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To the Eternal Holy Spirit

O ETERNAL HOLY SPIRIT, Third Person of the Blessed Trinity! Spirit of Truth, Love and Holiness, proceeding from the Eternal Father and Eternal Son and equal to them in all things! I adore thee and love thee with all my heart. Teach me to know and to seek Eternal God, by whom and for whom I was created. Fill my heart with holy fear and love of Eternal God. Please grant me compassion and patience, and suffer me not to fall into sin.

Please give me an increase of Faith, Hope and Charity, and bring forth in my soul all the virtues proper to my state of life. Please give me the four Cardinal Virtues, Thy seven Gifts and thy twelve Fruits. Please make me a faithful follower of Jesus and an obedient child of the Church. Please give me the grace to keep the commandments and to receive the Sacraments worthily, Raise me to perfection in the state of life in which You have called me and lead me through a happy death, to everlasting life. Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Please Grant me also, O Eternal Holy Spirit, You who are the giver of all good gifts, the special favor for which I ask (name it), if it be for Your greater honor and glory and the good of my soul.

Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2015

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Rapture's Light

I’ve just had an experience unlike any other.
It was so great, cause now I’m with the Father.
I’ve just had an experience unlike any’ll know.
‘Cept for those who came with me in the flow.
Of Light! That is. The never-endin’ Light of the Lord.
The never-endin’ Light of the Lord!

I’ve been through hell all thro’out my life.
And I’ve had all kinds o’ different strife.
And I’ve been hard-press’d.
And I’ve been depressed.
And just when I thought I got the hang o’ things,
They change, and they rearrange.

I’ve done all sorts o’ things.
Stupid things. Crazy things.
But now times have changed.
And everything has rearranged.
And all that I e’er knew,
Has come back to bite you.

I’ve just had an experience unlike any other.
It was so great, cause now I’m with the Father.
I’ve just had an experience unlike any’ll know.
‘Cept for those who came with me in the flow.
Of Light! That is. The never-endin’ Light of the Lord.
The never-endin’ Light of the Lord!

So listen closely as I tell what’s happened to the world.
The world’s spun it’s last spin and has finally hurled.
The Hea’nly Host has brought us up.
All us Christians, that is, pup.
Anyone listening to this,
is more ‘an likely in any state but bliss.

If this is bein’ heard,
Then e’eryone is real disturbed.
You may’ve just witnessed all of us disappearing,
But there’ll still be another hearing.
Like it’s been for all of life, ‘cept for this one instance that is,
You may come to meet the Lord after you perish.

You’ll have an experience unlike any other.
It’ll be so great, cause you’ll be with the Father.
You’ll have an experience unlike any’ll know.
‘Cept for those who’ll come with you in the flow.
Of Light! That is. The never-endin’ Light of the Lord.
The never-endin’ Light of the Lord!

I shall end this now for I’m ent’rin the Pearly Gates o’ Heav’n.
It’s more beautiful than can be describ’d by any Reveren’.
If somehow this reaches you people on Earth,
Remember this one thing from the hearth.
There’ll always be hope, so stay strong!
Don’t worry, this torture won’t last long.

You’ll have an experience unlike any other.
It’ll be so great, cause you’ll be with the Father.
You’ll have an experience unlike any’ll know.
‘Cept for those who’ll come with you in the flow.
Of Light! That is. The never-endin’ Light of the Lord.
The never-endin’ Light of the Lord!

