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Couplet Political Poems | Couplet Poems About Political

These Couplet Political poems are examples of Couplet poems about Political. These are the best examples of Couplet Political poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Thats a sin

A whole new twist to the same old story
Evil scientist in their laboratories
Creating monsters that live in the night
I often reflect on mankind's plight
As mankind drifts further from his soul
We seek things to fill the hole
The path of lies forever bends
Truth is straight and narrow my friends
As I see it getting bent in every way
I simply find myself compelled to pray
What will become of our sons and daughters
Will their souls be led to slaughter
As scientist seek out another way
To disprove what the bible has to say
Trillions spent in search of a ghost
Another theory of true reproach
Rainbow stars now fill the skies
I wonder what is hidden inside their lies
We can now place a robot up on Mars
But can't help the drunk at the local bar
Trillions more spent on a new space station
But we can't feed the hungry right here in our nation
Seems to me before we go further conquering space
We should maybe try to help out the human race
Our quest for knowledge has drove us insane
We are now so smart we don't use our brain
Our nation was founded "In God We Trust"
Our government says "Let it be covered in dust"
Even this lowly creature up out of the pen
Knows in his heart that thats a sin

Copyright © Michael Jordan | Year Posted 2007

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Our two party system isn’t working
Plastic figures, disaster lurking
Conservative or liberal isn’t the call
It’s the ultra rich against us all
For the people is what it’s not
All candidates have already been bought
Platforms built on promises and lies
Hear the people, ignore their cries
Wave that flag as if you’re proud
Then bow and worship the corporate crowd
You no longer serve, you’re out of place
You are an elitist group, a public disgrace
You’ve subsidized the rich with your insanity
Then crippled the growth of humanity
You’ve killed our children in endless war
The media smiles and keeps the score
We sing of amber waves of grain
You’d sell it all for personal gain
You left our budget in disarray
You’ll tax our grandchildren for it someday
No water boarding terrorists you warn
Then murder a child who is still unborn
You have no ethics, you have no shame
You have no morals, you accept no blame
Washington is a place I’m told
Where politicians are bought and sold
Where dreams and ideals are destroyed
A city where honesty is null and void
A place where hope has been dethroned
You won’t get nominated unless you’re owned
A place where once” In God we trust”
Now we look in sheer disgust
Country burning from your sparks
You replaced Uncle Sam with Karl Marx
Our nominees we cannot select
The media decides who we elect.
Politicians with great orations
Puppets to the corporations.

Copyright © Vince Suzadail Jr. | Year Posted 2010

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A Divided Nation

Confined in one boundary, living together showing different reactions in changing weather. Stabbing each other, hoping to reach same destiny creating a stumbling block as the way, what an Irony. Loving outsiders in possession of a different gene to the point patriotism withers and becomes lean. It is time for one side to enjoy the rain then the other sits and curses in envious pain. Hatred and marginalization then becomes the trendy skill compressing the mind, even to the point to kill. Nepotism and bigotry are fertilized to cause so much evil interaction between distant compatriots liable to be far from civil. One nation, one people, if this family can together not see then for humanity sake, let everyone simply be. Separation entices, building up the end enemies of each other, yet can attempt a mend. Seeing through the binoculars of what lies tomorrow love, patience and unity, there’s a need to borrow. Diversity is a blessing, like departments of a college one can function as the nutrient, the others as the roughage.

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2016

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  Elections are less than a week away
  And all the candidates have something to say.

  With nervy tenure the ads were on the wing
  Tossing the dirt as far and as much as they could fling.

  When the signs are all up with their names posted there
  I always say..."Voter, Beware!"

  It's not their programs that they'll try to move
  But the largess in their pockets that they'll try to improve.

  I won't say I'm not cynical about election day
  I work as a judge during that crazed fray.

  Candidates all quote Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln for sure
  It would be better for us, if they knew who they were!

