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That Old House at the End of the Road

It stands on a hill overlooking the bay drenched in ocean spray
That cedar shake house where I used to live  high above the Fundy bay

A well trodden path leads from its door on to a winding road
Flanked by ditches where Morning Glories and  Sea Salt roses grow

That winding road comes to an end at the shore of ‘Evermore’
A magical place where seagulls soar above the ocean’s roar

Lavender walls rise high in the sky through a veil of  silver mist
Where the ocean shatters  and falls in pieces against those lofty cliffs

And  those footprints  I pressed so long ago still lead me to this day
To that old house high on a hill overlooking the Fundy Bay

It is a place  where the land bows down  to kiss the misty tide
Where rolling waves bring memories of the place my heart resides




Copyright © Elaine George | Year Posted 2011

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If You Are The Ocean...

If you are the ocean, then I am the mist
which kisses the morning the way children kissed
their mother at breakfast to start a new day
If you are the ocean, then anchors aweigh
We'll sail through the evening and on to the light
The daystar is dawning, we'll keep to the right
like Peter and Wendy to Neverlands' door
we'll sail on forever and touch every shore
If you are the ocean, come wash me away
to some misty morning and there we will play
on beaches you've loved all your lovely life long
If you are the ocean, then sing me a song
of sailors and treasures and I'll have to say
If you are the ocean, come wash me away...

Copyright © Johnette Loefgren | Year Posted 2005

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- The Princess Of The Sea -

On the beach I found a seashell
luster of colors mixed with gold illuminate 

Washed by the sea millions of times
tides turn as gentle footprints remain

I sit and ponder, how could it happen
salt breeze within an ocean's breath inhales 

A journey of unimaginable time
drifting murmurs echo against waves crashing 

In the sunlight it shone with many shades
satin pearl treasure heart between two shells 

Carefully I opened and found its soul
it was then as one on whitewashed wings we flew free 

I found a beautiful princess of the sea
Upon a sigh or dream revealed its inner secret

A Collaborated Poem 
Anne-Lise Andresen and Liam Mc Daid 
(unrhymed couplets)

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2016

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Your Satin Silk Touch

My darling love—you are the true angel of my existence!
Your satin silk touch mirrors your beauty in the moonlight!

Your satin silk touch always sets my true emotions afire,
With your scent of perfume and luscious red lips blushing.

Your warm tears are precious dewdrops kissing softly true,
As heavenly honey crystals shine bright signifying our love.

I look deeply into your eyes and realize our life is so special,   
And that the magic of your divine beauty is beyond reproach.

Touching becomes my every precious breath now gasping hard,
For fresh air as I lay my eyes on you and feel your angelic aura.

As the very salt is awash in my ocean of dreams my dearest one,
My heart and soul are always one with you—as my true love rare.

What we share in this wondrous life are Heaven and Earth as one!
Your satin silk touch is the enchanted alchemy of our forever love! 

Gary Bateman and Liam McDaid, A Collaborated Poem 
Copyright © All Rights Reserved – June 1, 2016
(Unrhymed Couplet

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2016

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- Deep Ocean Tune -

Water droplets become liquid pearls, delicately balanced on milky white petals
Crowning gems sparkling jewels mist under lashes gleam

The beautiful white yellow sunlight all visible wavelengths of light refraction
Fluttering a rainbow promise under the bridge colors bright 

The goddess of fertility, wealth and comfort her name Dana-Ana
A crowning beauty sings whom stands in every dream

Sitting on deep rocks a treasure who combs every feeling
Sea cradled her and she heard Neptune whisper .... so beautiful you are

With golden glowing  fingers of emotions held captivated in her rays 
Filled with warm love when evening shadows and stars turns out in the sky

Written by L. Mcdaid & A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2015

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Sirens of the Ocean

Under the ocean where King Neptune rules,
multiple species of fish form schools.
The most fantastical fish you'll ever see,
is a mermaid in her long-haired glory.

Sirens of the sea are they,
their voices one with the ocean waves.
Half human with a fish's tail,
they appear to watch the ships that sail.

Known for their beauty and seductive ways,
their lives consist of frolic and play.
Sailors beware their beckoning cries,
pouting lips and sorrowful sighs.

Don't give in to their playful allure.
You'll regret it, that's for sure.
For if you join them in the sea,
they'll keep you with them indefinitely.

They'll play with you until they tire,
then leave you to King Neptune's ire.
So if you see a mermaid fair,
Enjoy the view but do take care.

For Julia Ward's Fantasy Fish in a Fantasy Ocean contest.

