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A New Day, A New Dawn

A new day, a new dawn
Last year is gone
A new hope, a new cheer
This year is here

The beginning of a new year
A time for new starts
The beginning of a new year
The hope of many hearts

When the clock strikes midnight
The whole world goes alight
When the clock strikes midnight
Our spirits take flight

With the hope of a new day , a new dawn 
Because Last year is gone

But isn’t it a little strange
That we think this way
Because today is 
just the same
As any another day

Every day has a midnight
Every day has new light
Every day has a dawn
And every yesterday is gone
Every day can be a new start
And every day we can have hope in our hearts

So this year live every day with a resolution
To make your life a glowing contribution
To your family, your friends and to your world
So that when the hope of new years is gone 
Every day will be a new day
Every day will have a new dawn
And every yesterday will be gone

Copyright © Roland Fleming | Year Posted 2013

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Magic Beans

I've waited all Winter for the cold and snow to pass, I've planted some beans I hope they grow fast. I planted them with love and lots of tender care, but these little beans you see are truly quite rare. I got them from a Fairy just living down the block, she handed them to me with a smile it was the last few she had in stock. "Plant them right away if you want your garden to grow, your plants will be nice and high swaying with beauty to and fro." I waited for an entire week they were as high as a ten storey home, I was extremely happy with their growth out to the garden I did roam. I invited the Fairy up to see I was giggling with much joy, when I saw so many Fairies fluttering there were hundreds of girls and boys. My magic beans had come alive I've got my own Fairy trees, I thanked the Fairy from down the block as I danced around filled with glee. Copyright © Cynthia Jones Jan.4/2015 Sponsored By: Poet Destroyer A

Copyright © Cynthia Jones | Year Posted 2015

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Serene Calm -Haiku-

Wind has stopped blowing the storm has finally passed serene calm ahead. Copyright © Cynthia Jones Jan.10/2015

Copyright © Cynthia Jones | Year Posted 2015

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Looking Back On 2015

Retook a relationship, 
With an old friend, chip. 

Bought lots of new clothes, 
There weren’t any woes.

Became a vegetarian, 
Not an authoritarian. 

Got back to YouTube,
More of the mind cube. 

Wrote evolution essay, 
Not creationism heavy. 

Wrote about my brother, 
Who was often my other. 

Contacted a technology OT,
I’m not special blatantly. 

Downloaded a course,
Won’t become hoarse. 

Wrote lots of poetry, 
Not ashamed, openly.

Copyright © Rhoda Monihan | Year Posted 2016

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From my porch
Wrap up with extreme-cold weather clothing
The January sun bathes weakly through the early morning grounds
I seek alone by such astonished far-fat mountain-side
When some dared rabbits at burrow doorway gazing
Like a thief at the overheated clouds!

Copyright © George Zamalea | Year Posted 2013

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Never be it said that new beginnings can’t be obtained
The endless quest for happiness and futures ordained
Surely worn us all down – books scoured for inspiration
Folk-lore/Yarns embraced for our life’s path preparation
Memory, an eager companion to chastise us and torment
Time we’ve been allotted wasted on slights to ferment
Looking to bring some relief to others in their dire need
This is what brings joy to souls rich in the art of forgiving 
Looking in the mirror, inwardly: What do we see and striving
To portray to an outside world? In ignorance, we aim to please
Others are equally busy with their lives; sense of a new lease
On Life. Each calendar marking public festive holidays to celebrate
Thus, in effect wishing our time away, wasted on endless freight
Of regrets; only to be put aside briefly during this Holy Season

SUMMERY: A message within a message (two unrhymed lines), therefore, My New Year's Wishes:
1. Looking to bring some relief to others in their dire need;
2. Of regrets; only to be put aside briefly during this Holy Season.

BTW:  Ethiopia, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, the Republic of Macedonia, and the Republic of Moldova celebrate Christmas on what in the Gregorian calendar is January 7

Please see the About section regarding this form of an Acrostic poem.

Copyright © Suzette Richards | Year Posted 2012

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Winter -Tanka-

Winter is a blast I take so many pictures of falling snow flakes individual branches stick out, they are so unique. Copyright © Cynthia Jones Jan.16/2013 I got a new camera a couple of weeks ago and I am loving the pictures that it takes. I wish I could post the picture that goes along with this write.

Copyright © Cynthia Jones | Year Posted 2015

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January Thaw -Monorhyme-

The snow begins again thaw came to an end Spring's around the bend flowers, it will send. Copyright © Cynthia Jones Jan.16/2013 The thaw lasted for about a week. A lot of the snow melted. Now, it's back.

