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Couplet Journey Poems | Couplet Poems About Journey

These Couplet Journey poems are examples of Couplet poems about Journey. These are the best examples of Couplet Journey poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Couplet |


~Moon & Sea~

Hey, boy won't you open that door?
Let's sing and walk by the shore

Come and spread out your eyes
Block looking for reasons, and ways?

The cosmos are more than a space to explore
Don't hide when I need.... Plus more.

Finish playing a master in disguise!
Let's find the perfect sunrise, sunset surprise. 

Put your arms around me
Allow your moon to reflect off my sea

Too much time has passed you by
Come outside with and view the horizon up high

I've got my eyes set upon you
There's no need to feel blue

Hey, boy comes, climb up this tree!
I'm going to show you all the things you can't touch, you can't see.

Let's fit the luxury and beauty of this world into our play.
Don't say them words that will set me free to walk away.

Take this kiss and see how it feel deep within your heart.
Close your eyes in my garden, and draw with the fragrance of art

I want to take you into that space, astronomy love.
Making it easy to float with the clouds way up above.

Glide away from the blame of gravity and self-destruct.  
A bounce of the dust of hurt when you fall and get cut.

Boy, let's hold in this perfect air together.
Leave the cold end of someone else's weather.

Follow me beyond the distance of chemistry.
I will expose your moon and explain the physics of my sea. 

Give it another chance and you will see!
Your moon, is skin deep, needing water from me. 

Turn on the tune in your heart, and listen to me. 
In every sunrise, the moon entwines with the sea. 

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2011

Details | Couplet |

Love's Import

Love’s Import

Love’s import results when two lovers meet,
Merging their emotions as one—what a treat!

With an emotive force beyond all to compare,
Love blinds all of us, at times, even on a dare.

The longing and passion of two souls in love,
Comes with its heavenly destiny from above.

Cupid’s influence is oft felt in an eye glance, 
Which can bring two together in life’s dance.

Love’s message is always special as two kiss, 
Seeking their moments of such romantic bliss. 

Love’s a special moment in eternity’s parade,
As two souls dance to God’s heavenly serenade. 

Love’s import says much when two say “yes”
And live their passion as God above has blessed.

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved,
July 1, 2015 (Rhymed Couplet)

Copyright © Gary Bateman | Year Posted 2015

Details | Couplet |


I am seated in a bed-like rock
Under the foothills this is a single block

The Sun rises behind my back
Though I face hills in the west, its rise I could track

The dawn delightfully unfurl
Mother nature decorates herself, like a girl

The valley is full of greenery
This is a soul soothing summer scenery

Flies are flying in group
With joy and strength, to recoup

Honey bees are busy flying from one to other flower
A fresh flower spreads the fragrance in the air

A group of sparrows fly at a low height
Jubilantly enjoying the new light 

A tiniest sparrow dances by jumping from one leaf to the other of a plant
On seeing this, I too wish to jump out of joy, like an infant

Peacocks register their scream from a nearby place
I could hear well, as this area is ruled by peace

From a distant rock, a pair of peacock looks
Displaying the richest colors of their outlooks

Birds potentially program their offspring by singing to their eggs, at a short distance  
One may think that they raise the voice with a grievance

Before me, a rabbit runs ruthlessly
Forgetting self, I sit here like lifelessly

Fight of monkeys upon trees on the top of the hill, comes like a melody
Free for all, as the whole range is under His custody

Clouds try to attract my attention with an array of colors
Peace as the Prince on the stage, countless others are actors

Breeze blows as if to say she is the most adorable among all
Of course, choosing the one among all is hard to tell

This is a mind moving morning
In my life, this day is a fine inning

My heart desires to lie under this foothill
But my soul is not full

as my mind yearns for my love
Of course, this place is like a paradise, as above

If I am to cherish my love even in a paradise, 
the power of  love, you may be pleased to praise

Though I stay away at a far off place
The feelings of romance runs like a race

To live here, to the God, I shall be abundantly faithful
But to conquer my soul, other than such love, nothing is more powerful !

