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Ode to my son on his 28th birthday

When I looked up at you the other night
I saw you coming through the door
Framing it with your amazing smile
steadfast, self assured, a happy man
A happy Dutch life with Irish sea-kissed roots
Not just a European but a world class man
As you stood before me, I felt such pride.

When I think of you, I see my little boy blue
Forever young, blond mop, those winsome sky eyes
my spry child, intelligent, forever questioning
hyperactive,  mischievous, a little dare devil
your smile, a mile wide in times of trouble
I see you holding your teddies Ruby and Rupert
Tractors, diggers, broken engines brrrrrrrmm.

Your love of engines, paid off after all
as you shifted gear to driving instruction
For a guy who showed no interest in being a scholar
Now you are the teacher, with a flurry of pupils
I think it works better, this way around.
Your greatest gift is your love for people
Your greatest asset, your winning smile

Keep on living and loving as you do
You view life through a positive lens
Becoming a mother hit me with a new perspective
An appreciation of life, when I gave you yours
Together we grew, and continue to grow
In love and respect, now and forever.

Copyright © Eiken Laan | Year Posted 2011

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Ode to my daughter on her birthday - 26

My Sarah
When I looked at you last week trying on your new boots
Those almond eyes sparkling at something new, a gift
I saw my little pink girl, a princess, playing dress up again
Your long hair draped your high cheekbones
Life still a game, tinged with drama and theatre 
As you look for fun in all your pursuits!
A player in life with a passion for cooking and music
You have become a kind, loyal, vivacious young woman
Self assured, grounded with a love of tradition
I looked at you and felt an overwhelming pride.

Sunday’s child is ' bonny, blithe, good and gay' they say
Befitting my Sabbath girl, a model child of few demands
Your bedroom a vast sea of Barbie and friends
A Passion for story-time and books
Your Dutch life with Irish sea-touched roots, 
You are a real continental
A great scholar with degrees in Law and Psychoanalysis
You have found your true love with Luis, a Spaniard
As you both prepare to leave the Emerald Isle
I wonder at the achievement of you!

Copyright © Eiken Laan | Year Posted 2011

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Birthday Girl, Heart Throb Swirl -

She is many things,
like what Spring brings to shivering wings,
creatures like us sing from her touch, fly to her much,
feeding from the everlasting song her beauty transmits,
Linda's face is always strong, sage, and sensuous
as a symbol of liberty that says to the fatigued free thinker
you have more to achieve, to believe,
don't rest until you've won, trust in now,
PD. is the perfect noun with the most,

unwise to show envy towards her
for she has earned all her roses & garlands
knows suffering more than most, throws inspiration to those in need
like a pelican weeps and swoons
in the blood of self sacrafice, loving us, telling us we're the fuss,
she'll cry with you and then shock One into strength,
slam boom bam you if you fail to admire her Divine Genius,
teaching by taking the first step,
I love Linda because she is the greatest I know,
the sweetest and the wisest in the show,
her feather teaches me, her heart reaches me,
Linda is my Sphinx,
giving heavenly links, expelling my jinx  -

This write is dedicated to Linda, aka. Poet Destroyer, my Sphinx
for her birthday - she is ageless, and her life is a gift to me -
with love & respect - J.A.B.

Copyright © Justin Bordner | Year Posted 2013

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For my mother's birthday

Dear Lord thank You for a mother
who stayed through it all with us,
who has shown us the way to church,
because in You today I trust.
Thank You for every hardship she faced
for she has taught us sacrifice
now I can give my all to You,
nothing else would have sufficed.
Thank You Lord for all her toil
because she represents great strength
for even in adversity
she persevered through great a length.

If anyone be candidate
let it be her You honour Lord
for You know all about her struggle
and surely You are her reward.
I praise You greatly for Her life
my life without her could not be,
show her Your favour without measure
for everything she's meant to me.


Copyright © Naldeem Bout | Year Posted 2013

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It's Her Birthday


O - our one dearest poet

L - lovely and sweetest friend             

I - independent and brave        

V- very talented writer

E - everybody's favorite.  

