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The Accolade

 Fighting mid the strong and bold,
His eye and blade were keen;
Marching like a thund'ring storm
On foes of Faith, his queen.

Now returned in victory
Upon his mighty bay,
Set he off to Langley Tow'r
Her summons to obey.

"John the Squire," the footman called,
And held the oaken door;
Faith, it seemed, had gleaming eyes
Like never once before.

"John! 'tis good to see thee hale,"
The queen exclaimed, and rose:
Tales have sped to Langley's gates
Of many broken bows."

"God has saved me whole and well,
By prayers, I ween, of thee;
Tell me please, my lady Queen
What service I may be."

Saying thus, the squire bowed
And doffed his burnished helm;
Struck in awe by Faith, his love,
The queen of Arthur's realm.

"Gilbert saith," rehearsed the queen,
"That deeds of thee are done
Greater yet than those of Wat 
Or even Henry's son."

Tears bedecked her youthful face,
And glistened in the light;
John the Squire, as she had hoped,
Had done her favour right.

"Nay!" the humble squire cried,
"This word is not so true!
How could I, the meanest squire,
Perform the deeds they do?"

"Hush!" It was a firm command;
"I'll hear these lies no more; 
Kneel before me, Squire John,
A knight shall leave the door."

Down before the queen he knelt,
He pledged his knighthood true;
Swore her ev'ry small command
With cheerful heart to do.

From his side she drew his sword,
She struck the accolade;
"Thus the greatest knight," she said,
"Is from a squire made."

From her hand the sword did fall,
It clashed upon a stone:
"John, if battle claimed thy life,
How could I be alone?"

"God has prospered all my ways;
My Queen, I praythee, cease!
Soon these wars shall claim our foes,
And Britain be in peace."

Faith remained there by her throne,
With light upon her hair;
Not one maid of Camelot
Was even half so fair.

"God be with thee evermore,"
She bravely said at last;
"Guard and keep thee from the foe
Until the very last."

John the Knight farewell did bid,
And swiftly rode away:
When the wars were hammered out,
He'd be a king in May.

  For the Famous Art contest. Inspired by the painting "The Accolade" -1901 by Edmund Blair Leighton. 

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst | Year Posted 2013

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Here Comes The Bride

Here comes the bride all dressed in white
Kneeling clean and pure before her Groom, 
the Lord, the Lamb who was slain in order
to take all the sins away... saved to live
all of her life with her beloved in eternity...
to be able to shine before the Father covered
by the Blood of truth, the life and the way.
The ultimate betrayal was forgiven when on that
hellish day we turned away from our first love
and ran into the waiting arms of evil.
Even now in this day and age, many of His children,
the children of the Lord are truly far... far away even
though they say they are so very close.
I at times can be included in this aspect of things
when I am not focused on what needs to be, for
we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but 
with the powers and principalities that exist.
Our Lord and Groom asked us to pick the one we 
want to be with now and then in the forever.
So let us be brave and walk boldly into the shadows
to disperse the darkness inside, knowing that the
final victory is already  His.

Copyright © Susan Clark | Year Posted 2014

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To the Eternal Holy Spirit

O ETERNAL HOLY SPIRIT, Third Person of the Blessed Trinity! Spirit of Truth, Love and Holiness, proceeding from the Eternal Father and Eternal Son and equal to them in all things! I adore thee and love thee with all my heart. Teach me to know and to seek Eternal God, by whom and for whom I was created. Fill my heart with holy fear and love of Eternal God. Please grant me compassion and patience, and suffer me not to fall into sin.

Please give me an increase of Faith, Hope and Charity, and bring forth in my soul all the virtues proper to my state of life. Please give me the four Cardinal Virtues, Thy seven Gifts and thy twelve Fruits. Please make me a faithful follower of Jesus and an obedient child of the Church. Please give me the grace to keep the commandments and to receive the Sacraments worthily, Raise me to perfection in the state of life in which You have called me and lead me through a happy death, to everlasting life. Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Please Grant me also, O Eternal Holy Spirit, You who are the giver of all good gifts, the special favor for which I ask (name it), if it be for Your greater honor and glory and the good of my soul.

Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2015

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Rapture's Light

I’ve just had an experience unlike any other.
It was so great, cause now I’m with the Father.
I’ve just had an experience unlike any’ll know.
‘Cept for those who came with me in the flow.
Of Light! That is. The never-endin’ Light of the Lord.
The never-endin’ Light of the Lord!