Copyright © Daniel Cwiak | Year Posted 2010

Details | Couplet |

I Approve This Message

"Vote for me! My opponent is a liar and a thief! I will make a change and rectify all!
I will raise your standard of living, lower your taxes and we'll all have a ball!"

(Please read the disclaimer, 
For this potential hall of famer)

Warning: electing this braggadocio person,
May cause the status quo to worsen.

Any claims made on this campaign tour,
Are not intended as a political  cure.

Electing this person may cause temporary blindness,
Nervous stomach, diarrhea and a lack of kindness.

But people, pay no attention to this disclaimer note.,
Put your blinders on !! Get out there and vote! 

     -paid for by elect a slanderer for office committee:

Copyright © Robert A. Dufresne | Year Posted 2010

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Civil War

This evening I listen to a Rock 'n' Roll band
Their track is Civil War, as our world now expands

To us it's the same size but to others they despise
For the want of greed exists in their killer hungry eyes

Where do I start, to say of their evil spread
A different starvation leaving the world in evil dread

It's not our today's but our yesterdays years
That our history tells us, of our everlasting torn tears

Cambodia, the Lebannon, and Sri Lanka's Indian sun
Rebels who demand better at the end of a gun

Guaetamala and Peru with their Shining Path
Villagers in terror decrying it's ever last

Democracy is our power in it's controllable exist
Like the Shining above, how long will our future paths persist

Recent news in the Arabic World, has taken tyrants by surprise
For decades they have stolen with their torturing infidel lies  

I could go deeper and deeper to describe these evils acts
In wanton blood spillage, to increase civil war torn facts

For this is the world we live in, it appears we determine to live
Maybe in our lifetime it will be on our doorstep, we open, our lives will sieve


Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2011

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Folks held a contest to carve a pumpkin The winner was this one of Donald Trumpkin He claims he will make Halloween great again When he makes a mess you know who to blame! MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA – SHE NEEDS ALL THE HELP SHE CAN GET THIS ELECTION TIME. Many thanks again to Mama Bear for sending me this funny picture which inspired the poem. 10~22~16

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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Eyes of a Child

Looking all around me and becoming more aware,
Of the people and surroundings at which many children stare.

I come to terms and realize the acts of hate I see,
And now I fear that this same scene will soon envelope me.

Walking on a lonesome road, though crowded it may seem,
I pass through silent hordes of people hushing silent screams.

Beside me standing hand-in-hand, an older man and wife,
I wonder if they thought like me, what happened to their life.

I reminisce now further back before these broken days,
A time of wasting food and drink and dressing different ways.

But now we all look just alike in tattered grays and browns,
Drifting through these damaged streets and sporting matching frowns.

I thought we'd left the two world wars and poverty behind,
To linger in our broken books and fill an older time.

A time where death would cloud the world with sorrow and disease,
And fear would plant itself within the innocent with ease.

This made me think and look around for Noah and his arc,
And for the first time since the night I heard a flustered lark.

I quickly turned around to spot within a child's hands,
An injured bird whose time had brought it here from other lands.

The child stole a piece of thread from a redbreast robin's nest,
And wrapped around the ailing bird a splint so it could rest.

An hour past the lark took flight and answered to the wild;
The only resting place of hope is in the bright eyes of a child.

Copyright © Elaine Ho | Year Posted 2007

Details | Couplet |

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Like a warm cotton bud used to give inner ears a clean
there is something comforting about routine.
Knowing where you stand and the order of play,
knowing what to expect at every point in your day.
Living to a schedule, everything has it’s time and place -
knowing the slots you have free for any plans you need to make.

Wardrobe colour-coded, in garment order.
Wallpaper with a matching border.
Appointments at ten to, five to, on the dot.
Check, double-check, the doors are locked.
Yellow ball, green ball then pot the brown.
Big box, little box, upside down.

I like to gaze into the sky and dream, of an afternoon.
Relaxing. Like the scent of a chaste tree, when in bloom.
A cold glass of lemonade, a long and foamy bath,
humming along to the radio, a love that warms the heart.
Reading the Sunday paper, and making it an event,
the delightful things the kids say, things only they could invent.