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday, happy birthday
May your wishes come true.

Copyright © Aiyah de Torres | Year Posted 2015

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Happy Birthday To Me

Just 3 days before the earth completes its evolution calendar numerals with maximum numbers one of which is the peak found in all 12 cycles and the other, the highest of all months It’s a day when birth among all things becomes the protocol officer to nature and a new life full of promise and expectations results from the shading of history’s skin A day when the sun chills with the living matters of the hills before going to bed when the clouds hold hands in same rhythm marveling to an added blessing the earth just received when the tides of the waters rise up high in complete salute to this majestic new entry He is a pace setter, a trail blazer and a king he breaths out the commanding charisma of a leader housing a thousand qualities of a champion and wearing a million features of a god From three hundred and sixty five rotations one becomes slower and closer to the sun and its natural satellite rigid in awe all because the legend has arrived happy birthday to me.

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2015

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Time is a great cure 
For what I'm not sure
Time is only for this minute
If you live another a cure is in it!

Life is time and living it is the cure
Working is the blood of being secure
Money, money, money needs no friend around
Good health is times only sound!

So,  P.S. My friends have the Time of your life!

The Silver Scribe

Copyright © R.Barry Love | Year Posted 2015

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A Galant City Unmatches Your Greatness

You are extreme in beauty perfected by builders who constructed all your planking with pine trees from Ivory coast and made a mast for you out of the combined crafts from brown ebony and snake wood. Out of the oaks from Bashan your Oars are made and from the cypress wood of Cyprus your decks crafted and inlaid with ivory. Your awning of blue and purple fabric are from Egypt and the inhabitants of America would be your rowers. These rowers will bring you unto the high seas you’ll become full and heavily loaded in its heart the countryside shakes at the sound of your sailor’s cries and all those who handle an oar will disembark from their ships The whole of Europe is your trading partner in choice garments, Cloaks of blue and embroidered materials and multicolored carperts which are bound and secured with cords in your market place. Your deals encompasses constant exchanges of turquoise, Corals, rubies, wheat from minnith, white whool, wrought Iron, Cassia and aromatic cane. Costal lines are your trading gardens and Roman ships will be the carriers of your goods. Your captains are your wise men and your wise men are the elders of Spain and Portugal who take charge in repairing your leaks. Your skyline will shade the sun and your islands, enrich the oceans you’ll be the wealthiest in culture and diversity because of your traders and visitors trooping from all corners of the Earth. Come forth now and prosper for greatness and fortune await your enrichment.

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2015

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For my mother's birthday

Dear Lord thank You for a mother
who stayed through it all with us,
who has shown us the way to church,
because in You today I trust.
Thank You for every hardship she faced
for she has taught us sacrifice
now I can give my all to You,
nothing else would have sufficed.
Thank You Lord for all her toil
because she represents great strength
for even in adversity
she persevered through great a length.

If anyone be candidate
let it be her You honour Lord
for You know all about her struggle
and surely You are her reward.
I praise You greatly for Her life
my life without her could not be,
show her Your favour without measure
for everything she's meant to me.


Copyright © Naldeem Bout | Year Posted 2013

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May grace bring peace and calm
As each day lifts
A certain charm
In wondrous gifts.

May dream greet pulse and tact
As moments come
In spur of acts
That match fond sums.

May thought merge with fond will
As feelings tell
A tale of fill
To cast new spells.

May feel attract bold form
As if to speak
Of inner norms
That force new peaks.

May work and play align
As purpose stays
On sure design
That knows the way.

May voice greet choice that moves
As passion streams
Each path and groove
To set the dream.

Leon Enriquez
30 August 2014

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2014

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The were the three Magi with mantels and beards, traveling
on strong camels as far as Bethlehem and having 
seen a wondrous star, they began their long journey 
by bringing precious gifts, but they warned Joseph and Mary 
of Herod's malicious intent...so they fled to Egypt
on a donkey that never complain of a sore hip! 

They believed in the Savior as Herod himself full of pride,
and being very wise, they never returned
to tell him what kind of child they had found! 
They brought their gifts and knelt at a child
whose fate as foretold was to die for us all,
and he gladly accepted them hearing His Father's call!