I’ve been through hell all thro’out my life.
And I’ve had all kinds o’ different strife.
And I’ve been hard-press’d.
And I’ve been depressed.
And just when I thought I got the hang o’ things,
They change, and they rearrange.

I’ve done all sorts o’ things.
Stupid things. Crazy things.
But now times have changed.
And everything has rearranged.
And all that I e’er knew,
Has come back to bite you.

I’ve just had an experience unlike any other.
It was so great, cause now I’m with the Father.
I’ve just had an experience unlike any’ll know.
‘Cept for those who came with me in the flow.
Of Light! That is. The never-endin’ Light of the Lord.
The never-endin’ Light of the Lord!

So listen closely as I tell what’s happened to the world.
The world’s spun it’s last spin and has finally hurled.
The Hea’nly Host has brought us up.
All us Christians, that is, pup.
Anyone listening to this,
is more ‘an likely in any state but bliss.

If this is bein’ heard,
Then e’eryone is real disturbed.
You may’ve just witnessed all of us disappearing,
But there’ll still be another hearing.
Like it’s been for all of life, ‘cept for this one instance that is,
You may come to meet the Lord after you perish.

You’ll have an experience unlike any other.
It’ll be so great, cause you’ll be with the Father.
You’ll have an experience unlike any’ll know.
‘Cept for those who’ll come with you in the flow.
Of Light! That is. The never-endin’ Light of the Lord.
The never-endin’ Light of the Lord!

I shall end this now for I’m ent’rin the Pearly Gates o’ Heav’n.
It’s more beautiful than can be describ’d by any Reveren’.
If somehow this reaches you people on Earth,
Remember this one thing from the hearth.
There’ll always be hope, so stay strong!
Don’t worry, this torture won’t last long.

You’ll have an experience unlike any other.
It’ll be so great, cause you’ll be with the Father.
You’ll have an experience unlike any’ll know.
‘Cept for those who’ll come with you in the flow.
Of Light! That is. The never-endin’ Light of the Lord.
The never-endin’ Light of the Lord!

Copyright © Josiah Rutter | Year Posted 2013

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                          enjoys to take 
                       a ride or just
                   to go for a leisure stride. 
                    Long winding road
                       Wide and free
                            or a narrow
                         straight route 
                    Lure to the eye and for a try
                      promising pile of trees 
                         on pied each a natural
                           beauty pride. Lights...
                        Signals on both sides
                      Providing travelers a guide
                       Keeping them always 
                    on safe side... Our 
                  BREATH of LIFE is like a ROAD
                    Each passing night and day
                       there's a heavy or light load
                       Sometimes a mystery 
                     with a puzzle code
                    Each one efforts 
                  careful to decode
                Thanks, THERE IS GOD
                  that abides... ALWAYS THERE
                      Through all blessings 
                         and trials tide. Bumps 
                      and accidents slowing
                   Even stopping the glide
                      Problems buffering
                             life's tide... Ethics, 
                           justice and society snide
                             they may equal to a lie
                            Whatever comes
                          however things maybe
                       Don't stop; Keep going. Even on a 
                   Dark cocoon... KEEP BELIEVING! KEEP WIN-
              NING! a road like never ending  until it reaches 
          a happening may it be a grand or simple celebration of life
       what is essential... YOU PASSED EACH WAY LIKE IT'S YOUR LAST
Despite heartaches.. Hardships I went through.. I hold on..I keep moving.. Growing..loving.. For at the end of this road there - face to face at last with my Creator.

(C) olive_eloi
REVISED: MAY 05, 2014

Contest: Just down the road
Sponsor: Kelly Dreschler
3rd Place.. Praise GOd.. :D

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2014

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Don't make a monkey out of me

Don’t make a Monkey out of me

I didn’t come out of the ocean
I didn’t fly in the air
My family tree has no Monkeys
So don’t you even dare

I’m not a monkey’s uncle
The Bibles very clear
I’m from the Son of God
On this I have no fear

I didn’t crawl on my belly
Laid no eggs in the sand
Divine heavenly creation
Produced this son of man


So don’t make a monkey out of me
We never went swinging on the trees
I never, ever ran on all fours
So don’t make a Monkey out of me

We didn’t come from Aliens
No super powerful race
They didn’t come and see us
From far out in space

The earth was made by Almighty
The angels watched and sang
It wasn’t a sudden combustion
The Idiots call Big Bang

