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A Rose by any other name ---

Through the hushed whisper of the breeze Flowing through the majestic circling pine trees I sense that I have stepped Into a sacred hallowed space A GARDEN OF ROSES A heady perfume hits the senses Euphoric, Exhilarating, Enticing, Ethereal comes to mind Heaven sighs in a high frequency of vibrations To whisk one away to never before felt heights An Awe descends on me It's as if time itself has frozen A spiritual and mystical alignment Encased In A Timeless Capsule Of Love Reserved for the weary of heart perhaps? Roses from all nations scintillate in complete harmony Where no negative emotion except love Dares Enter ANGELS SING FROM ABOVE And I feel it deep in my pores I see it in the mother who lifts her child to smell a rose I see the artist who strives to capture its beauty In the frail old lady whose carer brings her wheel chair close to the Blooms In the star crossed lovers In the older couple who stare fascinated at the thorns on the stems Perhaps contemplating their past journey That is now in a blissful state of BLOOM And I wonder to myself Since roses from countries around the world Can bloom in complete harmony Why can’t we as humans do the same?
Footnote: Dedicated to my Mum, whose love for roses shone through with her peaceful nature and her love for peace and harmony in the family. 'La Vie en Rose' was one of her favorite songs. MAY ALL NATIONS LIVE IN PEACE This poem Is Not about the 120 varieties of Roses represented by the best species from 120 different nations. This poem Is Not about the beautiful hues from almost black red, to sanguine reds, pinks, orange, yellows, delicate Harlequin tri-colours of shades of red to cream or the unusual roses of blues and even almost indigos. All these pictures you can see on the net if you look up the Ryoseni Temple in Nara Osaka which we visited on our recent trip to Japan. This poem Is Not about the hundreds and thousands of Rose blossoms encircled by a thousand pine trees. This poem Is About the concept behind this Rose garden established in 1957 as a living prayer for Peace and Harmony among all nations, not long after WWII. This poem Is About the tangible positive, peaceful energy that pervades these gardens. A gentle breath of wind is instrumental to the delicate petals scintillating in orchestration and releasing the beautiful fragrance throughout this massive Rose garden. This is a garden that binds Nations together with Roses that are not only an international symbol of Peace, Romance and Love, but it is no coincidence that it is a species with the highest harmonic vibrational energy frequency of 320 mhz. A most beneficial and elevating energy to our well being. (Humans have a frequency of 62 mhz to 68 mhz at full health). Let’s bring back LOVE & HARMONY people - starting right HERE. For more on the beauty of Japan you may like to visit my poem 'Seduction In Spring - A Haiku Garland' La Vie En Rose sung by Daniela Andrade

Copyright © Maria Williams | Year Posted 2017

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Renaissance Reed

     Lou Reed , Mistral of his time
     so you walked this road on the wild side
     unique in music , never selling out 
     believing in Art instead of commercialize
     Lou Reed the musician never compromised ~
     Sweet Jane not enough for our crowd of eccentric rockers 
     still will live forever with the many that left before you
     one can imagine from John Lennon to Johnny Ramone 

     a party in Heaven of the finest rock bestowed 
     no text , no MTV when they pursued a dream 
     New York, hotel Chelsea an age of Renaissance
     ragged jeans and leather jackets ,Art on stage  

     No, your Rock not ever fade away , it will stay sweet Jane forever ~

      For the fine Man with words , ode to Lou Reed .



Copyright © Shanity Rain | Year Posted 2013

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If you had a name (An ode to loss and water)

If the lovely breeze had a name
we could drift together as two dandelion wishes
floating wanton on foamy winds.
If the river were rolling, gently
we could slide in and swim
for hours, without rushing
and love is like that.
Love is like still water
standing so deep in a vessel
 yet so easily broken upon the smallest of stones;
scattered, and yet-
from this another river begins
(as you begin)
How lovely if you had a name
I would call out to you
and I would hear your reply as
the wind blowing, the water rushing
and not your echoes
 as you trickled across so many small, jagged stones

Copyright © Meggan Rogalski | Year Posted 2006

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My name is Donald Trump,
and I am a proud American
I love to spread my racism - 
and I hate the Vatican.
I travel the world in my
private jet, as I have a lot
of money,
I'm flying off to Scotland - 
the land of milk and honey!

I do have several businesses
there - mainly golf and some
But every time I open my
mouth - it gives a lot of folks
the shudders!
I also like Little England - they
welcome the Muslim folk,
But every time I hear that
word - it almost makes me

We should close the American
borders - and keep those 
Muslims out;
'I'm off again with my rants - 
my racism, I will spout!'
I am running for the top job -
to be the next President,
But will the people back me - 
in my new job experiment?

I have to replace Obama - 
that geezer with the suntan,
I hear he's from Hawaii - and
he's America's top-notch man!
I want that job at the White
House - and I can close the
borders; "SHUT!"
And carry on my ranting - my
wife is in a rut!

I do enjoy the media - and
being on TV,
This goes well upon my ego - 
and also on my CV!!!!
I have to look my best when
I'm out and about in clover;
'Making sure my blonde hair - 
is neatly combed over!!!!!!

My name is Donald Trump - 
and love a 'scotch on the rocks',
But when I'm ranting my
racism - I chant a load of
The UK are trying to ban me - 
from their offices at Parliament
I think I'll go to Canada - and
jump in to Niagra Falls!!!!

Thank you for your time, my
friends, the presidency, I failed,
But with using all my racism - to
the cross I should be nailed!!!!
My name is Donald Trump - and
I now have to sit alone,
With a scotch in hand and a nice
dolly dame - I'll carry on and 

I failed to get the top job - so I'm
going home to mama,
But who the hell would have thought;
'well done to Barack Obama!!!!' 
But I have to accept defeat - well,
it is the American way,
I knew I should have left the
country - and gone to Botany Bay!!!!


