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A June Night in Rotgut Saloon

A June Night in Rotgut Saloon

In walked Lefty Red behind him lay many dead
into this old dusty town his tired horse had tread
Well known his draw was quick as lightning 
his stare deadly cold and so very frightening

Stranger where is the nearest watering hole
getting drunk and riled up is my goal
Ahead 120 paces is our old Rotgut saloon
enter there and you'll get your wish soon

Lefty Red , cold, bitter and as hard as granite
entered and saw a scene like he had planned it
Crowd was loud, rowdy as hell and so very drunk
beer and whiskey flowing , an odor foully stunk

Give me a beer and two shots of your best redeye
send over that sweet blonde philly that I spy
Barkeep did exactly as he was very sternly told
That philly's man was none other than Billy Cold

Billy Cold that had 7 carved notches on his gun
even once cut a man slowly to death just for fun
The stare sent a hard and well understood reply
want this har' woman , get her , jest you try

Lefty Red knocked down whiskey shots and his beer
spun around to show a fastdraw rig , he had no fear
Billy wasted not a second to make his best play
drawed his 45 to make that insulting Lefty Red pay

As his hammer was so very quickly cocked back
his ears heard a loud booming pistol crack
A huge hole suddenly tore open in his chest
a mistake, for Lefty Red was always the very best

Body was calmly , swiftly and carefully taken away
nothing new, this was like just about any other day
Lefty told the piano man to shut up and play a tune
time for the pretty saloon girl and getting drunk soon

Townfolks remember so very well that hot June day
Lefty Red had tested Billy Cold and made him pay
Forty-five slug and justice had caught up with that man
as Lefty Red had for seven, long searching years planned


Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2014

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Alien Planet On Earth

African continent was the richest continent once,
Most of the modern jewelleries come from there,
But they are the porest nations for the results of violence,
Their natural resources are being looted with pleasure.

Once they were unknown to the modern worlds,
The European people first did find out them indeed,
They started to bring black Africans as their slaves.
From that time they were being harrassed and tortured.

They were not recognised as human as we are usually, 
Thier main crime was their colour was black not white,
Even they were scolded comparing to apes randomly,
They were born only to suffer for hunger and to fight.

Copyright © Md Shahadat Hossain | Year Posted 2017

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Rude 5501

 Rude 5501     
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 Subject: Rude 5501   Today at 9:27      

Rude 5501

Rude 5501 

People here are very rude because they live inside a desert place and face 
destruction daily or because they hate a stranger just because he is not like 
them he does not have the same mind as them or wants desires or just 
because they hate themselves and wish that they were stronger or just because 
there mind is weak from the use of drugs and they think that they are GOD the 
man was nice until eye started to converse with him it rally hurts there feelings 
when eye have a less terse verse a word of understanding given him a 
conversation with someone alas they cannot understand they make this poet 
bleed when they cut me off of oratory given in the style of thirsty desert green not 
used to rain then suddenly having flood come it shocks me at the rude that men 
become twice given not received please let the rude alone and let me try again to 
 Rude 5501 

Copyright © charles hice | Year Posted 2007