Not having heard from the Wise Men who had lied to Him, 
Herod sent his soldiers to kill all children under three: screams terrorized Bethlehem;
no, they weren't moved by their mother's painful cry
and shedding their innocent blood they revenged that lie!
O mothers of Bethlehem, Jesus knew that they were slaughtered because of Him!
O mothers of Bethlehem, you wept and moaned as they bled as a sacrificial lamb!

They believed in the Savior from what they had read,
and wanted to see for themselves the glorious event that Daniel spoken of:
the brightest star shining over Bethlehem as angels sang, 
announcing Christ's birth in a small town groping on a hill of citrus and clove!

Written on December 16, 2012

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2012

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A Piece Of Me That Stays

To Isoboye Danagogo

Song about you reminds me of Africa
you are an embodiment of African culture
Look into your palms and see the route
of our lives cemented by love...
A piece of me is in you
and a piece of you is in me;
a piece which clamour for greatness
At the cross road where love lines
crossed path, we built bricks of friendship
Remember, the meatless meal we shared 
We coloured our first broken Alphabets
We shared yesterday parrotting the national anthem
which is the symbol of our unity
We sang and clapped together among the congregation,
living in a world of guilty innocence because
we committed so many childish acts
I harbour you in my heart,
hope you do same too talking through poetry
in the piece of me that stays in you.

©John Chizoba Vincent
For Boy Of Tomorrow.

Copyright © john chizoba vincent | Year Posted 2017

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Ode to the Matriarch

My grandma is the most wonderful person in the universe. May 30th, 1924 is when this graceful woman entered earth. She battled through hardships and cried with joy had one beautiful daughter and two healthy boys She raised them able and taught them loyalty. Disciplined them strictly yet treated them as royalty. And if a husband and three kids were never enough, she took on two more when mom and Fots had it rough. I was very young when I met this elegant lady. No teeth in my mouth, I was just a newborn baby. The aroma of home-cooked dumplings with chicken fills every memory we were ever close to the kitchen. Board games free hugs and endless pumpkin pies are just the perks of a simple visit; even when surprised! Eyes in the back of her head and a quick slap of my hand each time I proportionally thought I had a leg to stand. Depression, World War II, Korea, Vietnam all long before my first experience as a man. Thank you for teaching me how to treat a woman right and appreciate each moment no matter what the fight. You continue to impress me with your positive way, of course you’d be walking into 93 this birthday! I love you Grandma – Happy Birthday!!!! xoxoxoxox 5/23/2017

Copyright © Lukas Ficklin | Year Posted 2017

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   “In time I came. In time I go.

   I celebrate my odyssey, June.

   I would leave all I ever in the hands of 
   Times gone by. Then, shout never to be there.

   My retinue high with expectation saw my 
   Prevail. They with sorrow would see my 

   Friends, Birthday we celebrate.
   Death day we celebrate.

   We live for an age. Nevertheless, we die in 

Copyright © Chukwuemeka Anyikwa | Year Posted 2013

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Ode to My Middle Child

Patterns gleam in the sun
Threads lie side by side
Or criss-cross
In intricate patterns
Like individuals intersecting
Within the family
Each dependent yet separate
Blues, reds, greens and yellows complete the rhythm
Any strand pulled from this parade of colors
Reveals a gap in dreams unfulfilled

How I love you,
My middle child,
You are the elegant pendant
Dropping gracefully
From our necklace’s mid-point
Giving meaning to our chain of life

How I love you,	
My middle child,
You are the glue
Within life’s weavings
Irrepressible giggles erupt in play with older sister
Whispered consultations emerge from pillow sessions with younger brother
Bridging, always bridging
Giving, always giving

Know, my middle child,
Those stirring fears
Of being in between
Are fleeting ghosts
Your constant beauty shines
Like the lighthouse globe
Signaling to all 
Your presence

Rejoice in your role,
My middle child,
Imagine a shimmering reflection pool
Whose immutable colors
Expand and multiply
You are vital to a whole
That is greater than its parts
And you are loved deeply

Happy Birthday, Maureen
Love, Mom
September 27, 2014

Copyright © Kathleen Kroll | Year Posted 2016

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Little Angel

Behold there she lay peacefully,
covered in warmth quite meticulously.
Her snow white eyes blinked,
as she sought to establish the place.
A smile warm as the sun rays,
from her lit up our hearts.
Ebony black hair atop her head,
her face beaming with joy.
A priceless gift to us all,
from our maker the overall.
We wish countless fortunes,
upon this little angel.
That the fountain of blessings,
may well over her life.
To always live in His favour,
for all times and seasons due.