His reputation precedes him: a disruptive, class clown.
Never completes his work, he’s always mucking around.
A big-mouth, show-off with far too much to say:
He asks if I ever considered teaching him in a different way.
‘A physical learner’ - he’s heard about it on the news.
There could be something in it…but I’ve far too much to do.

Cars whiz about, people in a hurry.
“I’ve waited over an hour for my curry.”
Twenty four seven lifestyle, word abbreviation.
Text message becoming the preferred means of communication.
Everybody rushing, to keep on schedule, to maintain status quo.
Everyone a cog in the system: You’re whipped, if you don’t row.

Seamless is the transition between asleep and awake,
when you just let it happen, not worry about being late.
An unrushed project results in a rewarding prize:
taking your time meant you got it right.
So bin the itinerary, flout the rules,
just for once why don‘t you try something new?

Copyright © Lee Price | Year Posted 2007

Details | Couplet |

Weed and War

Did you know that weed is illegal because Nixon wanted to win a war?
Along with Henry Kissinger, who thrusted behind him, making his bum sore.

These two idiots once ran the country, with their troglodyte brains,
Using bombs and chemicals sprayed in skies to make Asia rain.

They torched a country, split it in two, in their petty game of chess,
And controlled how the media portrayed it with their control of the press.

Yes, the CIA manipulated and manipulates the very news you watch,
On fifty-two inch flatscreen TVs while rubbing your untouched crotch.

We lost the war not because our military couldn't carpet bomb Vietnam's rug,
But because of protesting students who saw that war is wrong while on some drugs.

And did you know that the Cambodian Genocide was paid for by all of us?
The United States who destabilized the region for reasons superfluous. 

Despite these war crimes perpetrated by the Nixon regime,
Ninety percent of Americans are jailed for drug war schemes.

This is not America, where wars are fought in foreign lands,
While on our very soils we're taught to fear the government's hands.

Drugs are but a reaction to the wicked society crafted by politics, 
And to use them is to escape from what is wrong and should be fixed.

We have the highest incarceration rate in the world, we're simply a third-world nation,
Trapped in a feudal war of petty crimes created by those who rule this social degradation. 

All we need is a little weed and you who arrest us for using it,
Are acting like a piece of what starts with "S" and rhymes with sit.

Copyright © Brendan J. Simons | Year Posted 2017

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American Justice

A time for golfing after the crime
Crime committed but do no time

American justice is that what you call it
When guilt is determined by the size of your wallet

The government doesn't care if it's not fair
As long as they get their fair share

If Capone had paid his taxes long ago
He would have been Mayor of Chicago

If you have the cash, judges sit in awe
And put your actions above the law

A push for gun control is really hot
So their friends, the criminals, won't get shot

Hail the defendant, put his name in lights
Deny the victim his civil rights

For child molesters we need to change course
I would recommend a vigilante force

We can't fix organized crime and that's a sin
It's our own fault because we voted them in

American justice will never be the best
Until we enforce the laws like they did in the Old West.

Copyright © Vince Suzadail Jr. | Year Posted 2007

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A Greased Eel In A Vat of Astroglide

Slipperier than a Greased Eel In a Vat of Astroglide
That Hillary’s sociopathic streak is a mile wide
In case you haven’t noticed, the fix is in
But her followers love her even if she’s guilty as sin
We all think she should be a woman of greater convictions 
Both moral and criminal, given her total lack of friction
She’s got a layer of Teflon thicker than Gotti
And to the Secret Service, a mouth full of potty
She looks crookeder than even a barrel of snakes will
Phonier than A William Jefferson Clinton three dollar bill

© By Author
For Contest: Create An Idiom
Sponsor: Jesse Day

Copyright © Tom Quigley | Year Posted 2016

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What’s going up and what’s coming down?
How does the dollar compare to the pound?
These were my worries many years past.
I’m finally idle as the years go by fast
Now my worries have flown to the rear 
Violence and terror giving me fear
Bombs bursting and people in the air
Causes and purposes never being clear
Is it terror, or just a random crime?
So many young men still doing time 
So many women still being abused
So many outsiders still being refused.
I think I should shut off the TV news 
Turn on the radio and listen to the blues.