Copyright © Cynthia Jones | Year Posted 2015

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This Past Year

I think about this past year... It “came and went…” I wonder that kind of life have I really spent? It almost seems like yesterday that I was a young man… “I had the world in the palm of my hand.” I had many goals, ambitions and dreams. I wanted to enjoy life and do so many things. Looking back on time and how quickly it’s gone by. I gaze up into the beauty of the stars in the sky. As I get older and think about another “resolution.” I find myself with another problem with no “solution.” I think about a God... Who made all of this a possibility! He’s offered to me love, hope and tranquility! I’m going to make a new commitment this January 1st. No matter if things get better… Or things get worse… I’m going to give my life and family to God above. And ask him to bless our home with his mercy and love. I’m going to try to live for him the best way I know. And seek his blessings wherever I may go! I’m going to give to God a love and strong commitment. It’s only in him where I’ll find true fulfillment! There’s an important fact, I shall always remember… God is with me from January thru December! He will be there to guide each step that is taken! With him in my life… I’m never alone or forsaken! By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2012

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Happy New Year

Ladies and Gents, 

I come bearing full my compense, 

For all of my misgivings causing reader repents, 

Upon further review, 

the message I was trying to construe, 

at times crossed over boundaries that originate in the pew, 

Fortwith presently I swear, 

forswearing manner seen debonair, 

I shalt tone down the rhetoric whilst maintaining it's flair, 

To those in the know, 

whispers abound my style has begun to plateau, 

this has filled me with anguish and tempestuous woe, 

from my hedonistic head to my calloused big toe, 

My blessed constitution moves forward yet forcefully with no fear, 

For my resolutions, with some substitutions, I shalt devoutly adhere, 

As we embark on this journey to the 2013 frontier, 

I endeavor to wish All of you Good Tidings and a Happy New Year!

Copyright © Donald Reith | Year Posted 2012

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January Stance

Look and review.  Look and review.
The New Year is coming.  Review’s what we do.
What have I believed in? What lies have been told?
What truth has ascendance? For truth is my gold.
What lies have invaded and reworked the Truth?
Where have I departed, diminished forsooth?
Where have I veered off from true Liberty’s path,
Compromised integrity, brought on God’s wrath.

The New Year is coming.  A new slate is here.
History’s drawing new pictures of fear.
Will it be fear of what people might say,
Or fear of the Good Lord who loves us today.
Shall I pay attention to cultural lies?
Or shall I look Heavenwards, one of God’s spies
Who constantly roam around Heavenly places
To bring back its perfumes in kindness and graces.

The spies of our Father have wisdom to go
From a closet of prayer to the big world below
With the gifts of the Spirit, of wisdom in kind,
Knowledge  un-natural, miracle mind.
So how may I check that my pathway lies true?
More time in the Heavenly places is due,
That the words of my mouth, which are weapons enough,
May achieve on this earth all His miracle stuff!

Copyright © Helen Murray | Year Posted 2011

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Be True

    "Instinctively, people know whoyou are 
through your deeds.
     Be true to yourself, because its harmful 
otherwise, when a lie becomes' the truth."
               Ken Jordan/2014

Copyright © Ken Jordan | Year Posted 2014

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Arrogance At Its Best

With this t.v. show I am very obsessed, "House" is the name arrogance at its best. I tune in every Tuesday at 10:00pm, to be exact, to see what he'll do or who will get the ax. Certain things he says truly makes me laugh, he thinks he knows what he's doing and some, may think he's a quack. His fellow professionals argue but, that doesn't get them anywhere, he cuts them off at the knees honestly, they don't have a prayer. He has made judgements against people, he doesn't know, but, he has to learn to calm down instead of running to and fro. He may be a freak of nature but, that's what defines him from the rest, he knows how to get under your skin and causes a lot of stress. Certain things I don't agree with but, it's arrogance, at its best, with the t.v. show "House" I'm not ashamed to admit, I'm obsessed. Copyright © Cynthia Jones Jan.22/2008

Copyright © Cynthia Jones | Year Posted 2015

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Those city's snowfalls in January
come down to earth surprisingly...
to induce an ideal stillness,and make
with an impressive effect,
lovely sceneries to be instilled
inside the inquisitive and perceptive mind!

Fluffy and swirling snowflakes
give glitter and beauty
to lifeless and drooping trees
sheltering the holly's shrubs,
which are fearful of showing  entirely
their frozen berries;
and who isn't happier than
a fumbling mockingbird...
vanquishing danger
and not being heard?

Hill tops are swarmed by teens
so confident and daring...
while sliding downhill
on snowboards delirously
and whenever they come to a stop:
they are shouts and cheers
so encouragingly;
imagine life without them: 
neither joy or event
will be rembered by us,
who cherished the thrill
of those days when we laughed a lot!

The tallest pine trees,ever to grow,
attract birds needing shelter and more...
and to hear and see swift blue-jays humming
their harmonious and cheerful notes,
while fleeing brench to brench,
is so inspiring and heart-warming...
not ever lamenting winter's pinch,
rather celebrating life with gladness!

Those city's snowfalls in January
are unique,pretty and breatless
as we draw ourselves closer to Nature...
when tranquillity is there to conquer us;
and we lose ourselves into it with ardor...
to amend our neligence and feel serenity!

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2006