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Oliver Thinks

"Why," thought the cat,
"can I see through the glass,
but when I try to go through it,
it won't let me pass?"

"There are bugs out there,"
the cat thought to himself,
"yet to them, I'm as dull as
a book on a shelf!"

The cat shook his head,
"This is really too much!
There's two squirrels in the yard
and a bird in the brush."

"How much fun it would be,"
with a mew he announced,
"to hunt and to stalk and then
gracefully pounce."

"Why, I'd shake them until
their necks were broke!
Maybe then," mused the cat,
"I'd be more than a joke."

"They'd be amazed by my prowess,"
he thought with a sigh,
"I'd torture them slowly and
they'd wonder why,"

"they never realized that
I was a threat,
while completely ignoring me
like I was their pet."

"I'd show them," he growled
as he laid on the sill,
"with them in my tummy,
I'd savor the kill."

"They'd show some respect,"
he thought with a yawn,
"I'd shown them who's king
of this yard and this lawn."

Head full of adventure,
he fell fast asleep,
safe in his house,
with plenty to eat.

Copyright © Danielle White | Year Posted 2008

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- PRIMP and PREEN - 3


Passersby’s halt, they fear to walk by, to fall to this feline
in her prime. No moggie is she who’s primped and preened
in contemplation she flaunts her flair. Motionless as art, her
body’s dreadful covered in copious layers of azure fur.  
This she cat finds each passerby a meal, a most delectable prey.
Primped and preened, her snaking tail waving rhythmic.
Her trunk’s molded like a rounded goblet full of wine.
Her paws arrest, slender, like a maiden's finger fine.
Her chest full and firm, she posed with influential height.
Her translucent tabby orbs shutter, then focus to gaze
reflecting a light, shadowed by a panacea of unfolding lies;
twin spheres speak, solid, content in serenity and pride.
There's a bombshell shining in this cat's eyes.
~Inspired by: The Blue Cat by Pamela Colman Smith 1907~

***For Debbi Guzzi's: Ten Paintings, Ten Poems, ALMOST DONE

__Olive Eloisa D. Guillermo__
08:24; January 13, 2015

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2016

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Animals Alive


Gambit you were such a friend
twenty years we had together
filled with the fun of your antics
like the time as a kitten
you jumped on the table
and sniffed a burning candle
you leapt up high and sideways
in shock and nasty surprise
every hair of your body on end

You hated it when I sang
and would get in my face
I knew if I did not stop
you would bite my nose
just like you did Rita's
one time when she was crying
which only made her howl the more
you ran our lives with military precision
food on the table right on time
or you would let us know you were not pleased

The black scourge of the neighbourhood
you intensely disliked the other cats
but also you hated it if you were alone
a special bond you shared with my dogs
to them you were always kind once they
knew their place that is, too boisterous
and your claws would inflict a scratch 
as for the birds you hunted them with glee
often taking them out of the air as by they flew

Our twenty years together were not enough
I still miss you and your own lovable ways
Gambit dearest Gambit you were and are the best
unique and a tyrant you ruled my heart
fearless and bold you now await me in paradise

written 07/17/2014

contest Animals Alive

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2014

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The Story Of A Chair

I am not sure where I was born or even when,
     Many grand places I have called home;
Now, I am one of many in a second hand store,
             Some chairs are old like me and some newer.

Some days, if the sun is just right it shines on me,
     That feels so good but mostly it is darkness;
I woke, to find a little girl looking at me thoughtfully,
            Grandma she called, I found it, I found the one.

An elderly woman came to look at me closely,
     Oh my dear, it is so old and looks faded;
Grandma, I love it, please, please can we buy it,
            Okay smiled grandma, let me go pay the man.

The little girl and grandma carried me out,
    And down the street, we must have been a sight;
Up the stairs and in the door and beside a big window,
          Oh, I like it there with the dappled sun shining on me.

They spent quite some time cleaning me, how it tickled,
     Then each took a turn on my faded upholstery seat;
And the little girl announced that I was to be her chair,
          Most days they would sit opposite with cups of tea.

