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In Gratitude I Bow

_______________________________ In silence and in prayer................. _______________________________ For those who gave everything and never failed to protect for those who left loved ones and tried hard not to look back for those who made it home and for those who's spirits flew on... For you my hat is off in Gratitude I thank God for people like you.. I remember with thanksgiving in painful facets from within each man and women who fought for this country until the bitter end.. Come home my proud soldiers come home once again come home my mighty soldiers come home to mend... In Gratitude I bow... _______________________________ A Debbie Guzzi Contest

Copyright © Rick Parise | Year Posted 2011

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A Book of Soul for The Heartwarmer

One individual called "she" stepped into the sheets of a life story
Sheets that used to be occupied
She walked back and stopped at a chapter which tell the story of an obsolete chamber
A space which stands for behalf of the memory and wounds

A diorama played by shadow
A story with no beginning nor end
They've been there with decent backgrounds and decent light spectrum but called gray
The view was frozen, the chatter was muted, and that feels fell into the melancholy

Those with the outstretched hands which too high to be reached
Those with the self existence but too blind to be seen 
They abandoned as a figure of reserves without knowing the essence of a solace

And that individual creature went on her way back to the labyrinth of time

This time someone seized by the story of a root baste
Those roots were heart in shape and the hue carved a warmth, but once howled a bitterness
This chapter tells the story of a lush tree with the fruit of love
Fruits that contain the complexity of love, passion and a place to berth

And the fruit of love revealed its story to someone

Those who hide behind their false mannerism had carved their name on her shoulder
Those who have offered their hearts and bent on their knees 
Those who play fire in a lust, fell into a seek
But the love that she wants still unable to cover the part of this story

From the fruit of love to the sheet's of light

This chapter tells the story of an old house with extensive bed of flowers
This house represented the aesthetics, peace and harmony
A house which brings relief, spaciousness and joy
In that house she knelt, release all her mess
To the house the journey was anchored

In every sketches that have been through
None could live without the presence of others too

Obsolete chamber, lush love tree, beautiful bed flowered old house
Those who were involved in each story of the bulkhead of life
Those who were crawling along and came from different angles of infinity
Those who were instantly filled the pieces of shoot and became the shoot

They are the perfect gift for the imperfect souls
Not as a complement nor as a reserves
Yet as the major part of the heartwarming life story

Copyright © Yanny Widjanarko | Year Posted 2012

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My smile

A good dentist is hard to find
the treatments ok
it's the paying I mind.
The background music
makes me relax,
fillings, extractions
you just have the knack.
I'm glad that I don't need
to come back for a while,
And I'd just like to thank you
for giving back my smile.

Copyright © jacque lee | Year Posted 2007

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I am

I am a child learning many new things,
I am into dimmonds and beautiful things,
I am loved,
I am cared for 
I am an adult,
I am recoving from abuse,and physical assult,
I am trusting,
I am gental,
I am mending in my heart,
I am helped by freinds,
I am making a new start.....
Thats just begining.....

Copyright © Jane Gulley | Year Posted 2007

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A word From Your Bartender

Listen here, buddy,
I'm in control.
If you don't like it,
Then go for a stroll.

There is more than one exit,
And I can give you directions.
I don't care what you think,
 I don't need your objections.

I can get to be  a b---h,
In two seconds flat.
I can also be a sweetheart,
There's no question of that.

But here's the bottom line,
It always goes my way.
Do what you like,
Just do as I say.

Written for bartenders everywhere. From a bartender whose seen quite a lot. So 
please give your respect to your local bartender. Especially when she only one 
working, and she's bouncing a fight by herself.

Copyright © Lisa Green | Year Posted 2006

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As the tears roll down my face

As the tears roll down my face 
I worry bout how I'm going to make it 
As the tears roll down my face 
I'm crying because I'm scared 
As the tears roll down my face
I see blury things
Maybe this is how my life always been
I can't see or breath without air 
As the tears roll down my face
I lift my head up and pray
Thanking GOD day after day
As the tears roll down my face
I hold my head up high, cause I fell strong 
As the tears roll down my face 
I wipe my face, because the past is the past
So I got to move on

Copyright © Kimberly Williams | Year Posted 2008

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Thank You for Your Sacrifice

Help given is a wonderful thing.
Giving of your time is quite suitable.
Giving your money, unselfishness showing.
Laboring to clean this world is also very noble.

