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Nature Goodbye Poems | Nature Poems About Goodbye

These Nature Goodbye poems are examples of Nature poems about Goodbye. These are the best examples of Nature Goodbye poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Free verse |

Moments In Time

The sweetest sounds of burning trees
A gentle stroking in the breeze
The calm has lasted past the storm
Cloudy visions, Satan’s roar
Too many sights have passed my way
A time found only in the haze
The softest screams are running bare
My aching bones creak as I stare

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark

The battle’s started at the end
No one is coming to repent
The sinners grab their wine from prey
No judgment calling here to stay
The sport is reckless to be told
The one is laughing at his souls
It falters nowhere to be sure
The power grows forevermore
Like a spirit in the wind
I have no say in where you’ve been 
But cross the line to come to me
And pay the price for ecstasy

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark. 

Copyright © John Paluszek | Year Posted 2013

Details | Than-Bauk |


Goodbye, Sweet Day

Magenta sky
     shines at twilight
as I ponder
how the sun glows
      though night flows in!

Dusk grows colder. . . 

A lone gull’s cry
has me sighing
       goodbye, sweet day.

For the Goodbye Contest of Nayda Ivette Negron

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2012

Details | Free verse |

Delicate Crimson

The stunning scarlet leaf flows with gentle fervor.
Freedom requires a depth of beauty for natures 
relinquished desires. There seems to be a dynamic
image brought forth from the soft breeze that
whispers dainty goodbyes. For our love is gone
and so is the memory of the branches from our
favorite sapling. I knew not of love before you,
only of the heartache that Autumn brings.
I needed you like a breath of fresh air;
you lost me in the wind.

                                -whispering delicate crimson…

Date Written: July 25, 2016

Copyright © Laura Loo | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |

Goodbye Daydreams

Daydreaming on a glorious green mountain hillside.
Dazzling Carolina Blue background, watching white cloud performances.
Strong wind blows, goodbye forever!

Daydreaming on a white sandy beach.
Dazzling ocean green background, watching waves come in and go out.
Sandcastles built, goodbye forever!


On a green hillside,
Daydreams of cloud performances
A strong wind blows, Bye.

On white sandy beach,
Daydreams of watching waves splash.
Sandcastles gone, Bye.

Copyright © Marty Owens | Year Posted 2009

Details | Free verse |


I did not catch the dying day’s last melting
Nor heard its final sigh as it drifted into the deep blue
It is now lost in the many folds of memory
Partially stark and accurate, partially muffled in fog
And the complete original gone forever

I did not say goodbye
If only time would hesitate
The dew drops to hardened diamonds before the sun
Time to hold on
To feel the softest sand before it fades to cold black
To hear the sparrows last song 
But the warm honey melted all away before I knew

So I will greet the next
And know that it too will melt
The golden fall leaves are so beautiful
But I love the green the best
I will look long for the green
And a new day awaits

Copyright © Susan Yantis | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |

Goodbye Number Four

Saw family of four today
only three babies were with
mama duck, so something
unknown befell number four.

Living in the wild you
never know how long you
will be around, as I watch
them swim away, my desire,

is they didn't suffer very much,
here at Lowell Ponds, anything
could have happened, that is
part of wild life.

So I say goodbye number four,
to a short life,you had
on this pond, you swam so
freely, you gave it your all.

wrote 7-4-07 at Lowell ponds

Copyright © James Foulk | Year Posted 2008

Details | Verse |


Wave goodbye to summer sun Autumn leaves fall as gently as silk robes onto moist ground till spring dresses naked trees Whitney2 contest Sponsored by Nette Onclaud 09 05 17

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2017

Details | Haiku |

Haiku Red

fiery red the leaves
shout -- look at me but wind and
rain just smile goodbye

Copyright © David Meade | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |

Goodbye, Winter

"Goodbye, Winter" is a children's song, sung to the tune of "Frere Jacques".

Goodbye, winter,
Goodbye, winter.
Hello, spring,
Hello, spring.
Tulips in my backyard,
Tulips in my backyard,
Are blossoming,
Are blossoming!