There is no Earthly proof to see
Through out all of the years
The only missing link you’ll find
Is the one between your ears

Copyright © Patrick Lorenz | Year Posted 2013

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Our Reason That We Are Eternal

Have you been told by man
To stay down with them,
That its right to stay this way
Because it is humble?
Yet I have learned that to be humble
Is to be grateful and loving.
Humble does not mean being boastful true...
That does not mean to halt the wonderment of one's spirit,
Of one's right to look up, stand up from where some 
Do just want to stay, crawl...
To lift up hands to lift up the feet in praise,
Joyful reverence to give our Father God looks of love
And send on such things as true gratitude for every perfect gift
No matter the size He bestows upon us through the way of His
Only begotten Son...
Jesus our beloved our reason that we are eternal...
So never be afraid to breathe, lift, thresh, dance, jump with mirth in 
Divine grateful gladness of heart, mind, body, soul.
Times of quiet to be sure.
Times of woe to deep cleanse the inner soul, one's wounds after 
Lows, life's experiences which sometimes leave us bent.
Then there is the renewing of everything in us and even around us.
Seeing the renewal in a new Light of Day... pressing in until there we are
Running into Father God's arms as He patiently waits... so glad He is to 
See us as He hugs us tight asking if we are alright .
Then inside of His warm forgiving, such loving embrace we say that everything
Is so bright, then ask Him how He is even while knowing the answer because
That's just what a father's child would do amen.

Copyright © Susan Clark | Year Posted 2017

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Covenant House

Lord Eternal God,

All people have problems and troubles in the world.
Please provide children someone to love and be loved,
Please help them have someone to walk with as far as they wish.
Please give them wisdom or understanding and knowledge to do what is right and what is wrong.

Please help children have strength and courage to face their oppressors who tease and bully them
Those who gather socialize and trade their images in pedophiles
Children who are being rape and abuse
Please enlighten people to realize their horrifying acts

Please help children choose the right decisions to the things that happens
Please help the children's attitude towards people.
Please give them fortitude or strength to hope for their brighter future
Please help them reach their teenage years in peace

Please give them courage to face their trials,
Perseverance to strive hard to reach their best and be successful
Please help them have Patience and Tolerance when dealing with hardships
Comfort them mentally and physically to be calm.

Eternal Father, we ask this through Your Eternal Son, Father Christ
Who lives and reigns with You and the Eternal Holy Spirit, One Eternal God forever and ever.  09102012

Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2015

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Crunchy golden brown potatoes
Cut unevenly into strips sticks
One maybe half, one and two inches long
Best eaten after freshly fried

So thus us, creations of God
Unequal to wit, might and talents
Yet, daily equip in battle of growing
Not on failing but succeeding

The fries eaten plain or flavored
So is man simple and favored
The fries a fine finger food
So is man by nature is born good

Either served on plate or pouch
Us humans ready to serve and touch
Sometimes bitten bit or whole
Us humans molded clever or fool

by: olive_eloi


Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2014

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The Mirror of Abaddon

Fourteen-thousand years ago, a devil played a game
In his garden with an angel whom I shall not name.
The angel won or so he thought, “Now you must pay what’s due”
I’ll take your mirr’, your favorite one,  and break the thing in two.

The mirror was a magic one of evil dark and black
“The beauty of a perfect world, now what’s the fun in that?
This one’s far better, it twist, it pulls it shrinks before my eyes.
Instead of showing true reflections, this one shows me lies”

“I’ll tell you what, you won it fair, it’s yours but let’s do more;
I’ll help you break it here and now and it will be no more.”
The angel smashed it into two, his hammer in his hand.
“But why stop there?”, the devil said and smashed it into sand

The Devil grinned, “Good work my friend. See, I don’t even care”
He scooped a handful of the dust and blew it in the air.
Among the people of the earth, the grains of mirror blew.
The angel warned them “Close your eyes!” and blew his trumpet too

“What gift is this?” some people thought, Eve’s lesson was not learned.
and soon awoke with crusty eyes that itched and teared and burned.
“I see it now!” the faithless said “I am no longer blind!”
“Don’t be cross” the devil said, "Their eyes see now like mine".

Some were seized with a panicked fear, “The enemy is nigh!”, 
and with cruel rocks marched on their neighbors and sentenced them to die.
Others were charmed by shiny stones “Supplies are running out!”
The simple gifts that God had given were left to lay about.