Yet there is one type of person that stands out
The one that says I will go at the drop of a ball.
Not asking why or where on the commanded shout,
But, stands ready and willing to heed the call.

These are the ones that protect our freedom.
That give us a security that not many know.
They leave families not sure when they will see them.
They sign their name not knowing where they will go.

Our armed forces are the elite of humanity.
They serve not only the US but humankind.
Some giving their life, some their sanity.
All to protect the ones they leave behind.

So I say THANK YOU to the families of the graves now visited.
For the time you have given and family memories lost.
I say THANK YOU, to each veteran and those now enlisted.
For you go even though some have and will pay the ultimate cost.

Copyright © Brian Magness | Year Posted 2011

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Please Be Patient

My dear and wonderful friends
Please be patient with me
I have twenty one of you to 
Thank you see.

Tomorrow I head for Casper
Trying to find the answer
Where I will live out there
Be it buying or renting I don't care.

The weather took a turn
Fooled us all so I must run
Got to get there and back I hope
Get me come answers so I can cope.

Love you and will pick up 
Where I left off when I get back. 
It will be  a week or so 
If I have good luck or it does snow.


Copyright © Marycile Beer | Year Posted 2008

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Friends For Life

I can't tell you how much your friendship means
How dear you are to me
Please always feel free to ask
When you need help to set you free
I can't think what I would do
If you were not a part of my life
I have so much respect for all that you do
I 'd like to think you'd call me if you were in strife.

My dear friend no matter where you go
whatever you do with your life,
Remember I'm the one whose here for you
A friend you can trust and on who you can rely.
You gave me hope and inspiration
You saw me through hardship and pain
You gave the things that I needed most
With you in my life I have so much to gain..

I can't stop thinking about you each day
Or about the help you have given to me
Our friendship is something I'll always hold dear
It is made of our spirits, that are wild and free
Thank you for all the memories we've  made
Along life's pathways that we together went along
We sang and we laughed on this journey of friends
Our friendship is special it will always live on.    


Copyright © Pam Woolford | Year Posted 2011

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If I could enter two

The  other one would say
I don't really know.

Copyright © Nancy Jones | Year Posted 2011

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The purple heart

There's a story id like to tell,
about a strong and brave marine,
a man to be called a true hero,
for all hes been through and seen.
You see this marine was far from home,
serving his country, and fighting with pride,
doing a job only a few can do,
with those very few by his side.
One day he set out,
on a mission that's better left untold,
this marine couldn't have seen it coming,
as a series of events unrolled.
This marine was severly wounded,
and now has to live with the scars of war,
but even though he has a long road ahead,
he'll always remember what he was fighting for.
In honor of this marine,
who did more than his part,
we salute, and thank you,
with the purple heart.

Copyright © Brittany cuneo | Year Posted 2011

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Simple things

I appreciate the simple things in life.
Just  a smile.
A person walking by saying hi.
A person asking me, "how was your day?"
A person asking if everything is ok.

 He always say,"I love you" and kisses me goodnight.
I love it when he tells me,you make me the happiest man in the world.
He says"I'm happy that you're my wife."

I love  a simple conversation about just anything,
anything that comes to mind.
He tells me this girl is cute.
I tell him this dude is fine.

I appreciate the simple things in life.
Like a  phone call.
If I don't answer,Leave a message.
It's better than not calling at all.
You know I always return your call.
I apprecaite the simple things in life.

Copyright © Christy Love | Year Posted 2011

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There have been times in our land
When our nation has had to take a stand.

It first began at Bunker's Hill
Where so many men were then killed.

All through that war with the British King
Men here in America were fighting and dying.

They were the first "Veterans" of the US,
When duty calls, there was always a surplus.

Always men of courage it takes it seems
Like those with Jackson at New Orleans.

There were "Veterans" who fought both South and North
When the country was split, her sons poured forth.

Healing those wounds would take some time
But in the end it came in line.

Of course no one remembers the row with Spain
Where America sent her men once again.

The "War to End All Wars" was more than a saying
As loved ones and sweethearts were left home praying.

