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Details | Carpe Diem |

I must Carpe Diem

I used to live life full of dreams 
Planning, for many years to come.
Where I will be, when I will go,
A future that was filled with fun.

Till the day my life was shattered.
Till the day when the hammer struck.
All my dreams now torn asunder 
Nowhere to hide, nowhere to duck.

I stood my battles, fought the fight 
We gathered and said our goodbyes,
Yet through all of your brave faces,
I could still hear the silent cries.

Last Will and Testament written,
Everything important was said,
“I love you,” still that magic word,
I’d sleep in peace tucked in my bed.

Then something magical happened,
I came back from places of dread.
Now more a part of the living,
Each day I get stronger instead.

Now I know what’s most important
Enjoy precious moments each day,
Learned not to live for tomorrows
That just might not come anyway.

I enjoy each sip of coffee,
Watching leaves turn colours and fly,
Kisses from my sweet little dog,
Every time I see a blue sky.

The music of my Children’s voices,
Love of family never ends,
Carpe Diem, just seize the day,
That is my new motto my friends.

Written 10.25.2014
For Regina Riddle’s Contest 
Seize the Moment (Carpe Diem)

James 5:15
And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise them up.

Living for the moment makes everything more special.

Copyright © Brenda Meier-Hans | Year Posted 2014

Details | I do not know? |

Solomon Mahlangu: My Blood will Nourish the Tree that will Bear the Fruits of Freedom

(special thanks to a friend who shared this tribute to Solomon Mahlangu)

Solomon Mahlangu: My Blood will Nourish the Tree that will Bear the Fruits of Freedom:

Solomon Mahlangu was trained as an MK soldier with a view to later rejoining the struggle in the country.

He left South Africa after the Soweto Uprising of 1976 when he was 19 years old, and was later chosen to be part of an elite force to return to South Africa to carry out a mission commemorating the June 16th 1976 Soweto student uprising.

After entering South Africa through Swaziland and meeting his fellow comrades in Duduza, on the East Rand (east of Johannesburg), they were accosted by the police in Goch Street in Johannesburg.

In the ensuing gun battle two civilians were killed and two were injured, and Mahlangu and Motloung were captured while acting as decoys so that the other comrade could go and report to the MK leadership.

Motloung was brutally assaulted by the police to a point that he suffered brain damage and was unfit to stand trial, resulting in Mahlangu facing trial alone.

He was charged with two counts of murder and several charges under the Terrorism Act, to which he pleaded not guilty.

Though the judge accepted that Motloung was responsible for the killings, common purpose was argued and Mahlangu was found guilty on two counts of murder and other charges under the Terrorism Act.

On 15 June 1978 Solomon Mahlangu was refused leave to appeal his sentence by the Rand Supreme Court, and on 24 July 1978 he was refused again in the Bloemfontein Appeal Court.

Although various governments, the United Nations, International Organizations, groups and prominent individuals attempted to intercede on his behalf, Mahlangu awaited his execution in Pretoria Central Prison, and was hanged on 6 April 1979.

His hanging provoked international protest and condemnation of South Africa and Apartheid.

In fear of crowd reaction at the funeral the police decided to bury Mahlangu in Atteridgeville in Pretoria.

On 6 April 1993 he was re-interred at the Mamelodi Cemetery, where a plaque states his last words:

‘My blood will nourish the tree that will bear the fruits of freedom.

Tell my people that I love them.

They must continue the fight.’

Mahlangu died for a cause!


The Struggle Continues…

(special thanks to a friend who shared this tribute to Solomon Mahlangu)

Copyright © Scribbler Of Verses | Year Posted 2013

Details | Dramatic monologue |

Memorial Day

It's not about barbeques,
Hamburgers and franks
It's a day set aside,
For offering our thanks,
For those who died,
Or were injured or maimed
To fight against evil,
Whatever it's named

Pity that God couldn't 
Give them this day,
To let them come back home,
To their families and stay

Just one day a year
To retaste their love,
And let their dear souls,
Know how we think of them
While they're above,

They sacrificed their greatest gift
To keep us safe 
Though in sadness we drift

No more Thanksgiving dinners,
Movies or pies,
Just a host of loved ones
Who can't dry their eyes

I salute you dear brothers in arms,
Men, women, children with innocent charms,
You've done your job,
So adequately well,
It's up to us now,
We live in hell.
Sorrow so heavy
we bend at the knees
No trick or substitution
Ever will please

We hang up your picture
But it doesn't talk back
The love we did share,
We now sorely do lack

Your family and friends,
And your whole country too
Does cry for your sacrifice,
And salute you.

