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The Ballad of the Poet

*The Dead Poet*

Many blocks along the road, 
Kicking down walls of heavy stones, 
Yet no one could draw through the walls of her lonely bones.
A poet who could not write what's inside. 
Her pen had gone ink dry. 
Her beady eyes lost the feel of an angelic realm.
She tried! 
She tried until she could no longer cry!
A poet who stuttered with the mind and out came no words.
This poet hangs on a mound with a picture that tells a sad tale.
A poem that broke verses in a Carpe diem dream.
She ruffled her arms once more as if she could fly.
Still nothing, 
Everything felt dead inside. 

Trap in a mental state that clots the willing vein.
Isolating her form in a room with no door.
She stays this away from the feel of the marvel pen.
To never go back, and feel again.

In the most ominous way,
She lets out a cry, 
A cry, never heard before. 
Running from this evil, that stain her world. 
Words buried deep and behind a new exterior box, 
Her insides grasp all the air of airs once alive. 
A talon drop into the next,
This troublesome poet gave up on everything. 
Had nothing left, but the empty space within. 

She curls herself into a fetal world.
At last, she closes her eyes, to feel no more.
A poet who died the day, joy wiped the glee from her face.


Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2013

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Texian Macabre Arena

The First Texian Macabre Arena Ballad (The extended free-fallen edition)
In another life, is where I first saw your face!
One summer afternoon, lying wounded next to the dead
Unopened gun powder, mass destruction, a land of disgrace
A blood thirst battlefield is where I first saw your face
The sound of war, hidden behind bleeding hands
Crawlers, render their lives giving grace
Jaws of steel, broken, embracing, warm feelings
Summer rain, lungs filled with blood, one last post
Glorious by numbers, screaming blades
Gemstone in touch with the Holy Ghost  
Soldiers come in a little close 
Crawling, missing limbs, 
Twisted nightmare with no ending

Macabre reminder, retracing the aroma of eternal life
Secrets buried like a treasure under walls of sudden death
Revolutionary tears found on a rusted Bowie knife
Lanterns, crackling against the dying wind
Dirt piles of crushed windpipes -- sudden death
Rummage like garbage, the dead Texian
A Falling Alamo Star, taking one last twinkle upon the sky

Forgotten Patriots, I can't remember the names
Written on walls, I can't remember the names
A folktale arena is where I first saw your face
Fairness of stuttered surrender slicing through iron brace
Crawling, with the hunger to live, a clean finish with grace
Exposing, scars needing mother's hands, mothers face

Across infested meadows, the aroma of burning skin
Distant, before Texas and her annexation, 
Gruesome, before I lived, Texas and her mortal sin
I pledge, my love, the honor, a legion, I'm a full blown Texian
To Every Forgotten Texian Patriot----- We Win!

By: PD

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2014

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The Kiss

He looks at her Body calm - head cocked. Her body rigid vibrating with excitement. The Kiss - Said goodbye By Judith Angell Meyer — 4/4/2015

Copyright © Judith Angell Meyer | Year Posted 2015

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Is It Worth It

Love can seem so happy and so wonderful
But it can hurt and take away from life too
You make me so happy and make me feel so special
But then you turn around and make me feel like ****
love can turn you into a whole new person
But you could change into to something great or something no one wants
Love seems so wonderful at first 
But spending my days not knowing if you want me or even care for me is agonizing 
Sometimes i feel like your lying to me but if i say that then you'll get mad again
Your such a loose cannon, ready to burst with rage and tears
Love is so temperamental 
so can you tell me....... 
Is It Worth It?

Copyright © Trevor Bain | Year Posted 2012

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A House On the Cliff's Edge

There is a house on the cliff’s edge,
Around a quiet, unmarked shoreline
At night, the tide lifts high against a foggy moon
In the morning, gloomy clouds settle with the sea
At times, not even the birds are seen or heard
The house is left to nature’s caress

Home-crafted seashell chimes sway and sing with the wind
Crushed sand dollars lie together on the back porch
The shells were once whole, collected by the former owners
Long gone are they now, smiling with the moon
The owners are the very sound of the ocean spray,
Striking the rocks, announcing the cool dawn of day
They are not the dark, empty rooms,
The rooms that nobody thinks of as they go about their lives
The quiet owners are long gone—thought of only by one
A stillborn legacy about as tiresome as the sun,
When the clouds crisp out its beams . . .

