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Groundswell Girl - Named by JB

Enter a storybook tale
Where I can be 
The heroine you hail
Lucid dreams of soft reflection
A touch heated with lust and desired protection
A breathe a gasp as we succeed 
Join the fairytale with me
Valiant night within dark eyes
the right movement and I make them shine
like moonlight on the steamy hot spring
care to follow for a little dip with me
Trailing like the water at my fingertips
Grasp me around my hips
As close as the breeze on my skin 
Whisper lies as I let you in 
Lips mumbling up my thighs
bare heart exposed to the sky 
fire burning in my veins
Am I a mistress of this lust or simply a slave
Trembling with desire
Take me till we've lost count of the hours
enter this storybook tale
Where I can be the heroine you hail

Copyright © Jay Loveless | Year Posted 2012

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Cowboys in the Badlands

Cowboys in the Badlands 

Out West, across the great divide
great open spaces oceans wide.
Beauty in these badlands does hide
everything fights us as we ride.

Last stop, was exciting wild Abilene
shot an hombre that was very mean.
Watched him bleed as he slowly died
his gal held him and loudly she cried.

Before, she had sworn love to me
next his dying love she swore to be.
Riding away fast, ahead of the Law
looking back, cloud of dust we saw.

My partner lit out on me last night
cried this was surely not his fight.
He turned back east galloping so fast
we had our time, had a damn blast. 

Ahead the badlands beckon me on
this cowboy life sets me all alone.
Hot as hell the water miles ahead
A night's rest to clear my head.

Morning sun woke me to great heat
no bread, bacon and eggs to eat.
Precious water is in very short supply
always fleeing, I ponder just why.

No time to enjoy such pretty views
my path ahead, my life I must choose.
Avoiding Indians and the chasing men
forever alone with never a friend.

This beauty now I can slow to see
posse has surely given up on me.
Coyotes call , rattlesnakes do hiss
comfort of town I do sorely miss.

Found now, a dusty trail to old Mexico 
across the Rio Grande I now go.
Far behind, hell's horses race after me
dancing with pretty senoritas I'll soon be!


Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2014

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Cowgirl Up

Rise at first light.
This cowgirl enters up to ride this day.
She dawns her hat, for this is not any day.

Ready to pay her dues.
The sun will beat down,
hot and hard is how she'll ride.

Cowgirl up!
Into the shoot we go.
The blood pumping, muscles quivering.
Ready to go!

The gate slams open.
Off we go!
 My mustang and me,
to round that first barrel.

Away we go!
Rounding our second barrel.
Sweat trickling.

Thundering down to that third barrel.
We round that barrel,
the dust will follow.

With a war cry, 
We head down the long path home.
Followed by cheers and jeers,
she crosses the line!
Cowgirl is up and paid her dues.

Copyright © Gypsyof Essence | Year Posted 2013

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The flying censor shipment

Unlike the newspeak of today                                                                                           the media rodeo plays the bull                                                                                         clowns chasing a scripted  delay                                                                                       boxed up and ready to go fast food for the loll                                                                   the upper end following the lower end                                                                            Yet political satire's even keel will transcend                                                              while the real bull gores the clowns                                                                                 He can be ornery when being contained                                                                            coming like a federal expess roaring down                                                                        newsmail bringing the letter restrained                                                                             the same package to every town the same                                                                        package of the willing consripts freight                                                                              in the End a older railing bull holds his own wieght

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2014

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The Brave

Here's to the weirdos; here's to the wild;
Here's to the loners, the whimsical, the mild;
Here's to risking taboo land mines;
Here's to the principled, in troubled times.

Copyright © Elinor Swanson | Year Posted 2016

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Mop Handle Blues or Rowland Thunder

Young Jesi Naomi channeling Trish Roland 
incarnate professedly. Hour: you dead now?
Tuba bongo blues like a freight train serenade 
in the American night. You slammed life against 
the wall, slammed it. Drank it down 
with booze stained splinters and mop handle blues.
Guitar licks and microphone screams,
taste like swill and Lysol. If nausea 
Permeates your pours, belt it out
From the reaches of your bosom. You
Never played the possum.