Some saw themselves with grandeur high “I’ll wear this mighty crown”, 
I’ll be the King, you be the serf, and bow when I’m around.
The other ones yoked to the plow, “These types aren’t men at all”.
I’ll tolerate your presence if you're at my beck-and -call.

Of arrogance and fear and greed the mighty nations grew.
And men would starve and wars would rage for these unfaithful few.
So hear me now you righteous ones whom the devils would refuse:
In the game of life Good always wins, but bad will never lose.

Copyright © Yort Watson | Year Posted 2014

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Fisher of Men

If I should fly this earth tonight
somewhere between two sleeps
to the beating of a rythm
in the cadence my heart keeps

My heart shall beat its measure
to the faucet's broken seam
that leaks my mind to other worlds
and begs my soul to dream

I dream I fish for souls of men
seawater drops the looking glass
My ship is coming on the tide 
I pray this vessel be my last

The souls of men shall be my treasure
of which I'd fill the cargo hull
for nothing fills my heart with pleasure
like fishing for men's souls

So on, and on, and on I fish
while the dripping cuts the seam
that leaks my mind to all dimensions
and frees my soul that beams

For while I'm pleasedwith bigger fish
it's the smaller ones I rue
The schools of the smaller souls 
my nets keep passing through

So finer nets than theseI'll need 
and time's no cost to me it's true
these finer nets I need take time
God rest my weary crew

These finer nets my looms will spin
and for these I count the cost
The smaller souls I'll catch in time
before they're even lost

I know the winds of fortune
are fickle with their kiss
but I know just what the future holds 
an eternity of bliss

So if I fly this earth tonight
somewhere between two sleeps
to the beating of that rythm
in the cadence my heart keeps

I'll send my prayers straight up to God
in the twinkling of an eye
To save those souls a wandering
before they even die

God save me from the devil's hand
and spare me from the rod
My heart is broken from this world 
I give my soul to God

I follow stars by ship at night
and sail all seven seas
to find the souls of men who're lost
by ones, and twos, and threes

My destiny was never wrote
my fate was ne'r decreed
My choices all were made for naught
for this my heart will bleed

So if I fly this earth tonight
somewhere between two sleeps
to the beating in the rythm
of the cadence my heart keeps

My ship's a coming on the tide
and fishing is my game
all the souls I've caught thus far
will never be the same

My ship's a coming on the tide
and sunshine rays come down
another soul is caught in time
they're lost and then they're found

Copyright © richard michael | Year Posted 2015

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A River of Water of Life

" A River of Water of Life ... "

( Based On Revelation 22: 1 )

A River of Water of Life ...
Clear As Crystal, Sparkling In Brightest Son-Light
Flowing From The Throne of GOD and The Lamb
Watering Trees, Whose Leaves Cure Those Once Damned

(Rev. 22: 3)
For No More Will There Be Any Curse
When A River of Water of Life, Flows On Earth
From The Throne of GOD and The Lamb
Watering The Healing-Harvest For All GOD's Humans

... Drinking From A River of Water of Life

And We Will Splash & Play In Rainbows & Swim
By The River of Water of Life, Clear As Crystal Gems
Where On The River's Sides, Grows Trees of Fruited-Limbs
Basking In The Glorious, Loving Light of  HIM

... and We'll Be Singing Hymns - By A River of Water of Life

As A River of Water of Life ...
Will Replenish Earth's Eden - Paradise
From The Source - JEHOVAH God  &  King Jesus Christ
Where The Whole World Is Fully Blessed & Baptized ...

By A River of Water of Life ...
Clear As Crystal, Sparkling In Brightest Son-Light
Flowing From The Throne of GOD and The Lamb
Refreshing All Those, As Grateful As I Am ...

For A River of Water of Life ...

      Written & Copyrighted ©:  2/20/2014
                 by:  MoonBee  Canady

Copyright © MoonBee Canady | Year Posted 2014

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His love

In His arms I am at peace.
For His love I cannot fathom.
A love that would pursue you.
Never letting you out of His sight.

I am a sinner. Yet He loves me.
Had His very last breath.
So that I could be with Him.
Eternity I wait.

A perfect love.
You cannot escape.
A light to our lives.
He holds my soul now and forever more.

Copyright © Florence Marie Alvarez | Year Posted 2014

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Pride and Anger






APMCINTYRE        2012.

Copyright © Andrew McIntyre | Year Posted 2016

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Did you forget who you are

Did you forget?
Did you forget that you are born of spirit?
Did you forget who you are?
Remember this.

