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Personification Courage Poems | Personification Poems About Courage

These Personification Courage poems are examples of Personification poems about Courage. These are the best examples of Personification Courage poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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I never left you


When youthful restless hearts hear defining calls
With volcanic strength they will respond
The impetus for adventure overrides
All rational thoughts, out of window they go
For youth knows no bounds of daring appeal

Twenty I was, when I heard the “buzz”,
With gusto and a lick of good sense I made the run
Carpe Diem was my exalted, exuberant cry
So I followed the path to places to me unknown
To her, I whispered with pain and sorrow
I must seek what the world to my lot bestowed
But be assured that one day for you I shall return 
Feeling liberated and not knowing why
Effusive and with feigned bravery I bid to all farewell
The beyond had the smell of fragrant thrills 
From America to America my journey began
Imbued with hope, dreams, and strong will
I began carving a new life, a new beginning 
Dreams, goals ,and desires within me abounded
To fail was never a contemplated option
For failure the young bravely defies

All those memories of a half century ago
Come back to me in flares and bursts of fading energies
Now that I am approaching the sunset of my days
Wondering wastefully how it might have been
Had I not pursued the Echo of that life changing call
That outcome will never to me be known
But oh! How I long and yearn for that love I bid farewell
My ashes will one day fertilize a seed above that green hill
From that seed a tree will grow into a refuge
To shelter, in hot, sunny or stormy days, living fragile things
Then I shall sleep eternally in tranquil peace
Knowing that I kept, though belated to her my promise 
And in serene harmony, proclaim, “I never left you my beloved Brazil”'.

Copyright © Ernandes Fialo | Year Posted 2015

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The Heart of Imagination

I smell the scent in the water
As it pushes through my gills
My desire to return
beckons me to the place of my birth
For me the desire consumes me

I struggle against the current
Imagining my place of rest
I desire to place my children 
safely on a bed of stones
Sweet water to welcome me home

I know this to be a perilous Journey
I may travel over a hundred miles
Grizzly bears and Eagles block my path
They are to be my test
Yet I am strong
I have swam the oceans
I have known predators greater than these
They will not impede my path

Flying upward in the air
I glimpse the night moon
reaching towards my horizon
water splashes as I make my way higher
yes, almost home
I push beyond my limits
gathering speed

My sisters and I
we turn the river red
thankfully arriving
imagination spawns reality
cool relief!
I release seven times
Now, completely exhausted
I can finally rest
Thirteen years 
I have waited
To come home.

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2014

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Puzzle Piece

A puzzle piece you are to me 
Like a vine without any leaves. 
Your heart is pure your soul is 
Gold, the sweetest thing I'll 
ever hold! A miracle in my eyes 
it seemed, knowing they said 
no babies for me! Always a 
surprise you seem to be just 
like a puzzle piece! At 9 months 
you walked but not until 4 did 
you first talk! Always a terror 
making a beautiful mess always 
a surprise that has yet to be 
met! The twists and turns I 
know we will see will seem 
somewhat like a roller coaster 
to me! The milestones and 
special gifts you bring will make 
my life seem Like a dream, my 
special boy I have always said 
How special I knew not till 
Aspergers they said! The 
journey will be trying the 
journey will seem long! But 
with our family together we will 
chug along! My special boy I 
love you so and cannot wait to 
see you mature and grow! Now 
we have a goal we have our 
dream you see to make you the 
perfect fitting puzzle piece!! 

Written by: Christina Kirks 
McCullouch 04/05/2012 For 
Jonathan S McCullouch Jr 
Mommy loves you to eternity 
and beyond! Forever and 

Copyright © Christina McCullouch | Year Posted 2013

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                                Is when you find thought from nothing,
                                A pattern of knowledge that might meant something.
                                Or shall we say something that felt real,
                                In any case, was it a feeling or a bad deal.

                                Loneliness is the characteristics of fear,
                                It forms a pattern of want when reality seems clear.
                                But when the clearness of life becomes lost,
                                One will tremble and feel and uncommon cost.

                                That cost between promises and shame,
                                For in the end all feelings turn to blame.

