, Take mY Verse & Turn it inside out Make YOUR own!”

Friday, July 23, 2010 

Copyright © Virginia Mitchell | Year Posted 2010

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Thank You Jesus

I thank the Lord everyday
For sending the Angles my way
They were once
The Sheep of His Flock
Now, they are His prized Angles'
The cream of His Flock
Now, the Angles
They are Shepherd to the
The are the most Divine
They are here to serve
From now till Eternity 
Fore Great is the Lord
And Blessed is He..


Copyright © Gary Fields | Year Posted 2012

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Cant believe your not here

Lost inside

Trying to  erase  the fear

I didn't  get to say goodbye


It wasn't that long  ago

That i had you in my arms

 Hugging you  to let you know

That  I needed you more


I breathe  a little  deeper

trying to hold  back all the tears

Remembering the times

You  was always here


The days and years

Months and weeks

Went  by  so fast

I couldn't  even  think


Memories  of you

Wonder through my head

Times where you would "Baby" me

Daddy's little  girl is what you  said


I couldn't deny it

How  true that is

Not trying to believe

That your not here

I know this  won't  be easy

Apart of my heart is  missing


As  tears  roll down my   face

Thinking  about you

I hold  tight to  the good times

and  let the bad  ones slip through


There  will be times I'll stare in space

Wondering how things would  be

If  you didn't leave this place


The  times you  would sing to  me

 The  times you  would cry

The   times where you'd smile

I'll  never  let that slip by


You'll always  be in my  heart

 No matter what i do

I didn't  think I'd  have to picture

 My life without you


All the birthdays  cards i  made you

Ill hold  close and dear

Just remember

In my life you'll always  be here


I'll  remember the mornings

I'd  wake up and see your  face

I didn't think I'd  ever  have to say

Goodbye this way


Daddy's little  girl is what I'll always be

 I'll never forget you

Please remember  me.


 I love you Daddy

 R.i.p  6.5.11

Copyright © Terri Evans | Year Posted 2011

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My Fathers Hands

Look at my father’s hands and you will see HIS heart.
You will see what he stands for and what sets him apart:
His CHARACTER is traced through the lines of his leathery palms.
His perseverance IS REVEALED in every scar that brought him pain.
His faithfulness, it beams THROUGH those rugged calluses’.
His honesty, it reflects off of HIS battered knuckles.
His LABORS, you can feel them in his strong and steady grip.
On his hands you will see a beautiful and virtuous soul.
Look at my father’s hands and you will see his heart.

His character is revealed through his labors.

Copyright © Jonah Guinn | Year Posted 2016

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A Path to Freedom: A Black Mans Dream

Today I’m free from slavery
Yet hatred still revolves in my life rev MLK had a dream
it was for darkness of hatred to be freed by the light
Dr king died doing his best so that people like me would have a better place to 
live in
 A different world than the one he lived in everyday he wanted a change but It 
seemed the more change was made the more most things stayed the same
Slavery ended and segregation and oppression began
The only difference was now we were not bonded but our rights as humans still 
were. We were free to go wherever we pleased 
But not free from disgust and hateful remarks
Signs that banned the colored from certain privileges 
If people put as much energy in to love as that did with hatred
The world would be lovely
But it seems as thought that dream is a fantasy and  
It seems as though history repeats itself
With my 40 acres and a mule
Yet I’m held captive by hatred of people who think they can rule me, 
Just because my skin was dark brown
It’s not going to happen because we have rights now
Hatred of people like me who think because one generation put chains on our 
feet and lashes on our backs called us words that started with the letter n 
referring to “blacks”
Listen to me, one bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch
Black and white are two shades of beauty to me 
Two five-letter words that mean my skin in darker than yours is light
Don’t try to stereotype me as a person who hates you because of the past
I look in to the future on to my freedom path 
I can not be in despair about mistakes and bad judgment 
I have to get over my feelings toward things that happened long ago 
I can forgive, I just won’t forget or I will make the same mistake as other people 
around here 

Copyright © Norey Bailey | Year Posted 2006

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How did you get where your at?
Do you lie to yourself?
 Do you hold back?

 Or do you know what your doing, 
of coarse you do!
 What worries me,
Does that satisfy you!?

 You made me sad,
You made me cry,
 You ****ed up,
Your precious life,
 You had everything,
Good family,
 You split us up,
To get what you "need"
 You say the word love,
Then threatened me!?

 I play it cool,
But I'm terrified,
 I cant even,
Close my eyes at night.
 I'm that scared,
But not for me,
 I'd risk my life, 
For what i have left,
 For My Family.

You ****ed up my brain, 
 From age 1-6,
Said if i told,
 No one would listen,
You threatened not only me,
 But my Family,
Even your own son,
 How the **** could this be?

My father is a great man,
 Found a beautiful wife,
That's where i came in,
 And you know what,
They trusted you, 
 Every weekend,
Till toddler ages were through,

 You decieved them,
You decieved me,
 And all the 9 other grandchildren,
That was forced to be,
 I feel the pain,
I feel the tears,
 I feel the hatred,
Your voice in my ears.

 I see the scares, 
That you have made,
 I make new markes,
To forget about who really made the pain.

 How did you get where your at?
Do they really think,
 That jail will put you on track?

 If they think that then they're wrong,
You've lost everything from one choice,
 Your too far gone!!!!