You are not a mistake,
you were always known,
you're naturally fine 
more than flesh and bone.

There's another way.
it's a straighter path,
it's a brighter peace,
beyond Earth's wrath.

So follow me 
to the farthest shore,
where there are no more tears,
forever more

So drop the mask
and end this game
listen to my voice 
and remember this name

The name is Jesus 
He's the King of Kings
the prince of peace
of whom Heaven sings

Know this promise
you're a child of God
who lives for eternity
and can't be robbed

so whatever has happened
or whatever is wrong
the debt has been paid
for the price of a song

His blood has been shed
and it won't be shed twice
it was once and for all
and will ever suffice

So all is forgotten
and let it never be said
that you owe a debt
cause Jesus' blood has been shed

So did you forget?
Did you forget who you are?
Did you lose your way?
Are you lost in the dark?

Listen to my voice
as I shout in the dark
as I call you each by name
allow light to spark

a roaring flame
that will show the way
out of this world
what else can I say?

You'll not be abandoned
or ever left behind
I'll carry you home
so let me remind

Remind you of hope 
that will carry you through
just remember that name

Copyright © richard michael | Year Posted 2015

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Three friends

It could be one, it could be two
And it could be three
The friends I have, I hold them close
Because they comfort me

Sometimes there’s only one I call
To tell my feelings too
And other times it might take two
Before I can get through

And if I want to make a point clear
And call on all of them
I will do it oh so gladly
And talk to all my friends 

They are all important to me
Each and everyone
And the help that they give me
It is second to none

These friends that I speak of fondly
Have very special gifts
The encouragement’s they offer
Gives me a wondrous lift

And these three friends could be yours too
It is not an idle boast
Just call on them and change your life
Father, Son and Holy Ghost

Copyright © Patrick Lorenz | Year Posted 2013

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The Road Not Undone

The road you started, you left not undone
You have risen with the morning sun
We give thanks to you Lord for taking away the sin
For all the glory, we know you have won
The road you started, you left not undone
You rose wth the new morning sun
We give thanks to you Lord for all you have done
The wine and the bread to remind us
We drank in one accord 
The road you started, you left not undone
You have broken the bonds 
And have lifted us taking us home
Upon the road you left undone 

Copyright © Chris Broyles | Year Posted 2013

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It's Recess, or whatever 
He calls his downtime.  God's 
at play in the sky, bowling popcorn 
balls of cumulus against the walls 
of a candy sky.  He does not wear 
a long white beard, or flowing 
robes. He's shaved, and
got his rompers on.

Copyright © Nola Perez | Year Posted 2013

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The Market Girl's Smile

She bowed her head to the ground,
Focused on the grains of dust,
Her skin glistened in the morning sun,
Sparkling like the rarest opal to be found.

Whenever she rarely raised her crown,
I would look straight into the portholes to her soul,
And see a princess who had been locked away,
My gaze confused her, she returned to looking down.

As she carried her load, she would not move slow,
The way a snail does when he carries his home,
In the small busy alleys, she transported like a squirrel,
She seemed rather troubled, I just wanted her face to show.

When she finally stopped I gave her a smile.
A smile to let her know that this time is only for a season,
A smile to let her know that this struggle is for a reason,
A smile to remind her that there is One guiding her every step,
                                                                            Cradling her heart,
                                                                            Calming all her fears.

I hugged her as we parted ways,
And as I broke away,
I experienced raw beauty,
Beauty in its original form, its original state
What you would understand to be a gracious smile,
I saw as her soul beaming out through her facial features,
She had been ignited like a mountain cave torch.

It was amazing to see her whole aura reset.
The market girl’s smile, I will never forget.

Copyright © REGINA OLADIPO | Year Posted 2013

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Listen to the buzzing, in your ears,
Listen to the humming, of your fears,
Listen to the baby, crying inside,
Listen to the pleading, in your lover's eyes.
Listen to the music, you have never played,
Listen to the sinner, who's never been saved.
Listen to the empty, silence of your mind,
Listen to the whispers, of man kind.
Listen to the never, heard nor seen,
Listen to the listener, who has never been.
Listen to the monkey, you know you really are,
Listen to the wise man, who's never been that far.
Listen to the dying, crying man,
Listen to the bottle, buried in the sand.
Listen to meaning, you never really meant,
Listen to the letter, you never really sent.
Listen to the lovers, who loved another one,
Listen to the brothers, torturing their mum.
Listen to the noisy, who never say a thing,
Listen to the silent, crying deep within.
Listen to the never, ever really said,
Listen to the dead man, laying in his bed.
Listen to the flying, dying man,
Listen to the solid, only made of sand,
Listen to the night time, they told you that was day,
Listen to the meaning, they stole an took away.
Listen to the singer, who never made a sound,
Listen to the thunder, in the lightning cloud.
Listen to the voices, you never hear within,
Listen to the last train's whistle, whistling.