Copyright © Kim Merryman | Year Posted 2015

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Deep ocean tune

Water droplets become liquid pearls, delicately balanced on milky white petals
Crowning gems sparkling jewels mist under lashes gleam

The beautiful white yellow sunlight all visible wavelengths of light refraction
Fluttering a rainbow promise under the bridge colors bright 

The goddess of fertility, wealth and comfort her name Dana-Ana
A crowning beauty sings whom stands in every dream

Sitting on deep rocks a treasure who combs every feeling
Sea cradled her and she heard Neptune whisper .... so beautiful you are

With golden glowing  fingers of emotions held captivated in her rays 
Filled with warm love when evening shadows and stars turns out in the sky

Written by L. Mcdaid & A-L Andresen 
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2015

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For Andrea Dietrich

Say something nice, and a short little while
She will respond with kind words and a smile.
True to her nature, she always will say
Something so nice that I cannot repay.
Bright and unique, every contest that's new
Challenges, helps, and expands us anew.
Don't know that form? Then it's time to begin;
Do a good job and it's sure of a win.
Trying a form that you can't understand?
Andrea's knowledge is always at hand.

Gifted in phrasing and rhyming for sure;
Words she has written in minds will endure.
Poems of flow'rs and a sweet little beach
Dance in the dreams of this sweet little peach!
Sijos of seahorses dance in the sea;
Starfish and dolphins keep good company.
Kyrielles of yellow burst forth like sunflowers:
Rubaiyats of robins in Spring's gentle showers.
Sonnets of sparrows and songbirds fly high
Twined with the cumulus clouds in the sky.
Sunsets of lavender scatter their light;
Sapphics of stars wink their way thro' the night.
Footle sized fireflies twinkle till dawn,
Making a fairyland right on her lawn;
Then in the morning, she wakes and recalls
Visions of dreams still contained in her walls.
Out of her window, or deep in her mind,
She will not rest till the poem she finds.
Thus, she has poems by beauty inspired;
Mixed with her skill, that is why she's admired.

{Just too late for the contest. Bummer!}

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst | Year Posted 2015

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I Have Become A Predatory Great White Shark

I once was here, then in the blue ocean, I once was dry, then thrown into commotion. I had no clue, for I was in the complete dark, but I was becoming a GREAT WHITE SHARK! Just a wee baby was I at five feet in length, I have a dozen siblings all in great strength. I’m just a pup who swam away from his mother, trying to hide from prey with my little brother. Now I’ve grown fifteen feet long as I’m older, I’ve become more vicious and completely bolder. I can swim fifteen miles per hour with my dorsal fin, I’m top of the food chain as my speed always wins. I’ve become a predator expected to hunt food, but during the winter days I’m not in the mood. I really fear humans who fear me even more, for it is actually sea lions and small whales that I adore. I can’t believe the adrenaline rush that I need, as I rip apart marine animals for my feed. My agitation today became stronger than ever, as I went on my greatest and best endeavor. My torpedo shaped body and my stable tail, help me escape from a pack of killer whales. They tried to tip me over and become catatonic, it makes me fall asleep in a state of hypnotic. My life has never been better on this journey I embark, for I have become a predatory GREAT WHITE SHARK! I chose: Becoming a Great White Shark April 9, 2017

Copyright © Laura Loo | Year Posted 2017

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My Words Washed You Away

I stole the surges of the ocean and the glory of the wave,
the roiling seas as recompense for what you never gave.

And I thought that I might see you at the dock or by the bay,
and I thought that you might love me, but my words washed you away.

17 June 2016

Copyright © J. I. Thomas F. | Year Posted 2016

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Beachside Food and Drink Slinks

A is for algae, red, green, blue cells, soaking up sun, sliming teeth 
B is for bacterial mat, clumping underneath, earliest born, never asleep

C is for coral reef, the place we all find cover or the sand parrotfish chew and release
D is for diatom, all seeded calcium, all float free, all denizens barely seen

E is for eelgrass, nursery meadows of the anchovy, and other browsers of green 
F is for fan worm, filter feeder like a flower, 8000 species on which fish feed

G is for giant kelp, floating on bladders of air they’re forests of cold waters clean
H is for helmet, the royalty of snails who protect our feet, queen, emperor, king

I is for isopod, the chameleon crustacean, they color match what they eat
J is for jellyball, or cannonball jellyfish, not upside down or moon, avoid their heat

K is for keyhole limpet, favorite food of ochre stars, will erect its own wall
L is for laver, the sea lettuce of nori, it swirls red skirt as ocean falls

M is for mermaid’s purse, the sack of the skate whose yolk keeps them alive
N is for nerite, the prisoner striped snail of the rocky zone as numerous as a hive