Copyright © tom bell | Year Posted 2008

Details | Rhyme |

Time to Go in loving memory of my mother

My mom was a strong woman, and stubborn too,
Yet she had a soft side, between me and you.
That side she would show, when you least expected,
But let me tell you, she was well respected.

Mom was quite unique, and was one of a kind,
She was set in her ways, so keep that in mind.
The youngest of nine, she had gotten her way,
Spoiled by her siblings’, almost every day.

Right out of high school, she had married my dad,
Blessed with three children, plus fifty years they had.
They both were hard workers, in all that they did,
My dad taught himself, from when he was a kid.

My mom was a smoker, for forty-six years,
Some day it would happen, she’d face all her fears.
Lung cancer she had, and inoperable too,
Her time on this earth, would be shortened we knew.

Radiation and Chemo, had done their thing,
Remission set in, tears of joy it did bring.
We would go out at night, to shop and to talk,
I knew she enjoyed, getting out for a walk.

Two years had gone by, after Thanksgiving Day,
Her pain had returned, but was afraid to say.
She’d lie on the couch; it was strength she did lack,
We knew in our hearts, that the cancer came back.

We shared lots of laughter, but many a tear,
I tried to assure her, she’d nothing to fear.
“Please watch over your dad, this one thing I ask.”
“I know it will be, quite a difficult task.”

One morning in March, Hospice called us to say,
You may want to come, for she’s slipping away.
For the night before, mom told me to stay home,
“Be there for your kids, you can call me by phone.”

When we all arrived, for a moment she woke,
Her eyes said it all, not a word had she spoke.
We stayed by her bedside, just holding her hand,
“It’s time to let go mom, we all understand”.

A few days had passed, not ready to let go,
For it had been raining, but letting up slow.
The sun began shining, the clouds disappeared,
Opening the heavens, for mom’s time has neared.

We gathered together, her forehead we kissed,
Whispering so softly, how much she’d be missed.
“Your time has arrived mom, just follow the light”,
She left us so peaceful, she gave up her fight.

It was time to drive home, in the car we got,
Then something had happened, while leaving the lot.
Huge drops of rain falling, it had to be fate.
They were tears of joy; she was at heaven’s gate.

Copyright © Kelly Zakerski | Year Posted 2009

Details | Free verse |

A Litany of Thanksgiving

The highway bridges
Remnants of conversation 
Clothed in ethereal blue.
Variform clouds
Stark white or gray
Bandage my heart.

Brother’s litany
Of thanksgiving
Floats above my head.
Mom and dad were
Good parents.
They worked hard.
Cemetery gates swallow us
Sleek and black
Like a raven
Plucking its prey.
Attendees’ musings are
Wetness on the
Road’s cheeks
Tactile as a 
Cat’s tongue
Freshening the spirit

Words of gratitude
Misty as memory’s yesterday
Rich worked hard
He did very well for himself.
Puzzle pieces fit tightly
Brothers’ faces, Sister’s words
Cathartic like a cloak’s
Feathery embraces.

Drops of rain 
Shower blessings
Prayers of thanksgiving
From another time
Diane is a beautiful girl.
Bill is smart.
How is Maureen?

Is he still here?
How do I know?
Sunshine branching
Apple twigs glimmering
Meanwhile traffic
Normal as a busy
Day’s waking and sleeping

The wrought iron gates open
Spilling family out
Like white markers with
Blank dates

Copyright © Kathleen Kroll | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |


The pain I put in the ground.
For such a precious thing.
The family enjoys their meal.
They plant their leftover kernels.
And wait for me to tend to them.
An endless cycle in which happiness is born.