Copyright © ness tillson | Year Posted 2013

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A Dead Girl's Final Wish

Music is my home,
Written when I am alone.
Nobody is hear to save me as I slash
 my wrists and they turn scarlet.
 My mother and father walks through the door,
 my mother screams and ,
my father seems dazed,
The doctor say if it was not for the fact,
 That my heart was not strong i would have survived,
The boy and girl who pushed me to commit sucide,
 spits  and dance on my grave,
they defile it and call me names,
 even though i am dead i will still hear them,
talk and say mean things,
to my mother and father,
They spread rumors that are untrue,
A voice calls out and asks me what
I want to do?
 I cry out let me live give me a second chance,
I'll grant you this calls the voice,
The next thing I know I am in a hospital in the intensive care unit,
I try to speak my mother puts her finger to my lips she is crying,
i Had been on the way to the morgue when my eyes open and i started to breathe,
The same bestfriend who i have known all my life has finally shown her jealous side 
 and called me a witch, and a zombie, or even a creature from hell.
They Took her to the other side of the hospital and put her in the physchartric unit,
The boy went to jail for attempted murder and i knew i had a plan lined all out for me

Copyright © Cheyenne Nienhueser | Year Posted 2013

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I'm Always Here

Come sit with me a while
Share a thought or just a smile
Tell me all about your day
We can pass the time away
We can laugh or even cry
It's our time just you and I
I will listen I will care
Any time you want to share
Bring your heart and I'll bring mine
Let's talk about it, I've got time
It's not over by any means
The bigger picture you've yet to see
So when you need me I'll be near
Friend anytime I'm always here

Copyright © Sammy Lykens | Year Posted 2016

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I Cannot Give Up

Author Dana Redricks
January 23, 2017

I can’t give up 
I can’t give in
So many times, I feel like
Giving up
But I realize those in Christ
Are victorious in the end
I’ve been through too much to
give up now
I've been through the storms and
I’ve been through the rain
I’ve had my heart broken
And it seems it was the end
But I can’t give up and 
I can’t give
So many times, I feel like
Giving up
But I realize those in Christ
Are victorious in the end time
and time again my Heavenly
Father has never given up me
He has always been, by my side
I can’t give up and I can’t give in
I come too far to turn back now
 Jesus is so near I almost can see him
Bright as the morning
His love reaches us no matter
Where we are
I can’t give up 
I can’t give in
I can't give up now

Copyright © Dana Redricks | Year Posted 2017

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But Only Live For Me This Day

My worry so bittersweet, leaves me so incomplete.
I am so easily swept up in the scrambled rush of society,
a society that makes utter madness seemed as perfumed
as the essence of myrrh.
Fears come not from God above, but from the prince of
darkness here below.  So I cry out for mercy, help and
compassion for such a great sinner as I.
I fall down upon my knees onto the rough ground of a
desert oasis, I pray to God to help me be ok and follow
Him in a better way.
Hearing the gentle but insistent rustle of the cottonwoods,
I am certain that my Lord has found me.  He says to me, 
"My daughter in order to be the first in My Kingdom you 
must indeed be the last in this realm of the tormentor's
deadly grasp.
Do not worry for tomorrow My child, but only live for Me this
day.  For just remember the price paid to bring you new life
during each day and the someday forever... because forever
you will be with Me while knowing that there will be no end."
With a joyful laugh I scolded the devil for trying to make 
another mess of my life.  I make an effort to end my internal
strife and ward away the tense wrinkles that would mar my
tender face. For the whole truth is that God had just put me
in my place for His sake and mine.  His love for me was right
on time.

Copyright © Susan Clark | Year Posted 2014

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The Lion's Eyes

In my vision I see a white lion with his coal black eyes
as he walks through a mist.  I follow him to the open gates
as we arrive He turns to me and says, "This is but a step along
the way."
We enter a crystal palace with beams of scintillating light
which are everywhere.