Copyright © Andrew Battaglino | Year Posted 2016

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Lady's Tears

I had a dream the other night
Of Lady Liberty, shining bright

Standing tall, with pride and grace
Yet tears were streaming down her face

A country's strength is in its folks
Yet we've elected proxy jokes

Those who find their party lines
Far preferable to meeting minds

It makes no difference, right or left
Agendas leave accords bereft

Spending breath assigning blame
While progress dies for sake of shame

Inane disputes that make no sense
While we endure their negligence

They see the path to compromise
Apportioned to the OTHER guys

And while they feign that all is well
Our blessed country goes to hell

Their hate and bias highly pinned
While hope hangs twisting ...

In unchanged wind.

** For the "August Standard Poetry Contest", Brian Strand, Sponsor. **

Copyright © Gregory R Barden | Year Posted 2017

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Living the Dream

My nightmare is so tangible...so vividly I dream,
The dream, it feels so true to me...reality it seems.

Exhaust and smoke are all I breathe...the air is full of smog...
The job I do is thankless toil, but I work it like a dog.

There's mercury in the fish I eat...there're toxins in my food...
And drugs, they are a constant scourge...myriads for every mood.

Bipolar is my government...a house divided 'tis...
And corporations drive both sides...in the pockets of "Big Biz".

The icecaps, they are melting...the sea is rising, too.
Pandas, condors, polar bears -- empty cages at the zoo.

My money ne'er seems quite enough...I'm always out of cash...
My freedom fled when I wed my bride...(live I under the lash).

"Entertainment"? Reality TV...maybe some vampire shows...
Or idjits becoming household names for being beachfront "ho's".

People clamor "climate change" from the seats of S.U.V.'s,
And bitter news on the honey front...what's killing all the bees?

Politicians spending more...we go deeper in the red.
Opinions dressed as "news" abound...is journalism dead?

Cell phones are ubiquitous...conversation's endangered now...
And "Kardashians" are famous girls..but who knows why or how?

How strange my twisted psyche is t'make real what must be fake...
Now'f only I could find some way to get myself to wake.

Written on November 27th, 2012
By Daniel Beus (Rebel Sun)

Copyright © Daniel Beus | Year Posted 2012

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Our Souls are Cheap Today

Hi Soupers, For the tune to this write just copy and paste;
       La Donna E Mobile  Pavarotti.
The write only follows the first part of the rigoletto, ie, the
main tune, so don’t try and make it fit the whole thing, 
coz it don’t lol.
My thanks to Mr Mozart for providing the music, 
and the souper whose comment sent me off into an arty 
evening that went on into the wee hours, once you get on that 
you tube you can’t get off it can yer, is worse than PS. lol

Our Souls are Cheap Today

Our souls are cheap today
Cheaper than yesterday
Business is poor they say
For their sins we must pay

Where did it all go wrong
Sweet turn to sour their song
One day the world is up
Next day we’ve empty cup

Soon the world turns around
Bills going up not down
Frantic to payments meet
Job seeking, worn out feet

The big boys they understand
Fate deals them a great hand
Vast riches it will bring
Hear the new song they sing

And they sing and sing and sing

Arseholes are cheap today
Cheaper than yesterday
They’ll bring profits our way
They work for much less PAY
Hip hip, hip hip, HOORAY

Copyright © Richard D Seal | Year Posted 2013

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Goodbye George

Dear George, we’ve had eight fine years
You had half the world shedding tears
Involved our neighbors on distant shores
Sent our kids off to senseless wars
We are still paying for your aggression 
With worldwide economic depression
You attacked Iraq as you had vowed
Took damn good care of the corporate crowd
I put a sign on my front lawn
Saying good bye George, Thank God you’re gone