A seawater puddle is in the middle of the dining room
Nobody knows it sits there, sinking in the floorboards
It used to be a far larger puddle after a storm,
Stealthily leaking into the house
But now it is small—so small—and the boards are moist,
Moist with its only companion amongst the instilled silence

Nobody thinks of empty, abandoned rooms
Nobody remembers the former owners
They were not much for socials and gatherings
They always lived their quiet, happy lives
Without a care of the outside world,
Far from anybody’s thought
Miles from the nearest home
Where the next generation comfortably lives 

He never finished fixing that leak . . .

Sometimes the puddle gets bigger after other storms
And when it does, there is almost life there again
You can see the chandelier reflected on the unperturbed water
As a crystal dangles and falls from on high
The dark silence following the drop is as deep as thought . . .

Nobody thinks of empty, abandoned rooms
Nobody remembers the former owners
There is merely a house on the cliff’s edge
Around a quiet, unmarked shoreline

-March 21, 2013-

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2013

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Sorrow and Pain

Sorrow & Pain

Our love was fresh 
It was full of excitement & glee
But what has become of it? 
but sorrow & pain...

A happy game of hid & seek
Of laughter & mystery
But what has become of it? But sorrow & pain...

The chaste but hidden kisses
The love and kindness in your eyes
But what has become of it?
But sorrow and pain...

Our intent was true & lovely
Absence really made our hearts grow fonder
But what has become of it?
But sorrow and pain...

Copyright © Meg Anderson | Year Posted 2014

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Zorro's sorrow 4 Sweetheart

Zorro of the sorrow small, kissed a lady in the hall, coming back still feeling bliss, caught the same girl, was a miss, not Carmelita at all. thinking she was, Carmelita in the dark, kissed her mouth, hands did wander way on south, had a pistol nothing neater. panting sweet was Carmelita, fire burning in her heater, enraptured plunging, something sweeter stayed until the time had come. spent the Zorro's, brow did furrow, coming to the candle light, Where was the sweetest Carmelita, some old shiela smiling bright? Zorro said "oh good to meet ya," bounding on black Diablo, in flight!
Don Johnson 14-aug-11

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2011

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Broken Dreams

  Do you believe in the things that you've always known,
Can you understand the things you've been shown.
   Is it the visions you see that make you believe,
Or is the feelings you get when you've been deceived.
    The pain you feel a never ending ache ,
Tearing your heart and soul from you every day.
    Time ticks slowly pounding away at you,
Throbbing heart breaking and there's nothing you can do,
    Must I settle for these lost and broken dreams,
Because it has all the signs that what it seems.
    How much should a man endure to find his way,
It cant possibly be like this hard for me every day.
    There is nothing so frustrating as being so confused,
Especially when you've discovered that you've been used.
    I will get through this lonely phase I have no doubts,
But I'm sure there will come a day I'll figure it all out.
    Cautiously I walk the path that's been laid before me,
In faith I will continue for I know he will let me see.
    Life will be thrown at you in so many different ways,
I will be prepared for these things for the rest of my days.
    Broken dreams will be the learning tree for me to grow ,
Living my life with Joy Happiness is what I'll always Know.

Copyright © TIMOTHY CARTER | Year Posted 2013

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The Slave and the Sparrow

Time had sewn,
And we had wrought,
Against a force
Seldom fought,

And we had dreamt,
And we had dreamed,
Of a world
Ever serene,

And we had run,
And we had ran,
As if we could arrive
At such a land,

And the world was one
Grey with gloom,
The old slave
Bent over the loom,

As a tear shed from
His face,
We were yet to 
Beat him with a mace,

And a tear shed 
From my face,
And a tear shed
From your face,

Our freedom;
Only in death,
Our joy;
Only in sorrow,

Thy come a sparrow
From the old wood;
A torn sparrow 
From the old wood,

Among the grass
It was contained;
Among the green grass
It was contained,

Its beak broken;
Its wings only silt,
The young sparrow
Presented us guilt,

And through the wind
It blew away,
And through the wind
It flew to fly,

Arise from death,
Into the the fair day;
And a phoenix
Had flown away.