They talked and laughed, read books and wrote poems,
     It was a perfect home and did I mention Fluffy Cat;
Oh yes, Fluffy Cat enjoyed a sleep in the sun on my seat,
          She could spend a whole day there sweetly purring.

One day, she jumped up and curled up for her usual nap,
     I felt her take a sigh and then everything went so quiet;
And I knew my furry ball, Fluffy Cat was gone up to heaven,
         All day I held her in my arms, I had lost a friend.

The little girl is the one who found her and picked her up,
     Sitting down on me she wept and wept and wept;
I wanted to wrap my arms around her and to comfort her.
          But of course, because I am a chair that is silly.

Well, days passed and I could feel the pain in both,
     My two loves were grieving for that old Fluffy Cat;
Then guess what, a kitten was scratching my old leg,
         And all that little girl did, was laugh and laugh.

July 9, 2015


Submitted to the contest, Any Poem Written in 2015
sponsor, Laura Loo

Second Place

Written for the Story Poem Contest, 
sponsor, Carol Eastman

First Place 

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2015

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My Girl And Me

Hello, my name is Pearl Smudges and I am a cat
I live in a beautiful apartment in an old building
With My Girl and until recently Violet Patches

    One day My Girl got the cat carrier out
    She put Violet Patches inside and left
    When she came back the carrier was empty

          And she was weeping

I rolled myself up in my blanket for three days
Slowly, sadly we are coming to terms with our loss
The end of grieving is just within reach

April 12, 2015


For the contest, Just Within Reach, sponsor, John Lawless

Fourth Place

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2015

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He Certainly Ain't No Cat

		     He Certainly Ain't No Cat

     I am a carnivorous feline, red in tooth and claw,
     I climb in through the windows and I creep in through the door
     And hide in secret places where I can sleep all day.
     My owner ain't no secret, he's far too big for that,
     He may be a cat lover but he certainly ain't no cat.

     I know how to be patient and sneak up on my prey.
     One day I snuck up on my owner and hid behind his back
     And when he couldn't find me, he hadn't thought of that.
     Now he says he wants a dog; well, we shall see about that,
     He may be a doggy lover but he certainly ain't no cat


Copyright © Barry Stebbings | Year Posted 2016

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Lets play my friend


Let's Play again to day
I reather stay and watch the gifts today
But you did that  yesterday and im bored
thats my job and give someone something to talk about
How boring  but your so Sparkly 
Please dont play with my jewrly  before you make another one  crash to the floor
But their so shiney and they roll sometimes Lets bowl
No lets dont  and stop biting my arms and hands
your so fun  Can big back 
You mean climb my back to sit on my head 
you just want to play with my hat
I guess thats fine until everyone gets back just dont chew
i can be quuen  her with you
Keep dreaming you just like me because im here eveyday  until the cold go's away
I wonder how you  act when im not here
No Change 
Except no one can hear me
But me
Good for me
and me
Hey cat than
Hey cat thanks for playing with me
No one should feel lonely  on christmas exsapaically a tree

Copyright © Angelina Denualt | Year Posted 2015

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The cat with a fiddle

Once a time that was so dark
Came a stream upon it, there was an ark
Animals were on but only one
His name they called son

A cat I said I know I saw 
So tiny to me though I am tall
He came to be little
O but did he play with a fiddle
Here and there
Soon it's everywhere

We heard his song
Upon the waters of the pond
He smiled, it was such a riddle
He played songs of his fiddle
Now he is known 

As the cat with a fiddle

Copyright © Jacob Noll | Year Posted 2016

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A Little Animals View

I was dreaming of a hunting quest,
   feral, wild and untamed in a land strange;
    then, outside my fluffy fur there was a change,
the bright sun was shining into our nest.
Yawning wide and on the bed my claws-  pressed,
   I am soft dark grey and a pet of one;
   I like to prowl mice that in the house run.
Oh, on my mother's lips a kiss I pressed!

Well, I think this is my mother, anyway,
   I see her eyes flutter and she does stir;
MEOW!  Is she going to sleep all day?
   So into her right ear I loudly purr,
   I am forced to stand on her chest and plea;
   Oh! Do get up and make our tea!
Then, she hugs me close to her heart with love,
and she calls me her little turtle dove!