O is for oyster drills, the snails that slurp oysters and use them to lay eggs
P is for pleurobranch, a sea slug answer for oranges, with one active leg

Q is for quahog, the bivalve seaman who can survive eating the mud
R is for rove beetle, the one waiting to snatch the unwary beach hopper for good

S is for saxitoxin, those red tides produced by mating that can paralyze humans
T is for tubular sponge, they squish, bore and encrust as space lends

U is for urchin, those spiny skinned balls, no eyes or noses but dig food in sand 
V is for Venus, Music Volutes dined or Vampire Squids skimming along land

W is for whelk, not the musically inclined, but the slow moving snail in a shell
X is for X and a half, the six rayed star, hungry for anything on the half shell

Y is for yucca, blooming on the beach, they bloom nice and tolerate the sand
Z is for Zostera marinara, the address of eel grass when they're feeling grand

All of this green life is what crunches, stinks, dries and slips underfoot
The rest that find the housing and dining compatible means someone’s on the look.

Copyright © Sheri Fresonke Harper | Year Posted 2013

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Starlight Kiss

Awaiting faraway soul to guide fate the star shooting fireworks
catching one's breath destiny will spread this heart's wings 

To fly free with the spirits loving pure this is how one sees a dream unfolding 
wrapped up warmly inside treasure life growing stronger pure

With an amazing vision awakening sunshine just to see love happy 
surrounded by beauty always gentle humble and meek an angel sings

Oh I have walked the beach on a cold frosty moonlit night 
stars silver jewels as the moon smiles howling over and back 

A soul searches to find that one in a thousand dream whispering waves
blushing clouds swept away carried within warm wings kissing beats

About this poem:
an unrhymed couplet

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2015

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That This Beauty

Many take her for granted this beauty seen in our skies Isn't she such a wonder for us she'll never despise She glows when we are weakened by life's travesties No matter our human gloom, she's there for us to see Take a look back to her past, view her strife her life Being battered by her neighbours, leaving her rife Look to the scars she bears, whom does she declare She never ever will, but do we humans really care History has shown, to her out reach we shall travel Into her out there black, shall we ever ever unravel It'll take some years, but eventually we will find I only hope and pray, that this beauty isn't undermined .

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2015

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A Mermaid's Point of View

They pollute our waters, the land, the air
They pollute the planet without a care

They kill our friends from down below
As they swim up to say hello

They build weapons to kill each other
They don't respect each race or colour

They try to hunt us in every way
But they cannot find our hideaway

We'll never surface because we fear
We cannot trust the humans here

by Ana Espinola Collins

Copyright © Ana Espinola Collins | Year Posted 2014

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Watching the Sun Rise

At first the sun's fingers
Poke up just a bit,
Seeming to find the ocean's ledge,
They grab a hold of it.

With radiant arms extended,
It raises itself higher,
Then sits upon the ocean's rim -
A fuzzy ball of fire.

Copyright © Raven Howell | Year Posted 2015

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Morning Fog On The Water

The rules of engagement are 
etched out in time
The fog's holding sway as  the 
sun tries to shine
Through a blanketing smokey 
enveloping shroud
Outmanuevering all access to 
sunshine and clouds

The swells on the water in 
cadence appear
In accordance with luna and 
the time of the year
Drawn skyward they swell as 
they rush to the shore
To crest, foam and crash with 
a frothy white roar

The sun punches through in a 
white shining ball
To the sound of a single 
unseen seagull's call
The sand, sky, and ocean all 
lack clear distinction
Reality fades to a blurred case 
of fiction

Copyright © Joe Murphy | Year Posted 2014

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The depth of my emotions is my greatest foe,
release me from the darkness with your magic glow.

Come hither to float on the ocean waves that shine,
Don’t hesitate to leap for love; the waters fine.

December 2nd, 2015

T.J Grén

For contest: Bid on my Love
Sponsored by: Tammy Reams

Copyright © Teppo Gren | Year Posted 2015

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Priceless Pearl under the Ocean

Priceless pearl under the ocean
Everybody search for it up to the Mediterranean 

Rare beauty lies on the crown-like shell
Waiting for special people to sprinkle the spell

O, what a magical thing shinning in the sun
If I have you in my hands, I feel like a queen

My heart yearns for your unique rarity 
Engulfed me with your amazing purity

I will keep you inside the box of my soul
Cherished you forever, that’s my sole goal

March 22, 2013
For Craig's Contest

Copyright © MariaDiding SajSam | Year Posted 2013

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A Fish's Viewpoint

Undersea exploration comes to me in my dreams
As a fish in the deep I see only faint sunbeams

Enough light there is to reveal a lost continent
I wonder what led to this golden age’s descent

Colorful fish swim among ruins of a pyramid
A former city’s gilded streets, giant squid now float amid

Huge, submerged statues of gods suddenly catch my eye
Just as a fish-tailed, sweet mermaid happens to swim by

Stroking through the water as sea plants flourish below
Unquenchable curiosity continues to grow

Is this Atlantis?  Am I on the Bimini Road?
Buildings here have cryptic writings I cannot decode

Schools of many other fish are surrounding me now
Are they wondering too?  Or just seeking plankton chow?