Our freedom;
Only in death,
Our joy;
Only in sorrow.

Copyright © Charlotte Nickerson | Year Posted 2014

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I'm Still Here

I'm still here,
Though I think that I,
May be fading fast,
You know you've never known me,
And I cry,
When I see that I've a past.
Somehow I know,
That if I could go,
And redeem myself,
I'd sleep in my own head at last.

When did this girl appear?
In the mirror,
wracked with fear,
When will this reflection be
Someone who looks like me?

It's cold outside,
But I love the ice,
Because it warms my soul
And takes me to my childhood.
Throwing dice
And watching as they roll.
Inside my head,
I still feel the dread,
But I let it go
Burying this wretched hole,

When did this girl appear,
In the mirror,
Scratched but clear:
Tears in eyes and scars, she says
that, "I don't Know."
Sometime I hope she'll be, 
Back in me,
One day this mirror will show,
Someone that I know.


Copyright © Juli- Michelle | Year Posted 2012

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New Year's Eve

Can’t think about the Year that didn’t last
Can’t fight the time and how it passed so fast…
Voices were cheerful that night
Everyone was full of silver light

I heard the sounds but didn’t care
I couldn’t help but only think and stare…
I dreamed of love that possibly I’ll never share
And of life that was just like a fairytale.

In that second of complete despair
I saw the moon and realized it was all a dare
Then your voice whispered in my ear
Promising me all I needed to hear…

Copyright © Gergana Skywalker | Year Posted 2013

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If Only

Dark clouds loomed overhead... White flowers lay there on her grave, Raindrops started falling and people scurried, I just stood still and tried to be brave. For the tears they were welling up inside, Like a dam about to give way; My hands were quivering, my lips were dry, The colour from my face was drained. I walked up to the mound of wreaths, A single tear rolled down my cheek. I set myself down on one knee... The dam burst, I began to weep. If only I had told her how much I loved her! If only I hadn’t fought with her every day! I just wanted to tell her I was sorry... I just wanted to make it all okay. She had worked so hard to keep me happy, She used to toil all day When I was hurting she would smile and kiss me, And make the pain go away. When there was no money for me to go to college, She had sold her car and paid the fees; When I failed in my exams and had given up hope, She had helped me get back on my feet. All my life she was the one person Who believed in me when no one else did; I don’t know why I used to fight with her, If only I hadn't screamed and shouted. All these years she faced such hardships, Just to make sure I had everything I wanted, Yet instead of being grateful to my mother, All I had shown her was anger and hatred. Now I knelt on a dark cold rainy day, Struggling to find words to say... If only I could tell her I was sorry If only I could make it all okay.

Copyright © Samuel John | Year Posted 2014

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Behold A Nation

Let's presume all is well
Though we know truly in our minds
That we are still crawling
Like a snail under its shielded carapace.

Let's presume it is well
Though we know we are not yet there
Midst nepotism and bureaucracy politics
In that which our nation is canonized

Furtherance into our country web of hierarchy
Will renounce your reliable imaginations,
Your emotional inappropriate findings,
And your shortsighted quest around time and space.

Believe it or not
Their says must be well felt
Since they are the holder
Of anything go transient tools.

In doubt or not in doubt
Mysteries will sooner than later
Unveil themselves in due time
This is not far from our reach.