Copyright © Josiah Rutter | Year Posted 2013

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My Daughter's Smile

My Daughter's Smile
By Linda Hays-Gibbs 

There is a light, a light so sweet, comes from a smile beaming out from deep-within a soul, of infinite warmth, a burning coal alight with dawn, a tune to the rhythm of God's song. 
My lovely daughter with warmth and laughter beamed with this magical ray both day and night it was fantastical, it was radical for all that met her were so glad they did for when graced with her smile you felt better for a long, long while. It made you kind, just to feel it's warmth, like you too could find her joy within. Her smile was a witness so infinite that we all wanted it.
But life brought disappointments to grace her door, as life is cruel as we all know but achievements too with higher aims of dedication but somehow crushed her radiation and brought her low for this light did go.
We all missed it's warmth, it infinite bliss like just missing a morning kiss. We asked her please, tell us what is wrong, tell us, if we can help bring back your song Bring back your eternal glow the one we yearn for, the bliss we know.
It made us all feel so wonderful just to be near you and we have no clue of what to do! Oh sweet darling nothing in life compared to it!  I know for I spent my life just to nurture it So if you aren't happy let's change your circumstance, Change your house, change your dance, change your job change your ways, we sob, but please oh please bring back that warmth, that fire from inside that made all  life worthwhile we confide
Since you were a very young child I've basked in the warmth of your smile!
God gave you that light and something has defiled Something had taken that pure purpose and love! Thrown water on your fire and oh my sweet we all see it, we all care I know God is with you I know you're still there but sweet girl you've lost your pearl of great price and this will not suffice 
Stand back a little and find the match nothing is worth the loss of your batch of magic Take heed oh please hear me We all got to have it! We all need to bask in the warmth of that beauty, that smile. For you brought God's love to our hearts with it's glow 
So we all want to help,  to know, to search high and low for your infinite sweetness again to beam across the room and bring a multitude of people to God with just your smile for that is what you could do my sweet sweet beautiful child! So Find your JOY, find your place but whatever you do find your face alight with your grin for only then will you win
This race of life is hard and mean it strips the heart like a machine We have to fight for somethings so pure that just one drop can heal and cure Your smile is like this It holds such bliss it's a lovely kiss Don't let it die don't let it leave it's much more important than you believe!
God wants us happy He wants us ecstatic He wants us all filled with your enigmatic magic but only you of all I knew had it since a child had it all the while until just recently & I tell you distinctly No home will help, no Bible verses kept, no good deeds they're all inept. I know it was while we slept a thief crept in and made the theft and we all have wept. 
Come my sweet, find your center Find your joy let it reenter You are so blessed to have that gift that with your smile our burdens lift. Bring back that glow from deep inside, a place so sweet we all confide, we need to see your smile of glee your smile of mystery, that love you gave to yourself and me and everyone that could see, that joy that flooded from your eyes when you lips upturned we all confide  our hearts sang your joyful tune
&we all realize our lives were much brighter with your smiles, your laughter So we beg, we plead how can we rebirth& nurture this seed, this priceless pearl and make you believe again in all goodness in all you see for your smile was coming from God's infinity Don't you know some things are key
Like that smile of essence of yours Bea!

Copyright © Linda Hays-Gibbs | Year Posted 2015

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Covenant House

Lord Eternal God,

All people have problems and troubles in the world.
Please provide children someone to love and be loved,
Please help them have someone to walk with as far as they wish.
Please give them wisdom or understanding and knowledge to do what is right and what is wrong.

Please help children have strength and courage to face their oppressors who tease and bully them
Those who gather socialize and trade their images in pedophiles
Children who are being rape and abuse
Please enlighten people to realize their horrifying acts

Please help children choose the right decisions to the things that happens
Please help the children's attitude towards people.
Please give them fortitude or strength to hope for their brighter future
Please help them reach their teenage years in peace

Please give them courage to face their trials,
Perseverance to strive hard to reach their best and be successful
Please help them have Patience and Tolerance when dealing with hardships
Comfort them mentally and physically to be calm.

Eternal Father, we ask this through Your Eternal Son, Father Christ
Who lives and reigns with You and the Eternal Holy Spirit, One Eternal God forever and ever.  09102012

Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2015

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Rain falls ever so softly at times. Rain falls softly at times as if gently washing away the stresses of the day. Rain feels like it’s from God to wash away the sins of this world. Rain; but it touches my heart in a way I sense a removing of stains from my soul! Pure and perfect falling softly upon me soothing my mind and body, then at times fast and hard as if warning not everything can be washed away.   
Once soaked nothing is left untouched or unclean! Fresh like an orchid and pure as the lotus; nature in all its’ glory is nourished from Gods’ delicate rain as it falls ever so softly and my soul is renewed. Water can soften the hardest of all earths’ elements from smoothing rocks it flows over to putting out raging fires. Rain fills and nourishes from the smallest of God’s creatures to the largest imaginable so cleanse my soul as it rains down upon me, I believe it does!     
Bathed by God’s water and cleansed as part of nature’s blend, storms hold no concern for my hearts not heavy and my burdens light! Freed from stress and washed clean from the sins of this world, I walk with God. My soul shall be as the orchid and shall float gently about like the lotus.   
Rain may fall again to wash away the stresses that find their way to me and gently continue renewing my soul. My heart finds strength and courage as love fills every crack and jagged edge that became scares from this world having been gently soaked by Gods’ rain! Renewed and thankful for what has come down upon me, I’ll say a prayer and forever feel blessed for rain has fallen ever so softly and washed away the stresses of the day and cleansed my soul of the sins of the world!     
Debbie Knapp