21 February 2013

Copyright © Smail Poems | Year Posted 2013

Details | Villanelle |

A Voyager

I’m just a drifter and yielded nothing No pantry full of food but a few things I cannot take them in time of ending A great beyond that’s life everlasting We come and go even of short notice I’m just a drifter and yielded nothing Good time, pleasures and everything Being too attached with those things I cannot take them in time of ending Abode of the blessed is everything Carry a light load for our readiness I’m just a drifter and yielded nothing I could’ve wished anything amazing I could ever have all the fancy things I cannot take them in time of ending And so a homeless soul is besetting Hanging onto my hat, quiescence-- I’m just a drifter and yielded nothing I cannot take them in time of ending 10.23.16
Special thanks to Fr. Frank Mihalic, SVD

Copyright © Moon Flower | Year Posted 2016

Details | Senryu |

A Sad Thanksgiving Senryu

Somber Thanksgiving- Hospital bedside mourning The turkey has passed

Copyright © Virginia Mitchell | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

The Passing of Time


It was a warm April day, early in Spring
My mind sharply aware of everything 
I heard the buzz of a bee on new spring flowers
I heard birds chirping – I listened for hours

I heard the whine of a small plane in the blue
And thought, for a moment, I'd like to fly too
As my thoughts soar along on this beautiful day
I blinked, only once, and then it was May

I marveled at this and knew only too soon
That in the twinkling of an eye, it would be June 
How quickly time flies when we look at events
We wonder and ponder just where the time went

There suddenly seems to be a chill in the air
The leaves have fallen – the trees are all bare
We gather the family for Thanksgiving Day
And know that Christmas is not far away

But what's that I hear, as my thoughts start to spin
It's that bee in the flowers buzzing again
Where did the time go?  I ask myself
I wish I could keep it in a box on a shelf

But time marches on, and days fly away
And we must realize that time cannot stay
Each day can not be the same as the last
There's a future beyond us and a time that has passed

As you're reading these words, written some time ago
There's something I wish you all to know
On earth, time will end for you and for me
But in Heaven with our Lord, it's for eternity

	Curtis Moorman
	3 April 2005

Copyright © Curtis Moorman | Year Posted 2010

Details | Acrostic |

Gratitude 2015


2   Two family members died this past year.
0   Zero was the amount of my last raise.
1   One car needs new tires, the other new brakes. 
5   Five trips to my oncologist since June.

G   Gratitude understands that God is near.
R   Remembering the still, peaceful waters,
A   anyone could acknowledge His blessings. 
T   Turbulent spheres call for more patient faith - -
I    insight into an overgrown forest.
T   To give thanks when the terrain is hilly
U   underlines our belief that God knows best. 
D   Deep faith disregards difficulties
E   expressing praise for 2015.

posted 6 Jan 2016

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |


I bought me a fine turkey
Kept her in her pen
That special day was fast approaching
The turkey feared, as smiled the mother hen

To be thankful for so much
Or so little
As I set the table for one
I realized
The futility of it all
So I set the table for two
Me and the turkey
Had a fine time
Gobbling up whiskey
And discussing avian wines

The candles burned to their wicked wicks
Life was up to her usual tricks

I gazed at the Turkey
As she gazed at me
Which one of us would be first
To eternity

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |

The Bridged Breach

A demised man without
Jesus is dead.
So also living soul without
Jesus manifested
for purposes,
What purposes?
The hopeless.                 
to receive hope,
To set the captives free,
Destroying forces 
Of darkness.
With thirty pieces;he
Dark forces defeated.
Our sins forgiven,sure
Access to the father.
Breach in Adamic time,
Put in oblivion by lasting
access granted.
His love is lasting.
The death of Jesus!
Lo He has resurrected!
He lives!

Copyright © Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu | Year Posted 2013

Details | I do not know? |

MLK - 1929 - 1968

(January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968)

they shot you down
all those years ago


your dream lives on
and always will

for though much has been
gained since you dreamed
your dream

there is much to fight for
and much more to struggle for

and much, much more
to fight for still

your dream resounds in
our hearts and we pledge 
this to you today
for though they shot you down
all those years ago on a memphis day
we shall overcome
this we do believe
deep in our hearts
we shall overcome

(for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)

Copyright © Scribbler Of Verses | Year Posted 2013

Details | Prose Poetry |

For Dead Poets That Yet Live

 For Dead Poets Who Yet Live

The earth swallowed you—
spitting out seeded words
 to linger like dusty books; 
pages yellowing on rotting shelves.

Like your blood,
your ink well has dried—died.

we go in search of mangers—seeking 
the resurrected word—crying out.

Old poets—at last—die; but
their words are reborn
in the pregnant minds left behind.

Copyright © millard lowe | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |

The Night of Unleavened Bread

Matzos slip into their mouths
Voices project merrily...tonight is
The night of Unleavened Bread

Lamb and other delicious
Meats and veggies... satisfies our taste buds 
What a splendid night it is!