Copyright © Abdulhafeez Oyewole | Year Posted 2013

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I Had To Do It

I revisited the old place,
I had to do it
Now, just an empty space
But I had to do it
They called me crazy, being prepared
But I had to do it
It all ended, all were despaired
We hid here, we had to do it
We had survived it
I had to do it
I had to survive it
I had to do it
We were the only two left
I had to do it
Resources dwindled, not much left
I had to do it
She was weak, I was strong
I had to do it
It was logical, it was not wrong
I had to do it
She was weak, she way dying
I had to do it
I sought options, god I was trying
I had to do it
She was beautiful, so full of life
But not before I had to do it
I took the knife
I had to do it
Even now I hear her voice, pleading
I had to do it
Then it was quite, but she was bleeding
Bleeding to death, but I had to do it
I had to leave; I felt it in my bones
I had to do it
All that was left, was her bones
I had to do it
I had to see her, no matter the pain
I had to do it
Taking her pain, it was my gain
I had to do it
We were hungry, I knew it was wrong
I had to do it
She was weak, I was strong
I had to do it
I had to be quick, to get it done
I had to do it
Then it was over, she was done
I had to do it
Why did I do it?
I had to do it
I had to do it
I had to do it

Copyright © Robert Weber | Year Posted 2016

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the last good-bye

Disregard September’s lasting day, its simplicity long foretold, 
As the sound of summer has past us by, into the crisp and radiant fall;
Come hold this mirror to a ray of light, and pass the moment on,     
When in the hint of a calming breeze, is held the lost good-bye

Forever leaves of a brighter shade have fallen from there boughs,
While overhead October waits to softly steal by; 
For opportunities are gone to soon, and change as mornings past 
Like the worth of days, trapped in that sweet good-bye 

Man senses November and its desolate hours in a fog of its own regret,
When the sun could not cool the night, nor the moon give warmth to day;
We are caught in the measure of simple words, tied to hope and wonder
That speaks of a last good-bye

Wrapped tight in the cold of December, bound to the rhythm of life,
Gone to solitudes isolation and the sadness of that forgotten farewell,
Sacrificed to the wind that winter holds, bound to a memory past
Intent to hear of our last good-bye

Copyright © Mark Norton | Year Posted 2013

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Gone and Forgotten

It's funny how some people say
"you'll miss me when I'm gone."
Your absence may be thought of once,
but the world will still go on.

Confound within my barriers;
I won't dare ever cross the line.
Sadness is but a wall
between two gardens of mine.

All alone in this cell
with no cracks to break free;
the glowing rays were scattered away
and never got to me.

I wrote your name on the bullet so
my sorrow could forever embed.
I wanted you to know that you're the last
thing that went through my head.

I thought that I was better dead,
as my life simply lacked a will.
Echoes of my miserable past
remain in my cage still.

Copyright © Alex Calatayud | Year Posted 2015

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Loosing A Child

It hurts very much,
When the one's you love,
Are ripped from your very life,
It makes you feel as if,
You are not up to being,
The person you should be,
In this dreary everyday world,
That can be so cruel.
So, think about how your life,
Is running it's very course,
And what changes you need to make'
To better your life,
In order to see the happiness,
Of keeping the beautiful thing,
You have created,
And brought into this very world,
So, you can keep this child,
Close to you in your life,
And watch it grow,
To bond with them each and everyday,
So, the child will never grow up,
knowing someone else,
As Mom and Dad,
Pushing you away from their life,
Till the day,
You will be totally gone,
From their hearts and minds,
Which is the sign of disaster all the way,
For it will be the hurt of a lifetime.

Copyright © John Hembree | Year Posted 2013

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Lost wing

Will the pied piper have you 
following his shadow?
Will you open your eyes to the 
dew of the morrow?
Your eyes carry grief through 
my soul,
They envelope me with 
As you lie like a log on the spot 
you have grown fond of,
Tears flow,
Undisturbed till they sink the 
Yet i know mourning will save 
your breath no more,
Still i cry even more,
Wishing you would stay with 
me forever more.

Copyright © Kinda Klassy | Year Posted 2013

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There live a girl, oh yes, a girl
Head so big with one thing
Intoxicated by every full moon
She likes the light from the moon's beam

Everyday she wanders, oh yes, she wanders
Downtown London, where she finds life in the streets
She waltzes down alleys, backdoor galleries
And practice losing her virginity

She stole away, oh yes, she stole away 
Like a thief in the night she borrows
Borrows the innocence of others
While lie the rest left in sorrow

There live a girl, oh yes, a girl
Who possess a trusting wink
One quick glance, trapping trance
Then she's in the wind before you blink.