Copyright © V.MUTHU MANICKAM | Year Posted 2017

Details | Couplet |

Across the Page

                                Walking a tightrope across my inner self…
                         Dare to look down pass the pages from my shelf…
                      It tells the story of the mind that sits outside my soul…
            Discolored and torn but the meaning still screams from what is whole…
                       Tiny scars stained by raindrops that never really dried… 
              Washed down my hand and caressed the tears I could never hide…
                                The journey left me crawling for my peace…
                                Onto a table beside a pen I sit and release…

Copyright © Michael J. Falotico | Year Posted 2013

Details | Couplet |

A Golden Journey

You were eighteen and I twenty two That day at the alter when we said I do Since then the years have traveled so fast For us in a marriage they said wouldn't last They are too young, the voices said Much too young for them to wed They are just kids, they have no idea I doubt they'll even last a year But our love was greater then our age Together we stepped upon our stage Performed the roles of husband and wife Acting as one throughout our life And now after all these years are done We still meet each new challenge as one Our hearts have merged and every day Together face what comes our way Those that said it wouldn't last Are now just memories from our past It seems in fact our love was true I cherish my fifty years with you To my lovely wife on our golden anniversary February 3, 2012 Iambic Tetrameter

Copyright © Bob Quigley | Year Posted 2012

Details | Couplet |


My dream holiday on an Island so far away I’ve wanted to go there for many a day ‘Kon-Tiki’ film by Thor Heyerdahl caught my eye Now Easter Island is a destination I dearly want to try A journey, which would take me over land and sea But to reach my destination would be a dream for me Easter Island is located in the Pacific Ocean I’d need to fly to Santiago de Chile then to Hanga Roa The Rapa Nui tribe used to inhabit there No trees are on the Island – isn’t that rare! At one stage the Island suffered deforestation This could explain the total devastation The Island is famed for its archaeological sites Its monumental statues cause many delights ‘Moai’ are the famous statues with oversized heads They rest on rock altars ‘Ahu’ their own comfy beds These incredible stone carvings are heavy and some are very tall The largest at 86 tonnes would have been a nightmare to haul To view all the statues I would stay for a day or two I do hope one day my wish will finally come true Contest Take a Vacation Sponsor Lin Lane 02~03~16

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

Details | Couplet |


    Come to me O lord that heals
           Not only my body but my spirit yield

    When I’m here in this place, I cry out to you Lord
            My words insignificant but my heart one accord

    You’ve shaped my life since I was eight
             You’ve dealt with my questions and my debate

    In my disobedience you showed me love
             Patiently waiting for me to again look above

    I know as I disappoint myself I do not disappoint You
             For in You all knowing, all loving You knew
                     That I could never go far and I grew
                             As You waited

     How long have You waited for your children to see
            That it’s all built on love and they’ve been deceived

     I cry out to You Jehovah to open our eyes
             Allow the things that have hindered to be now despised

     With good intentions we lost the truth
             Afford us Jehovah, the journey to find all truth

                     For if God is the truth and the truth is God
                             Then wisdom will begin where the journey ends 

 Shalom is the kind of peace that results from being a whole person in right                         

                        relationship to God and to one's fellow man.

Copyright © Laurie Ginn | Year Posted 2009

Details | Couplet |

The Reflection

I stare in the mirror, my tears fall in vain
Can’t see my reflection through the veil of this pain.

Who is this person I struggle to see?
I don’t want to judge her but it’s surely not me.

This stranger I cast looks so tired and weak,
I wish I could help her but I’m frightened to speak.

Cause it’s dark and lonely in this shell where I’m bound
Where once there was laughter, is now void of sound.

and the beauty I knew in just yesterday’s time,
seems gone in an an instant with life’s rythym and rhyme…..