Copyright © Debbie Knapp | Year Posted 2016

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No Cross to Bear

In Heaven there is no darkness
No shadows anywhere
No gloomy day or cloud of gray
No longing to be there

No thorn to prick your heart upon
No crown to bear your glory
No nail to hang your vengeance on
No cross to bear your story

No courts of fleeting justice
No plotting to indemnify
No tyranny or slavery
No obstacle to rectify

No silver pieces thrown about
No master to betray
No kiss of death upon a cheek
No noose to take away

No rabble in the streets
No spitting or demar
No climbing to Golgotha
No looming from afar

No weight of heavy burden
No knees for falling hard
No kicking from a Roman
No lashing from a guard

No hammer swing or piercing ring
No blood upon the ground
No cry of dreadful mourning
No mercy to be found

No God forsaken love is torn
No thrust of heaving spear
No drink of horrid mockery
No stream of falling tear

No fault to be forgiven for
No sins to wash away
No ignorance for what they do
No dying prayer to say

No robe to place a wager on
No bidding chance to win
No die is cast in ridicule
No cloth of shameful sin

No tomb to roll a stone away
No rising from the grave
No wound upon a sacred hand
No sinner for to save

No soul to rise or waiting throne
No flash of blinding light
No dove to guide the savior home
Unto the Father's right
Chords - 3/4 time
1 4 5 1 - twice per verse Cross to Bear

Copyright © Mike Martin | Year Posted 2015

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Easter Day

Easter is glorious day,
Not only to enjoy,
The candy and Easter egg hunt,
But a day,
To rejoice,
In the Lord's resurrection,
Where He gave us,
His life,
To save us from our sins,
Which we all should remember,
And charish,
Each and everyday,
Of our precious lives,
In this world,
That His Father created,
For us all to live,
And gave us a choice,
Between right from wrong,
Which is not always easy,
But if we always turn,
To the Father and the Son,
We will always find,
Them by our side,
Carrying us along the way.

Copyright © John Hembree | Year Posted 2014

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On Roman ruled British isles,
   On a sunny morn
Forth century on the day of Ides  
   Our Patrick was born
To the deacon and his wife fair; 
   A beautiful morn
And priest grandfather who care’
   Their Patrick was born

He, young and bright as a button 
   This could be clearly seen
Was Patrick the lad and glutton
   Tall for his age at sixteen 
 Taken as a slave to nearby Eire 
   At tender age sixteen
by knavish raiders – this not fair
    Long time not to be seen

God visited Patrick in a dream 
    On this Emerald Isle
 When revealed to him to stream
   Patrick broke rank and file
He boarded a ship and set sail 
    left this unwelcome isle
In Britain to tell all the tale
   Then Gaul - priesthood and file

In 432, back to Eire to convert them 
   A land green with shamrock
From their polytheism to stem
   Worshiping even a rock
To explain the Holy Trinity 
   He used the shamrock
Enlightened them till affinity
   They accepted *The Rock

To explain the Holy Trinity 
   He used the shamrock
Enlightened them till affinity
   They accepted The Rock
They are wearing the Green
They are wearing the Green...

*Rock of Ages

21 January 2013


Copyright © Suzette Richards | Year Posted 2013

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Listen to the buzzing, in your ears,
Listen to the humming, of your fears,
Listen to the baby, crying inside,
Listen to the pleading, in your lover's eyes.
Listen to the music, you have never played,
Listen to the sinner, who's never been saved.
Listen to the empty, silence of your mind,
Listen to the whispers, of man kind.
Listen to the never, heard nor seen,
Listen to the listener, who has never been.
Listen to the monkey, you know you really are,
Listen to the wise man, who's never been that far.
Listen to the dying, crying man,
Listen to the bottle, buried in the sand.
Listen to meaning, you never really meant,
Listen to the letter, you never really sent.
Listen to the lovers, who loved another one,
Listen to the brothers, torturing their mum.
Listen to the noisy, who never say a thing,
Listen to the silent, crying deep within.
Listen to the never, ever really said,
Listen to the dead man, laying in his bed.
Listen to the flying, dying man,
Listen to the solid, only made of sand,
Listen to the night time, they told you that was day,
Listen to the meaning, they stole an took away.
Listen to the singer, who never made a sound,
Listen to the thunder, in the lightning cloud.
Listen to the voices, you never hear within,
Listen to the last train's whistle, whistling.