Copyright © Vince Suzadail Jr. | Year Posted 2009

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Patriotic Plan - It All Makes Perfect Sense

To reclaim needless expenditure, allow the MP's to repay
No matter the total, let the law courts have their say

Now our economy has taken a turn for the best
Restructuring internally an injection of zest

Now, let's look after our pensioners, and place them in jail
They'll have showers, walks and hobbies, where their care won't fail

From unlimited free prescriptions, dental and medical aid
Wheel chairs aplenty, not a penny will they have paid

Constant video monitoring, instant assistance if they fell
Bedding washed and changed twice a week, soon they'll be well

Having someone check up on them, every twenty minutes or so
Bringing meals to their cells, watch the smile in them grow

Families visit in a suite, for their purpose and nothing more
Enjoying Snooker, Pool and Sky TV, and a Library to explore

Clothing would be provided, shoes, slippers, PJ's and Legal Aid
It's all free on request, oh my! certainly no charges to be made

They would also have gardens and lovely exercise yards
Computers, TV and Radio and as many as they want, phone cards

No longer would there be a Matron, a board of directors there will be
A code of conduct for the officers, strictly adhered to, you'll see

And what of the poor prisoners I hear your minds start to think
How will they cope, these poor souls left on the brink

Well, they'll get by with cold food, left alone unsupervised
All lights turned off at eight, as they will internally cry

Mind you they will shower once a week, live in a tiny little room
A figure of £600.00 a week they won't flout, with no getting out soon


Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2011

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Democrats vs Republicans

Democrats vs. Republicans
Where oh where to begin
If one takes a dive into their lives you would see how one side  always wins
For the red light is on, and times have certainly changed
We live in a world that is selfish and becoming more deranged
A house divided cannot stand
America is in fragmented pieces but they don’t understand
Words are cheap when actions lie
I vote for the man who’s in the sky
For he never changes and he really cares
Not these greedy politicians who point and stare
America is about the people who work hard in this life
Yet all our government seems to do is feed on weakness and strife
I am pro restoration,
And anti-abomination
I am pro family unity,
Not superficial comments spoken into our hurting community
A bitter game
It’s such a shame
It’s time for us to give America back its glorious fame
Speak with conviction
Hold up our youth
Burn all the lies and tell them the truth
There’s a generation that’s growing on welfare and government loans
Independence is being broken down by control that is clearly shown
A father fracture has intruded
Many hearts and minds are polluted
Do they care about restoring the family unit as a whole?
Or are they leeches sucking out all our young people’s souls
Purity has been banned
As they raise up sworn hands
I can see the coiling snakes
Oh dear America we have made a terrible mistake
What really matters has been perverse
Like a woman under a tragic curse
Vote for vitality
Not the pagan’s visions of immorality
Vote for untainted officials
Not for men who can’t control their own missiles
Restore the innocence to our children in our music and on TV
Someone be the voice stating that in bondage how can you call yourself free
Another chance,   might be our last
Look to the leaders of Americas past,
Discern their virtue and read their soul
Then you will know which way you should go
Take the blinders and finally see
That we are being held captive to a rise of insanity
While we still got power take a missive stand,
Our land was blessed because of the convictions of man.

By: Sabina Nicole
Written: For such a time as this

Copyright © Sabina Nicole | Year Posted 2012

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Patriotic Plan - Find the last Man

It beggars belief at the time of the Bovine troubles
Cartoon capers mirror in abundance like little Barney Rubble's

An epidemic so troubling that we called Mad Cow disease
In it's simplistic traceability it was readily in please

In a seek and ye find just a cow in a field
Born in Appleby three years ago, no hide, please can you yield

We can trace where it came from right back to where it slept
Tracking her calves to certain stalls, boy! we sure don't feel inept

But in our country of so many million, where can they all go
Thousands of illegal immigrants amongst us they do flow

Red Tape, Civil Servants and Politicians, they signed to allow
Just maybe when we find them, each of them we'll donate a cow


Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2011

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Presiential Prowess

   "Presidential Prowess"

Romney and Obama, two Presidential candidates
to win the White House, must be too savvy in debates.