Then GOD he spoke child…What do you mean?
You’re more beautiful than anything that I’ve ever seen!

The reflection you cast it don’t matter to me,
What matters is that you can see what I see.

That your spirit is filled with a breath that is true.
And a beauty so deep that this world can’t undo.

I know that your journey seems to heavy to bear.
But I’ve given you family that love and who care.

So hold on tight through the dips and the turns,
For the ones who believe are the precious who learns.

And wether your journey is to stay here or go,
Please know I love you so much more than you know.

I wish I could tell you the beauty that awaits…
But you will know only, when you see heavens gates.

Copyright © Bernard Colasurdo | Year Posted 2012

Details | Couplet |


By  Ifunanya Anyene

Category B (14 yrs)
Grade 11

As a seedling I start,
Fresh and unharmed by the flaws of nature,
From the grounds I depart,
Top of the beauty chart
A whole new creature.

 Now I bloom in the sunset
A queen in the wilderness
And they blow the trumpet
Unlike the sun I do not set
But moan with an unending benevolence.

Now I bear the seeds of tomorrow,
As I merge with my own kind,
Now free from the cells of sorrow,
Not long before my petals furrow,
And the weed of death bind.

And so I bear a curtain of hostility
As I weep against my fallen fortress,
And the moon illuminates my site of photosynthesis,
As thus I reach my final terminus,
As a seedling I came as a yield I digress.

Now comes the end of my prolonged journey,
As the weeds of ancient time overthrow me,
And I return to the ground nobly, 

Be think oneself with this,
Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.

Copyright © latoya reign | Year Posted 2016

Details | Couplet |

Life According to Cecilia

Life is a journey with much happiness and pain
With twists and turns that bring sunshine and rain


Young and strong with the world at your feet
Ready to face anything and anyone you meet

Fearless and brave you march to your own inner drum
Not caring where your going and where you came from

Convinced there will be time for all you want to do
Thinking your invincible and wild through and through

Leaping before you look, not afraid of being hurt
Wisdom of your elders you unconcernedly avert

Collecting memories and experiences at record speed
Expecting loved ones to always be there when you need


Now older and wiser you reflect on your life
Realizing you could have avoided much strife

More cautious and wary you step with care
So not to leave yourself vulnerable and bare 

Questioning your motives before you embark
Knowing you shine whether you make a mark

Treasuring those you love, giving them your time
Reminiscing about those who made heavens climb

Taking advice of seniors for they are astute and wise
Slow down and enjoy each moment for life is the prize


Life is a journey with much happiness and pain
With twists and turns that bring sunshine and rain


~ For Silent Ones contest ~

Copyright © Cecilia Macfarlane | Year Posted 2015

Details | Couplet |

My spiritual journey

Is there a creator God there
Or is all meaningless chance and despair

Are you a God of love and care
Or vengeful and uncaring as gods everywhere

Are you a God who is just and fair
Or like humans where true justice is rare

Are you a tangible God that I can see and be aware
Or are you just a force and invisible like air

Show yourself to me is my prayer
For they say you are everywhere

Wow what love and beauty and holiness your presence declare
But what are those piercing scars that your hands and feet bear

Copyright © Ahmed Sheik Koya | Year Posted 2017

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Machu Pichu

A staff is more than handhold, its worn
to the grasp, trust in what fell down from above.

The llama's sure foothold fits like our staffs
in the rocks climbing upward to the top to the sky.

We risk the blaze of sun, for the wide wings of condor
soaring, spiraling, hunting for a meal, never assured

except for his hold on the sky, flight, supreme
over the rocks and tumbles and worn out straw

of season of cold passing into days of warmth.
The spindle clatter, the roil and curve of weft needle

a prayer to on high, like the spirals of rock to the sky
the sun speaking to us at feet, these are complete

to the rest and remain of our escape to safety
in the cradle of our summer retreat, waiting for stars

to fall among us, waiting for stars to carry us away
from homes built within a circle of spires, three spires

to bring the ley lines of power into our grasp, to offer
escape from the dust and dung we live in, amazed.