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2016

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My name is David Cameron –
I am a very proud Tory,
But to my party colleagues –
I am a horror story.
I am the PM – of a land so
small and crowded,
But if anyone dares to
comment – they really will
be bullied.

I do have some help – but
they aren’t part of my
Those Lib Dems are a waste
of space – I’ll squash them
in my hands.
I’ve had a word with my
mate, George Osborne –
to see how we can spend
some money,
And if I have got plenty
to spend – I’ll spend it on
my honey!

I do know some rich people –
and they’re the friends to know;
‘They are all directors of the
HSBC Bank – they can make
my money grow!’
They advise me of the tax
system – and how to avoid it,
Well, I am David Cameron –
I’ll fiddle my tax as I should!

I’ll give them all a peerage –
as we are all corrupt –
Then I can walk around –
and feel like old King Tut!
We must keep this a secret –
our plan is all in power –
But, for goodness sake –
and to save my backside –
sack the bloody

We do love our own power –
because we are all crooks;
‘And when we’re in a meeting –
we love to cook the books!’  
Those power companies look
after us – they bung us a few
million pounds –
We all know they’re all
corrupt – but, like us, they
play the money ‘merry-go-

If we win outright power –
the obese will lose their
benefits –
How dare they scrounge
their money off us – those
fatties – eating their cakes!
Their benefits I will take –
as they are just plane lazy –
Because all their money
they get paid – it really
makes me crazy.

But there is a general
election looming – and there
really is a threat –
His name is Nigel Farage –
and with UKIP – that you can
They do have many fans
now – and I am so very
concerned –
I’ll have to dish up some dirt
on them all – lessons will be

I want an outright victory –
to be the Tory PM,
And kick out that Nick Clegg –
and the Lib Dems – I didn’t
even want them.
But if I do win sole power –
I’ll go to church and confess;
“That, I, David Cameron – will
act like Elliott Ness!”


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2015

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My name is Nicola Sturgeon,
and I am a lady jock,
I was the only candidate – It
really was a shock!
No one else stood against
me – they knew I was the
My PA staff kept them out –
until I had finally won!

I’m now in full charge – of
Scotland and our decisions,
We don’t need those
Westminster lot – and we’ll
knight all our patrons!
We want to say goodbye,
to Cameron and the elite,
Now we can play at; ‘being
in control’ – and finally take
our seat?

Yes, I had some challengers –
but they were kept at bay –
I didn’t want to fight for my
perks – I couldn’t feel dismay!
So I ordered my PA – to keep
them at arm’s length,
To dismantle any challengers –
and to really show their

I’ll eat a lot more haggis –
and talk a load of tripe,
But when the media come
invading – I’ll wallow in
the hype!
I eat my Scots porridge
oats – every morning and
with lots of milk,
Then I’ll say to Alex
Salmond: ‘What is under
your kilt?’

We will decide our own
future – that I know for
We should have gone for
independence – we really
know the score!
Yes, we love our expenses,
and accept large donations –
Just line our pockets full
of cash – as we proceed
with our negotiations!

We will pay our members –
the above inflation pay –
Because we intend earning
more – especially after May!
I’ve spoken to Cameron,
and Osborne and to Clegg,
But I would get more sense
out of – little baby Oleg! 

We really don’t care for
the Westminster
politicians –
All we want are more and
more – of your Westminster’
We have our own
Parliament – and we do sit
occasionally –
Just like the MPs in
westminster – we work part
time only!    

We are making savage cuts –
and to cut the welfare bill,
But if it does get too bad –
we can always take a pill!
I will abolish the bedroom
tax – for all the wealthy
They can donate to me
instead – and sod the poor
and less able.

Yes, there is a lot of work
to do – our economy we
shall grow –
But if we need a top up –
the English will pay us
No! I’m not biased! But I
need to balance the books –
Not be like the TESCO
bosses – and act like
“honest” crooks!     

There really isn’t any
difference with any
politician –
We all are so corrupted –
but so innocent at an
We will also come
knocking - on your new
double glazed front door –
And hassle you for your
vote – it really is a bore!

My name is Nicola
Sturgeon, I am now in
charge of Scotland –
And all we’ll really do
now – is to take more
cash in hand!
We are the canny jocks –
and we now are so
independent –
But we’ll still scrounge
from the Westminster
elite – it is our Scottish

So, I welcome you to
Scotland – were I am
now in charge, 
But, who is that man
who’s taking Scottish
seats; ‘why it’s Nigel
I will ask him why he’s
here – and if he wants
a beer?
Then I’ll flash my kilt,
and my rear - and he
may give me a cheer!

I welcome you all to
Scotland – please feel
free to roam,
But don’t forget to
leave a donation –
before you head off
We now have a new
border control – to
keep the English out –
But there just might
be an exemption – if
you can show a lot of

Farewell from me as I
take my seat – and start
to line my pockets –
Oh, what a lovely life it
is – especially if you’re
I must now go and eat
my lunch – my tasty
haggis stew,
All of it paid for – by the
likes of...oh, if you only



Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2015

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My name is Jeremy Clarkson,
I am the presenter of Top
It is produced by the BBC TV – 
but their PC standards, I do

Yes, I can be controversial – 
there’s nothing wrong with 
that – 
Until a jumped up producer
starts spouting – so I hit
him with a dead rat!

My comments can also vary – 
about cars – and even 
And now and again I enjoy – 
attending drinking sessions!

My two presenting colleagues – 
are standing by me, I hear,
They say they will also quit – 
and that’ll be the end of Top

My mouth, at the moment,
is in neutral – but ready to
move up a gear;
‘I am the star - and the person - 
I even have an idea!’

