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More than Music

A Kaleidoscope of colors divinely dances with your notes whirling in enchanting surreal song. Sparkling jewels in free flight spiral in sync with universal consciousness conceived in the cosmos, resonating and vibrating in soothing sounds. A mesmerizing melody of Heaven’s harmony. © Connie Marcum Wong Note: My husband is seriously ill with an aneurism in his heart that is affecting his lungs so please understand if I don't get to reply as much as I would like. I would be grateful for any prayers for his health. Thank you very much, Connie

Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong | Year Posted 2014

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Music, Language of Love

                                  Melodious melody of love
                               Lyrical language of the heart
                    Calling continually entwined in loves duet
                          Touched tenderly by life’s opera
                        Musical movements caressing the soul
                    Seraphic song  of the soul a sweet seduction

Copyright © Lori Lucas McClure | Year Posted 2011

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Alliteration Acrostic

M……………..Majestically moving melodies
U………………Utterly unsurpassing unity
S………………Seductively serenading senses
I……………….Infinitely invigorating independence
C……………..Calculatingly charming compositions

L………….... Lovingly liberating lyrics
O…………….Openly ordering orchestrations
V.............Voluptuously vibrating visitations
E……………..Ethereally emancipating emblems
R……………..Rhythmically resonating romance

A music lover till the day I die...
A music you know why!

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2012

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In heart it touches
Entry fast exit slow
Refreshes, rebuilds
Energy en lighted
In moving mind
With fast face
Rolling rushing
Heeling heartless
Man mourning
Results Rejoice.

                          Vrushani Thaker

Copyright © vrushani thaker | Year Posted 2010

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Sense sparkling spring
Wet winds winging

Feel fragrant form
Nurture nice norms

Sweet saplings shoot
Risk raptures roots

Breezy bright blooms
Growing greens groom

Live laughter loud
Prime pretty proud

Music moves mind
Feel frenzy find

Change crafts calm cheer
Spiral sounds steer

Join jumpy joy
Ply pleasant ploys

Treasure twists time
Ripe rapture rhymes

Make moments meet
String senses sweet

Dance dreamy dash
Fancy feels fresh

Leon Enriquez
12 February 2017

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2017

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Define the Wind

What source sends the singing that searches out man?
What spawns the silence before the sudden storms?
Yet, with all wisdom and with all his wonderful words
Man cannot tell nor discover where the wind is born.

The might that moves mariners over the bounding main,
Which molds mountains and makes mysteries for man
Yet gently gives play to the giddy youth of this age
As it pollinates the beautiful gardens still unplanned.

Frigid Snow, Fiery blast, Fractious Tornado, and flimsy breeze
All founded in figures shifting faster than fearless fantasy.
Yet, never turning from timeless tasks to trendy tales
The wind whispers and wanders throughout infinity.

Copyright © Sariah Colwell | Year Posted 2016

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Elvis and Pavarotti,
   two attractive singers 
from different countries;
   and both sang divinely!
Elvis was " rock and roll "
   from Memphis,Tennessee;
and Pavarotti a tenor 
   from Modena, Italy!

Both made their mark in music
   singing harmony with gusto;
and at times, Elvis seemed eccentric...
  while Pavarotti a flamboyant maestro!

Legends are made of one's fancy,
   but these two were real;
delighting crowds with their charisma,
   and their lovely wives:
 Nicoletta and Priscilla  
    were there to cherish that thrill,
  to be a big part of their lives...
     even through joy and agony!

 Elvis and Pavarotti...
     names destined for immortality,
 and many  generations
    will be fascinated by their powerful voices;
 and like us, who heard them sing,
    they'll carry on their everlasting lagacy!          


Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2007

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              GOOD  MUSIC.
Once  the  voice  of  rain
Is  heard.
Everything  on  earth  dance
For  help  and  get  wet.
As  loud  beats  hit  the  ruff,
Books  on  the  stool  in  my
Adjust  to  this  mood,
The  pages  flip  in  speed
As  the  wind  predicts.
Lighting  takes  the  hook,
With  his  dynamic  flute
That  has  no  two.
Lots  of  energy,
You  can  differentiate  his
This  rhythm  has  caused
Man  no  dime.
They  are  tools  to  show
My  creator  is  good.
                                                                                                                       AKEWUSOLA  HABIB.

Copyright © habib akewusola | Year Posted 2012

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Calm cheers
Niche near

Niche notes
Voice votes

Touch time
Rich rhymes

Sense space
Thrill trace

Move meek
Sync seek

Pique plain
Time train

Keep kind
Meet mind

Last light
Spreads sight

Leon Enriquez
30 May 2016

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2016

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I am the wind drifting the snow,
uncertain of destiny and tomorrow
at any hour I could be gone,
and with much strength hope lives on;
nothing can discourage me
to ward off moments of misery,
the firmer I believe, the longer I survive...
Father of endless mercy, bless me as I thrive!

I am the sea in desperate need of the moon,
when no light shimmers across this dark deep;
let me hear a song of joy, not of sorrow and grief,
the hours seem long, but the sunrise will come soon,
to make me sail away to celebrate life and freedom,
forgetting how long I had been a victim of boredom,
feeling the worthiness inside to behold a splendid sight...
Father of endless mercy, bless me as I thrive!

Old age is blessed with wisdom and white hair,
but many despise it and by hiding in the leper's lair;
youth was glorious and seemed everlasting indeed,
we all wish to get back to recall how young we appeared
in days that time erased too quickly from the visions we dreamed, 
and besides happiness and vitality, all dreams were limited
to that certain period forever engraved on perceptual mind...
Father of endless mercy, bless me as I thrive!

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2010

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Sophie should stop singing soprano!
Screaming. Squealing. Screeching. Shrieking. Shrill.
She should surely see she starts Shirley squirming. 
Stephen shudders, saying, ‘Send Sophie south soon.’
Sarah secretly smirks – she’s so sarcastic sometimes!
Sophie should sing softly, sweetly, sexily.
She should stop singing soprano…

She had to go far, far away 
To save their ears from further harm.
Or they would seal her mouth with tape.
Perhaps she’d fit in on a farm…

Although, she came back later that day -
Because she’d stopped singing, she said.
Cynically, they bought ear plugs.
‘Don’t be silly,’ she said. ‘I won’t sing a note.’
Enough to say, it didn’t last…

Copyright © jack horne | Year Posted 2011

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Mad Minstrel

medieval monsters 
mischievously meander 
in the mind of the mad minstrel
like maggots in mazes 
his mysterious muse
masterfully mining for misery
melting in molten memories
of macabre mirrors
ministering malicious mistakes
morbity mottled 
with the maniacal matchmaker
who masquerades with malevolence 
masticating the meat 
milking the marrow
the minstrel's music 
a maddening march
motioning to the murder 
of mental mortar
mashing morals
his mouth moving
malignant music
marked by madness

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders | Year Posted 2012

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Music from the stream

I make so many opportunities to optimistic to  
Know why the stream of heart is so lonely, firstly I realized it loneliness during my busy time around the corner of the stream.
Nothing is there except the thump of my stream of thinking wishing to wash in river Nile.
The music is so exciting but there is no one to dance to it, all the time I keep on asking myself solid question soda thinking pang of want circulating in me to the river of Myanmar.
I keep on pondering and asking why the stream keeps on playing music, at that time nature explains in my ears that the music is for the animals and the people to the palm tree.
Since my village has no music the lovers take their girlfriends to listen to the melodious music played by the stream.
Through these activities the stream gets company whether you like to have fun as you get there you will hear the music.
Further this is sufficient to explain that the music is all around just to ready for the music.

Copyright © Mohamed Manzur Bah | Year Posted 2017