Copyright © Sheri Fresonke Harper | Year Posted 2013

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Dancing Through Life

When she was only one, standing beside the couch,
heard the music's beat and began to dance about.

At nine, in ballet, she impressed us with her grace,
tap danced as if born to it, jitterbugged at a furious pace.
At age 16, young and full of herself, full of life and joy,
she danced most every night with boyfriend Robert Roy.

Dancing on through the years with baby on her shoulder,
her feet tap-tapping, she hardly noticed growing older.

With hair gray and kids away, she joined the Country line;
performed in nursing homes, joyfully danced to double time.

She won contests at Silver Games; they hung a medal on'er.
She glowed, she beamed, as if she'd received a great honor.

Offspring gathered with sadness bearing down.
Her finger pointed upward, "Wipe those frowns."

From her bed she smiled and winked an eye.
"I'll dance on golden streets now," she sighed goodbye.

Copyright © Cona Adams | Year Posted 2014

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A Person's Worth and Measure

A Person’s Worth and Measure

A person’s life is sacred in God’s eyes,
For we all know that God tells us no lies.  

God views a person’s worth and measure,
As something grand and always to treasure.

A person should fear not his or her measure,
Rather strive always to find God’s pleasure. 

A person’s azimuth lies in God’s very hands,
And only God knows one’s destiny and final plans.

A person who does good works in this life,
Is one who’s good and penitent before all strife.

As a person’s life nears its final end days, 
God’s there to show him or her His holy ways.

A person’s worth and measure mean so much;
In God’s eyes such values always merit his touch!

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved,
June 6, 2015 (Rhymed Couplet)

Copyright © Gary Bateman | Year Posted 2015

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Equus Poeticus Variabilis

I’m riding your horse, no giddyap allowed,
simply plunge into the deepest unknown.

Your voice sets the pace, it whispers 
into the ears of my ride, sometimes they twitch

sometimes they find water, sometimes 
the waterfalls absorb all thought. I lean

over neck, sample horse blood like a vampire, 
like a computer’s command mode

taking over my brain, allowing my heart
to beat in tune, my feet to turn to hooves

and kick up or canter, moving with the rhythm
and flow, feeling the sweat of the sun

overhead and the damp of shady pines
and raking the grasses until they rustle over skin.

This is how I know you: the whisper on the wind
the stroke along my frame, the bed stead 

in which I dream, the places of unimagined
like a lure, a bait, overtaking me, leading 

me down a road I’ve never found
until you lent the movement of ride forever. 

Copyright © Sheri Fresonke Harper | Year Posted 2013

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The Heart's Yearning

From an early age she yearned for something great
What it was she did not know, but she really couldn’t wait

For many interests she had, both large and small
Her love of animals and great friendships, she grew with them all

An insecure father who controlled all around
Was mitigated by mom until she was ground down

All added to the general confusion we experience early in life
But our values and strength of character help us with strife

That we continuously face over our time on this earth
Which produces some grit and grime that impedes our search

For that pinnacle of happiness, whatever it is
The finding for some is like taking a quiz

On subjects we don’t quite understand
With no guarantee to reach that promised of lands

Of joy, contentment, bliss, all words that describe 
Whatever we believe is that ultimate ride

Her journey is similar to many of us
It’s good times and bad that cause a great fuss

Her strengths are vision and commitment to move towards a goal
Not letting “reality”, pain, or confusion take too great a toll

Understanding that it isn’t just reaching the end
But enjoying the journey and making sure you ascend

To that place of places we all want to be
Our true heart’s yearning, I think you’ll agree

For her specifically, that is to say for my wife
She’s given me all that I wanted in life

A great family including kids, dogs, cats, horses, and then some
And encouragement to go after a calling that was right under my thumb

She’s a great friend, and remarkably so
That I want her to have that additional glow 

That comes from achieving her ultimate heart’s yearning
Making something out of nothing, using passion and life’s learning.