The jumped up BBC bosses – 
are trying to bully me now,
But they’re the ones who
started all this – they’ve 
started an almighty row!

The BBC are now trying to
gag me – and trying to grab
my crutch – 
But they simply have no
chance – I’ll clear off by
pressing down on the clutch!!

They say they’ll suspend me
from Top Gear – and that
will hurt them dear – 
But I’ll come back and 
condemn them all – by 
voicing my views on 

All the world is supporting
me – and wishing me all the 
I know the BBC won’t like
this – but I’ve surely passed
my test!

I thank my fans and my
friends – and everyone else
online – 
Now I’ve been suspended 
from Top Gear – I think I’ll
have some wine! 

So, please, gather round – I
have something to say;
‘I am the star of TOP GEAR – 
and we’ll do the show my way!’

My name is Jeremy Clarkson,
my name, it does mean fear;
‘My message to the BBC – it’s
the end of the fabulous’

So I thank the BBC – for 
distorting this whole fracas,
Now I’m off in ‘TOP GEAR’ – 
I’m moving to sunny’ LAS 


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2015

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My name is Andrew Mitchell,
I was a Chief Whip, celeb,
But now my career’s in ruins,
as I called a copper an alleged

Yes, this is true – although it
went to court,
I exchanged words with a
copper – I should have grabbed
them by the throat!

I was wheeling my bicycle – 
down the Downing Street 
But I couldn’t allow that 
copper – to have the final

The escapade went to court,
and then the very High Court,
Where the judge sat with
his wig on – the case he may

I had to fight for my own
reputation – and my pride
of role,
Although all the police did 
say; “I should climb back in 
my hole!”

I was a Parliamentary Chief 
Whip – and worth a lot of 
money – 
But will the taxpayers pay
my legal costs – or, will my 
dear old mommy?

The Downing Street elite, 
we all thought we’re above
the law;
“But, no we’re not – not
any more – the police will
want to know!”

But, why was I pushing my
bike, and not in my posh
I could have had a few more
drinks – at the “New Scotland
Yard” guest bar!

It felt so right pushing my bike – 
up to the Downing Street rails,
But the next time a copper
approaches me – I’ll pretend to
paint my nails!

But what have we politicians 
done, to this, Little Old Britain?
When one can’t say a funny
joke – as you’ll get your back-
side bitten!

I found out the expensive way – 
in the High Court of life,
But all it has done for me – is
cause me lots of strife!
What did I say? Why all the
Next time round – I think I’ll
use the bus!

But my crime has all been 
distorted – by that copper,
who thinks they’re a “CELEB” –
When in reality – they really
are a PLEB!!!! 


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2014

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My name is Tax Avoidance,
and I work for a well known
I help most customers to
avoid paying tax – and with
their money, they all do 

I am the leader of a shifty
crew – and have friends in
very high places,
We love to make millions
of pounds – we are the 
corrupt aces!

We could be the 
Untouchables, just like Al
And avoid paying any tax
at all – more interest I will

We are in this together – 
and certain MPs too – 
We enjoy being on the 
fiddle – we are a crooked

I sit is my plush office – 
with shag-pile carpet 
on the floor – 
My aim is to fiddle my 
taxes – tax avoidance I 
just adore!        
The taxpayers of the UK
will surely bail us out – 
We are in this all together,
but I’m the one with clout!

We do have a board 
meeting – once every week,
To decide how much tax
to withhold – we have a 
bloody cheek!

I sit on my bottom all day – 
just counting all my money,
And call for my leggy 
secretary, she is my tax-
dodging honey!!

I have to look after the 
boys, and act so innocent,
Getting caught we cannot
do – I’m conducting an

Yes, we love to cook the  
tax books – and we really, 
help ourselves,
So we can all screw our
profits system – just like
troubled Tesco – well, 
‘every little helps!’

I said I felt like Al Capone,
fiddling all my taxes – but
now I’m in a mess,
But a bloody interfering
bank clerk brought us all
crashing down – his name? 
it was Elliott Ness!!!!


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2015

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"Rt Hon Charles Kennedy UK MP"

My name is Charles
Kennedy, I do so like
a drink,
But when I’m on
Question Time – I
just cannot think!
I enjoy a little tipple –
and I smoke a fag,
But when I was on
Question Time – all
I did was nag!

I sat there like a
drunkard – bleary
eyed and sodden,
Every time I tried
to answer – my
lines, I had forgotten! 
I am a proud
Scotsman – and I
like my whisky neat,
But sometimes in
the morning – I
stagger down the

I was a guest on
Question Time – but
I only had some
So I had a little
drinky, of whisky
and soda!
I couldn’t even think
straight – I wanted
to go home –
But if I am honest –
to the pub I’d gladly

I listened to David
Dimbleby – and the
other boring’ cretins –
And as I constantly
nodded off – I was
thinking; ‘Oh, my 
I couldn’t stay awake
and I kept on slurring
my words –
All I wanted was
drink – not to listen
to these nerds!      

I’m sat here next to
Dimbleby – I just
cannot focus now;
‘I’m constantly being
nagged at – by that
silly Tory’ cow!’
I have my wee flask
of whisky – ready to
drink for sure,
But if I get too drunk
they’ll kick me out the

So now I need a clinic –
and I’ll book a room
And when I’m in my
mini bar – I’ll shout;
But when I go in my
room – someone kicks
me on my groin –
When I turn to bop
them – I see it’s...
Paul Gascoigne!


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2015

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(With apologies to Johnny 

My name is Alfred Garnett,
and I'm married to a silly 
'Every time I come home
from work - she tells me
what to do!'

I am a Tory supporter - 
well, someone has to be - 
I keep on praising Ted
Heath - he lived at bleak
house for free!

