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Thanking Mother Nature

Thank you, Mother Nature, for the colors of each season
You wield a crafty paintbrush, that's not just my opinion
Many vivid hues are draped across your easel apron
Summer, winter, spring and fall, you are the main attraction
The Earth caresses every colorful application

Written for Adeleke's contest

Copyright © Diane Locksley | Year Posted 2011

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Seeing seasons

I'm thankful, for the dew resting on the mountain tops and the deep rivers of the valleys.

I'm thankful, for you putting the trees in place and for the birds that nest there.

Thank you Lord, for the changing of seasons and for the way clouds represent this.

Thank you Lord, that when i stop and wonder along the way. I become more thankful for all 
you have created and the overwhelming beauty of it all.

Copyright © sarah huburn | Year Posted 2013

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Pretty Little Singing Bird

Pretty little singing bird
Pretty as can be!
Singing, the sweetest melody
Serenading me
Pretty little singing bird
You make my heart sing!
Pretty little singing bird
Will you be my friend?
With my love of writing 
And your sweetest songs
We can make the world
A beautiful place
With our own personal, unique style
Pretty little singing bird
Don’t fly away!
Did I scare you?
Won’t you stay?
Be sure to tell your animal friends
To come visit me soon!
I love you
Pretty little singing bird
You are, my sweetest friend!

Copyright © Amy Rose | Year Posted 2013

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Ocean Tides

To visualize childbirth is like visualizing the oceans of the earth & how it works, 
Overnight discoveries generates compassionate memories,
Witnessing childbirth is definitely any mans deniable fantasy,
Considering the experience,
Causing contracting pains making it more tremendous,
As a spectator of… life formulates itself inside causing new hormones & 
emotions to collide or arrive,
The labor pains is similar t the pressure from “Ocean Tides,”
How her contractions begin small
Then as current flows it becomes huge & tall,
If the timing is right then the pressure would fall,
Or Drop,
Causing any man heart to stop,
It’s a miracle how life gets presented,
Knowing only God has sent it,
Which could either bring laughter or cries,
Cries because there was many that died,
When the labor pains is as fatal as “Ocean Tides,”

Copyright © Kamal Al-Adil | Year Posted 2005

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Rebel without a Cause " reborn "

Scots teenager
Air gun
Rabbits and Ducks
Gunned down for the fun
Then there came a day
When this boy and gun
No longer desired
This type of fun
A programme he watched
On a TV channel
A guy called Attenborough
Truth, no flannel
His care for the animals
Left me ashamed
Of all the Ducks and Rabbits
I injured and maimed
He opened my eyes
In such a way
I can't kill a fly
Not even with spray
And over the years
And the places he's been
What he has brought me
To my Television screen
Madagascar Lemurs
Yaks from Nepal
Amazing Amazonia
Glorious them all
My respect for him
Prompted me
Two lines in my poem
" My Dinner Table " for thee
There are not many people 
I crave to meet
But this Gentleman Attenborough
I'll shake his hand as we greet
" Honoured to be in Christopher Higgins contest "

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2009

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God's Supremacy

Sleepless God!
Who is like You?
When people go to bed,
You keep watch over them
You never sleep;
When people wake up
You remain awake
Neither sleep nor slumber
You engage in no one
When will You go to bed?
That people too,
Will keep watch over
or take a rest?
While people operates their own too,
You created the night for sleep
And monitor that
Which You created!
You make provision for rest
And watch how it works
Oh mighty God,
You are Supreme

Copyright © Aderemi Adeyi | Year Posted 2006

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I must reach for them, 
feel God's generosity...
until my thirst ends.

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2010

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An Old Tree

An old tree stands alone,waiting for no one,
but the bright warm sun.
His branches reach far and wide,
as if to hug you and touch the sky.
He stands tall and firm each day,
to shade all from the brightest sun ray.
Greeting all who come to see him,
for he is your friend and  will do you no harm.
Give him respect when you come by,
for you never know when he'll say good bye.
For many years he has been alone,
he made this land his only home.
do no harm to this tree so old,
winter is coming ,his leaves grow cold.
He can be frail in ice and in snow,
treat him right and he will know.
A cracking branch,it may snap,
watch out for it may trap.
He's lived a long life and has loved all,
old tree will we see you next fall?
If we do not we will not forget,
what a friend you have been,
frombegining to end.
A friend who's been faithful,
a friend who's been true.
for there is no other tree,
who looks like you do.
Trere is only one,and only one you will be,
for each tree is different,
like no other you see.
so I thank you for the times we had,
for your gentleness and rugged way's,
for all the climbs and all the day's.
For growing up with me through the years,
to say good bye,
brings sad tears.
So to you my friend,
I will let you know you will not be forgotten.
You my dear friend will live on you see,
through your children,
yours, and mine to be.
I will watch your children with mine grow.
This is not the end,but a new start,
I carry your friendship,
alway's to heart.