Copyright © Shawn Sackman | Year Posted 2009

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The Wolf

Your agouti mix with your silver sleek shine,
Your genus “canis lupus” known throughout time.

You hunt in packs deep in the woods,
So stealthy and confident just like you should.

Carnivore mammal, tough as steel,
You ripped me apart for your last meal. 

Untamed and wild beneath the the moon,
You've startled me in my pathetic cacoon.

Unraveled, strings pulled out of needles,
So high strung, and a beast who wheedles.

A savage predator from North America,
With  ancestors spread through Northern Canada.

You came and left in the blink of my eye,
I heard you found a home somewhere near by.

First time I saw you I ended up on my knees,
Searched for shelter crying out for indemnity.

Last time I saw you my heart was in ruins,
It's only because of your tedious undoing.

Later than sooner when we meet again,
I'll pray for comfort and hope to suspend.

Your call of the wild screeches in my ears,
As you pass on your legacy throughout the years.

Your agouti mix with your silver sleek shine,
Next time you're near I'll be disinclined.

Copyright © Laura Loo | Year Posted 2015

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At The End of The Rainbow

At my rainbow's end, there'll be new beginning
alluring voice will usher me to inning.

At the end of the rainbow, one sign says do or die
there's much more to life, than meet the eyes.

At my rainbow's end, a scenic reservoir
on elevated grounds I'll jog, with morning star.

The end of my rainbow shows seconds for perfection
I'll revert as one holding gold medallions.

At my rainbow's end, I'll see family and friends
waving colorful flags, with words of love I extend.

Then again, at the end of my rainbow, I'll be poised
since share of equanimity, will surely be my prize.


(Entry for Eve Roper's "At the End of the Rainbow" contest

Copyright © Iris Elizabeth Sankey-Lewis | Year Posted 2016

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Todays Good Deed

Today’s Good Deed

In your open hand
I placed a red rose petal upon it

You looked up at me in puzzlement
Curiosity won over fear

I replied “ the rose petal fell from the sky”
As I tried to capture and hold, it fluttered to your hand

I am sorry, was not I… simply the wind
You smiled retrieving your hand back to the pen

umm, ummm , excuse me miss
Sorry to disturb encore

You looked up, maybe even wishing me gone
I looked down, how does one fix that frown?

These by the way are for you, please, absorb the fragrance
Twelve lovely red roses

Oh but now your face is the absolute same color
Your frown is a smile

Alas beauty has fallen onto beauty
The mist of yesterdays tear, evaporates

but but but stranger man, why me?
The rose petal was a sign for us both you see

You so wished to know there is kindness in this world
I so wished to make anyone at all smile, even but for a moment

So you see, we both have achieved a goal today
I bid you good day, wishing thee well with flowery bouquet

Off I went, across the street, lurking in the shadows
Following close behind, almost empty street

Behind, a wire quickly wrapped around the neck
I slit the throat, blood spurting to the skies

Shock and wonder, why why why?
Death though came fast, I walked away

The roses made her smile only for a moment
Ah but her stalkers death by my hands.............

Shall wipe the sadness and frown
Her fears you see, I just drowned

In blood

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2016

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Totaly Eclipsed

Moon on fire kissing souls unite 
sparks in destiny your spirit flying towards the sun 

Honey dew rises in light of a promise 
dazzling warm golden blinding mirror reflections 

Sparkling brightly rainbows 
floating on a breathless air

Gasping frozen inside thoughts
you are grasping at the heartstrings 

Eclipse of love splendid delight 
a porthole of Heaven has opened up

One look in your eyes seventh wonder a golden stairway
on wings spirit of beauty an eagle over mountains call