Copyright © ian munywe | Year Posted 2015

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Ode to a Virgo Mom on the Occasion of Her Birthday

Grace under pressure
Unflappable class
Overtones of elegance
Strength of brass.

Tending splendid gardens
Where laughter and fun
Sprout as if native
In the warmth of her sun.

Incensed by thoughtless actions
Yet steady in her mood
Mixing sweet persuasion
With wisdom for food.

A Virgo mom’s a blessing
For one raised in her nest
So just today this Taurus says
That Virgo is the best!

Copyright © Nancy Jones | Year Posted 2006

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An Ode to Walt: For Mickey on His 87th Birthday

Out of the mouse hole of my childhood,
made your first impression
on this sprouting brain,
enticed by the endless wonder
and entranced by the majestic splendor
of your colored two dimensional tales
that filled this void of a heart,
endings carved out 
of the most intricate dreams;
splendid beauty never gazed once upon before.

                      just a friendly, peppy mouse
                            frolicking jubilantly,
                                    ready to befriend this winsome psyche. 

A Wonderful World indeed,
embedding wishes upon stars
before these fabled eyes,
dreaming of a happier place
painting unbreakable magic over toil,
longing to rid my existence
of the clouded nightmares, 
far greater than Bald Mountain,
fantastic follies were never met with such welcome.

                   zip a dee dooh dahs
                              echo softly,
                                    fostered child delivered a glossy, coated package.

A faint princess and her seven miniature men,
a puppet who ached to be a real boy,
fairy godmothers, Never Never land,
fantasmic fantasias,
one Walt's waltz of fancy
and a spirited little mermaid;
all spellbinding stories that leaped
in this impressionable spirit,
like a bouncing tiger pouncing
on a silly ole' bear;
giving weight to my blossoming imagination
and giving this adolescent emerging hope.

         wishes upon stars
                    burn blazing,
                        giving this burdened soul whimsical optimism.

Back into the mouse hole
thirty five years young,
fireworks dazzle this now grown orphan
able to visit these fantasy destinations
and embed these heroic tales
on new impressionable egos,
never loosing the impeccable power
and growing in this vessel of flesh
like thorns over a guarded castle,
never escaping,
never fleeting,
burning brighter than mystical candlelight;
fiction and life joined in the humanity.

         Be My Guest
                   chants gingerly,
                               all from the magic of one mouse.

Copyright © Mike Hufford | Year Posted 2015

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Always Have My Love

I close my eyes an see your face
It takes me back to a better time and place
You were still here and everything made sense
But now you’re gone and my heart is caught on that jagged fence
They say time heals but that’s just a lie
Because each day, week, year, another part of me dies
If I could have just one wish, one answered prayer
All I would wish for is to see you back here
I’m so lost and scared, a child lost and alone
When you took your last breath you didn’t go alone
My very core shriveled, my heart shattered to bits
Life as I knew it was now forever gone
In your eyes my strength did lie
When you passed that strength in me died
I lost my mind, I lost my way
It took years for me to find a broken path
Upon which I still remain
Today is your birthday 
Happy 78
Twenty three years you’ve been gone
But it feels like yesterday
I hope you are smiling down from way high above
And know without a doubt
You’ll always have my love