Copyright © Kira Price | Year Posted 2014

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Weakened By Emotion

A sadness has come over me,
A darkness has set in;
The search for lone identity,
My patience wearing thin.

With yesteryear behind me,
an new ones yet to come;
I feel I'm blind and cannot see,
no direction to or from.

My quest is here, my time expired,
I set my life a sail;
I'm cold, I'm lonely, and I'm tired,
with this I start to wale.

So with my thoughts I dry my eyes,
and follow twisted winds;
With hope and fervor as my guides,
my journey now begins.

A day gone by and nothing yet,
to tame that which I fear;
My sadness I cannot forget,
its' voice is all I hear.

The darkness still upon me,
My course I cannot find;
And so I drift amid the sea,
In weakened state of mind.

Copyright © christopher schott sr. | Year Posted 2015

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For Tonight I'll Cry

By: Tyner Twine

No one knew it was coming,
No one knew that you’ll be leaving
No one knew you were hurting,
No one knew you were dying.

Amongst the bright lights of the festivity,
Yours slowly starts to fade,
It hurts more to know the reality
That nothing can ever be done or said

Memories of my hands holding your tiny body
And memories of when I saved your life
I thought everything will be steady
But now, you’ve left our family.

I feel so shallow
As despair starts to swallow
Guilt starts to follow…
I feel so hallow

I wish there was more time to be with you
Turn back time so I won’t cry like this
Keep you close to me,
At least before you close your eyes.

What’s so hard is I can’t ever deny
Is the fact that I
Wasn’t even by your side
At least to say goodbye.

Outside, the stars shine
The winds sighs,
In your humble grave you lie,
There goes the white butterfly
So for tonight I’ll cry

Copyright © Kristine Mariz Ursua | Year Posted 2014

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The Chennai Floods - Second Part


No food nor drinking water, those alive, pity
Faced chillness, starvation and panic in eyes
No medicines, no blankets and no clothes 
People succumbed in homes and on roads

Hundreds of people dead; countless injured
Houses and cars in thousands submerged 
All essential storage quickly lost; and no food
Nor shelter; alas providers became seekers

A catastrophe that none believed will happen,
Occurred anyway, as people simply wilted low
Money and materials could not be of help
As holding hands alone forebode being alive

The future looked suddenly bitter and bleak 
With money, valuables and motorcars lost
Very difficult it looked to make good the loss
As personal belongings all vanished in a toss

And by the time the boats came calling
And relief was in sight; most people had 
Lost the battle and barely held their lives
The unrelenting flood having spewed its wrath

The misfortune threw up the good Samaritans
For many showed up, courting risk upfront 
To save many a folk, with dedication abound
In desperate time providing solace and succor 

Brave young volunteers were there in full
To reach supplies for people in a mess
But the disaster had hit in full, long before
Many need decades to get back, as before.

And then army men arrived to ferry in boats
Saving people, marooned and maligned 
Helicopters dropped food for hungry mouths
As pilots picked the sick and the hopeless

The Government claimed it did its part, well
While the critics made a lot of noise, as ever 
Alas people were left, high and dry; dismayed
To mourn the loss and weep, in silent mode!

Some said the authority failed; in their role
Some said it was “El Nino” “Climate Change”
Many attributed: highest rainfall in 100 years!
But I know: Millions of folk took a mighty blow!

Copyright © Mothiram Pushpala | Year Posted 2015

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I am not made a full blown beauty..
Nor I live a life of purity; charity & piety..
All I like to do is to live with identity..
Not of being a witty but a life of humility..

I tried to be a more social person..
Cracking out the shell I have put up..
Breaking from my own weakness..
Doing best in my found strengths..

I have craved to reach out to people..
Widening my horizon, increasing my knowledge and awareness..
Learning to acknowledge fellow human beings..
Regardless of who they are and where they from..

They said: "I must not do this as it is dangerous.."
but I stand to what I know: "Inside all human beings is the reflection of God.."
I give due and equal chance..
As my God have freely given me opportunities too..

We people are living in same earth..
Different are we because of status, faith or race..
Let not this be the reason for us to be divided..
Rather we must come in unison conquering divisions..

