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I was sitting on a lonely bench
It was on a hill
Far away from all the cityscreams
And blinding citylights
It was a cloudless night
A soothing breeze came up
As I watched the moon rise slowly
A shimmering moment of
Eternal beauty

There were always less and less stars by her side
Each time I got to see her
The sky felt so empty
Where have they gone?
Maybe they left
Maybe they just moved on
Maybe it was time
Maybe they just moved on

As the moon looked at me
I felt uneasy
I wanted to explain
But before I could open my mouth
I noticed 
She was just staring through me
Like I was nothing at all
I looked at her
What is all the beauty in the world
If you can’t hold it 
Maybe it’s not meant for you to hold
Maybe it’s just meant for you to catch a glimpse
And start hoping
And start dreaming

I raised my head high
Watched the sky
Far above the moon
Maybe I should leave
Maybe I should move on
Maybe it was time
Maybe I should move on

Copyright © Akari Akisame | Year Posted 2015

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She dropped me from her burnished arms
upon a dusty prairie road
and cry I did, and pulling at her skirts
heavy with mud from a morning rain
that fell upon a dying earth..
I begged her to stay for just a while longer
and looked for yellow sunflowers 
to help me make her stay, I found I was alone
as the sunflowers wore blackened robes
and shriveled heads that could not speak
and crumbled in my hands..
Turning towards a dying sun, she stole away
with eyes she laid upon the shadowed hills
and fields where flaxen heads had caught
the breeze of golden summer's breath..
With one slow turn she raised her hand
as if to wipe away the liquid rain that
ran on my face - as in a mirror I saw
her reflection, as her tears became mine..  

Copyright © valerie bellefleur | Year Posted 2009

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‘Cream Puff’ you were my faithful companion for many years I recall you were a birthday gift from an old school friend And I adored you from the moment I held you in my hands As a teenager I remember taking you with me to my first job in London You sat on my bedside table and were a constant reminder of home In 1989 I moved in with my fiancé and he loved you too He decided you would be a wonderful ‘guard dog’ for our car For 27 years you sat proudly on the dashboard of every vehicle we owned Over time you started to show signs of old age The sun tanned your skin and your once bright coat faded About five years ago disaster struck and your ‘brains’ burst out of your head I tried to perform surgery on you with my needle and thread But it was useless as you were so old and frail So we left you sitting quietly in the car enjoying your twilight years Yesterday tragedy struck as we were travelling a long a pretty country road I was gazing at the azure sea whilst my hubby was at the wheel Suddenly the next thing I knew you were sitting on my lap My hubby had picked you up and thrown you to me to see if I could help you I could see that there was nothing that could be done to save you Your aged skin had got so thin it had totally disintegrated Little wooden beads had burst out of your bottom and legs There was just a little pile of wooden beads where you once sat Tenderly I scooped you up and placed you in a plastic bag We then spent a long time picking up your insides piece by piece As they were scattered like ashes all over the front seats of the car Now I know the time has come to finally say adieu Goodbye Cream Puff A treasured companion for over 40 years You will be missed by us all 03~31~17

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2017

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I extol your virtues.

I lean back,exulting at 
your innovation and 
A dream come true-I 
salute you.
   I salute your inventive
   Paragon of excellence.
  An out-let for display of 
emotions and feelings in 
tangible form.
   Limitless quiver 
housing the enlightened
expanding arrows.
   Your ship of knowledge 
ferry talents from 
obscurity to lime-light.
Giving preference to no 
race or gender.
   I salute you sunlight of 
  A safe haven for 
wandering minds-
bringing imaginations to 
  Kudos! I pray:
  The spread of night 
shall not over-shadow.

Copyright © Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu | Year Posted 2013

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Let it go,
It could be a kite,
Yearning for the wild,
Craving for the whirlwind,
To the endless azure sky,

She could be a butterfly,
With an insatiable lust to fly,
Dance with the wind melodiously,
Sipping on the nectars of the world.

Why hold on so viciously?
To a bird that wants to fly away?
To water flowing furiously downstream?
Yet way happier without them?

Copyright © Rogue Dave | Year Posted 2016

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Today, glimpsed I,  a curious sight
A  mound  of  snow,  no  longer  white.
It basked alone, upon brown grass
It seemed to say, this too shall pass

When greener days shall come to be
When spring soon covers every tree
With robins nests and leaves of green
This mound of snow shall cease to be.

And so,  in passing by, paid my respects
To winter and to all of its effects
And bid springtime my warmest welcome.

For as long as this old earth shall spin
God has ordained each winter’s end
Yea, God has ordained each spring begin.

Copyright © Zachary McClure | Year Posted 2008