Copyright © Darla McGinnis | Year Posted 2015

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54th birthday 4 Shari Todd Harris

from birth until this moment with your family as supporting team
the journey within your space/ time continuum stream
found trials and tribulations comprising the spool o yar existential ream

some incidents assessed in retrospect might now appear
as particularly significant undertakings – getting you grounded with clear
insight into what future dreams may become manifest with yar dear
beloved husband – I aver to when ye will endure empty nest fair
lee soon, whereby yar life will constitute andy and his anatomical gear

whose cupidity, fidelity, integrity, levity, opportunity, runneth tranquil
tiding up for gatherings or packing with his efficient globe trotting skill
bubbling with energy, harmony, synergy through his  confluence he rill
lee doth possess – in my humble opinion, though less to take quill

to paper, him this brother in law applauds how he accepted any bitter pill
i.e. figuratively when the fickle finger of fate seemed to obscenely mill
a tate a contrary outcome than he desire, a fighting esprit de corps did fill
his entire being – putting forces of destruction re: no longer threat of evil

which waywardness with this poetic intent to type a birthday cheer
sans thy lovely sister activated thoughts pertaining to positive people dear
as senescence shuttles thine youngest harris heiress who everywhere
she goes affects a blessedly diplomatic, friendly holistic imprimatur
and thus tis probably apropos to attempt to communicate with mere

crude symbols i.e. the 26 letters of the alphabet to formulate the near
wrist approximating her significance in me xy z lived life  a prayer
and many a broken wing, but tis necessary 4 me 2 expunge – though rear
the positive presence (most often invisible) whence shari did tear
out from the birth canal even at that early infantile stage did wear

autonomy to evince can do spirit whereby she irresistibly insinuated an air
that inexplicably captivated family, friends, romans….with no blare
ring burst, but she exhibited a magnetic trait – I now heartily cheer
cuz many stepping stones to mine current ah fair
rooted tuber remembered per the unsolicited advice aye did hear
when oft times shuttered in this man cave, hell lair
re: us lee chuckling at online jokes, which laugh tier
medicine for this bot deed father, a pro motor still sputtering each year.

Copyright © matthew harris | Year Posted 2015

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To my Sister: An Ode

Today is ur day
Sister, be glad and 
For Allah has brought
To you all you 

Forget not to be full
Of thanks and not 
party like the fool
Who tanx Him not 
But complains a lot!

May u see more 
And years with 
courage and not 
In this deen
Islam that fits u as a 

Happy Birthday 
sister me!

Copyright © Adesina Idris Dolapo | Year Posted 2012

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And then....
she turned twenty one.
Moments in time flash through my mind
since she became mine.

Like a little pixie
spreading fairy dust.
Bursting with love and happiness.
Tumbling curls framing her smile.

All the while
in tune with one another.
Sleeping side by side or miles away.
In each other's thoughts.

And deeds.
Similar habits and turn of phrase.
I could forever gaze into her soul
through those eyes.

My precious, my pudding.
My honey bun, Rena's the one
I'm thrilled to see
turning twenty one.

Copyright © JEAN MURRAY | Year Posted 2017

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In Vallelado, Segovia, to  a woman from quarter
God gaves his grace: she just  had seven daughters
And she was about to give birth
Without knowing if it would be son or daughter.
The day of nativity play revealed the difference
And the village people said "that impossible"
They could not believe it
After being born so much females
That they should come and see him.
They came to meet him and see if he was a boy.
They congratulated the father and mother
Worshiping the child as a king.
Little girls, when they saw him, said smiling:
"The Little sailor stand out
And his two ships loaded with gold and silver”.
They say that pigeons peeked out their window
And the bells of the parish church
Played with joy alone
And Sacristan said: "Not for less."
The medieval clergyman
Who came with his concubine
Exclaimed: "A good combine harvester
For the Village."