Copyright © Susan Grado | Year Posted 2010

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The Stench of You

I smell regret!
I smell it on your clothes
and in your hair,
on your hands
and in every stitch, 
every fiber,
every twist and turn in the path of your goddamned
train of thought,
and it is especially noticeable in the carpet,
but then again,
that could just be the milk I spilled
when I caught a big fat whiff of the aforementioned regret...

Copyright © Le Sony'r Ra | Year Posted 2010

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Thanksgiving Day!

Tradition started long time back
Harvesters celebrate and relax
Attire of satisfaction seeing sack
Never give up spirit sold in packs
Kudos grows with result of work
Semblance of honesty and trust
Gift by Almighty to sow and reap 
Ignite lamp of prosperity deep 
Victory of heartily carried labour
Innocence cares for love treasure
Nascent to come next year again
Giving selflessly not just to gain
Date to remember not for holiday
Aspiration rather to work and pray
Yearn for prosperity each 

Copyright © Sneha Agarwal | Year Posted 2010

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My Take On Peter Duggan

It's been some years
Since I was young
Born carefree and having fun
Wearing smiles and shedding tears
Worried sick with growing fears
But now I simply take it slow
And watch those hasty on the go
I breathe each breath
And feel the Sun
And share Gods Love with everyone

Thanks Peter for sharing, "God Bess Your Eyes"

Copyright © Jerry T Curtis | Year Posted 2016

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Old Man of The Land ( dedicated to Sid Grey born 19 ? died 1996 R.I.P )

When Sid first met me he laughed 
Sat in his seat of an old Ford 135 
Tractor red rust and wet sticking mud
Swathed in a great green rain coat
A friendly laugh he said
“Bet you wish you hadn’t come here now”

My first day working on his farm
I stood in the rain waiting
I must have looked a pitiful sight
He eyed me, but not unkindly
Removed a minuscule hand rolled cigarette 
From the corner of his mouth
Peered at it 
Then to my surprise stuck it back between his lips and lit it

Sid’s face had been carved from an old tree root
Looked as if he'd been born that way
Brown gnarled lined with years
Below grey brows his eyes smiled
Bright and clear

A dismal wet and mud plied day
Sid taught me how to coax his tractor
Through ruts and puddles of sticking clay
Next day we progressed to bigger wheeled monsters
Finally just five days after
I stepped up to the great green yellow John Deere

“There you go she’s all yours, patted the wheel
“Check the oil every day, the water, you know where to get your diesel
I thanked him
“Don’t thank me lad just make sure I get it back in one piece”

We worked together in the season passing
For six years at each seasons beginning
Found me there waiting

Wasn’t much for talking old Sid
Wasn’t much for working either
Between innumerable smoke breaks
Tea breaks, sandwich breaks, break breaks
And other breaks 
The job was done on time

“There’s always time he’d say, if we don’t finish tomorrow
We’ll finish another day

A Sid break
Sid must've fancied a chat
Munching sandwiches
He patted the soil next to him 
Like some beloved old sheep dog
“I love the land he said, worked on it all my life
This must’ve been true 
He knew every solution to any predicament 
Any job in motion could throw at you 

“These days, he continued 
People want to squeeze as much out of her as they possibly can, 
Shook his head, no respect for the land;
You gotta look after her, don’t and the ground just dies; 
Aint no use chucking all them chemicals on it,
You can’t feed it like that, 
chewed on the butt of his cigarette
They’re gonna drain her dry someday.”