Bonus activity: Take children outside for recess on an early spring day and sing this 
song. Ask children how they know the seasons have changed and that spring has 
arrived. Is the air warmer? The grass greener? Are flowers blooming? Are butterflies 
flitting about?

Copyright © Cherie Durbin | Year Posted 2011

Details | Personification |


Slowly so sneakily you crept into my life
Destroying everything in your path
You simply don’t care do you?
Leaving your slime everywhere 
Eradicating everything you touch
Moving on to your next innocent victim
You revolt me and I detest the sight of you
I heaved when I saw you today
Well I’ve got news for you
I know your little game and ITS OVER
I’ve put the pellets down and you are trapped
Goodbye slug forever

Jan Allison
4th September 2014

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2014

Details | Verse |


And so it was that Autumn would die with a gust of wind she said goodbye Of love mortal she sits subdued sipping remnants of death imbued With curtains drawn she lay in rest in silent prose she relived each breath of life abandoned of weary roads where Winter's freeze would glisten alone And so it was that Autumn had gone in the lonely grips of winter without a song

Copyright © Rick Parise | Year Posted 2014

Details | I do not know? |

Red Skies at Night

A gift  from above the earth holds only peace and love 
It has nurtured us for countless years and now it is done 
We have misused her and she can do no more   
 The time of purification is at hand and now it is time to run 
The signal will begin for  three days and three  nights, we will all have to pay the price
The skies will bleed red, the run to wilderness will be led 
By the children of the earth and others all in harmony with the mother

Like a thunderbolt  from on high the sky will turn its cheeks to blood , 
saying its final good bye, and all will be said and done
For Three days and  nights the world will watch and wonder,
As the skies turn pure red in storm and thunder, 
Ending man’s  reign the skies will carry their deadly flood and put nature asunder
The suns deadly storm s will pass overhead
Men will turn to science to fight the cause and to be led
But Nature replies,  it is my last goodbye 
Now is  the time to pay for your sins 
Now is the  time and  together we all will cry 

 A signal from the great beyond, the days of evil will be at hand 
The final glory of man before the fall of the land
The world will watch in fear and awe, and  wonder what went wrong
For Three days and  nights the skies will bleed 
The  prophesy  foretold the beginning of the end 
 three days that will shake the world and its seed
 Proclaiming the final warning , the final goodbye
You have mistreated the earth and the time has passed you by..
 Mans time will fly and natures only reply
A last goodbye will be the only reply 

Copyright © jim joyce | Year Posted 2012

Details | Ballad |

From The National Poet Of Slovenia In A Language People Understand - THE RUINS OF THE ANCIEN REGIME

Farewell, then, AUKN boss,
The next this year makes three.
By the time they find a substitute,
Slovenes will be at sea.

He tried to cover his behind;
AUKN boss of bosses,
As every week, balances grew bleak:
He weighed merits and losses.

With all this he'd no time to eat,
And round and round he flew.
And now he's split in a hissy-fit;
So helmsman, too-de-loo!

Day after day, day after day,
He drifted on the ocean;
Guano-vernment rained on his ship
Their suggestions for promotion.

Cousins, cousins, everywhere,
Corporate boards crosslink;
Cousins, cousins, everywhere,
Let's take you for a drink.

Accountants talking rot: O Christ!
Missions, visions - oh please!
Yea, slimy characters need legs
And slimy policies.

So has he done an hellish thing?
Not hired who? We dunno:
Was it absurd, to have a separate curd
From the whey Slovenia owes?
This wretch won't play, after 60 days;
Pissflaps, he'll have to go!

God help ya, gospod Bencina
From the fiends, that plague us thus! -
It's time to go — shot like cross-bow,
The AUKN boss.

Ah! walk-out day! what evil looks
Had I from Ernst and Young!
Who's at a loss? AUKN's boss
Wouldn't take a bung?

"You'll be" quoth one, "abolished - no
Stigma to double-cross."
He chose to go - why? We don't know:
Harmless AUKN boss.