When I awake in my bed, the sheets are soaking wet
And my body is writhing in a chilling night sweat

The sights I had seen provoked deep-founded fears
The North Pole is said to shift every ten thousand years

That time is approaching; may I return to the sea?
Let me dwell in the ocean as landlubbers flee

The earth rises and sinks on a regular basis
Only in the ocean will I find my oasis

*For Gautami’s “In the Deep Sea” contest

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2012

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Into Ocean Again

Into Ocean Again

From side of ship an anchor have to hoist
At one time was in ocean and very moist
Sunken ships and sailors way down there
Currents will wash over handling with care.

As tides go down and then up are rising
Many things you will find quite surprising
Which are way down deep in ocean's depth
While also becoming wide with its breadth.

So forever you will always find the feeling
When friendly fish in you have been reeling
And you and he in boat are now both in
You let it go free back into ocean again.

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2014

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The Open Sea

Your eyes-The open sea
Each gaze, a wave, engulfing me

Caught in the current-Strong and fast
Drowning in moments-Deep and vast

I grow less certain, everyday
If I will be able, to find my way

Back to shore

Copyright © Alexandra Steele | Year Posted 2015

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A Mermaid

A Mermaid or In Response to Poem of the Day


There was a maiden that they called a miracle

Containing emphatic data defined by empirical

But to measure her beauty was hard to use

So we had to come up with a perfect excuse.


Even though lingering lights did become dim 

Along with all other poets happened to them

Wits were without and many may have known

Pictures and personalities were caste in stone.


This was when we soon started and realized

They were all beyond belief and unrecognized

Found out only one receiving a passing grade

Was Margie the miracle who became a mermaid.


Ho Ho Ho


James Thomas Horn, Retired Veteran

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2015

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To Sleep in Ocean Deep

To Sleep in Ocean Deep

After he did die and then went to sleep
They had him buried in the ocean deep
With big waves and while being so wide
He forever there will remain and abide.

There is something that is full of emotion
And love with devotion about an ocean
Each of many memories it does remind
Me of my father who I can longer find.

It all takes me back to when a little kid
When into ocean my dad's dead body sled
Officer came with orders which were direct
To proudly pay dad all of his last respects.

At church chapel sincere service did perform
Outside was a lightening and shower storm
No matter what we all eventually have to die
Then wipe a tear from each eye when we cry.

Ocean waves can create a lot of comfort
As they try to wash away all of the hurt
Body is on bottom and God's greatest goal
Is to bring to Him my dad's precious soul.

My dad died of a Naval accident of unknown
origin late at night on the Carrier Intrepid now
in New York Harbor. It was in August of 1956
and I had just turned 15 with three younger 
sisters and two brothers. He is buried off of
Sicily in 200 feet of water. His body was 
recognized by laundry markings on clothes.
All of this qualifies me to write the above poem.

James Thomas Horn, Retired Veteran

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2015

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Oceans Blue

Water, water everywhere!  What a spectacular view!
The Master's Hand steers our course as we sail the ocean blue!

Though the billowing waves may toss our man o' war about,
The Master Pilot will keep us safe, of that I have no doubt!

I like to think that the playful dolphins leaping about our bow,
Were trained by The Master Navigator to guide our course somehow!

We've sailed the ocean blue seven months visiting mysterious ports of call,
Savoring The Master Creator's handiwork from Trinidad to Senegal!

Our rigging has been rent in battle midst furious shot and shell,
But our Master Captain's leadership has led us through so very well!

When standing midnight watch on moonlit nights upon the ocean blue,
I'm comforted knowing that The Master Guardian is watching over you!

My supplication to The Master of the Cosmos who directs all from above,
Is that one joyful day I'll hold you in my arms forever more, my love!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Placed No. 1 in Francine Roberts' "Blue on blue on blue" Contest - Jul 2011

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2011

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Point Lobos Paths

Last Fall, my church's Scouts and I went hiking.

A few miles north of Big Sur’s coast,
There is a forested park much to our liking.