Wine's brewin' in our wine cups
The dinner table - creates pleasant talk 
During this meaningful night

There's moments of quietude 
When it comes to de-leavening our lives
But, there's moments of gladness

On this night of peacefulness
Cheesecake - a delightful treat to savor 
During this night of pure bliss

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2013

Details | Verse |

A Song Sung

Because life is a short and fragile thing
I'll take the time to play and sing
And because life is dear and lasts only so long
I'll spend my days in games and song

Not a day goes by where I'm not face-to-face
With the joy and the strength of the young
And I pass not one day's embrace
Without hearing a song that is nearly sung

Each day will take one soul away 
From me, so I'll cherish whom I am among
And the things that come so easily 
Will bring pain before my song is sung

As it approaches what matters is made clear
And no thought is wasted as it draws near
With purpose I seek and hold to what's dear
And to be forgotten becomes my only fear

There is no way to know the last day
So today I will play and sing
And love and cherish whom I am among
And never forget when a song's been sung

Copyright © Brett Teal | Year Posted 2016

Details | I do not know? |

Dead on Thanksgiving

(This is a fictional poem)

My cousin ate a big turkey dinner and he was sleepy because of the Triptovan.
We suffered a great tragedy when we lost this man.
While he was driving, he fell asleep at the wheel.
He had a bad crash and he was killed.
They say he died instantly so maybe he wasn't in any pain.
I used to love Thanksgiving but now it will never again be the same.

Copyright © randy johnson | Year Posted 2006

Details | Rhyme |

The Tide Was Rough

I thank thee lord for lifting us in your arms when the tide was rough
Tidal waves swept away our loved ones to your celestial heavens
I thank thee lord for lifting us in your arms when the tide was rough
You helped us to face the scouring realities by making us tough
Life could have been worse, but you saved us from its denizens
Fill my cup with more strength for I know the challenges are never enough
I thank thee lord for lifting us in your arms when the tide was rough

Rondelet-Refrain in line 1, 3, 7
January 3, 2016
Contest: Giving Thanks For 2015
Sponsor: Carol Eastman

Copyright © Balveen Cheema | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |

New Tradition

Turkeys shuffle about, strolling around the farm.
Each passing morning, one day sounding the alarm,
Who would it be this year Sally, Ted, or Mom?
However, this season was secured, ready for farmer Tom.
Thanksgiving was on the horizon, they were conniving.
Fred the youngest Turkey, had a plan he was comprising 
Fred, now the leader of clan, grab farmer Tom right now.
Threw him down on the ground, hypnotized him and how.
Prepared words for that day, he said Tom you want Cow.
Beef tasted better, more then any flapping turkey or sow.
He looked deep into farmer Toms eyes and said very quick.
Start a new tradition, skewer the meat, and grill on a stick.
Your family is much bigger, needing more protein to eat.
Look at all these pigs and turkeys, they will never defeat.
So lean and minuscule, families hunger will never be beat.
Now get up and butcher a cow, time for family to meet.
This began a new tradition, for this time of year of cheer.
Next Thanksgiving time, Fred would hypnotize for deer.
Turkeys danced and sang; Fred kept his pride sincere.
So look out next year, farmer Tom, Deer hunting, is clear.

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2009

Details | I do not know? |


A shadowy death spider crawls upwards 
Grappling at skin, slowly dragging you down 
Creating creases with unforgiving feet 
Clinging first to chin 
No thanksgiving for your turkey neck 
Jowls form, limp, sagging, thin 
Then the spider slips under your mottling skin 
Between joints, dragging heels 
Creaking, chiseling, chipping at cartilage 
Eating your apple, crumbling your bones 
Stealing memories, mocking mobility 
Hair turns from black too silver, and then grey 
A shadow of the former you 
Total bodily betrayal 
And a single, one way ticket, to god know where...