I work very hard every
day - and I have a little
And when I was told to
work a three day week - 
oh, I really did have a

I like to smoke my pipe
a lot - but the tobacco
costs too much - 
It is my only pleasure -
the sex is out of touch!!

We now have a new 
home help - his name 
is Marigold Winston - 
But because he's like 
a woman - I call it 
bloody treason!

He prances about in a
pinny - and he talks
in an African dialect - 
Why did the bloody 
council pick him? Could
they not be a bit more 

Now I call him Marigold - 
he's always prancing
He really is an eyesore - 
he always has to shout! 

But he does know his
place - he loves his
kitchen duties,
He cooks and cleans
like a demented queen - 
and he cleans my dirty

My wife, Else, God Bless
her soul - is up in 
heaven now,
But the DHSS stopped
her pension - she's left
me skint - the cow!

I've called the social
services - they are no
bloody good,
They act just like the
DHSS - they don't pay
me like they should!   

My name is Alfred 
Garnett - and I often
have a beer - 
It is my only pleasure - 
now I've lost my, Elsie'

People say I'm a racist - 
and a bigot, and a 
I think they've got the
wrong person - some
said I was their saviour!!!!

I love to watch West Ham - 
(up the hammers) - and 
watch it all for nothing;
'I even used a wheelchair - 
while the stewards weren't

I want to say goodbye 
to you - and I thank you
for being true,
Oh, how I miss my Elsie - 
that bloody silly moo!!    


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2015

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My name is Allah Muslim,
and I live in little England,
Every day we listen to - 
the boring English radio 
We love to join in and 
sing a little chorus - 
But the English language
is too difficult - it causes
a lot of fuss.

We come to little England - 
to start up corner shops,
Serving tasty halal meat - 
as it's concentrated slops!
We own a lot of newsagents - 
and little corner stores,
Making lots of English money 
- on England's crowded shores.

We don't understand this
lingo - English, I think it is
'And we have no bloody
intentions - of doing what
we are told!'
We are always on the phone - 
and speak our native lingo,
But our wives can't speak
any English - and they can't
play bloody bingo!

We started our business 
empire - and we only employ
our own,
And if those bloody English
start to whinge - we'll have a 
little moan.
We get well treated by the
immigration - and the local 
town council - 
They always speak our fork
tongue - it gives us all a thrill!!!!

But, Cameron is getting shifty,
and has got £20million to spare,
Just spend the money in our
shops - before we start to swear!
We also sell tobacco - but it is
hidden under the counter,
And we always sell it at a discount - 
but trouble we always encounter!

We all have our mobile phones - 
and we always speak in our own
'We can swear at the English pigs - 
it is to our own advantage!!!!'
We don't need David Cameron's 
help - but his money is very welcome,
As me and my Muslim brigade - 
will never call England home!


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2016

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My name is Gary Glitter,
and I've been a naughty
I've been in the court 
today - feeling rather 
I had a special gang - I
even was the leader - 
But now my world is
over - I've lost all my

"Do you want to be in
my gang - I asked the
judge today?"
But he told me to take
my silly wig off - I felt
such dismay!
I told the judge I was
famous - and wore a
lot of glitter,
But the judge just 
looked away - he 
looked rather bitter!

My name is Gary Glitter,
I was a pop star and
so famous,
But now I'm in some 
trouble - I tried to be
self righteous!
I winked at the jury - 
and sang a silly song;
'Do you want to be in
my gang? And we'll 
dance all night long!' 

I wore big glitzy shiny
suits - and a great big
hairy wig,
And sang about my 
own special gang - to
whom the girls did dig!
My lavish, and pop star
life-style - was all the
rage you see,
And when I held my
special parties - the
girls would sit on my

I was the leader of a
gang - but now I do
face jail - 
All those glitzy days of
rave - I will surely hail!
I now have a new gang - 
a chain gang - I can tell;
'So, please, welcome to
my prison gang - in my
own new glitzy prison 

I've met old Rolf Harris,
and some cuter older 
boys - 
I invite them all to share 
my cell - and play with 
my new toys!
But I would love a transfer,
to a cute little girly jail - 
Where I could carry on  
my antics - their beauty 
I'd prevail! 

My name is Gary Glitter,
my life is now all over,
I do miss my wicked days - 
I really felt in clover.
My crimes have now
been exposed - and I'm
now in a prison cell,
All those girls I did abuse - 
and now they all did tell.

I tried to look the part in
court - and wear my 
stupid wig - 
The judge just took one
look me - he didn't give a 
And the jury all saw 
through me - my crocodile
tears I shed,
But the judge told be to
remove my wig - to show
my baldy head!

I was the leader of my gang - 
and on top of the pops I did
But now thanks to my 
messing around - I am in jail - 
to do my time.
My name was Gary Glitter - 
and now I am in prison - 
My fame shot me to TV gold,
but my secret life - I hid
for a reason.

I went abroad to get away - 
from all of this hysteria, 
But the authorities there
deported me quick - as
though It was their career!
I can't complain - I did do
wrong - and now I do feel
bitter - 
But I hate the name of Paul
Gadd - I am the naughty...
Gary Glitter!


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2015

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My name is Iain Duncan Smith,
and I hate all the disabled folk,
And when I cap their benefits – 
I will watch them all choke.
I am a Tory tosser – and I 
belong to the Tories,
But when we punish the 
disabled – you should hear their 
pathetic stories!