I nodded, no comment was needed or wanted
But to my surprise from the corner of his eye
The wet trickle of a tear

That was Sid Grey, old man of the land
Earth in his blood
Soil in his hand
A whole University of knowledge went lost unnoticed
The day he passed away

He patted the soil next to him
“I love the land, worked on it all my life
and with a chuckle he smiled
An’ I’ll be buried in it someday”

Copyright © colin mitchell williams | Year Posted 2009

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With every step, I bless each leaf,
With every breath, I thank each star
For showing me that I have a home,
And guiding me near or far.

How far I have strayed away from home,
Until I thought I'd lost the path,
Wandering lonely through the pain.
Frightened of every aftermath.

I searched for love, that girlish dream,
That intoxicating dream.
I held my heart out in my hands,
Free, naive, and torn at the seams.

That bright gleam I mistook for love,
It was cruelty; it was abuse.
I was wrong, oh so awfully wrong
Now my heart's broken from misuse.

I thought I'd die of the anguish,
The despair that gripped my heart,
The pain that left me gasping for air,
As I watched every dream depart.

Then one feverish night I looked
Up to the sky, to the bright moon,
And saw the face of a goddess,
Who whispered one quiet comfort: "Soon"

Copyright © Brynne Cua | Year Posted 2012

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To My Naked Lady

if I 
can not write 

a piece
of paper, 

talk to 
the neighbors
about your pink skin, don’t 

no one will 

the spot 
that you etched
me, no 
one will quench

my thirst, but you, Mother!”

Copyright © Ernesto P. Santiago | Year Posted 2007

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My soul  is at peace, stirring at the bright blue sky.
Background noise is pounding in my ears ,
but peace within me is like cool waters.
That nourishes thirst, giving the deepest of satisfaction.
Confusion is far out of reach.
Sound sleep is in turn with my mind and eyes.
The air blows gently but strong here, 
losing its zeal of comfort.
All are cheering to this peace 
Acknowledging its pace though not in a race.
Me is completely emerged in this blaze of fun , 
as the fan blows its breeze.
It is like that,
Peace has emitted joy into my veins and nerves.
Pray it ceases not.
It is so,
Thanks to you.

©Kofi Asokwa-Nkansah

Copyright © Kofi Asokwa-Nkansah | Year Posted 2006

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Did you ever thank the leaf
for all the beauty they bequeath.
You grumble, putting them aside
while in your own heart, lies deride!

Oh natures wonder ~ still have pride
then put assunder heaps of chide
so given, now in glory hide
the leaf as blunder, thee as stride!

So humble dunder, thus denied
must love the leaves, once green, now dried,
to scoop in flounder from reside
leaf rights a bummer, so decried!

Copyright © Paula Larson | Year Posted 2010

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The Rivers

The Rivers

The rivers go up and the rivers go down… but seldom to this extreme.
This year has been a nasty one, as if living in a bad dream.
The days have been dark and cloudy and the rain seems never to end…
Tornadoes, lightening, and flooding have suddenly become our only friends.
The yards are turning to soup as the rainstorms keep circling around.
And the rivers are adding force as they climb with leaps and bounds.
Record flooding in so many places, has forced many to move out and quit.
Without their homes, financially, few will be able to rebuild or take the hit.
To the elderly losing to the river is losing everything that can’t be replaced.
But volunteers have moved among them to help sandbag in their place.

Thank you all who have volunteered for this cause.
No one can do it all alone
You give the others hope…
To hang on until the rains are done.

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2011

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Earths special Gem gift

Over looked by mount “Kilimanjaro”,
In 8 sq miles in the City Arusha near the “Merelani hills”,
limited quantities from our earths depths do we borrow,
the pseudo name “Tanzanite” draw many thrills,

A unique gem from the “Zoisite family”,
beautiful bright blue to purple in colour and rare,
discovered 1960, renamed for popularity  
only found in Tanzania to be completely fair.

Colour and clarity Rates high in the world,
as one of the most amazing in jewelry you see,
so many relationships, love endorsed and toes curled,
forever in our lives this rare glistening stone shall be.

Contest - A Gem For Your Verse
Sponsor - Carolyn Devonshire

Copyright © Mark Paul van der Merwe | Year Posted 2016

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Thank you

Sun bright sun light,
In our heart and eyes sight,

A welcomed warmth sort,
Rain and cold gone for short,

Approved by a rainbow, on us bestow,
Gleaming a beautiful colour show,

Birds sing and flutter by,
Butterflies and bees flicker not shy,

Flowers colourful, bright, glow,
As nature allows to grow,

Streams sparkling and flowing,
For all life in glory showing,

Free from God to share,
For all on earth living there,

Thank you Lord,
For us this you afford.

