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My Owner

I trot after her and settle on my bed in the kitchen.
Knowing first she will feed the humans, then the cats.
I will only be yelled at if I get underfoot, finally
Getting my breakfast I slowly scoff it down.

Owner is yelling at me, what did I do? Oh I am in the way!
Shuffling around deciding which bed I prefer today. 
Driving owner mad as I circle and circle then flop down.
After all I must make sure I have scared off all snakes.

Time to go out I bound along at owners side
wanting to get there first being checked back to heel.
Can owner not understand I should go first to protect
the household from any dangers lurking?

Yelling command on top of command, so confusing I close my ears.
One word at a time please if you want me to listen!
Remember Human language is not my own tongue I need time
to assimilate translate and then to finally obey.

Does owner not understand the more frantic they become
the higher state of alert this pushes on me I can not relax.
If owner is so tense and concerned there must be peril lurking.
At last home owner slowly relaxes and I come down from high alert.

This Mexican man stopped by and with him I did click,
He spoke my language and understood where I was coming from.
He taught my owner and showed how to dealt with things calmly.
Oh boy yes Life is much better due to Caesar Milan.

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2014

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Hey, you over there

Take me home and I will be your best friend,
Will give you years of unconditional love;
So come on and give me a chance,
Never mind that I will grow,
Its all about puppy love,
How can you resist;
My sweet face,
Let me make,
You smile!

July 30, 2015


Written by Broken Wings

Submitted to the contest, Any Poem(you wrote)The Makes You Smile,

Sponsor, A Poet Destroyer

Seventh Place

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2015

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How I Saved My Best Friend

Loyalty is my middle name as I wait for her all day, oh, and when that door opens I bark and start nagging! Slobbery wet kisses I give saying “I love you” in my own way, I’m so filled with puppy excitement my tail won’t stop wagging! See, I was lost and abandoned in a kennel before, until she saved me from a sad life so alone- Now life is great and I love her so much more, since she gave me a warm bed and a loving home. Thank God I am no longer in that cage at night! now I sleep at her feet so comfortable and warm- She was lonely as I saved her from terrible fright, I could see her heart was full of sorrow and was torn. She was crying one night; seems she lost a deep love, I just couldn’t understand her pain very well- Her old dog had passed now resting peacefully above, she felt lost and depressed, I could really tell. But one day something changed in her, I think I helped save her from her deep heart ache- She just wouldn’t stop caressing my soft fur, and during crisp Autumn days walks we would take. Now my favorite ducky toy is all torn from playing too much, and my bones all chewed within a day of getting- All she lives for is my sweet tender-loving touch, and constant attention with snuggles and petting. I couldn’t be more grateful for her and her for me, we saved each other with unconditional adoration- I can see the anguish in her eyes was set free, we gave our undivided attention, with no more separation. *After losing my sweet dog Bo, I am hoping one day I will be able to live this dream of a new puppy saving me, and me saving him* Personification Contest Lewis Raynes October 16, 2016

Copyright © Laura Loo | Year Posted 2016

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A Plea

I am at your side - a faithful dog.
You are my master - my ship in dock.
You care for me, a god besides...
If you left me, I'd be rudderless.
Don't leave...

I am at your side, in this, a well
of unimaginably harsh sound.
Noise is the bending of ears
that do not want to know...
and you should never leave.

Do not leave me, your dog,
in troubled times
with wailing sounds
or concertina, or whatever.
Believe me... Stay.


Julia Ward,



Contest - Your best poem with metaphors 

Sponsor - Silent One


7th place win

Copyright © Julia Ward | Year Posted 2015

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Laughing Dog

I met a dog with big mouth
it closed its eyes and laughed
it was because I had beard
when it turned around
its curved horn was gone
the big mouth was sliced
a cat cut the horn, sliced mouth
“No more laughter, no smiling
every action must be cruel,
I must hunt down the cat
and bark at men in darkness”,
dog confessed.

Copyright © Solomon Ochwo-Oburu | Year Posted 2017

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Clear happiness replaces the fog

You speak to me, I don’t hear a word,
Still, I know that you’re down, you’re sad.
I can tell by the curious look on your face,
That you’d rather stay with me and be glad.
Then that moment you stop, turn slowly, and walk,
Head down, you walk through the door.
And I sit and ponder and think and care,
Alone, on the rug on the floor.
Time becomes nothing as I sit and wait,
Wait patiently to hear shuffling feet,
And when you do finally walk back through the door,
I give you the sloppiest greet.
In that moment my grey, it becomes colour,
Clear happiness replaces the fog,
You’re everything to me, you’re all that I want,
I’m your loyal, your friend, your dog.

Copyright © Lewis Raynes | Year Posted 2017

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A Dog Day Afternoon

If you really love some-one
Then it shouldn't be so hard
You just put him on an leash
And simply walk him
Across the yard,
The heck with all the implication's
What are the chances'
They would reject him right away
Fore it takes' raw courage
To bring them home one day
A family bond is strong that way
               - And -
To meet the family right away
  The re concussion can be great
Though it take's much skill
        To articulate
                 Or may be,
It could be just a big mistake
Then if it is a dog
Then they barely know him
As you see, what come what may be
Sure they may know of his nature
Maybe just a couple of fleas'
But, what then can they really say
Fore he is the lesser of God's creatures'
And you have already given
           Him a name,
   And most of all,
He is yours',
He is your's to claim
Some how or another
Surely, he should be easier
          To tame,
A dog will all ways' have his day
In a manner of speaking
You just have to keep him eating
     And not let him run astray
And he surely will be worth keeping
      Every dog shall have his way
But people are so much harder
To display


Copyright © Gary Fields | Year Posted 2011

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A Dog's Passing

At times I feel so confused and wonder what to do. Standing at the door, in or out, out or in, is the sky so blue?
I walk the same old path, it was the highlight of my day but I didn’t make it, he had to carry me half the way. 
I woke up this morning feeling just so wrong but she made me feel better, her voice is like a song.   
Feeling all so tired but excited anyway when I heard him step thought the door, on this very day.
I noticed a tear in his eye and stood up just say” I love you so much, I wish we could go out and play”  
He helped me to lay back down and said it would be o.k.  
They both stay there, stroking my golden hair 
Even once or twice, said a little prayer.
As I close my eyes, I know I will be missed. 
Wishing I could give them both, one more little kiss.

Copyright © Brett Allen | Year Posted 2017