I did recruit Atos – and I paid
them mega money – 
I told them to inflict hard pain – 
on all the claimants testimony.
The disabled, we do hate – they
bleed the welfare dry,
Then they pour out their sob
stories – oh, they do make me 

I am bringing in more sanctions – 
which will really hit them hard,
And if they don’t like it – they
can call Scotland Yard!
Further to my reforms – I will
cap benefits even more,
Because causing severe hardship
to all the disabled – I really do

We must look after our own
people – by that I mean MPs,
We can raise our own salaries – 
but the rest can take a pay 
We do this to help ourselves – 
and we do just as we all please,
Because deep down in our
souls – we’re full of rotten

Universal Credit – is well behind
And really over budget – gosh,
I do feel such a fool!
But we can always blame the
computers – and all the IT system,
All the lovely tax-payers money – 
wasted in a vision!

You see; ‘I have to look after the
rich – and blame it on a glitch’,
And then suck up to the HSBC
bankers – just like a wicked 
We do have wealthy friends -   
and they bung us a few million, 
pounds – 
They scratch our hypocrite 
backsides – just like leeching

My name is Iain Duncan Smith – 
and I am about to join my
We have been voted out of
power, we were exposed as
There is a serious party – who
are so popular – 
Their name is UKIP – and their
leader is a star!!

Yes, we can’t compete with 
Nigel Farage – he is the peoples
We all called him some awful  
names – because he likes his
So, here’s to my departure – 
the end of Iain Duncan Smith,
Then I’ll go to the house of
lords – and proudly wear my

I call upon you voters – to vote
for Nigel Farage – 
And put an end to the Tory’  
Cameron rule – he is just a 
cloudy mirage.
We must also have a referendum – 
something Cameron won’t deliver,
So welcome our new party - in 
10 Downing Street today – as 
‘UKIP’ is our saviour. 


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2015

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My name is Alex Salmond, I
am a canny jock,
And I have to be honest - I 
fancy Mr Spock!
I wish I was in space - away
from the human race,
And tell that Nicola Sturgeon
wench; 'to get out of my 

She thinks she wears the
trousers - in the Scottish
SNP - 
I have to tell her gently; 
'those trousers are for me.'
We're going down to 
Westminster - and we 
hope to cause a riot - 
Because everyone knows
the Scots - can't really all  
stay quiet!!

My name is Alex Salmond - 
I had to quit the show;
'I failed to get democracy - 
it was a terrible blow!'
We'll carry on scrounging - 
off the English government -
And carry on with our FREE
prescriptions - which the
English to supplement.

Oh, it is a grand life to live
in Scotland land - 
I can wear my kilt - and
dance to the bagpipe band.
We don't need you, the English - 
we have got everything,
Now we canny Scot MPs... 
can have a highland fling!!


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2015

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My name is Nicola Sturgeon,
I am a very proud Scot,
I always evade all questions
when I'm on the spot!
I like to think I am forceful - 
just like Maggie Thatcher,
But that wouldn't be true - 
I am a lot more macabre!

My aim is to govern all
those English pigs,
Charge them even more - 
and reverse the ban on
I eat a lot of Haggies - as
that is what we Scots do,
But If I eat too much - I'll
end up on the loo!

I also eat my breakfast - 
to give me more energy, 
Scots porridge oats for
me - with salt and a drop
of Scotch whisky!
I aim to storm to 10 
Downing Street, wearing
a skimpy kilt,
And listen to those wolf
whistles - or, do they
just insult?

I want to work with Ed,
I'll show him who's the
boss - 
But deep down in my
soul - I couldn't give a
The SNP are the best - 
but could we work with
If I sweet talk Mr Ed - 
and do him a special 

Once I'm in the office - 
of the Houses of 
Parliament - 
I can then take over - 
and cause a massive
My name is Nicola 
Sturgeon - and I am a
canny Scot,
But all those policies I
did promise - I have 
right now forgot!

We do not like the
English MPs - but if
they help me win,
I will be the new 
Prime Minister - they'll
all take it on the chin!
So vote for me for 
power - I'll rule the
country well,
But I do know the 
English folk - will tell
me to go to hell!


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2015

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My name is Alibaba,
and my friends are
forty thieves.
When we come to
Britain - we shove
our money up our
We never have to
queue, unlike the
pale honky English,
All we do is put an
x - it makes us all
feel swish!

The land of plenty  
is our sanctuary - 
where we get all
we desire,
But as for the 
English laws - we 
just burn them on 
the fire.
We hardly speak
the lingo - we much
prefer our own;
'Because in the 
future as you all do
know - Little Britain,
we shall all own!'

We open many food
shops - and sell all
we can,
All of my forty thieves,
our terror we shall
We buy the shops as
we get grants - but
we cannot speak the
But some bloke called;
'David Cameron - he's
giving us £20million'ish!'

We do all have new
mobile phones - and we
never see a bill,
And we also breed like 
rabbits - we never use
the pill!!!!!
We like the white honky,
they spend lots of money,
But we hate their horrible
English accent - they
really do sound so funny!!!!

Call Me Dave does
welcome us - and we
all get plush new houses,
We never pay any bond - 
or even rent expenses.
We simply claim "ASYLUM" - 
as we're loved more than
the rest,
We always get priority - 
even if we fail the test!

The disabled are the sick - 
they have to welcome us,
But all they do is whinge
a lot - oh, what a lot of 
They come into our shops - 
and our curry fills their
But if they don't like it - we
can eat it for good causes.

My name is Alibaba - and
we rule old England's shores,
Welcome to 2020 - what we
have, will never be yours!!!!
Islam is now the ruler - 
Christianity is now dead.
Welcome to Islam Britain - 
but, be careful were you

The government are all
multicultural, and the PM
now wears a turban - 
We kicked out David 
Cameron - deported him
back to Durban!
We now rule these British
shores - and we create a 
lot of lava,
Me and my forty thieves - 
my name? "It's Alibaba"!!!!


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2016

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My name is Dalton Philips,
and I’m the “BOSS” of the
Morrisons empire,
My job is to get things
right – and getting rich is
my desire!