Copyright © Mark Paul van der Merwe | Year Posted 2016

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With Tattered Wings

If i was a Rook, a Raven or Crow
With tattered wings in thermal flow

In murder fly we soar with the streams
Being a creature of nature a living dream

A delight to many, to farmers a pest
Culled, what for, their greediness zest

All that we do is what you do for
We increase our knowledge and the right to explore

If i was a Rook, a Raven or Crow
Us passerine of black, we are passerine grow

Raul of Haiku royalty, this is for you

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2010

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She Is My Savior

No more tears can leave my soul
She has completed my heart's hole
I've never felt this way before
I can't feel depressed anymore
Many thoughts go through my mind
Hers is the only one that I can find
We will always continue to be friends
Even after our lives end...

To: Rayvn Stobough

Copyright © Robert Sebastian | Year Posted 2009

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Thank You GOD...

Everyday we awake in the morning light,
To see how wonderful the world is.
Just wandering around this beautiful place,
And knowing that it's all his.
Thank you GOD...
I look all around and see the trees,
The flowers all in bloom.
They look so green and lively,
And smell like sweet perfume.
Thank you GOD...
At night I  see all the stars,
They shine so bright and clear.
They make me feel so safe at night,
And take away my fears.
Thank you GOD...
Each night I pray to you above,
To watch out of us down here.
And this I pray with all my heart,
Everyday of each year.
Thank You GOD...

Copyright © Sheila Newton | Year Posted 2005

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Age of the Ripple

Ripples on the pond
Are like the years in peoples lives
Stretching out to distance
Undulating living life
Circles so small are the ripples of youth
As they broaden on the pond
They age with wisdom and truth
As we learn to live in this world
To abide and obey
To be fortunate in the morning
Grace another day
When the ripple runs out
As it hits the shore
Our time on earth, is here no more
Our souls surrender
And drift on the breeze
To be reborn
Or stay asleep
To be granted life
And grace this earth
To be a ripple on the pond
Heavenly worth

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2009

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A Day

He never thought
A day will come
Over his thirty years service,
He will be insulted
And kicked out
By his junior owner,
Last full week
Weather was freezing all,
But the junior owner
Enjoyed the whole week
With his feather pillows
And a healthy young body,
Delivered his message
A young lad came always
With his new order,
But a poor old life,
Feeds the cattle’s
And removed their mess.
It was a sunny day,
The sheep’s were grazing 
In the field,
He was standing on the rock
Looking into the sky
And speaking with someone,
I never seen you
But you are great.
Nobody had control
This Air is free,
I can breathe freely
Can sing and talk
I always embraced 
When it came to me,

Copyright © Daljit Khankhana | Year Posted 2005

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To My Father

You are the North.
The cool calm of forest breath,
A rock I sit upon to rest,
A walking stick I clutch to find
Fulfillment of a different kind.

A strong tree, 
Rooted, branches sway
Savoring the sunny day.
Blades of green grass tickle feet;
I laugh,
The things I want to keep
Embodied in this soul.

Your heart beats akin to mine,
Two alike in different times.
You are my shadow as I walk;
We listen to the woodlands talk.
The earth I stand on, sturdy ground:
My pathway to the world around.

I may run fast,
But not from you,
Persistent as the morning dew.
Protection of the humble stag:
Something without words.

Teach me everything you know
As a vine, I live to grow.

North wind love me so.

Copyright © Bridgette Lace | Year Posted 2008

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Speed lesson

When I walk into a barroom and every one looks up
I get the weirdest feeling I’m not there
When I walk into a barroom and they all look away
I feel I’ve never been in their affair
Now reading a barroom aint like reading in a book
There’s a lot of things that need a second look
There’re some I never stayed in
An some I wished I left
And that fella with the pool cue’s
Way too tall
Now I can run a table
Sometimes even four
But here I think I’ll settle for the door
Easy money needs an open floor
An that shark has lost a bite to me before

Just thoughts of times spent waiting for the rush hour traffic to leave
And memories of losing and winning

Copyright © Donald Meikle | Year Posted 2006