*For Debbie Guzzi's Two Timer's Contest 

Copyright © Linda-Marie SweetHeart | Year Posted 2012

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Political Scatology

Thankfully, the mid-term elections have come and went.
Thankfully, we'll suffer no more TV ads related to that event.

Thankfully, we'll not receive any more phone calls from politicians.
Thankfully, we'll receive no more mailers outlining their positions.

Thankfully, the prognosticators will find something more productive to do.
Thankfully, we'll hear no more political twaddle for another year or two.

Wouldn't it be novel if the promises made by those shysters came true,
Or will it be politics as usual and 'twas only undiluted scatology they spew!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) 2014 All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2014

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                                          POLITICALLY CORRECT

                                  Now psycho politics subtly suggests
                                  that you follow this rule of polite etiquette-
                                  before you say something please pause and reflect
                                  is what you are thinking politically correct?

                                  There is a conspiracy of a powerful few
                                  to control whatever you think, say and do.
                                  It is this effect that they wish to cause-
                                  for you to think your thinking has flaws-
                                  before you say something please pause and reflect
                                  Is what you are thinking politically correct?

                                  It's a suble intrusion so slyly designed
                                  the thought of deception never enters your mind
                                  but it's someone else choosing the words
                                  you use to describe what you've seen and you've heard.
                                  When anothers words become your voice
                                  your thoughts have become anothers choice-
                                  before you say something please pause and reflect
                                  is what you are thinking politically correct?

                                  If silence is golden then gold has no use
                                  you can spend all you want and not stop the abuse.
                                  The structure is crumbling, the framework is bent
                                  and society is in downward descent-
                                  before you say something please pause and reflect
                                  is what you are thinking politically correct?

                                  Here is an epitaph as silent as death
                                  chiseled in tombstone where you're laid to rest.
                                  Please pause for a moment and pay your respects
                                  here lies a man who is politicallly correct.

Copyright © John Wilowski | Year Posted 2013

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Snowball in Hell

I'm watching the downfall of the nation I served
Leadership bought by the middle East has me unnerved
Our flag waving in glory still makes this old heart swell
But our chance of survival is that of a snowball in hell
Our pride's been replaced by government subsidized laws
Free homes, free phones, free care, we no longer fight for a cause
Dependent on government we can no longer be called man
Just jackasses and sheep, no longer part of the plan
The end of an era with a system that's beginning to smell
Our chance of rebuilding is that of a snowball in hell
The state of the union has working Americans irate
Too many dreams have been shattered since 2008
Financially destroyed by a man on a mission, pray tell
Our chance of achieving is that of a snowball in hell

Copyright © Vince Suzadail Jr. | Year Posted 2012

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The Day The Prez Was Stiffed

When Boehner invited Netanyahu to address Congress, the prez was miffed!

   Congress didn't notify him and he whined, "By gawd! I was stiffed!"

      Boehner smiled and said, "Sorry, Mr. Prez! This time you get short shrift!"

         "Well, you'll never be invited to fly on Air Force One again!" he sniffed!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) 2015 All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2015

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Terrorism Uses Violence

Terrorism Uses Violence
By Franklin Price

Terrorism, uses violence to politically achieve a goal
The terrorist does the dirty work, as required, it's his role.
A bomb, a gun, a knife or two, a commercial high-jacked plane
Anything to scare the public, causing death and hurt and pain

The acts that we have witnessed, for fifteen years and more,
I don't believe are terrorism; let's examine what they're for.
Perpetrators have no politics; at least none I can see.
Some say, it is religion; doesn't much sense to me 

It's about the haves and have nots. The haves, have riches to entice
The have nots, who have no future, into terror that's not nice.
If the enticed had any politics, would they take a one-way ride?
Terrorism, as it's known today, mostly ends in suicide