Oh, Chateau Thierry, the Argonne, Belleau Wood and more
Are now in our history as battles of that war.

Then came the biggest war of all
When the world went crazy in '39's Fall.

Our "Veterans" were there too,
In Africa, Europe, and the Katmandu.

From Casablanca and Casserein on Africa's shore,
To Sicily, Anzio, Normandy, and the Bastogne's of that war.

The Pacific saw its share of death and hell
From the first bombs at Pearl Harbor to Gaudalcanal.

Many "Veterans" died at Iwo Jima, Saipan, Okinawa too,
They shed their blood for me and you.

After the end, we thought we might have some order,
Until the Communists in Korea crossed the border.

The Vietnam era was one of upheaval and race,
Some "Veterans" coming home even received a spit in the face.

For their part the "Veterans" were not to blame,
And for our country, it was a time of shame.

Dessert Storm and Dessert Shield put them in the MidEast
Where terror reigns with sate for a feast.

Yet, the soldier, sailor, or airman know,
If his country calls, he must go.

They follow the traditions of other "Veterans" you see,
They put their lives on the line for both you and me.

To the ones who have worn our country's uniform I say
"Thank You, Veteran", we should honor you with more than one day!

Copyright © Daniel Cwiak | Year Posted 2010

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T houghtfully open heart in thankfulness
H onoring God for graciousness, unlimited access

A nd remeber all things in appreciativeness
N ot forgetting air we breath, blue sky we have in excess

K nights and princesses; children of the Living God
S ing a joyful song praising Him don't put on grand facade

G ive of yourself in thanks and rejoice in His love
I nvite the Holy Spirit to dwell within your heart dove

V ictory can be yours each step of the way my friend
I f time in God's presence in praise and worship daily spend

N ow is the time in His presence and purpose to remain
G ratitude said for all of life's pleasures even life's pain.

S tillness and quiet each day spend time thank God for each and everyone

This is a combination Acrostic and couplets..
My understanding that Acrostics do not rhyme but mine is actually couplets written in poulter's measure..A person who sold eggs would sometimes give a dozen eggs for a price and sometimes if the hens were laying extra good a person would get 14 eggs of the same price..Lucky them..So 12/14 in rhyming couplets..

Sponsor: Kim Merryman
Contest: Count Your Blessings
Date Written: Monday, November 19, 2012


Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2012

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My Cross

My parents fed me from the bread of life
I ate each day until I had my fill
They both worked hard so they could pay the price
And taught me not to lie and not to steal
One day I packed my bag and picked a road
With suitcase full of values gifted me
And let me tell you they are quite a load
I dragged them up a hill so I could see
Looking 'cross the valley of the shadows
I saw the place that I would like to go
A garden on the hill, past the meadow
My bag became my cross, my heavy load
Their souls have been ingrained into this cross
It's up to me to carry it across

an original poem by the "poemdog" Daniel Turner

Copyright © Daniel Turner | Year Posted 2016

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Friends Are Our Rainbows

I think of you often,
with your distant smile,
forever my friend,
with your beautiful style.

Your message of love,
comes from a call,
be strong my friend,
keep your spirit tall.

So gentle you speak,
lifting your head to the sky,
giving all the glory,
to Jesus on high.

Friends can comfort,
although separated by miles,
knowing what to say,
God's gift to His child.

Always ready,
you listen, and care,
no matter the time,
you are always there.

Right by my side,
your presence is near,
with your gentleness,
I cherish so dear.

Friends are our rainbows on a cloudy day...
This poem was written for my sister-in-law
and beautiful friend, Marie Prance.

Copyright © Christy Hardy | Year Posted 2009

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Blame it on the alcohol

4 Dimensional girl
In a 3 dimensional world
I always feel out of sync
So I drink
Funny how wine
Makes me feel fine
Being in this world but not of it

Copyright © Scarlett Crittenden | Year Posted 2011

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A College Professor Retires

The days become years fading into life
a few tears, some laughs and many friendships
The brightness of your dedication will shine through
all the lives you taught and touched
What a wonderful life to reflect and build on
enjoy and be Blessed
Thank you.