Magnificent beast before me... I wonder at my extreme 
fascination.  With a voice like the rumble of thunder yet gentle
and loving He says to me, "Remember to first build your foundation
on the inside, then the beauty on the outside will follow."  Spellbound
I continue to listen as He says, "I am everything that you aspire to be
through all of life my little one."

I could really feel inferior by this wisdom and beauty revealed to me...
nevertheless, when I gaze up into His face I know that I am complete
when looking into the Lion's eyes.

S.E. Clark  2011

Copyright © Susan Clark | Year Posted 2015

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just be you

Just be yourself, that is enough, nothing else matters to anyone,
Just be you, that is all that truly matters, that is enough fun,
Just be honest, truthful, kind, caring, compassionate, 
Nobody has to expect anything else but you, 
Brown eyes, blond hair, blonde hair, green eyes, who cares?
Laugh, smile, talk openly about yourself, hiding any part of who you truly are is just 
Pretending to be someone your not, and that is not acceptable to me, for I have decided to be free and alive, like a monarch butterfly, they rollup into a cocoon to become one, they appear to the world and share their beauty, and they can't even see themselves, but the world can, and they fly around the world, free as the breeze, they don't know their own beauty, but we do, and so I remind you again,

Just be yourself to the word, you might not see your own beauty, but there is someone out there who will, and you will make a difference in their lives too, hold that head up high and smile, I know you will make a world of difference I someone's life that Wil'll last a lifetime :-) :-)

Copyright © Jennifer Donnay | Year Posted 2015

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A Fond Memory

I have a fond memory
Of a house back a lane
Oh how I wish 
I could visit again

The three who were there
Were so special to me
And each time I'd visit
My heart filled with glee

The setting was country
But oh it was grand
And I loved setting on the swing
Surveying the land

Love filled each room
God's spirit was there
And besides hospitality
You were shown such love and such care

Their were three at one time
Then two and then one
And finally all of them
Made their journey home

I miss them so
But I know that someday
In Heaven I'll see them
Together again

A Tribute To: Elvin * Ralph * and Dora Lykens

Copyright © Sammy Lykens | Year Posted 2016

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The Music Of Life

The music of life sings within
If you listen close you may hear
Sounds that you've never  encountered 
Sounds from afar and near
Music is just what you make it
its often the sound nature makes
Sometimes if you need encouraged
it will show you the road you should take
We all must listen to the music
For its a language we all understand
It spreads all over the world
To unite us and strengthen our land

Copyright © Sammy Lykens | Year Posted 2016

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Moving forward

Digging out the past

One man decides to bury the past hoping to save the future But never knew that some had already 
sought to dug it out, Trying to give a different view, for he hoped to fit in the new us Got lost 
in the panic of old memories, he uttered wroth.
While some dread not to remember the past

Faking their smiles of lost, hoping not to dig out graves For so long they longed to see the dead 
Coming out for lost items they found themselves, Counting Sheeps, gaots, and cows, for they sang.

A man came from nowhere into somewhere, So blind to remember the past in his name,
Our own having to doubt even the change fought for Memories are of no use even to this generation 
All it sees is an opportunity it has to embrase it’s foolishness

Counting blessings those that survived the war avoiding death Putting back old photos in place while replace the past,
Future fought for written in words, sorrow, pain and anger For to save that can’t even be expressed in words,

Asking them how it felt is the only prize they got to tell But for known not to be blind of the 
fact that they fought,
Fought for nothing, but for which today all share in hope for all generations. By Karen mathe

Copyright © karen mathe fumani | Year Posted 2015

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Bright morning on the sidetable, I sat
Barely awake to relax on my butt
I began to search my favorite cup
For in early hours, it is a stat

In the range, I place a teapot
Checking sure the water is hot
Usual time, it rang on dot
Sending me signal ready it's hot

I place sugar, coffee and cream
Observing each grain drop in stream
I get a spoon stirring it round
Careful not to make any sound

I like not sweet nor bitter
The more I taste, it's better
So thus life, the more you live
The more things you will achieve

Of fortune and wealth
Of people's love and health
Of dreams and ambitions
Of contentment and satisfaction

Each year, a person gets older
I hope one doesn't get colder
Rather, he or she must be bolder
Pursue life's hurdles and wonder

Either of these, go with life's stir
Mixture of circumstances like elixir
Through every joys and tears
God is with you, don't fear..

by: olive_eloi

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2014