I can’t wait for summer or autumn.

Winter though

Copyright © Stephen Barry | Year Posted 2015

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Monkey N Human

   Monkey & Human 

 Jumping,jumping,jumping in a box
 monkey would like to dance 

 stretching,stretching,stretching monkey 
 would like to scratch

 hurry,hurry,hurry monkey would like 
 to eat 

 eating,eating,eating human wants to 
 eat fruits 

 anger,anger,anger monkey would like 
 to slap

 sending,sending,sending human wants 
 to send monkey to the sun 

 ramayan,ramayan,ramayan in that we can see
 monkey and human fight for good

 poems,poems,poems monkey wants to read
 human wants to sing a poem,wink

 with love all
 jagdish bajantri

Copyright © jagdish bajantri | Year Posted 2016

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freedom loving cowboy

Freedom Loving Cowboy 

At the bar, by the docks, I spoke to a man who wore a cowboy 
hat and had a pearl handle revolver in his holster. A thud and 
the pretend cowboy hit the floor and the barman ducked behind 
his counter.  It was an exploding tire; relieved laughter which 
the same when we sat in the bomb shelter and a plane overhead 
dropped its load in parts of town where local Nazis´ lived. 
Terror begets terror and becomes a psychosis, what we don´t 
understand becomes terror and we have to arm ourselves and not 
ask tedious questions. I was offered a job at this vibrant place, but 
declined feared the undelaying panic, that often explodes into 
violence, would get me, I would buy a gun hide it at the top of 
the wardrobe and when bad people broke in, rush upstairs, find it, 
nervously load it spill bullets on the floor – reload- shoot myself in 
the foot. The man, in the cowboy hat, had just told me he lived in 
the freest county in the world.     

Copyright © jan oskar hansen | Year Posted 2013

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By day you work the fence, you’re out stretching the wire. By night you read of Grace and stare into the fire. Come morning you fix a breakfast to last you all day. Come evening your supper is a better reward than pay. Come morning you eat a breakfast fit for a king. Come evening you’re so hungry you’ll eat ‘bout anything. Coffee warns of eggs and biscuits and such. Supper comes along usually ‘bout dusk. Tending a herd on the wide open plains. Gives a body time to think of all sorta thangs. Thangs like how great a country we live in today. Here in America, the good ‘ole U. S. of A. A country so vast, with big cities on each side. But here in the wide-open middle is where I reside. A country founded on God, they sat sail for where ever the wind leads. Strange how we all seek the same God, how some get off in the weeds. No one knows freedom better than the American Cowboy. Freedom’s nothing to sneeze at and it certainly ain’t no toy. Some folks don’t like our freedom and man, with out a clue. Stole some planes and right into our life they flew. Last week these guys tried to take our freedom away. Hurt some folks in the most barbaric way. On the prairie they’re snakes and all kinds of varmints. But nothing as mean as these guys that came here to harm us. If critters are out and pose some kind of threat. Yank a hog-leg, fire a round, you’re good to go I’ll bet. Hear me Lord as I stare into the fire and say. Rid their minds of this evil thinkin’ is what I pray. We can’t reason why things like that happen. You’re the only one that knows Lord, I reacon. Our leaders have shown Your Spirit as their witness. Our countrymen have followed suit, just as You’ve convicted us. I’m thankful all I do is stretch fence and rope in an occasional stray. Than to have to do what Bush has had to do the past few days. Lord; be with us, guide our leaders with what they “Have” to do. Thanks for uniting our country, You’re faith we must prove. By the fire I read where we’re here today and gone tomorrow. Life’s short, live it to the fullest, ain’t no time for sorrow. Come morning breakfast has been better here of late. Come evening supper has been especially great. Seems we have an awful lot to appreciate. Since the time of the attack, to date. Lord; guide the boys, give them wisdom with what they do and say. This ‘ole cowboy is fightin’ the war on my knees as I pray. By Jim "Ish" Fellers Copyright ©: September 18, 2001 ~ Tuesday