Flying with your soul crystal clear blue horizon
before the eyes arising flowers you beautifully 

Eclipsing the heart beautiful 
tonight I pray with one in a thousand angels dream 

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2015

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God Isn't Through With Me Yet

Life is about breath, bridges, and becoming
Wondered who I'd been, where now was I heading
God isn't through with me yet

Light years of sixty-five dawned upon my brain, but
I don't feel these years I've gained
God isn't through with me yet

"You were our African Queen." said the family
I'd gone from wilderness, to pastures of plenty
God isn't through with me yet

This gnawing; of trains i kept missing
All local stops I should have been making
God isn't through with me yet

Where did I get off and fumbled
What time in life was it, when I stumbled
God isn't through with me yet

I've been to parts unknown, with rain clouds
That swelled and became mean storms
God isn't through with me yet

Seemed I slept, missed nature's landscape of splendor
And touch of earth's heavenly pleasures
God isn't through with me yet

Life's projectors wanted me to see
The full gamut of sky, land, and sea
God isn't through with me yet

No one nudged my senses, or woke me up
No one counseled me with psychological stuff
God isn't through with me yet

Now I see milestone telling me I've traveled long
Yet still, I feel lost; but
God isn't through with me yet

           Did I leave something out
           Life is only what we know about
           I felt flung from pendulum
           To foreign lonesome Town
           Where do I go from here, at sixty-five
           Thank God for the Comforter by my side.


Copyright © Iris Elizabeth Sankey-Lewis | Year Posted 2015

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An unavoidable state is the disorder 
of entropy 
Cosmic matter is hurtling there with 
unseemly velocity
All heavenly bodies seen in the galaxy
Have a date with entropy historically
Entropy is working even for you
When the mirror confirms lines more 
than a few 
Entropy has a place for each cosmic 
The horse called Gravity is the purveyor 
on the trek
In time all will be tossed in a black hole, 
atoms to rearrange
Where endless recycling begins 
into another Big Bang 

Copyright © Elizabeth Smith | Year Posted 2015

Details | Couplet |


Gazing into her sweet face
No one could deny love at first sight

Amanda fits her name perfectly
Biggest and strongest of all her six siblings

She is ready to dance until dawn's early light
With glowing eyes and a happy heart

If she had wings ~ she would fly (but, her butt is too thick :)
I will not sleep, will not close one eye until I know you're safe

You will find new friends wherever you are
Grateful to be set free, I offer you a wish

So until we meet again
Goodbye my sweet four-legged friend

- Meet her baby brother: - ARLO -   posted 09/29/2016 :)
-                          sister : - AYLA -    posted 10/16/2016 :)
-                        brother: - ALVIN-   posted 10/18/2016 :)

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
(unrhymed couplets)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2016

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Architects of Humanitarian Crises

Copyright © 2008 #03
4/12/2008 // (Edited: 1/22/2013/lp
(a historical glimpse of humanity's rise)

*This poetic epic begins with the
greatest sin against humanity

*This poem is dedicated to all
serving and protecting the
¨Basic Rights of Mankind¨

Once, mankind was forgiven from sin
but continue to embrace it like a trend

After the Flood many nations strolled
some didn´t want true history told

All mankind has got to realize
humanity had been vandalized

A few condemmed HIM to a Cross
and mankind became a hope lost

His testimony was like no other
a promise bonding men as brothers

So, was it hate, shame or pride?
The Shroud of Turin now abide

Something embedded itself into minds
their egos separated mankind thru time

From images of Christ to the Sphinx
mankind altered their faces with ink

Societies increased across the land
but some became marauding bands

Enslaved many to learn their ways
called indentured servants nowadays

Learning finally opened many minds
forbidden to most throughout time

Conquering became a lust
many thought they must

Barbarians embraced warfare
believing in war over prayer

Some journeyed to build
but most decided to steal

Robbing nations precious gold
slaughtering the young, and old
another story that was not told

Saw oppressing others was nice
ensnared some as their sacrifice

Oppression increased in the land
because of the barbarian's plan

Their business began to boom
and corruption shot to the moon

America, land of morality and hope
still someone was signing for dope

Capital´ism made a few very rich
sin and immorality, Islam tried to fix
paganism and Communism a glitch
a conflict to shove Christianity in a ditch

Old governments embraced the Klan
still got history's blood on their hand.