Copyright © ness tillson | Year Posted 2013

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Riding on a Stallion

Author Dana Redricks
April 14, 2017

When Jesus first came, he came riding on a donkey
Crowds of people standing, cheering him all around
Before they were done 
they were condemning him to death
But when he died he didn’t remain there
He rose from the dead and defeated death and sin
Now his children have been loosed from sin
Living in Christ in true victory
When Jesus coming for his church 
he will be riding on a stallion 
Coming to take all his children home
He’ll be riding on a stallion
He’ll be riding on a stallion 
When he comes again he’ll be riding on a stallion
Coming to gather the church and to take them home
With all his angels gathered all around
Oh, what glorious day that will be 
when Jesus comes again 
he’ll be riding on his stallion instead of a mule 

Copyright © Dana Redricks | Year Posted 2017

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Walking down the hallway,
Seeing all the doorways,
And all the choices in life,
Making it difficult to choose,
The right room from the rest,
Bringing you the wisdom and truth,
For the imperfection that's within us all,
Which makes us crawl at times,
On our knees and our hands,
To discover what is right and survive,
In life as long as we can and accept,
What life brings us all in our hearts,
Which we patiently accept as pleasures,
And sacrifices as pains much in our lives,
To correct our flaws,
Which causes our struggles,
Till we can open our eyes,
And see what we have and believe,
That our life is greater than we ever know,
Cause God created it for us all,
But our choices are ours to make,
To find the happiness which is,
Ours to be kept.

By: John J. Hembree

Copyright © John Hembree | Year Posted 2013

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Gifts From Heaven Above

Dragonflies fly around the pond,
As the timeless moonlight gazes on the river,
And the oceans white caps coast on the beach,
Along the sunset of a beautiful day,
Of this hard day of this world's pleasures,
We take the journey of this hard day of this world's pleasure,
In this Kingdom of God,
For even with the stuggles we have,
We climb the ladders of hope,
To find the fulfillment in our hearts,
That will bring us all the happiness and joy,
And maybe one day,
To the everlasting gates where we may enter,
For the everlasting life where we may stay.

Copyright © John Hembree | Year Posted 2014

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realization and redemption

Ja, I remember the day
That I noticed that fellowship 
Respect, and all installed ethics taught to be right was 
child's play
And hippacrit sympathizers was definition of 

This caused in me a great confliction, of blind 
Of life and its meaning
To sooth the pain of this infliction
I grew from the earth , a seedling
Of divine intention to ease the human condition 
My mind eased, eyes red .I am reaping My Reward 
but, weaping. No more.

But ill say just This to explain
All these wars and religious mutiny.
Non stop preaching and barely reaching those in pain.
Before we use these words that hurt in wound,  cause 
death,  embarrassment and shame.
Realize your to vein to be godly

Say and speak with this In mind
If you're religious and Jesus was here
To bring all 'All' us together,  you shouldn't be 
surprised,  when he looks over the masses And with a 
blank stare.
Speaks nothing just walks away In tears
In your heart and all you know real you Can't say you 
wouldn't know why.
But cower do we still. Church is political,  but 
righteousness Is not we are all accountable
All that's left is to decide as one human race. How we 
choose to live till its time to die. 

Copyright © shawn gorsick | Year Posted 2011

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Do we really know where the ability to create comes from?
Consider the possibility it could come from God and his great gift of love.Maybe creation truly is a gift from above.
Whether creation is using flowers, words,singing or the like.
Creation is from above, yes creation at its height.Just like any other gift,is given from the Lord above.Given to each one to give this world a lift. Creation and all the beauty it affords,allows us to experience a bit of a reward.
Allowing us also to know another's soul.
Which otherwise sometimes we may not be privy to know .
Creation is a way for the world to unite.
Spreading instead of darkness a portion of light.
Brilliancy and complexity and brought into creation too.
Using these elements to project the real you.
It brings a way of attachment to things which you are meant.
Bringing blessing to each life. 
Doing what creation was meant to do.

Copyright © Angela Poppert | Year Posted 2017