Re-reading the original gave me a great idea for dinner until I realised all the storks have all flapped off to Africa for the winter. Pity, as I have some ancient marinade from Tuš. Like the subject of the poem, I didn't have the stamina for a Coleridge-length effort.

Story: http://www.sloveniatimes.com/total-mess-in-state-owned-capital-asset-management

The National Poet Of Slovenia In A Language People Understand interprets important Slovenian affairs for the non-Slovene speaking world. www.maria.si

Copyright © Julian Bohan | Year Posted 2013

Details | Haiku |


Skies whisper: till then
Hands and trees begin to sigh
Summer love; goodbye...

Copyright © Jessica Arteaga | Year Posted 2010

Details | Free verse |



Come at close those tearful eyes
Hair now bathed in wind and rain
Reluctantly she breathes a sigh

Months too soon away have passed
Days and nights all warm and loving
Hard to say goodbye at last

But closer now the whistle sound
An eerie distant warning
For Autumn Falls express is bound

Dave Austin

Copyright © daver austin | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

The Storm

And the storm calls to me in ways you'll never understand
A gentle call that urges my soul forth
The lighting guiding a path for my feet to walk
Between the stones and ash of all that once was
I stand in the echoing silence of the rain 
It drops down upon my skin like the blessing waters of heaven
Soothing me, lifting the weight from my body 
I feel at once as if I am home
Standing amid two dimensions 
Caught between two skies - here and there
The night wraping around me in warmth
The gentle wind lifting me off my feet
Drops from the clouded moon washing away my body
and I am left just a soul, an essence 
The storm calls me forth from beneath my roof
Beckoning me into its depth 
I stand among the reeds in the basin 
They dance and sway as if welcoming me
And I sway with them back 
Caught up in the power that charges the air
That threatens to sweep me away 
If the ground will just loosen its hold
The thunder rumbles a low welcoming growl
And I get pleasently lost within it
I am so small compared to its vastness
I close my eyes and succumb to the skies wishes
Rising higher until my feet no longer touch the ground 
My fingertips touch the liquid color of the stars
A sigh drifts from my lips
There is no need of thought to stay afloat
There is no demand to breathe in air
No crushing weight upon my chest
As my lungs struggle to survive
There are no struggles here
I make my bed on blackened clouds
And give in to the call
The storm has claimed me as its own 
It was such a struggle to stay upon the ground
When the storm would call me home

Copyright © Jay Loveless | Year Posted 2013

Details | Lyric |

Dear Lover

Written September 8, 2013

Hey dear lover
Can you make me a believer in another
We both know that it's killing us this way
'Cause the ends of the earth still move
And the falling leaves dance in circles
All around you
Cutting holes in the paper
On which I write this letter
Saying, "I really hope that this gets better"
For the sake of involved
Before this binding resolution gets resolved

But I don't mind chasing thunder
Through the darkest nights
But if I never find the light
Then I just might lose my sight, over you
But what's the use
You've only caused me more and more abuse
That's why I write this letter
Saying, "why'd I ever think that it'd get better"

Copyright © Brandon Carter | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

The Ghost I Knew

Can I catch you
Can you stay?
Forests at wood
There we play
A gentle hand 
That fixed the dress
Brushing tears back
Saving stress
I can not bare
The oaken wave
Only memories
Can I save
I miss your hair
And what it covered
More than a mind
God knows I loved her
The ghost I knew
She rests away
I can not catch you
You can not stay.

Copyright © John Paluszek | Year Posted 2013

Details | Verse |

Philosophical Poetry Week: Transient Tuesday

I am a misprint,
Ink blot on love,
I remain a maybe
Longing for fact,
No speck of lint,
A hand in glove.
Thunder; a baby
Will only react

When you etch
Parallel clouds,
Whistling on cue
To a dead town.
Dream a sketch
Of silent crowds
Becoming you,
This boiling crown

Chews thought
Into flagellation.
Holes in the walls
To spy through,
Seeking a sort
Of bricked-up sun.
A heaven of halls,
All leaving you.