By: olive_eloi

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2013

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Her Face

Her Face was perfection, Still see it everywhere
The beauty in her eyes, Please forgive my stare
Though to confess my love, 
Oh no, I wouldn't dare...
So I'll just keep thinking of her, But it's just not fair

Her Face won't go away, So engrained in my mind
This girl was different, Unlike any other I'll ever find
Oh how the two of us, 
How our lives could've aligned...
So now, to everyone else, My heart is blind

But she'll never know,
Just what I would've done to be with her!
That I'd gladly travel through time and space
Just to appreciate her beauty,
And wake next to Her Face

Her Face comforts me, Holds me tight and dear
Takes me to another world, A new frontier
I'm dreaming where she loves me so much, 
That part is clear...
But as I awake, Just shed another tear

Her Face and her love, I won't ever forget
Lust for her will remain, Lips will get wet
I'll be reminded of her, 
At each days sunset...
And I'll remember everything, From the first day we met

But she'll never know,
Just what I would've done to be with her!
That I'd gladly travel through time and space
Just to appreciate her beauty,
And wake next to Her Face

Her Face is the sunshine, A universal light
With it's soul and it's passion, It was quite a sight
Oh how just to see her, 
Brought me such delight...
But here I am all alone now, Another late night

Her Face will surely lift someone up, With unconditional love
So what will come of me, Can I rise above?
Without Her Face, 
I'm unsure thereof...
Because see, out of my mind, to her, I'll never shove

And she'll never know,
Just what I would've done to be with her!
That I'd gladly travel through time and space
Just to appreciate her beauty,
And wake next to Her Face

Her Face, I see it every night, In my dreams
Where everything will all align, Oh how it seems
We're walking together... 
Hands together, Along the forests blue streams

Her Face ignited feelings, Things I've never before felt
Just got to play the hand, The cruel hand I was dealt
I will always have my writing, 
To continue to dwell...
On a lost love to whom one day, I would've knelt

Copyright © Andrew Shannon | Year Posted 2013

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The Door

Red doesn’t scare me
my own blood is welcome
it means I am ending
and I want that with all my heart

I used to be a woman
who kissed and loved
so big, so expansive…
I danced with everything

But now, tides have turned
gone is that human being
the woman who blended
with seaweed and water’s foam

I walk the streets now
in search of a place to become
something else
that isn’t what I was

This isn’t part of a life
it’s a different thing entirely
I don’t even want it
Once I was love’s essence

and now, I am the exposed flesh
of life.
the waters of me run red now
the core is gone
only edges are left
and I can’t look at this

So, I’m on my way out the door
I hope those people will be there
Never perfect, I can only be me
and I will take it upon myself
to go and not come back

Copyright © Melody Sokolow | Year Posted 2014

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Suicide is sad and an awful thing to have happen to anyone,
however, in all honesty, have you ever been to that point?
Have you ever hurt so bad down in your soul that you
just couldn’t make it through another day with that pain.
Has your life ever felt so meaningless, and empty that you
wanted to end your own pain and suffering?
So many say, I can’t believe he/she had killed themselves,
but is it really a shock to you, that it came down to this?
Where there not any signs of sadness, or pain?
You may be heartbroken and confused, 
but think about his or her feelings at that moment.

When it comes down to whose feelings are more important, 
more valuable, or who is suffering  to most, or who will be sad, 
the individual has to put them self first.
No one wants a friend, family member, or a loved one to 
commit suicide, or even attempt, but the decision is not yours.

Some believe it’s a selfish act, and some believe, 
it’s just taking the easy way out, but unless you 
have been to that point in your life, you don’t know 
how it feels to want to commit suicide.

Suicide is not cool, it doesn’t really hurt those 
you thought it might.  Suicide is you giving up
on yourself, giving up on your dreams, and your goals in life. 
Suicide is a permanent absence of you from this world,  
and the lives of those who love you.