Copyright © Fritz Purdum | Year Posted 2015

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our Lord is  
 Awesome our Lord is


with out Jesus there is no CHRISTmas, no hope no future, thank you Lord for the gift of life and salvation Amen. and thank you for the gift of acrostics and for touching my heart every single day Amen..
with out Jesus there is no CHRISTmas, no hope no future, thank you Lord for the gift of life and salvation Amen. and thank you for the gift of acrostics and for touching my heart every single day Amen.. hapy christmas every one xx

Copyright © diane christian | Year Posted 2011

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Thank you

Thank You...
                                                                Sharon Moemise
For the sun that burns unhealthily
For the wind that blows continuously 
A baby's cry that knows no end
A moment of silence that's heaven sent.

For waking up from under a newspaper
Rain pelting on a cardboard shelter
The stench of city air pollution
Music banging, chains rattling, much confusion

A drunk staggering across the street
An old man so tired, dragging his feet
For a flea infested wall of homeliness
Lives lived day to day, in darkness

Squalid water dripping from a leaky tap
A house pet under a tree for a  quick nap
For all kind of pain that cut like a knife
Thank You Lord...for giving us life


Copyright © Maria Sharon Moemise | Year Posted 2015

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So Much To Be Thankful for

In my life so wonderful
I have many, many blessings 
To share with you, a few this day
Though many I am missing.

My family...and most of all...
My husband.
My home - so full of life
My garden - lush and vibrant
My job - my livelihood
My city - thriving and dynamic
Health - it allows me to enjoy the rest!
Opportunities for growth (they are everywhere)
My ability for self expression
My desire for knowledge
The safety I enjoy,
Living in my bountiful country
The food in my kitchen
The clothes in my closet
My flaws - they make me unique and interesting
My attributes - they balance out the flaws 
And finally, most of all,
Thankful for
Who I am and the life I live...
A great blessing indeed!

(This is my entry for the Count Your Blessings poetry contest)

Copyright © T.L. Drover | Year Posted 2010

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You Gave Me A Smile

You gave me a smile,  a stranger, how nice,
I didn't even know you, I didn't have to joke or entice,
you gave me a smile, a stranger, how nice.

A smile, such a simple thing to do,
you reminded me of that too,
You gave me a smile, a stranger, how nice.

Your smile has affected me all day,
made me smile at him , instead of what I really wanted to say,
You gave me a smile, a stranger, how nice.....

                        Thanks Carol Brown

Copyright © Christine Vancooney | Year Posted 2006

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Heart : Opened Only Once

She sat silently , Suffering Sorrow
Believing, Baby’s Breath, Beauty
Time the Turmoil , that threatens “Tomorrow”
Her Heart helped him Heal his Hypnotized Heart
Diligently  Doing Daydreams’ Duty
Another Amazing Addition :  “ART “

Inspired by the Contest : “ Alliteration Poems Please “
Sponsored by : John  (Moses)  Freeman
Dedicated to : John MOSES  Freeman

Copyright © HGarvey Daniel Esquire | Year Posted 2011

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Thank You Lofty Hearts

There have always been those with lofty aspirations, And then, there are those with the more lofty hearts. The first may seek to build with donations, But the second will dig in to do their part. Lofty hearts will help their neighbors. They will be there for moral support. They will always bend to do the labor, That will cut the time of need, to short. They are careful to nurture the elderly, Then so very protective of the young. They handle emergencies so expertly, As their song so often goes unsung. But a thank you is always in order, If we would only open our eyes. For as they dissipate the disorder, They bring thankful tears to the souls who cried. Thank you for your heart Thank you for easing the pain. And Thank You for easing those cries, With the hope and love that your lofty heart contains. Dedicated to my fathers neighbors Judy and John Who were the first responders to help save him from the dark.

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2012

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How This Started

The room was unusually dark that tinny night,
As music and laughter replaced the light,
Toasts were given for proud glories earned,
As horrors of war exploded and burned.

My warrior father, the subject of such great acclaim,
My worrier mother forgot to bring me a plate,
And my brothers all dressed in their best Sunday clothes,
Had to act proper and do as they were told.

For the party they would roam,
While I remained quietly in my room,
...beyond the stares of the crowd,
And people in whom Dad was proud.