I had a little office – and
a leggy’ secretary,
And when we had a quiet
day – we’d embrace on 
my new bed-settee!

I am the chief executive – 
and what I say does go – 
But recently I botched up – 
our profits have been low.

I got this job I wanted – 
because I knew the score,
But ever since I cocked up – 
they’re throwing me out 
of the door!

I had a fabulous time in
charge – making myself
so rich,
But I couldn’t boost the
profits more – so I’ll 
blame it on a glitch!

So now they are kicking
me out, because I’ve 
failed to score;
‘And now I will say goodbye – 
because I can’t deliver

But every time they do
recruit, a new Chief 
They always fail in their
job – will they ever 

I introduced a discount 
card – to match both
Aldi and Lidl,
But everyone knows 
this scheme – is just a
little fiddle?!

So, now I say; ‘adios’ 
my friends – I leave my
job with sorrow – 
I’ll say; ‘Good Luck to 
you, dear Morrisons – 
there’s always a new

My final word is with
regret – before you 
hang by the neck;
‘You could save millions 
of pounds in cash, just
get rid of Ant and Dec!’             


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2015

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My name is Prickly Bottom,
I reside in the House of
I visit every other day - and
still get paid loads.
We live on another world - 
and we are always on the
Even in the restaurant - I
do enjoy free cake.

We sit high in the chambers - 
and we sometime's fall asleep.
But the speaker does soon
wake us - he's just Little Bo
We all have our mobile phones - 
and tablets by the score,
And when we do all fall asleep - 
you can hear an almighty

You see, we are all very old - 
and we sit and look so busy,
Nodding our heads up and down,
it gets us in a tizzy!
Some of the women too - are also
very craggy,
They sit there flashing their open
pins - and looking oh so saggy!!

Anyone can get voted in - just
bung a healthy donation,
David Cameron will be pleased,
he'll create a Tory-infested nation!!!!
Roll up! Roll up! And welcome to
the house of sin,
Where you can go in the bar - and
help yourself to a gin!

The House of Lords, is an asylum
place - which Sir Guy Fawkes is
now eyeing up.
He's all set to fly in first class - 
and blow the buggers up!
My name was Prickly Bottom - 
but the smoke and fire has
changed that,
I am now called; 'Scorched 
Bottom, and I feel like Basil the 


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2015

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By Any other Name

  Your sweet allure seduces butterflies in flight
   Thy beauty charms the dew of dawn
 Your fragrance is such sweet delight
 To your bouquet lovers are drawn
With each color that adorns you
 Your beauty remains unmatched
 Each color has a meaning too;
  Purity, if adorned in white 
  You bestow friendship with yellow hues
 Joy thrives in petals pink
 In any hue your beauty never shrinks
 Red bouquet means love is true
 Love by any other name, is you

Copyright © Joseph May | Year Posted 2017

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(UK Work And Pensions Secretary)

My name is Iain Duncan
Smith, and I hate the
disabled people,
I aim to attack them
even more - I will act 
like Ivan The Terrible.
I'm going to target the
poorest - and inflict so
much pain - 
By stealing all their
disability benefits - this
is where I gain!

My job is to distort - 
the true facts of the
sanctions, crew,
Blaming other people - 
I'll tell them what to 
We thrive on being
bullies - as the 
vulnerable we do 
Our reforms are not
popular - but I'll just
smoke my cigarette!

I am not a very nice 
person - and I really
don't give a fig,
But my aim is to really
bully - the disabled's
graves, they all can 
Even if they're  
genuine, and really 
badly disabled,
I couldn't give a 
monkeys - new 
sanctions I will table.

I am part of a Tory
tosser group, and we
really don't give a damn,
Even if our welfare 
reforms - really are a 
The bleeding hearts
we'll ignore - and the
tears will all start
flowing - 
Bring on the disabled
people - I want to see
them all cowering?

My name is Iain Duncan
Smith - and I really am
so hated,
But it gives me fantastic
pleasure - to see those
benefits confiscated.
I'll suck up to the PM - 
and I'll get a lovely peer;
'When the rightful thing
I really should do - is 
jump off a Blackpool pier!!!!'


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2015

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My name is Lord Sewel, 
and I have now just
I was caught with my
trousers down - with a
hooker - with a big 

I went into the dungeon - 
and saw the party 
whips - 
But, why were they all 
swinging - and scoffing
Walkers Crisps?'
I heard about this
vice den - secluded and
And snorting Coke at
the time - was seen as
pure magic!!!!

I got my long pipe out - 
to show my favourite
She started to smoke my
pipe - oh, she made me
My colleagues all are 
members - and they 
swing like men possessed,
Also snorting lots of 
Coke - until they are 

Everything goes in here - 
but it really is exclusive - 
Snorting, drinking - and
hanky-panky - oh, I feel
like a spiv!!!!
It really is a perk - of the
elite Parliament crew,
But, what is that awful 
smell - coming from the

I dress up in some
black stockings - and the
high heel shoes,
If you were a reporter - 
this would make exclusive
We have to be professional - 
and make a good example,
But when I dress in girly
clothes - I feel like Shirley

But now I have been caught - 
and now I have resigned,
Do I act so innocent - or 
flash my bare behind????
I enjoyed the House of
Lords - as my colleagues
like to smoke;
'If you ever visit there - 
why not buy some COKE!!!!'

So, I will miss my friends - 
and Miss Whiplash - that's
for sure.
She'll continue to snort the
coke - it is the perfect cure!!!!
Now I can join a new club - 
at the ladies, I will drool,
This is the kinky fool 
himself - the pot-bellied... 
Lord Baron Sewel!!!!  


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2015

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An Ode To Potter

Who is this boy?
Harry Potter.
He is a teen wizard,
From the school Hogwarts.