Copyright © cheryle sanders | Year Posted 2012

Details | Epic |

Thanksgiving poem


Copyright © connor curtin | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |

The Man Who Cheated Hell

Nick came to us a broken man in need, dying of cancer,
realizing that to get right with God was his answer.
Knowing God could heal, but if He chose not to do so,
he needed to make sure that he was ready to go.
And so his journey back to God, he did begin
by coming to the altar to repent of his sin.
He followed through with what was preached and advised
that for remission of sins, in Jesus’ name he be baptized.
Down into that baptismal, into a watery grave
washed in the only name that can heal and save.
He was admitted to the hospital the very next day.
It seemed clear to us that he was slipping away.
But of God’s wonderful mercy I can truly boast,
for right there on his hospital bed he received the Holy Ghost.
How God and the angels in heaven must have been so thrilled,
Nick lying there talking in tongues as with the Spirit he was filled.
Although not healed physically, in the hospital he passed away,
that’s not the end of the story of what I need to say.
His finish is a happy one that miraculously ends well.
Through his obedience to the gospel, he triumphantly cheated hell!


This took place over 10 years ago. I still rejoice that Nick was ready to meet the Lord! The photo posted is Nick being baptized.

Copyright © Carol Connell | Year Posted 2017

Details | Couplet |

The Third Day

Do you know,
have you heard

No I don't,
heard not a word

The Romans put to death
the prophet Jesus of Nazareth

It was an awfully sad day
They crucified Jesus on Calvary

We believed Him to be
the Messiah sent to save you and me

But the Romans didn't see it that way,
they hung Him on a cross, such a cruel display

So we must go to our homes with heavy hearts,
praying tomorrow God will make a fresh new start

But this second day feels like the first day,
our souls are still heavy, like the pain will never go away

Fasting and praying is all there's left to do,
any moment the Romans will come for me and you

While in the middle of our tragedy,
the wicked their hearts are filled with glee

They never liked anything the Lord said,
they're so happy that He is now dead

As for us, yes we must continue on,
to teach our children how to remain strong

Do you know,
have you heard

No I don't,
heard not a word

The women came early on this third day,
to anoint Jesus' body that lay in the grave

Ooh, but His body was not there,
as if it disappeared into thin air

They looked everywhere, asked everyone,
where is the Lord's body, what have you done

Two mighty angels told them it has begun,
the Lord has risen like the morning sun

But it was the blessed Mary Magdalene,
who was the first witness to actually have seen

Jesus Christ resurrected,
Jesus Christ perfected

On the third day,
Jesus Christ rose from the grave

It was a glorious new day,
come, let's see Him and get saved

On the third day,
Jesus Christ rose from the grave

Let's thank God for His mercy,
all of our sins got buried that day

Do you now know,
have you now heard

Yes I do,
I heard every word

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2016

Details | I do not know? |

Life as Turkeys

Nice days
Still alive
Eating and eating
I warned you they say
But my brain told me to not listen
My heart told me to listen
Choosing my brain
My heart beating
Worrying about the future
Farmer came
Measuring our weight and fatness
No I say
The farmer chose me
I thank everyone
For warning me
My life is over

Copyright © Tiffany Pham | Year Posted 2015

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last thought

In life we need the simplest things

often we want everything

In so doing we get nothing

In the process losing everything


In times when we want the necessary things

Times when we have nothing 

In lines we wait for something

We will take anything

Because we stand for Nothing


Don’t be fooled by the smile i give (you see)

The lies i breed (you need)

Look between my eyes (to feel)

Read between my lips (in order to find the truth)

In the end (look deep within)

The fights i seem to win (don’t be deceived)

Are battles I fight ceaselessly


Before i leave 

I give you these…words

Words void of anything false

Personal wars fought

Thoughts of things lost

Rights which at time seemed wrong


Let these words fan a flame in you

Loose the chains you use

Ignite a spark in you

To live a fulfilled life

One which you choose



you win

Sometimes you loose

I lived my life like a fool

And there is nothing left or have to prove

There is nothing in this life for me

There is nothing I have any more to give


I leave my very profound thoughts with you

Hoping that they move something in you


Often at times we look inside

Were the questions lie deep begin to rise

With fear we bury them with lies

Lies we tell ourselves that everything will be fine


Here is my advice to you

Don't let anyone bring you down

Wake up

And wipe away that frown

Keep going till you've got the crown

When you reach the top take a look around

Beat your chest and say “now am the man”

“No one can stop me now”

Copyright © ken carlson | Year Posted 2016

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Thankfulness From Birth to Death

Looking back over all of one’s life
one was to stop and ponder so much
so many roads I could have went
but through it you see God’s tender touch

The providence of God is so vast
so many evidences of His divine mark
this fills your heart with real thankfulness
so many times could have been all dark

Count our blessings is a good thing
to remember all God has indeed done
it’s astounding to count them if you can
for they’re so many blessed am I bar none

The bad as well as the good deserve praise
for God’s to be praised forgiving everything
in it all He’s sanctifying you for good
as He knows the glory that it’ll bring

This God is a jealous and holy God
knowing what makes it His perfect will
for He takes all we are in our sins
giving us hearts to see His love overspill 

( 1 Thessalonians 5:18  "In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." )

Copyright © Gordon McConnell | Year Posted 2016

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Nightmare on Thanksgiving

Gobble gobble I run from you.