                                A blame of letting go a feeling of emotion
                                Knowing that love is but life's true notation.


Copyright © Michael S. Johnson | Year Posted 2015

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Life's Paradox

Seeing yourself through
     A full-length mirror
Through the endless deed
            Of time
To day a mere reflection
      Of yesterday dreams'
    Today's curtains
       Yet to be opened
Dark Oh! so misty
Reality is only a myth
      From the times'
Draped by the promises'
     Of people we adore'
Knowing that freedom awaits'
         Just beyond thy
    Foot-steps' door

Gary Fields
Poet Author

From:  "The Cross"
            Xlibris  book # 106627
             Rev.  NOV2013

Copyright © Gary Fields | Year Posted 2013

Details | Personification |

My Life, My Rules

 You walk at night,
No fear, no worry.
Darkness shows your might,
It's first glance I've to hurry.

You drink and smoke and chill and freak!
To my interests is none of those.
For texting a mate, I need to sneak,
Then for all the rest, once think of my woes!

How lucky I was! My dad didn't compel me die.
Yes there is a cause, I dream to reach the sky!

But you couldn't see me smile,
Harass me and torment.
Merely to show off your style,
Your deeds were wild and blatant!

Wasn't your mom alive? To teach you to respect me
Was your sister hidden in the hive? Her pains you couldn't see!

But now that time's far gone,
My power has reached the zenith!
Your worthless progressions I scorn,
Just read my vision beneath!

Until now I was all alone,
Today the whole world's at my back.
Along the current of dominance I've flown,
Against the flow now I pack!

My love remains the same,
And so does all my care.
But its no more your dirty game,
To me you won't ever scare!

Respect is not something that I now demand,
I know this world is mine.
Respect is something that now I command,
Better get it all through your spine!

I make this world a better place yo live.
And so do the rest of the women.
To universe, hope and existence we give,
Will keep on forever and ever and ever again.

I'll wear what I want,
Step out without a daunt.
Meet and hang with whom I desire,
For as long as I aspire.
I know my boundaries very well,
Won't slip off, needless to tell.
Shall do all, that does a man.
Dare you doubt if I can.
Yes!Yes I'm proud to be a woman!
Because only I can bring up a daughter and son.

Now no one can stop me from filling my life with all the existing hues,
 Because from now its "My life, My rules!!"

Copyright © Nishant Patil | Year Posted 2015

Details | Personification |

My deer

Wish to be like the trees;
Only to feel the breeze
And to taste the dewdrops on my leaves.
Wish to see the sky over me
And to feel that there is nothing out of reach
Wish to feel the waves of the sea
Hitting me on the beach.
To my surprise, when woods I pass
I saw a deer running from the mass,
I hate the scene of the hunter coming,
I hate to see her running and running.
But the bravery appeared
When-with her antlers-she beard
But my legs couldn't stand
Watching her bleed on land.
I thought it is done
That she will never see the sun.
A fantasy I ruminate!
She stood again and I meditate.
She was wounded I can deem
But- with her agile body- she redeem'd
Then..I wish my heart was the deer
That could be hurt but without blear
That could be wounded but stand on his knees,
And never fall apart because any of these
I wish my heart was brave;
To face his scars with faith.
Then my deer will be strong
To  brood fears all day long.

Copyright © Sandy Tadros | Year Posted 2015

Details | Personification |


My heart says, "It must be now"
My mind says, "Why is this not sparking?"
so that is why I'm writing.

When we are together I forget anyone else is there.
But somehow, there is no flare shared.

"Why? Why?" I ask myself.

I tried to understand it, and it seems I've caused a mess,
for our contact continues to digress and digress.

There's still a soft spot in my heart for you,
In what way? I wish I knew.

I'm oh so filled with sorrow
am I to be forgotten?

I hope we can meet again
to attain a strong friendship.