Harry has two best mates,
Ron and Hermione, each other they hate.
Ron is a wizard, Hermione a muggle-witch.
Its up to Harry,
To keep their friendship,
Smooth without a hitch.

Together with Albus Dumbledore,
They rage a war,
Against the evil forces of,
Dark Lord Voldemort.

Voldemort has a sorry past,
Though was an orphan,
He stood as tall as a ship’s mast.

Voldemort’s real name is 
Tom Marvolo Riddle.
No, he’s not just any boy,
Playing his fiddle.

Tom looked for power.
He attained it with forces that were evil.
He tortured an innocent boy’s parents to insanity.
The boy’s name is Neville.

Ginny is Ron’s sister 
And a friend of Harry and Hermione.
There are Dean and Seamus,
Best mates they are,
Also jealous of Harry’s scar.

This is a short summary of Harry Potter,
Created by J.K. Rowling- THE WONDER AUTHOR.

Copyright © Aakanksha Srinivasan | Year Posted 2008

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He was renowned for farming 
ploughing lands as large as atlantic  
but his harvests he keeps beyond the sea
beyond the sea all he got

Down here, his roof leaks
his town roads untared
they make use of his wealth
to paint their town more white

he thinks his wealth is safe 
but the value they use
promising him security and secrecy
to shut their mouth from his people

his pots occupied
by cockroach and rats
as had been aboandoned by his wife
his children grow everyday
developing big belly and head

He goes back to use ibeleju as lamp
but he claims to be rich
his children goes fishing to pay their fees
the school fees he has refused to pay

they built a school for their wards
and beg them to look inside papers
nobody pays a penny
those are the people beyond the sea

his wealth is intact
but had been used
times without number for their anuual budget
they beyond the seas

Worms leak his intestine
and his offsprings from six to two
he took their looks to the people
the people beyond the sea

they gave him a name "Malaria"
Malaria took them all
contented he came
carring no less for his kwashiokor wards

His bicycle like buried iron
yet he appears before his kinsmen
to speak in language that tingles
they smirk at him

though the gods let him live
his expliots and wealth
managed and utilized by the people
the people beyond the sea

he claims to be learned
while they have brain washed him
he trusted them
and left our heritage

the gods forbide
our black heritage
that our fathers died to protect
like our brotherly love

Our heritage
that forbade greed
he forgot our maxim
that of Unison

him that our fathers gave the "Ofor"
the Ofor that represents power
power to protect our interest
our black interest

the gods bear us witness
witness of our unquenched suffering
starving in front of plenty
plenty at the so called bank

banks beyond the sea banks
the name for their civilised theft
theft because they use the value
the value of your wealth
to reinforce themselve

the Ofor has fallen
from his hands
the gods has departed  from him
but he will not believe

our chambers now lagoons
lagoons from the light shawers
our tables now canoes
and soup spoons paddle

mosquitoes now our pets
nursing our children
our working age amended
starting from 6  to sleep

our heads now bald
not from age
but from fetching water
water from the eden 

Copyright © Magnus Nwagu Amudi Esq | Year Posted 2007

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My Darling Pinkee

Name: Pinkee
Alias: Alias the Pinkster
Likes: Game's, Sponge Bob, Dancing
Height: Midget
WT:  35 lbs.
Age: only four (04)
Education: Smart as a Whip
Claim to fame:  feel's no shame


When I am feeling lonely
And feeling kind of blue
I count on my darling Pinkee
She will know what to do
Let's us play game's
That is what she would say
She love to kiss and hug
She sing's all day
She is a real character
Whether she is at work'
         Or at play
I know that she is happy
So long as thing's are her way
She taught me the word
That mean's I just don't know
And if you ask me why
Then, I will tell you so
It's the Pinkster you know
      She told me so         
One day we made a song
Something that you might not
      Want to miss
And then she gave me a little kiss
     And it goes' a little
Something like this
Wee Luv uhr Pin-kee
O'h yes wee do-oo-00
We wulve uhour pink-eey
I must be-ee true-uho-uho
Now, I know that I do Love her
And the baby she in mind
Their are so many thing's to do
Just so little time
I know that I love you
With heart body and soul
I know that the thing's
That you do for me
Make's me young and bold
Her name is P-ink-ee
She is taught and she is tame
With-out her is this world
My world would never
Be the same
She is smart
She really knows' how
To play the game
On top of that
She knows' how to
Spell her name
My name is P-ink-ink-ee-ee
O'h, yes it is--s-is's
My name is Pink-yee
Have lot's of chee-ree-rs
She is smart
Smart as a whip
Even when though
She is four
She always give 
Me the slip...

If not, then 
She will give me
A tip
And who can ask
For more


******Note: ********
Her name is Faith Renee Wiggins -AKA- the {Pinkster}

Copyright © Gary Fields | Year Posted 2011

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Thank you lord

< b /b>Faithful is your name oh lord
            greater is your love 
            nothing compares to your greatness
            you are the lord of lords, you are the king of kings
            Jehovah is your name and i give all the glory  unto you
            the lord my creator 
            you who made heaven and earth 
            and everything that is in them 
            you have a name above all names
            your name heals the sick
            your name raises the dead
            your name enriches the poor
            your name empowers the weak
            i bow before you oh lord
            i surrender to you oh great lord
            you forgive my iniquities, you redeem my soul
            you anoint my head with oil
            i thank you lord
            you provide for every nee
            you meet with every desires of my heart
            you created me with your own image
            and favored me among all creations
            thank you for the gift of life,thank you for the gift of health
            thank you for my children
            thank you for my job
            thank you for my family and friends
            greater is you that is in me than he that is in the world

Copyright © odeline chigwedere | Year Posted 2012

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You never saw me JCO

It is so strange. You were gone, then I needed you. I needed your voice. I needed 
to see your face. I sat there in front of you, still so defeated, but I couldnt move. My 
feet were planted.  I was so in love with you. You never saw me.