Copyright © Daniel de Culla | Year Posted 2016

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               MY DRIVER
I rain from the sky amidst saints who are priceless
My paradise was wooed by a womb man
The driver of my journey to this warm place with surface
Without anxiety i considered to my joy
For her pride is not only new experience from another haven
But also have a property to call my dividend
This juliana from the 7th heaven
My personal pride 
My under rated fortress
My indispensible 
My representation of god
My motivation to hanging on
My loyal fan from embryo to testimony
My reason to be happy always
My little camp of knowledge
My consistent value maker
The heart i carry evermore
A story i cannot tell enough
A many reason to continue God pronouncements 
The why i will always push

poet : oluremi eliasta 


Copyright © SAMUEL EMMANUEL | Year Posted 2016

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My Kung Fu Chop Suey Present

My Kung Fu Chop Suey Present

On my thirty-fourth birthday off to China's best; traveled I went
So very uneventful and unaware I blithely lost all my well-earned money and spent,
As I entered into a Chinese restaurant and telephoned Connie Chang's
Alas, I'd decided to relinquish my yearnings and fill my hunger pangs.

On an undecided moment, I ordered chop suey and plate of spring rolls,
Also, a bottle of plonk to keep out the shivering unwanted cold
I ate so fast and drunk like a half drowned starved human sprinkler,
Putting my calloused hands in my pockets, found my frozen fingers.

Then found out I didn't have enough money to pay the restaurant bill
Then decided to leave and dash; when all was quiet and very still,
Once I was outside, to my eyes, I was shocked with angst and surprise,
All the waiters were waiting there with ugliness in their piercing eyes!

All at once they did many Kung Fu Chops unto my veiled eyes and stamped on my head
Their contempt in their eyes was to leave me so bruised and brutally dead,
They violently attacked me like a raging tiger in heat, then all at once I was still and all alone,
My blood had been spread apart and muscles were strung out and splintered right to my very bone.

They surely unraveled me, quite inadequately because back then I was very sure
This adventure of mine was an espionage of a birthday present for me to remember much of violence and gore,
I callously lay in a hospital bed for six or seven long endless months or weeks
I'm telling you all this had happened for a simple plate of chop suey and fresh steaks and leaks,
You do a great many of silly things when you are young and adventurous--haha! And that was all in a blurr.

Copyright © Elizabeth Larter | Year Posted 2016

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Read An Ode To Poetry

R-ead an ode to poetry, 
E-ach line makes much mirth; 
Y-our heart will be warmed on the day of your birth.

F-rom ABC to villanelle, 
A-crostic amazes the reader; 
L-yric, prose and sonnet
A-re calming the howler.
M-ock epic, rispetto and stanza
I-n reality are artistic; 
N-inth November morn
I-s beautiful and poetic.
A-llegory, ballad and cascade
N-ever retain the misery; 
O-pen both your eyes, read an ode to poetry.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2016

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happy birthday kevin

she jumped out of the cake kevin was naked every one closed thier eyes kevin was naked he was happy naked he ran in circles fastly no one seen him they had thier eyes closed cake lady started clapping kevin was so happy he started crying then the cakelady started crying to they were so happy naked on kevins birthday everybodys eyes closed now we see him naked on his birthday ?

Copyright © stranded stars | Year Posted 2017

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Ordinary Ode That Soothes

R-ight after the dark night
O-n the last day of January; 
D-awn breaks on earth, 
R-eleasing the light so shiny.
I-n spite of the rain yesterday
G-ood morning sun rises; 
O-ver the mountain high, the sky is clear in brightness.

A-ll of the sudden 
B-oth my pen and pad conspire; 
R-ecords of timely thoughts turn
I-nto some lines that inspire.
G-reetings of my simple poem may make you truly joyful; 
O-rdinary ode of mine may soothe your mind, heart, and soul.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2016

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An Ode To Life

V-erse about the life
I-s written in acrostic; 
O-ne ode ninth November
L-ets you feel so ecstatic.
E-ven though life is hard, 
T-rial-fraught and short; 
O-ne color after another makes it good to support.

Y-es, living in this world
U-sually is like a strife; 
B-ut peace is truly gained 
A-s you read an ode to 

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017

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An Ode To Rainfall

A-n ode to rainfall
L-ets you wait for sunshine; 
E-ighth November morn, 
X-factor is positive mind.

A-n ode to rainfall
G-ives you time not to cry; 
U-sing it to turn thirsty river
I-nto blessings that never run dry.
L-et the heavy downpour
L-and in every sere soul; 
O-pen your life to water, 
N-otice an ode to rainfall.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017