Copyright © Tori Jackman | Year Posted 2013

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Highest Of Egos

  Why do they do it?
Put up with chilling
winds and blinding
   I try to warn them
but they don't listen.
   Is it their ego that
blinds their fate?
   Men always strive
to be at the top of
their game. This isn't
a game it's real.
   They come by the
thousands, risking
their lives.
   I do everything
I can to stop them,
but then again I'm
just here minding
my own business.
   I've seen them 
all loose their breath!
   Get frostbitten
hands and feet!
   Why do they want
to face death?
   I have seen them
die. They still come.
   I feel their special
steel shoes digging
into me! What I hate
most is their egotistical 
mindset of conquering!
  They are fools to
challenge me. I
sometimes win!
   Let me introduce
myself to you. Maybe
You have heard of me.
   I'm Mount.
Mount Everest that is.
Please to meet you.

   Michael Tor 10/5/2015 

Copyright © michael tor | Year Posted 2015

Details | Personification |

Why Should I

Was it enough or was it too much?
Sometimes too fast but always too slow!
God knows that I come with these seeds that grow.
Inside and out I absorb every single touch,
But why should I?
Why should I be the only one that knows?
Stepping through time and sliding back so smooth so I go!
I say I can qualify!
Where was I and why was I there?
Sometimes too obvious but always with doubt!
God knows that I come riding in on a prayer.
I absorb every single touch inside and out,
But why should I? 
Why should I be the only one that cares?
Climbing the highest mountains and sliding down so steep but on a dare!
I say I can magnify!

What did I say and what did I do?
Sometimes too quite but always too loud!
God knows that I come with a gleam that shines so proud.
Inside and out I absorb every single touch by you.
But why should I? 
Why should I be the only one in the crowd?
Walking on water and walking backwards but at least I know how.
I say I can intensify!
Do I want to or do you need me to?
Sometimes I wonder and sometimes I simply don’t care.
God knows that I come standing on a higher sky of blue.
I absorb every single touch by you inside and out with this glare.
But why should I?
Why should I be the only one with this view?
Up in the clouds and aimless but always led by you!
I say, “I SANCTIFY”!

®Registered: 1997  Ann Rich

Copyright © Ann Rich | Year Posted 2010

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A sunshine behind every darkness 
In the end, we will reach success 
There's a rainbow behind every tear 
Face thy tomorrow with no fear 

The shades of hope are seen from above 
Out of those beast of struggles that we have 
Embarking to defeat the unfair reality 
There's a daredevil in ones identity 

Prejudice exists everywhere 
Turn thy back as if thee won't care 
Let the karma drag them to hell 
They couldn't escape even if they keep on hiding from their shell 

Enjoy as you reap your golden fruits 
Determination,courage and faith are the roots 
Responsive truth as you feel the rain 
Believe in God's plan and let us exalt his name :)

August 5, 2014

Copyright © Joyzel Mae Sotes | Year Posted 2014

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Drawn in Harmony

The phrase "Music to my ears" has been injected toward the 
wrong part of my body, and most unpleasantly personified. 
There is a record player that I let skip and scratch on purpose, hearing 
colorful sound of life back when truth kept us both inside the lines. 
I thought order was helping me draw closer to you, while you began on the next 
page without me. The needle digs it's way into my ape-shaped forearm. 
I'm directed by the guitar string shaped veins 
that only play notes in the keys of D# E# A# F# and the sharp sounds pierce 
my perception to the point I can hardly hear your voice anymore. 

At times, listening to the same old sad song on repeat makes me think
that I am just an old soul getting repeatedly tossed around in God's 
big barrel of human paradox. "Lord what was I made for? Surely it wasn't 
to repeat the mistakes of my forefathers, because I'm certain I am the 
only one you molded with forearms so large, that the record got lost 
and forgot how to spin in circles. Music is all about art, and art all about 
perception. Perception has nothing to do with your eyesight, and 
you use your ears to envision the painting on a blank canvas before picking 
anything else up but sound waves. I drive myself crazy sometimes when 
I think that my inspiration is speeding away from me in the 
opposite lane, but I didn't even ask for directions. Mostly because I'm a man, 
a stubborn one at that, and I always think I know where I'm going. 
But this time, I swear I had gotten the map right. So I transformed my open 
hands into tight fists to make music burst out of my arms, and the needle went 
faster and faster until it broke off, and the high pitched vibration 
disintegrated the steel into my own blood. I blame myself for letting this 
be the first time to let myself draw some air into my body. A surgery of 
scalpels cutting into my physical, and an orchestral symphony of sutures, 
threading my life back together again. My blue blood turns crimson as it kisses the air. 
Why do we associate the color red with life and vibrancy, when it clearly shows that we are letting our own blood run down our arms? Why do so many women where red lipstick; the kind that sticks to your collar, screaming to your wife that you clearly sinned? 
Why do we see sin so clearly; transparent enough for others to correct us before we really we even grasp the desire to fix ourselves? AND WHY IN THE WORLD IS THIS MUSIC PLAYING SO LOUDLY NOW; when my needle broke off into my body a long time ago, and I can hardly hear you anymore.
Good thing my life's song still isn't completely written yet. Let's add a more positive climax to this. One drawn in harmony.