I never heard Im sorry escape your lips, you felt no guilt. I heard I needed you. I 
heard I still love you.  But you left me. YOU just left me. I watched you move, I 
pleaded within myself to not fall this time. I made no attempt to get closer. I 
reached for the lighter, you never saw me, when you reached for me. 

Then you put the arms I needed, around my body, and kissed my head. I closed my 
eyes trying to contain everything I wanted to scream. I just cried. You never saw 

I listened to you talk. So much excitement in your voice. I was focused on the road, 
and listening to the passion come from your lips.I felt so broken inside...I knew you 
never said my name with excitment, because you avoided saying my name at all. I 
cried again. You never saw me.

I watched you as you took the wheel, the way your skin glowed in the full moon 
light. The way my hand looked as it touched your face. I was so hurt inside when I 
felt the phone continuously vibrate, I knew once again it wasnt me. I realized at 
that moment, I dont know that I love you anymore. I cried when I lay in bed that 
night. You never saw me.

Copyright © April Marie Johnson | Year Posted 2011

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The Unknown Poet n' the Lover with an Immortal Heart (Part 2)

Your hands n’ your caress traced intimately across a mortal’s flesh a thousand years ago, for 
she is a stranger in the dark of my distant karmic past,  though I know her serenading 
immortal heart sings in this body of mine now…
I refuse to hear your long lost name for I’m afraid to know all those who you loved with such 
lust in this place where you linger by your grave, I only wish to see the sweet beautiful 
memories of the love we made…

No!!! I refuse to hear my long lost name for I’m afraid to know all those who you loved with 
such lust in this place!!! where you transcend your grave, for there is a weaver n’ a loom of 
destiny n’ I’ll not repeat that chant ever again by the sea…
From the castle to the crest, to the sea, to the waves crashing on the rocks, a hundred times 
the journey from the womb to the grave I have made while you lay in your tomb n’ your 
soul yearns in suffering to make amends…

I sense you invite me to listen to your evocation in this prevailing wind, it seduces my skin n’ 
ascends from the depths of my soul from beginning to end, an eternal poetic essay of an 
immortal heart’s legend…
By this ocean of our dreams you tempt me to inhale the perfumed scent though I’ll never 
know whose breath it was that I now breathe in as the wind n’ the moon feathers the sea in 
eternal waves…

Along this coastline the breath of mother earth has nurtured many lovers, lifted angels on 
wings n’ called forth mermaids who play n’ sing on the rocks n’ dance in the shadows with 
the ghosts of shipwrecked sailors in their watery graves but it’s been a thousand years since 
my immortal heart heard a poet...
Today this storm blows across the lands of my ancestors, the siren of your poetic beckoning, 
an incantation travelling the sea n’ time heralds the galloping horses thundering, racing upon 
the shore with the chariot of your enchantment never faltering…

Their manes dancing towards the crest  n’ crash upon the rocks nearby where we made love 
a thousand years ago in the soft familiar sand, your poetic voice romancing the sunset n’ 
painting the waves in glorious tones of carnal lust ...
Within the evening storm clouds I can see the rain though I’ll never know the name of the 
lovers whose thirst it quenched with pleasure or who was cleansed of their pain as the blood 
washed from the rocks upon opening Pandora’s box in their mind n’ lost sight of hope as 
their fateful love turned to dust…

Copyright © Lilt Of Orpheus | Year Posted 2009

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Ode of Rain and Veil

She’s the princess of the world of silence.
Existing outside our normal human touch,
She sees every good, bad, deed we do.
She passes no judgment, just perseverance.
Realizing this world has choice, as such.
Caring not what we decide, or even a clue.
Her soul was guided by plain experience.
Her mind unrivaled, and new very much,
Her name, Rain; with eyes of light blue,
Lips that glimmered, true, effervescence,
Her name was given from her first touch.
Upon the day she was born, it came anew.
Christening with name in natures balance,
Her destiny preordained in gentle touch.
Who would win her heart, capturing dew?
Dew, one of her two faithful acquaintances,
They chatted in a language, Double Dutch.
Mist, the second, now you know of the two.
Stallions, white twins, with no ambivalence,
Only she could speak, hear, revealing crutch.
No other could tell differences in her crew.
One to be her prince in adoring excellence,
Must win confidence of dew in his touch,
No mistake, no second chance for woo.
Many have tried to no avail in adolescence.
Only one pauper’s son left to offer such.
One chance to know, to choose right skew,
His mind, unconsciously knew adherence.
When he prepared his choice, a quick clutch,
His choices correct, all others they bid adieu.
Her companion was chosen, forever attendance.
He rode mist, she road dew, in blissful touch
His heart and soul was, sincere, more than true
Princess and pauper together, rode into silence.
Peace prevailed in their land, never violence.
Princess Rain, now Prince Veil road in balance.

Written for

Sponsor Constance La France ~ A Rambling Poet ~ 
Contest Name Rain, The Story 
Written by cecil Hickman

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2010

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through his mom he has come to know me 
and my disability.I couldn't get off the toilet in his house as there were no hand rails
I asked his mom if the young man 20,would be uncomfortable giving me a pull up
she said if I was ok with it he would be too.Nick came to the door and flexed his muscles
to pull this large woman up,i saw  such pride in his moms eyes.my heart sank having to
have to ask him for the help.As my visit continued with his mom in the coffee shop.Nick
must have called 20 times to ask if I needed him.now my eyes filled with pride to know
such a fine young man when so much is wrong with the youth today.God bless America,God
Bless Nick

Copyright © KATHY MORELLI | Year Posted 2006