Mother is walking towards the kitchen,
   I zoom past her sliding on the wood floor;
   yes, ready to do my part-  to pitch in,
I know mother what dwells behind that door.
That's right, make the tea and in my bowl pour,
   yes, in my plate my yummy food place;
   and when I am all full we can play chase . . . 
So sorry, didn't mean to break your vase!

February 1, 2017

Personification/A Little Animals View
Copyright Protected, ID 871780

Entered in the contest, Any Poem Written on your Birthday
Sponsor, Laura Loo

First Place

For the contest, In An Animals View
Sponsor, Jamie Pan

Fourth Place

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2017

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The Alley

The black cat creeps through the alley in the dead of night
Careful not to wake the man slouched over, hiding under his wide-brimmed hat, 
one hand tightly wound around the bottle disguised by a paper bag
She gently licks the drops around the mouth of the glass flask and tiptoes back, 
leaving no trace of her presence
The sweet smelling incense behind the chain link fence entices her
The curandera smiles down at her while playing the tambourine and chanting at the 
full moon
The night sings its song and the cat listens, the bass coming from the small house 
with four walls, vibrating underneath her paws
She stops to lick them and scratch between her eyes
Her eyes glisten like bright green marbles and meet the eyes of the girl pressed up 
against the shed with the Virgin Mary painted on it
The boy stomps his foot, making the cat jump and scurry away
The man walking with his daughter’s porcelain doll does not see her
He has plans
The cat sees all
She pounces on the little red ball surrounded by garbage,
quickly passing it from one paw to the next
She flips it upside down and holds it steady with all fours, playfully biting the rubber
She owns the alley and the night
Few make it to see the light of day, the vagabonds and cat’s surroundings constantly 
Her lithe shadow pays tribute to the same
The black cat creeps through the alley in the dead of night

Copyright © Giana Gallardo Hesterberg | Year Posted 2015

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I am a proud cat

I am proud to be a cat but a cat
All time I feed on clean fresh milk as
Mankind labor and cry all lifetime

Agamas think I am a coward in life

People thank me for being bright but
Rats abuse me when I break their tails
Owls throw bad oracles against me
Unkind cows flog me with their tails
Donkeys complain of back-aches 

Calm, wise I live in comfort and peace
All day fights and abuses bring doom
Try them and the skies will open doors

Copyright © Solomon Ochwo-Oburu | Year Posted 2017

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King of the castle
Proud and arrogant
Prowls at night
Spends days alternating
Stretching and sleeping
Following that perfect
Internal clock for feeding times
Totally content with the dullest routine
Dreading jolly interruptions
Those busy festive family rumblings
So many extra people roundabout
All that crazy horsing around
Cat goes about his business
Staying out of family politics
Pussyfooting through the minefield
As I wisely follow his lead

Submitted for contest PREMIERE No.105 sponsored by BRIAN STRAND on October 16, 2017

Copyright © Line Gauthier | Year Posted 2017

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When you look at me, you immediately form an opinion.
Your inconsiderate opinion is more often a wrong one.                                
You look down on me as if I were a bum or a stray.
I was born here, and this is where I will always stay.
It's like this: you think that I am timid and defenseless.
You also think that I am both stracthless and toothless.
You roll your eyes at me as if I am clawless and clueless.                                                                                                         
You are certain that I am ready to run at the drop of a hat.
Yes, I sit on a cushy couch against a soft snit-covered pillow.

What you don't know is that I am prepared to protect what's mine,
and I will fight to the death for my portion of this couch which is
the entire sofa.  You may look and stare or even come in real close.                                                              
You may even pretend to be a photographer and take pictures of me;                                                               
but you may not sit or even touch any part of me nor this sofa.                                                               

In case you missed something I just said, let me put it another way.
As you can see, I am clothed in a beautiful black and white fur coating;                                                       
and there isn't a trace of any other colors.  There is nothing 'gray' about me.
I'm 'black and white', as plain as the light of day, and I mean every word I say. So I beg of you to hear me well.  Stay out of my way, and everything between you and me will be okay.
10212017 PS Contest, Write Me Something Funny, Rodeheaver

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2017