Copyright © Spenser Jones | Year Posted 2012

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Tears-Part of life for wear

When i saw the people with incedible work tears are come
When i saw a person who lost his senses & try to recover mistakes tears are come

At the end of tear of sorrows & happiness going to diappear in life
Lonliness ignorance & rupturr of feeling cause death of life

Something is gone to be very heavy without tears that is heart
When person not fullfill need & deed than disappearance of a drop of tear comes from heart.

Avnesh yadav

Copyright © avnesh yadav | Year Posted 2014

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The Becoming

Sweat brings me closer to success
Blood brings me closer to triumph
Tears bring me closer to love
This pain the world turns from, I embrace.
To conquer the world
You must first conquer yourself
The path to greatness comes through struggle
Beware of the faster, easier and safer path
This path is not the better path
The road of the quick and comfortable leads to the soft and weak.
Be Bold!
Engage in the difficult
Accept the challenging
Seek the mysteries
Watch your Becoming evoke awe from the masses
Find and hold on to your greatest ally Inspiration!
Inspiration is my fuel
The power to inspire, is the power to electrify the dead.

Kyle W. Morgan
November 15, 2015

Copyright © Kyle Morgan | Year Posted 2015

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My Freedom of Recollections

My Freedom of Recollections
I am not original
I am just an open book
I am noticeable because I am simple
I grow weary of what to think
I seldom find any faults
When I do find fault 
It is I
Not the person who I see
Because I am the only one judging at that moment
I look into my deepest memories
And it always was what I saw that made who I am
What I hear 
What I smelled
What I touch
What I felt
It was not a book 
It was not any other person
It was just the experience
Being held
That was me
Held sincerely 
It all went gone
My peace that was lost
And now was found
Where do you think these things come from?
What value it holds
A touch with a simple hand
A kiss on a cheek
A whisper of kindness in the ear
It was not for sure my older siblings
It was not for sure the adopted parents
The recollection of this was sooner
The recollection was more than brighter
The protection was there
But the intimate demand disappeared
The value it holds so unclear
Moments, minutes, hours, days, and years
It all comes to one special feeling
To exist 
Is to be kind
Is to be happy
Is to know faults
Is to be your self
Is to value 
Each and everything around you
This is life
My recollection is life
No other way nor other people can change my recollection

Copyright © Reynaldo Mast | Year Posted 2015

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The TorturedCuckcoo

The Tortured Cuckoo Delivered-bewildered and confused, onto a foliage. No direction from those empowered to parent so weak a fledgling. Clawed and pecked for being, an easy release of pent-up frustration upon defenceless creature. Eat, and be reminded that you never contributed food to the table. Sleep, but only after the replayed nightly rants. Clothe, but only sufficient to cover modesty. Daily rebuke, for merely existing in this confused environment . The mute mother, covered and suppressed by incessant torment. Offers no more than, ‘Never Mind Love’. Neighbours uninterested in the welfare of other flocks say, ‘’He’s always flitting from one nest to another nest’’. Sister distanced and removed for safety. Half- sister distanced by umbilical distain for someone not of their father. Grand parents- indifferent to my presence, unable to give recognition to my mere existence. Their talons sharpened by others. Success never acclaimed, but failure always punished. Then to fly the nest, when devoid of sinews of loving strength and the wombed bedroom never yours to return to in times of need. When every step taken with ease and encouragement for others, is a thorned briar at every turn for you. Alertness and deviance become your friends. Opportunist and far thinking, you build a nest of comforting security- so long denied. Once a long time featherless, now wearing full plumage. The mountains are your refuge, they reciprocate litheness and stealth. They seek neither intimacy nor show distain. On these high contours you are the predatory Hawk. Words unanswered for so long are replaced by ‘thoughts and dreams’ that dance upon the wind!!!.