Copyright © JW Fellers | Year Posted 2009

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Last Freedom Fighters

     Last Freedom Fighters 

      They fought battles to conquer and spread the good news, it became a mighty 
state, ports open to all refugees, hard men building a new world for the next 
generation to travel, trading their souls for possessions to conquer these foreign 

      Hidden agenda was not known yet, our red brothers gave us warnings of 
many coming, our spirits calling to form a tribal union, speaking of the old days. A 
white calf will be born, our corn will burn from the sun rays, smoke rising to the 
stars, echo’s from the great chief, a war painted warrior speaking truth to the last 
tribe, our homes were yesterday paths, our children do not speak our language, 
the old sit on broken stumps not on our women woven rugs. 

      Sorrow comes rushing in as the pendulum swings, dividing lands between 
the waters. Broken arrows burns their hearts, the teeth of the great wolf licks its 
prey, waiting in the dark den, an image of timeless tales. Unknown visitors came 
upon our lands and brought with them this great destruction to our pastures, 
many warriors now lay in scared burial grounds, they took our women and laid 
besides them making them slaves. 

      Our smoke clouds bringing visions, the red fox forewarns about a massacre, 
ones that carry the pocked marked faces, yellow hairs that rode broken mares. 
It’s now there fate to give back these grounds that belonged to us, we stand tall 
knowing the fate of the last freedom fighter, they will go down to the valleys and 
lay besides our own. Our eagle soars and the black bears speaks, its upon our 
lands that we stood by the waters which turned into red rivers, the mountains 
shake bringing down the snow, the animals hide, the dark cloud is coming by the 
hands of great men, they too shall melt with the rising sun. 

Copyright © susie rossnagel | Year Posted 2006

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In Lament Of The Cowboy

A scant twenty years,
  grieved a century or more

Poetically perfect,
  in spirit and lore

A man and his horse, 
  out riding the range

The cattle his instruments,
   and music to play

Civil War veterans and blacks 
  from the South

Through dust and dark clouds, 
—snowy blizzards that mount

Together they battled,
  in concert they fought

Each unto himself,
  life’s harmony caught

The hardship and death,
   to him worth the price

Pushing always ahead,
  his past now contrite
The only thing telling, 
  to be left at the end

Was the legend he gave us,
  —and the message it sends

(Villanova Pennsylvania: February, 2017)

Copyright © Kurt Philip Behm | Year Posted 2017

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Whaleiam Funguson

Whales live in the ocean
So it's pretty rare to find
A whale beached in Iowa
But it doesn’t mind

It swims in the Cedar
Takes care of the cattle
Stock breeder
Wildcat hill

Eventually, it’ll return home
Back to the plains
Iowa is all he’s ever known
The land of Ames

In Memory Of William Marshall Ferguson 

Copyright © Jeb Bush | Year Posted 2016

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Freedom santch by family

Freedom snatch by family 

Why they gave me birth when t
hey wish for there selfish value is
 their any law which help me to 
not put a mark on my paison 
and will be like a lost image 
to lost freedom snatch by family...... 

With love all 
Jagdish bajantri

Copyright © jagdish bajantri | Year Posted 2017

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goodbye find another sucker

well once again my poem is to long, 
so you won't be able to read the graceful words of my hearts song, 
i guess wanting to share so many thoughts with you was wrong, 
so i'll be noting now but gone, i don't have the money to pay this site,
so they can tell me my future is bright, 
so i'll say adios, me amigos, and wish you the best, 
but ya gotta have cash, or here, on this site
the free words of your heart, will not be expressed
Goodbye, I am moving on, to a place I'll be fairly treated and blessed
where i won't be thought of as poop, and ripped off and hustled,
by the greedy management, of poor ol poetry soup
oh and by the way, give em cash or you'll never get posted as poem of the day

Copyright © Dale Bronson | Year Posted 2017