Kept society busy with Santa Claus
knowing its origin is spiritually false

They knew global warming was real
maybe too late, this just sent a chill

Interested learning secrets of the brain
Drug gangs driving societies insane

Kids with little future left in sight
hopes dwindled like the Knight

Then, later came Robin Hood
with good news from the wood

Someone revived human rights
still, some decided not to fight

No need for humantarian crises
diabolical plans rolling the dices

These sinful plans between hands
slaughtering the lambs of the land

We need to fix this mess
before we come to rest

Most of  world history twisted
some are now rying to fix it

For some Nations, it was too late
capital'ism quickly sealed their fate

Africa was a continent very rich
...now realizing it is in a ditch
never should´ve trusted Mitch

I even heard the Rossette Stone
was hidden in someone´s home

The secrets of Giza
painted in Mona Liza

Even the Eyptian Sphinx
tried to give mankind a wink
now hides her missing links

And, the pyramids contained a sacred Key
stolen by those not wanting us to be free

Someone hide Pandora´s Box
with final desination Fort Knox

Even, saw the Bible's Holy Grail
shipped by Fed-Ex Express Mall

Most gold, and precious artifacts
was found stolen, and hijacked

It´s hard for most to understand
they kept us busy with their plan

So, in this life we must cast our vote
moving forward with faith and hope

Those affected have become a scorn
got them hungry from dusk to dawn

World economies causing a recess
ego and pride got us in a big mess

The Middle East became a feast.
I wonder who planned that piece?

They say Mohammed started this fuss.
through history who dare finger Guss?

These differences in world religions
still affecting mankind's decisions

Humanity began in Africa and Irak
but millions destituted in a shack

The Americas to China has similiar pain
but yrants' view them as a social stain

And, there was oil for food
but someone became rude

So, once again East meets West
fighting over another treasure chest

Expenses reaching trillions
recovery costing billions
death in the millions

The greatest gift is charity
why concentrate on disparity?

We need to fix this mess
or earth soon to rest

Mismanagement of world funds
resources available by the tons

The poor and depair need more
still someone's locking the door

Feeling no guilt with pride
and the fortunes they hide

Corruption and terrorism sown
by a few of government´s own

Someone´s selfish plans ahead
have now made us very afraid...
maybe baked or nuked instead

Distitute's nourishment is baked dirt
nothing else or their stomachs hurt

Most of the time with nothing to eat
weeping for a peaceful night sleep

The 3 pathways to Heaven are narrow
selfish can learn from the sparrow.

When the next ATOM splits and divide
some gonna try to run and hide
knowing they deceived many and lied

So, don´t worry about a thing tonight
soon GOD will make things alright

Then, all children will be able to play
The Prince of Peace will come to stay

So, remember before it´s over
they too needed a shoulder

by: LP

Copyright © Les Pruitt | Year Posted 2013

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The Arduous journey

I was wandering barefoot in the snow
What a journey I had to sow

I knew this wasn’t something I would normal indulge in
A strange kind of winter walk without a coat in the wind 

But I continued my lonely trudging anyway
The skies where a dire dark gray

Somehow although it felt cold it didn’t feel wet or unbearable
Perhaps this was the end? Some kind of parable

I was somewhere I didn’t want to roam
My mission was clearly to find my way home

Every passageway I strove to push through came up empty
This was not the happy land of plenty

Why couldn’t I find the end?
Was there some impending trickery around the bend? 