Copyright © Redkite In-Flight | Year Posted 2015

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----A high KITE----

I am a high flying KITE,

Inside the hurricanes, on the tornado sight...
       I am beginning to learn, learning how to ride...
My strings are too thin, but surely i'll win...
      Cause my WILL sings louder,
      louder than the windy stings...

                             Neither rain can tear me,
                                       nor lightning can scare me..
                             All I am worried about,
                                       is that warm and boring sun...
                             will sweep up the sky,
                                       and my roaring fun,
                             the fun I begun, on a loaded gun...... 

So hold your breath Tight,
     its my time to Ride,
on the wet and Chill,
     on every burning windy Thrill...
and in every stormy Night,
                             I'll RIDE....
                       I'll left you with the stunned sight
                                        and you'll say....
                       OH my GOD , what's that light,
                       How can a kite, shoot like a STAR
                       It was right here in my hands
                       now its gone so FAR................                    

Copyright © ANKIT DEDHA | Year Posted 2013

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Courage of Love

           Courage of love
        is a type of fearless
             Courage of love  
    something you can't explain 
              Courage of love                                                                           
      is a example of something
              Courage of love
      something you pictured 
               in your mind
             Courage of love 
            is something you 
              just want to say
         Thats Courage of Love

Copyright © Yolanda Newsome | Year Posted 2006

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When I die,
Don't come to my grave to tell me
How much you love me and
How much you miss me, because
Those are the words I want to hear
While I'm still here.

Copyright © JEANNINE GLEN | Year Posted 2016

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The August Lion

The August Lion

By: J. Philip Harris

In the area of the afternoon, right before the stars
Where the little gray strands spread out among the coffee roots
Through the looking glass 
Beyond the esotropic eyes 
In the land of the chevron lane and the laughter of the silly school boy
In the heart of a sawbones' hands
Beyond the reaches of the retentive shadows 
Where the hiccups of life have sought to crush his spirit
In the echoes of his father’s soul
Through the reflection of his mother’s love 
Like a break-loose dance of life’s unbinding freedom to feel and to breathe.
Here in the whisper 
Hear the gentle purrs thrown out into the void 
Like diamond lights in the dark matter
Here, the hero.
Hear the August Lion.

Copyright © Joshua Harris | Year Posted 2017

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         With courage in your heart,and with god by your side.
       you take a stand, and a deep breath hand ,
        and you begin to decide the life
       as you want to  live as best as you can.
      by peculiar
      replica's art's

Copyright © REBECCA TROW | Year Posted 2006

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Ridiculous Picture War

Photos bomb social media. While Terrorists destroy livelihoods. War rages from within. Crashing rathe upon distant strangers; us... Pictures reveal this through social networking. A quite distant war becomes real—too extents. Photo bombs drop atop crooked faces. Suicide bombs disfigure and gravely injure a far out man and a groovy woman. However, These groves are not so far out. Closer to home than the television thinks— Maybe more problematic than depicted and possibly more galactic than photoshopped. What is their left to do with this distant war? Sir War, her majesty, governor of terror like substance—ruler of all. King War . . . Master War . . . Will you bow your heads to such ungodly deity? Or Will you fight for your mental pictures of believed righteousness? Let's take this down to size and ask me (the writer) what he would do. I would photobomb every picture possible until everyone around me cannot help but to smile and laugh. One thing I know for sure I would not do is... Never would I ever bow down to Master War. May 29, 2017 Contest: Form P Sponsor: Broken Wings

Copyright © Ir0nic ZiNk | Year Posted 2017