Copyright © Hannah Croy | Year Posted 2011

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Help me please

Why Jehovah you allow the wicked to spread their wings like an eagle. Why make 
their path smooth like oil and their wicked act prosperous. They create havoc for 
others who are trying to walk in your laws. You are God the almighty: You have 
power beyond what human can conceptualize. Then why is it, I am being tormented 
and you are not completely rescuing me. I am not trying to be presumptuous, but I 
am stating the  fact according to how I see it. Yes, Father you are protecting me 
from harms way, but why can you remove me out of calamity. I am all by myself - 
just you and  I . I am very greatful of your protection and loving kindness, but I need 
more. Problem surround me everywhere that I go . I know that I am being attack by 
spirit forces, but you are Jehovah and no one is like you. You are just, mighty, and 
upright. All I am begging you is to rescue me. You know my problem better than I, 
but it is I who is feeling the pressure. Father, Jehovah, please rescue me. I will stay 
faithful to you Father even if you have forgotten me.

Copyright © Sophia Smith | Year Posted 2011

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Washed Hands

Lollipop kisses (sticky sweet)
Impress their nectar upon your whiskered cheek:
Your hand absently wiped away their adolescent aftertaste.

Despondent arms:
Outstretched for a reassuring (pretentious) hug
Grasp only the stale air of your indifference
Breathed upon my naively upturned face:
Smothered in incognizance.

Does it mystify?
That I have excommunicated myself from
Your well rehearsed pleasantries?
Your hypocritical attempts to condone justification of 
Your displaced loyalty simply compounds the situation.

Your bed is not mine to lie in -
Your rules no longer mine to follow.

Perhaps now you will be the one to recite fairy-tales
On feather-filled pillows, as silent tears cascade down
Self erected barricades, puddling by your cheek...

Pray you never hear the lone hoot owl
As he waits impatiently by your grave...

(approx. 1999)

Copyright © petra mallett | Year Posted 2006

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Copyright © jennifer hedrick | Year Posted 2011

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God's gift

When we were born we were too small to look after ourself,
since God couldnt be everywhere with us,
he made sure we were well protected and nurtured
God made sure that our demands get fullfilled,
every liitle wish was granted
we were showered with tons of love
so God created parents.
our creators,our lifeline
to protect us when we were tiny
when we could hardly understand things,
when we were learning to speak who would understand everything we tried to speak.
when we started slowly to talk they would understand the power of silence and helps us out..
to fix things when we were small that might break or fall
or simply to hold us when we would fall.
God knew we'd need somebody..
someone who would love us unconditionally,
someone who would show our mistakes and still stand for us 
someone who would be gentle, 
who will listen to our dreams  and help those dreams come true
someone who would teach us to be brave and understand our fears and help us
they would switch roles either be our friend and stand for us through thick and thin
so thank you God for being so kind for giving such a wonderful gift.

Copyright © Pooja Mitter | Year Posted 2011

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un chanse una life

its only been u, trusth me im so glad that u get to read this.
love, trust, respect, and all u need to survive in this world.
i might of been wrong to people but thats how i have made it in this game
i have done all this for u, all u there was no one thing tht i would say no beucase 
the way i push and showed u opend ur eyes so fast yea i know im sorry but i knew 
tht i wasnt going to make it tht long not the life i was doing.
cheat everything and everyone but at the end you know when the reaper is 
following u beaucse u start to see him looking at his sand clock and u just bring up 
ur chest and head and rule with force becuase all u got is pass the tourch and pass 
away and so.
i love you my daugther even though u know nothing. and ur not named with my last 
name its all for ur all own good n safety im a santiago n ur a hernandez so, now u 
know im the right one that gaved up my life for u to make a change in this world.
bye- bye hailey irene hernandez.

Copyright © felipe santiago | Year Posted 2011

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The August Lion

The August Lion

By: J. Philip Harris

In the area of the afternoon, right before the stars
Where the little gray strands spread out among the coffee roots
Through the looking glass 
Beyond the esotropic eyes 
In the land of the chevron lane and the laughter of the silly school boy
In the heart of a sawbones' hands
Beyond the reaches of the retentive shadows 
Where the hiccups of life have sought to crush his spirit
In the echoes of his father’s soul
Through the reflection of his mother’s love 
Like a break-loose dance of life’s unbinding freedom to feel and to breathe.
Here in the whisper 
Hear the gentle purrs thrown out into the void 
Like diamond lights in the dark matter
Here, the hero.
Hear the August Lion.

Copyright © Joshua Harris | Year Posted 2017

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Jonathan's Journal

*A shepherd boy has become my best friend and my father's worst enemy.
I lay awake each night, praying for my friend's safety and my father's sanity.                                             
Father was never accused of immorality, but I'm concerned about his instability.

My friend is so unlike my father, who is self-centered and filled with dishonesty.  In his heart, He wants me to succeed him as king; but               
his illogical mind disagrees.

My father hates and tries to kill my dearest friend, never understanding that my love for that shepherd boy only increases. My pain is greater than I can bare, and only heaven knows how this saga will end.

My father's anger and rage is so great that he has become violent with me; and it seems his love for me is wearing thin.  He is so jealous and unreasonable! I never dreamed that I, a son of a king, would have no interest of ever being a king. My greatest desire is that my best friend will someday be king, and that my father will come to love him and also be his friend.
071717PSContest, August Premiere, Brian Strand

*Possible entries about David to be found in the journal of Johnathan, son of King Saul

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Oh, Morning Rose

Oh, morning rose,
So full of prose;
Greet the early sun with your pinkish cheeks;
As I see you glisten thru the day,
Happy and proud I am; 
And, when times come for you to write 
Your own cause, remember me, 
Your oldie prose, always, I’ll be.


Copyright © Ernesto P. Santiago | Year Posted 2007