Copyright © Dan Keir | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

Moving On

Goodbye sweet friend it's time to go,
Don't act as if you did not know.
Now is the chance for me to show,
You have become my greatest foe
I'm leaving you at dawn.
Remember when we used to be
Like peas in a pod, you and me?
Now all I want is to be free
It's time I'm moving on.

The sun awoke to bless my sky,
Wind has given me wings to fly,
I'm feeling so free, I cannot lie
Turning I whisper one last goodbye,
As I'm leaving you at dawn.
Today has become my greatest test...
Find a field where my seed shall rest
Till when next year I'm a Dandelion pest.
That's why I'm moving on.

09.08. 2014
Written for Anthony Slausen’s Contest Moving On

Copyright © Brenda Meier-Hans | Year Posted 2014

Details | Haiku |


winter whispers hi-

a discoloured Autumn dream

fades,and slowly dies

Inspired by Raul's latest photo

Copyright © Brian Strand | Year Posted 2010

Details | Sijo |

a-w-s- Captcha

as daylight faded, sun seemed to cling to the rim of the earth we stood watching in silence, as if this were a final farewell soon, all that was left were clouds, and the sound of the late tide
______________________________ 4/15/15 For Judy Kono's Contest: "Captcha

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |

Circle of Majesty

From alpha to omega,
From leader to the led,
A slow, relentless fall from grace
Means all that’s left is death.

Once you ruled with steely gaze,
A proud and fearless growl;
Courageous stance and quicksilver mind,
 A flawless, stealthy prowl. 
Once proudest of sires, most treasured of mates,
Now widowed, aged, bowed;
You follow the pack that once you led;
Your children rule you now.

In time, a time not far away,
You’ll leave the pack and roam.
All alone, you’ll lead again,
And death will bring you home.

Copyright © Mary Oliver Rotman | Year Posted 2015

Details | I do not know? |


Long ago,the guinea fowls congregated 
Clourfully and innumerably 
And sang sweet songs 
And played in the savanah
They sang for the for the antelopes 
To leap  and dance in the beautiful grass lands
 The farm boys listened and danced too
And their hearts were merry

At night around the fire the folk tales were interesting;
The wild dogs barked ;
The nightjars called peacefully;
The owls clamorous,booming hoot was heard 
The starry fireflies flashed in courtship elaborate dances

But the conflagrations came 
And swept across the grass lands and bushvelds
The axemen were merciless ;
And by their millions the trees were severed
The poachers were ruthless 
And the animals wild knew not more peace
The guinea fowls were poisoned 
The nature loving farm boys beheld 
All this chapter in heavy hearted silence
The guinea folws and other song birds 
Shall never sing again
And the times shall never be better again.

Copyright © RAYMOSE JOSI | Year Posted 2015

Details | Alliteration |


Flames roared through the nights sky. 
A glimpse of blue still protruded through the flames. 
The heat warmed the mortals below. 
They believed that this was a great night. 
The sky emulated a beautiful red color. 
The color was extraordinary with remnants of blue. 
They believed that they were all safe. 
They were not nearly as safe. 
They were witnessing Armageddon. 
The war between good and evil. 
For no one is safe until judgment day. 
That is the day when the sky will forever remain blue. 
The birds will sing a tune. 
The flowers will bloom. 
That will be the day. 
The day when we will all be ok.

Copyright © stephanie hanvey | Year Posted 2013

Details | Dramatic Verse |

Tragic Feather

Oh, tragic feather what is thy tragedy
No longer freedom gay or certian loft
How is this thy new translation
From a majesty, unto a wing thou hath mighty dropped

Were thou thus, shunned, cast away 
Or merely, cut out or off
As limb from downward spiral angel
Perhaps, a troubled finch or insanity in wayward hawk

Lie, if thou must, be it amidst a deafening silence, lonesome soft
But, I plead, please tell me fallen feather, what hath befallen thee
Thy tuft to ne’er evermore touch again
What life should be, warmth of the summer's breeze

Sleep, sleep now 'neath the alley's gutter greys 
Catching Weeping Willows damning drops
Adrift as the drowning lily dying
In seas of the myriad scattered rots