Point Lobos is the nature preserve that I love most.

The beauty there is supernal, beyond description.

We chose our trails with maps and compasses,
And practiced local plant identification.

I pointed out Monterey Pines and Cypresses.

For a time we climbed a steep inclination.

We looked down into a cove, home of sea otters,
From a viewpoint near the old whalers’ station.

We climbed through a cleft worn down by waters.

That Saturday outing wasn’t a total disaster.

The boys passed tasks to advance in ranks.
Life doesn’t get much better for an old Scoutmaster.

Lastly, to the Great Spirit we all gave thanks.

For Goethe Stanzas contest

Copyright © Mark J. Halliday | Year Posted 2014

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A poem I shall attempt to write of heavenly delight,
About all the wonders that shine deep in the night.

There is so much more than the Moon and stars above,
From the earliest navigators that fell heavily in love.

All those that sailed across all the known seas,
They all relied on the stars and many of these.

Often they would follow the morning and evening star,
Just one of five planets that they knew of so far.

Mostly guided by many and many they certainly knew,
Galileo saw much beauty in the Southern Cross too.

The Earth spinning at one thousand and forty miles per hour,
Still, they could master the art of using star power.

So what could they do when a storm came through?
Just stay at the helm and keep the wheel true.

And what could they do if the wind blew them off course?
Pray to the heavens that their sails could take the force.

For life as a sailor meant much more than hard labour,
They had to read stars in constellations to favour.

Forty-eight constellations before eighteen hundred and eighty-eight,
They existed well before the others gathered at a later date.

Then becoming eighty-eight constellations for a general to know,
And used the Pole Stars that never disappeared as they go.

Using particular stars that would always rise and set,
Knowing portside and starboard and which side they met.

In the third century BC, the Greeks used the Little Bear,
These days called Ursa Minor, now navigated from there.

Once Draco was closest to the North Pole than Polaris,
Between Ursa Major and Ursa Minor are the stars over Paris.

The sextant became the most used instrument for navigation,
Before then they had to understand the winds interpretation.

Today a compass is used with the true direction of North,
Every ship you will find has one that leaves every wharf.

But a star gazing soul has no use for a compass rose,
They'd rather get lost and just follow their nose.

For there is something to be said for this lost ancient art,
And I'm sure a true sailor is born with stars in his heart.

Copyright © White Wolf | Year Posted 2017

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R and R

a sea of silence
isn't a science
a place of serenity
where one doesn't need pity

where the sounds of the ocean
relaxation  in motion

my vacation

Copyright © Robert Heemstra | Year Posted 2016

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Out on the shore I sat me down, to look at all the beauty around, there I noticed a rock
so big, so broad, that it had to be formed by Almighty God.

They say the ocean made it that way, but who made the ocean with its crashing waves? Who
could do such a mighty thing, who could make all of nature sing?

Who made the flowers on the hill, or made the meadows deep and still? Who made the wind to
blow this way or that, who made man, can you tell me that?

God, oh God, the Holy One above, who is my Father and full of love; and Jesus his Son whom I
will never deny, who on a cruel cross willingly died.

That brings us back to the original matter, the rock so big, so broad; that rock reminds
me of a scripture I read, straight from the Word of God.

If you build your house on sand, soon the rain and wind will blow, knocking it to the
ground, but if you build it on solid rock, it will stand there safe and sound. 

Copyright © Sena Slaughter | Year Posted 2010

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Waves Again

Like stallions trying to spit the 
Manes shrugged off in a 
flotsam mist
Create an omnipresent 
constant hiss
Interrupted when two collide 
and kiss

Copyright © Joe Murphy | Year Posted 2014

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   Sailing the oceans of my mind, i dream that i am free 
   No compass tells me where i am, or where i ought to be.
   I drift along on summers breeze, and gaze at starlit skies.
   They guide me where the sun goes down, that's when i fantasize
   Of fabled fish from treasure ships, in mighty oceans deep.
   Bejewelled scales and silver tails, their diamond eyes don't sleep.
   This world has no dimensions; so far out, in time and space.
   And, i am the lonesome sailor who navigates solace.
   Pure ivory for coral reefs and strings of pearls its sands.
   Where lantern fish light up the shores, of many distant lands
   The ocean floor's a carnival,awash with style and grace.
   Exotic fish like sailing ships festooned with silver lace.
   When; sea horses clad in marcasite race the coming tide.
   It's time to leave this fantasy before my dreams subside.
   As rainbow coloured flying fish will guide me home each night
   They turn starboard to safe harbour, afore the morning light.

Copyright © george seal | Year Posted 2015