I was free from ties and shoes,
I was free from table manner rules,
But I missed being included,
And grew tired of being secluded.

You see, way back in the day,
Everyone knew the proper way,
To hide a retarded kid,
Especially one who looked as I did.

But I really have to tell you it was great,
I mean you didn't even have to sit up straight,
Then at seven it came crashing down,
I accidentally proved I was mentally sound.

With a simple operation to uncross my eyes,
And a few simple tests for I.Q. size,
The kid with promise grew from that kid retarded,
And that, my friend, was just how this started.

Copyright © My Gull Wheels On | Year Posted 2007

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Giving Thanks

Great is the need for the multitude
In their hour of pain of great solitude
Voices seem to come from everywhere
In their hearts time seems to be despair 
Never grasping the reality of grace
Given by many for the human race

Those that don’t seem to notice kindness
Having seen it every day of their existence
And they seem to struggle each day
Not giving thanks and gentleness away
Knowing that there are many that need
Some thanks that we can give indeed

Entrant into Kim Merryman's "Counting Your Blessings" contest


Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2012

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 To my unborn son 
     The title I've tried to erase from my mind 
The thoughts that are deep emotional pains
The reality I hate to face
The demons that I fear may haunt me years to come

Maybe if I never stepped on that plane years ago
     My life would be different 
Maybe.....I would be more happy and content 

To my faith, to my belief 
To my blessings 
To the dreams that became true
My hard work that paid off
The angels that I meet daily, my gifts, my gratitude 

To my new dreams
To my new goals, new desires, new plans
To my new eyes
The calm in me, the self control I exercise 
The will power, the abilities 
The possibilities....

Copyright © njeri hunjeri | Year Posted 2015

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& I’m just so thankful that you’re all still around,
that I didn't burn all of my bridges right down,
that I haven't exceeded the times I'm allowed
to call you and tell you how simply the sound
of your voice through the years kept my feet on the ground.

Copyright © Kelly Greer | Year Posted 2012

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Please Read

I googled the internet  “Contest Poems for money”
I didn't know what I was doing since I didn't have many

But, I needed a way to vent with words I could use to create
Taking me to worlds I would appreciate

Much therapy needed, I thought I had found a way
Writing was an outlet I had discovered that day

Poetry Soup was the name of the game
I clicked on the icon, and enrolled my name

I found an old poem from my wedding day
So, I thought I would put it on display

Two comments appeared in my “In-box”
I replied and things began to unlock 

I have various poems of all types
And friends write me, this I like

They support me through my struggles with grief
Poetry Soup was what gave me relief

Thank you to all my friends in cyberspace 
And, thank you to PS for providing a creative place!

©Holly P. Moore
   December 2012

Dedicated to all of you for your comments and support, always....xxoo.....
I have proudly been a member since August 2012

Copyright © HOLLY MOORE | Year Posted 2012

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Daddy Your My Hero

Daddy I remember, I was probably about three, all the times you made me laugh, like when 
you tickled me.

Daddy I adored you, even when I made you mad, youv'e always taken care of me, through 
the good times and the bad.

Daddy I remember, when you would play guitar, and we would sing to grandma, to me you 
were a star.

Didn't have much money, and when mom went away, you worked, cleaned and cooked for 
us, and taught us how to pray.

Then one day I turned sixteen, a real tough age for me, didn't always think things through 
and acted selfishly.

All I ever meant to do was make you proud of me, I'm sorry if I wasn't who you expected 
me to be.

Daddy I was hurting too, you also caused me pain, and just like you I sometimes felt I was 
about to go insane.

Daddy it is true that you have given me a lot, because you only wanted me to have the 
things you never got.

Daddy I appreciate the things youv'e bought for me, but the happiest Iv'e ever been was 
when we barely had a thing.

The love and trust between us then was very special to me, and there's no amount of money 
that could replace those memories.

Daddy what I'm getting at is no matter what you do, there's nobody else on earth that could 
ever hold a candle to you.

Because it takes a special man to raise two kids alone, nobody helped you do it, you did it 
on your own.

Daddy your my hero, the good times outweigh the bad, because God gave me the best 
daddy a girl could ever have.

Copyright © Tonya LaDona Sullivant | Year Posted 2010