An accomplice I shall say, within a winter's willing white
And alas, buried ordinary in this doth the corpse delight
Far beneath the crowds held at bay and forever lost
Now thou hath become the naked grove of wicker and then...
                                   the more of naked souless crops

Copyright © Michael Smith | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

A Turtle to Remember

A Turtle to Remember

I caught a very beautiful turtle on my fishing line
took it off quickly to release before it was hurt but.....
it's shell and mystery took a magical hold of me
I carried that very sweet beauty home you see
Showed my father what a great prize I had caught
soon showed that beauty to everyone I knew
My pet needed a new name, one with great fame
A Hannibal, Napoleon, Alexander or Cyrus the Great
three days it took to find a name for my fine pet
It was settled,  his name would be Jessie James
Dad merely smiled but six brothers laughed loudly
I did not care for they knew so very little
After all Jessie James knew me so very well
On day number nine little Jessie no longer looked fine
color was off and he hardly dared to move in his box
Dad took charge and ordered me to hurry and release Jessie
release him in the river before he took his last breath
A sad day when I had to let my beautiful friend go away!
Nothing to do or say, life demands such sacrifice
Fishing same spot nine years later saw a huge turtle
watching me for about three hours before swimming close by
I swore it was Jessie James visiting me for old times sake
Six brothers laughed so heartily but they know so very little!

Based on my times with my pet turtle, Jessie James .
I was six years old when I caught him and about 15 when he 
visited me again. The years only made him more beautiful!!!
As it always does that which we truly love!
Turtles are meant to be free....

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2014

Details | Sonnet |

nature poem

Nature sonnet
I have been walking in a domestic land abandoned and
Left to go wild and there is a struggle for dominance among
The trees the olive and carob tree especially
Grow tall and imposing while berry bushes use their long
Claws like talons to attack and hinder a walker by letting him
Bleed and fertilize the ground where cows and mules no 
Longer leaves behind their residue. 
I`m waiting for my favourite plant a small bush so shimmering
light it is transparently green take lift after a few days
To the planet wench they came.
I`m glad the hunting has stopped for now to give animals 
A chance replenished and be shot and hunted by dogs in fall.      

Copyright © jan oskar hansen | Year Posted 2016

Details | Senryu |


The end of the world — 
I will see you all in hell.
May I rest in peace.

Copyright © Dylan Catalano | Year Posted 2012

Details | Rhyme |

EYE Don't See -Part 3-

My eyes
Witness your departure
My eyes
Are dripping with hopelessness…
My eyes start to blur…
Melancholy put me under pressure…
Is there a cure to my disease? 

You don’t see
The shards of hope that once brought us back together
Just let me search for safety
I’m strong enough to realize that I’m no longer
The weakest prey out there…

And I’m left in my solitude…
Do you hear me whimpering like a distraught puppy left on the train tracks?

I’m close to my demise…save me and take me home

Nourish me…and be my beloved friend

Will this friendship last forever?

Hopefully it has no end

Will this cheerful moment help us get along with each other?

Because of you…I feel the need to run 
I keep an eye on you – I worry that you’ll hurt yourself again
Because of you…My freedom is nearly gone
I don’t wanna be caught off guard again
Because of you…EYE can’t picture a solution for our vexing dilemma 
Because of you…eye can’t focus on my long-term goal 

And I’m left in my solitude…
Do you sense that I’m giving in to failure? 
And I’m close to my demise…
Only to find myself disappear…I can’t endure 
The hardships that you place upon me…
Could you boost up my confidence to overcome 
My atrocious anxiety? 

I’m just waiting for some sun
To keep me in good hands…
To strengthen me with perseverance …
I’m just waiting until His son
Leads the world outtah Egypt and reveals to us…
His radiance…His dazzling Kingdom – 
Vibrant with glee

Your undying sympathy dawns upon us
I’m overflowing with indescribable joy  
You’re a candle in the night…
We meet eye to eye…
What a sight…what a precious sight

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2013