Copyright © Marilyn Blackman | Year Posted 2017

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Your safe place
Your comfort place
The place where you’re loved
The place you can cry
The place you can rest

Home is all of these things
For a normal person that is
But I
I am not a normal person

Home for me is
It’s hiding behind a door

Hiding in a room
With walls too thin
Hearing the voices
The ones that used to soothe me to sleep
Are now just angry noises
Constantly growing louder

For me home is a nightmare
It’s where my worst fears live
Where they walk the halls
Where they can torture me

They torture me in that room
I can’t even get away from them when I leave
They live in my phone
They live in the fear of looking at the screen
They live in the fear of getting in my car
And they live in the fear of never being free

Copyright © Shyla Contreras | Year Posted 2015

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Lost in Reason

Sitting all alone on a gym bench A half-empty glass of punch in my hand, The lights bounced off the disco ball On the stage was the college band. On the dance floor guys all jumped around While the girls just giggled and jived; I got up and walked towards the exit, A lone tear escaped my eye. As I pulled the door towards me, I turned around to take one last glance And there she stood dressed in a sky-blue gown, Some new guy holding her hand. I stepped out into the empty parking lot A cool breeze blew over my head, My ears rang and my throat went dry As I remembered the words she had said... I’ll never leave you, baby I love you, We’ll be together till the very end, No man or situation can break us, Together we’ll face every one of them. But now the ghost of those words haunts me, Just another long lost memory I try my hardest to move right on, But it’s hard to let go of a part of me. I spent many sleepless nights by the fire Trying to figure out what I had done wrong, Mounds of cigarette ash in the ash tray The stereo playing sad old songs; Empty whiskey bottles on the nightstand, Broken glass where the mirror once stood; I thought a lot but the reason never came to me… Why she left me I never understood.

Copyright © Samuel John | Year Posted 2012

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elephant in the corner

at the party all the people look around 
and the can see that there's 
an elephant in the corner 
who is he? 
they take drinks,pills, and cheap therapy 
but do they see? 
it's all the silence, the lips are moving 
service all the liars, make them humble 
yet they still won't ask for guidance 
and the elephant he holds onto the key 
but it leads to places they don't want 
to be. 
that the elephant in the corner 
was me. 

hold your hands out 
let me see what you have inside them 
what is it that you hide there 
voices,faces everywhere 
burned out dreams, but no one dares 
cover them, did you need them spared 
the elephant was there. 
to bad you didn't care. 

At the lighthouse, we observed the waves 
they crashed and dashed beside us 
as we blanketed the stars 
how they divide, just put away 
your sleepy mind and let it 
bide us. because soon enough 
time will not revive us. 
are we to long gone 
or will he come to 
guide us? 
the elephant remains around 
to smite us. we can see him 
but deny, we lie, we spite 
just the fact he's here 

please tell me that you've seen him here 
does he whisper in your ear? 
your deeds, your lies, your face 
you hide, the ones who cried, 
those left behind, he looks at you 
without a grin, he knows your moves 
your every whim, your groans and tones 
the hate you own, the epitaph on you 
headstone. the elephant is only 
skin and bones. 
and now your all alone...

Copyright © Antonio Swider | Year Posted 2014

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Across the Way

Seven half-naked men gather around the table
For a meal that is to me only foreign
They speak in tones of joy
Tones nearly obscure to my ears
But oh, so near
My eyes avert from my glance
Picking up a dish from the sink 
I scrub the grime away
The laughter grows in a masculine crescendo   
And the tone is nourished into vibrancy
My curiosity is but a dull pan
Awaiting a wash and rinse
Stuck into the sticky filth of envy
I envy the joyous expression
Yet I welcome insipid depression
Happiness and content so far from me
But merely. . .across the way

No embarrassment of their exteriors
By far their lives feel superior
The language they speak is nothing to me
But tones and emotion I can never reach
Oh, how far you are
The motivation; the nourished vibrancy
From me you are clean
As the guck collects within
Somehow I cannot hide from the light of their words
The distant, alien joy
My sense of inner unity is so coy
Compared to these gathered strangers—my neighbors
The brotherhood—that I can only discreetly witness
I can only pick myself up
Like this lonely, dirty cup
And glance at the seven half-naked men 
Across the way

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2013