Gobble gobble I don't want to be in your next stew.

Gobble gobble when will this end.

Gobble gobble maybe 9 or at 10?

Gobble gobble I have tripped.

Gobble gobble I hear the dogs come like a whip.

Gobble gobble I don't want to die.

Gobble gobble as well. Deep fried.


(Voice of Morgan Freemen: Thus ends the life of a turkey he could of escaped if he just flied away but that's not how nature works.

Maybe he was fed to a family or to an animal we may never know, what we do know is never wish to be a turkey you just may end up as Dead Meat.) 

(This has been a PBS Broadcast Thank you and for consideration by viewers like you.)

Copyright © victor lopez | Year Posted 2014

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In the Baptism, for Kim

                          the prayer:
Quickened once, this seed uncrucified reclaims
Against the dessication of faith in my drought
And root dry tortures of decomposing doubt,
Against it all, a sudden impulse in the kernel flames
Thanks to my Divine Intervener, sweet love undying
Shattered falls the broken web to free my wings
The lung tarring vice, defeated, can no more clings
I joy in this, from doom and death returning
Sprout me again, breathe in me new a new day fresh
Water me with prayers of thanksgiving still, sun
Me fruit joy and grain, bless me where my Jordans run;
Unyielding Christ, out of thy grace, I rise to love afresh.
                           the testimony:
And I through travail of night to birth again
Carried you slumberless into faith of day
And I torn and shredded by sin's foul pain
From prayer to prayer wept against decay
Those years, distant, dark, void and cold
Those fears when death yawned wide iron jaws
And you my lamb staggered from the fold
O how I raged at life, and veiled despotic laws
That broke us into splinters with our dreams
I did not see today to sing again, doubts tears
Blinded me, heaven seemed silent to my screams
But today, you give me back my hope of years.
And I was not there to hold your hand, absent
From the cuddling moment my love had planned
And yet, devised by faith, I stood full present
For I am the jar of clay in the Master's kind hand
And you my child suffered it all, to bring me
Back from a superficial walk with love, and we
O let us rinse the skies with praise, let us
Walk, nobler creatures called from a common dust.
Give me space to seal a kiss upon an embrace
To pour my joy before your pleasant face
Give me space to thunder with belief and stay
Exiled in ignorance, and clothed in wisdom when I pray.

Copyright © David Smalling | Year Posted 2010

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An Unexpected Thanksgiving

That morning, I thought I was dreaming
I heard my Dad say it, but I thought my ears were playing tricks on me
I didn't expect for this to happen to you
Well, at least not this soon

My Dad and aunts said they saw it coming
But the news to me was shocking
Every other time, you always pulled through
But this time, you must have been tired and answered when God called you

It seemed unreal to me
Because I was so use to you coming home and recovering
That's why it took me by surprise
When she called and said that you died

I thought I would've been brave and not shed a tear
But seeing that casket made it a reality that you were no longer here
I couldn't hold back the tears that were falling from my eyes
Because it had finally hit me that we were about to say our good-byes

They had you dressed so pretty in your bone white dress
And you laid nice and peaceful in your white casket
You looked so wonderful laying in your final rest
Knowing that you're now in peace and quiet

I still can't believe that you're gone to this day
But you lived a good life and it was your time to go away
We didn't wanted to let you go on that Thursday
But we had to on the twenty-eighth

My eyes filled with tears as I wrote this
Because even though you're gone, my love for you still exists
From that Thursday to that Wednesday, your children reminisced
About the old days with you and how you will be missed

I hope and pray that my sister and I won't face losing our parents no time soon
Because I look at us and see how we cried and miss you
I tell my family that I love them every day and night
Because I never know when it's going to be one of our time

To Grandma Lillian E. Glover
December 25, 1930-November 22, 2007
Missed sadly by loved ones

Copyright © Nicole Monae | Year Posted 2007