I felt a strong frustration descend over me
I saw the strange face of an unknown banshee

Screams and tears plumed out of loss and shame
I was repeatedly calling out my husband’s name 

Distorted, destroyed no one spoke 
Thank God it ended I woke 

Inspired by the “I dreamed contest”


Copyright © Laura Mckenzie | Year Posted 2010

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London train departing from platform nine
We are pleased to say that it’s right on time
Passengers scramble on with their luggage
Looking for empty seats in the carriage
I sit at the window, gaze at the sea
Trolley comes down with sandwiches and tea
Conductor appears looking for tickets
Lots of hands searching in bags and pockets
Girl in the corner, engrossed in her book
Man in the suit gives his files a last look
Plenty of people perusing their phones
Lovely old lady sits quiet and alone
Everyone stares at the guy with tattoos
His barely dressed girlfriend with high-heeled shoes
Young guy with the headphones, chewing his gum
Little kids clinging on tight to their mum
Meaningless small talk, chatting with friends
Train’s getting slower, journey will end
Finally here at my destination
New adventure begins at the station

Copyright © Fiona Campbell | Year Posted 2015

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Bestowed with life by One powerful Divine
Gracious with His love scintillating shine

I traverse roads: rose and weeded grounds
Flaming with a soldier's will to expound

From dawn begins my journey til sun sets
So many roads bided, my ownself to sweat

Courage bullets, I fire and fire
Pursuing success my ringing desire

Wait! hold on,don't go fast, echoes
Rush runs may thud a sporadic tempo
I have seen caterpillars dying as butterflies
Buds bloom, spreading aroma, by-and-by

The angelic aroma invites prosperity brush
It's rouge shows maturation like royal flush

Bravely. I go forth to reach every dream
Conquering beyond foggy upstream

If my own-self, a rebellion, resisting me
Earthquake moan to call a break-free.

Kaleidoscope faces became my preachers
A halo or a tail experience: my teachers

Tricky battalion of pressures stressing
Yet, camouflage trials bomb to blessings

Rewarding me with laughter and tears
Adding tons of memories to my years

Evolving beautiful to each season stir
Wisdom and love, now, my own myrrh

If I shall die this very day,
I hope my legacy not a dismay...

(C) Olive Eloisa and Malik Yaseen
September 23, 2014

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2014

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Salutations Soupers! I am told this is not a political forum.
Why is my poetry-poesy in decorum?
April 18, 2014
Single Couplet End Rhyme
For Contest!

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2014

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Life's Driven Road

Where does one start a journey, a journey to their where Whilst a peripheral life abounds, in continual I don't care On their journey of ones life, no mediation to reason Whilst in the depths of married life, can lie continual treason For in these continual lies, no care to their past It's the path of life's driven road, that ends their starting last <*>

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2012

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The Poetry of Life

I write poems you listen to them
There is no end to this lovely game

You open your window and the birds call 
I open mine and the rainbow-footfall 

I weave a dream, under your umbrella
In the joint shade comes up our villa

You make tea and I fill the cup
Warm bubbles call us to the marble tub

I keyboard in smile, as you whisper words
This way we set free, many lovely birds

You make the clouds and I deliver rain
Dry grassless earth both of us disdain

I raise slogans in the procession
You dream vignettes of the revolution

I am charged under sedition and go to jail
Shadows in the cell make you frail

You fight for freedom and I keep waiting
Sparkle our eyes till our suns are setting

Then there are times when I go right
You choose the left and there is a fight

The windows are closed and the doors shut
The nagging sickening feel lingers in our gut

As the mercury rises the black clouds appear
Rains come down and the sky is clear

You give me words and I write rhymes
Together you and I juggle the balls of time

I play the drum and you march on
You and I go on aeons after aeons
May 12, 2016
Suubmitted to – Any Couplet You Wish II – Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Laura Loo

Copyright © Probir Gupta | Year Posted 2016