The poor and the impressionable, are the ones who join the cause
To disrupt those who have a future; they do not stop or pause..
Strike fear into the lives of those who have a stable life.
Cause them to wonder, if they're next; replace stability with strife

Can't see how that's political; except make civil go away,
May inject their chaos anywhere; to hold the world at bay.
Looks like they're succeeding. They're disrupting every day
Can't let their acts continue; can't let them have their evil way

If violence is all they know; the only thing they use
Here's what I say that we should do; a plan they can't refuse
Don't make excuses for them. Don't give them any slack.
Make all efforts, now, to stop them. Don't talk useless, idle smack.

Send the special forces, the snipers and the drones
Kill those who plan to harm us until there's nothing left but bones
What does not exist, can't hurt us, can't recruit misguided men,
Can't kill others indiscriminately, can't be terrorists (?) again.

Copyright © Franklin Price | Year Posted 2016

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Reversal of Thought

Amidst the chaos and conventions
The political ads with evil intentions
The truth was twisted and left to die
Watch the rich man laugh and the poor man cry
We had conservatives in our youth
Who had some connection to the truth
Power and greed, corruption and deceit
Have taken the battle into the street
Represent the people, they no longer can
losing connection to the common man
He's still conservative but he no longer buys
Assaults on the White House with innuendo and lies
He fears that the truth may never be found
Lost in the minds of leaders unsound
To win at the polls regardless of cost
Even if the country is lost
To rebuild a nation with the economy broken
Cannot be cured by lies that are spoken
Better ideals and integrity sought
The truth will bring a reversal of thought.

The actual twisting of the truth by  Lyin' Ryan at the RNC
was an embarrassment to any American.

Copyright © Vince Suzadail Jr. | Year Posted 2012

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I voted liberal in the year of two thousand eight
Tired of George, my thinking wasn't that great
Now I realize as I see my country choking
I say to myself, Vince, what were you smoking

I voted liberal, the dumbest thing I've done yet
It took fourteen trillion before they knew they were in debt
They stole the entire United States treasury from me and from you
And from our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren too.

The spending is done at a rate that's insane
They shoved our credit rating right down the drain
The media hasn't complained about four dollars for gas
Vince, you must have had your head up your (guess)

I voted for change. I believed all those lies
We got change. I couldn't believe my eyes
I'm watching the death of the American Eagle
Guess I'll say a prayer while it's still legal

Copyright © Vince Suzadail Jr. | Year Posted 2012

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If I Was Runnin' Things

I've given the plight of kids crossing our border thoughtful consideration.
I would like to propose a panacea that might ease this critical situation.
I recommend that pilots flying kids to the USA make a flight deviation,
And drop kids off at airports in DC while the Obamas' are on vacation!
I know they'd be delighted to share the White House food and recreation.
After all, the grounds are fenced so kids could be kept under observation.
Unload kids at the Capitol for distribution to each Congressional delegation.
I bet they'd take speedy action to secure the border as well as deportation!
I sent my idea to Washington but as yet have received no firm confirmation.
I can only assume they'll set Congressional hearings for serious evaluation.

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) 2014 All Rights Reserved

Written with considerable tongue in jowls!

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2014

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Are We Not Lost

Let there be laughter in the tears we cry
Answers found to all the questions why

Why do we all accept what’s being done?
I guess there’s a dark side to everyone

Where should our Nation go from here?
As Liberty’s Statue sheds her tears

The economy, gangs and the endless wars
All protecting the evil within our shores

Evil’s rights tightly bind all of the good
Political whores sale out our neighborhoods

Then they glamorize it all on our T.V.’s
What better way for our minds to be diseased?

When the diseased minds take all control
Have we not lost sight of our nations goals?

I often wonder where, why, how and when
We became a nation of infidels praising sin

I thought in our country the majority rules
If so wouldn’t God still be up in our schools

Copyright © Michael Jordan | Year Posted 2009