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Alliteration Loss Poems | Alliteration Poems About Loss

These Alliteration Loss poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Loss. These are the best examples of Alliteration Loss poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Bleeding Heart of a Standing Wall

 I’m pouring my heart all over your soul,
But nothing can come without a toll,

My emotions are being torn to shreds,
Like a needle tearing through the threads,

But in the end no walls will fall,
In fact they’ll be standing tall,

Only to one with such a fate,
Your lies have arrived a little too late,

For in the end when the walls wont fall,
Your lies will surely get hanged in the hall.

Copyright © Charles Mulikey | Year Posted 2008

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Death must be old fashioned way up in the future. Nobody's gonna die.  Tell me when. Should I solicit from the reaper?  Must I decide with my keeper? Must I still try to be alive? QUIET now must I pretend? Quit now, must I defend?
And be rewarded for my rage time and time again.
Revision of decisions long past due. Collector's come a calling, where
I choose. 

I refuse to be used as a doorstop refugee ANGRILY laughing as I bandage my open wounds.  Tough crowd. No self pity ALLOWED.  I'm not delusional. If only please.
I'm nocturnal operating without options, ease
NEVER leave a man behind ENEMY lines.  All who volunteer to follow fall behind,
And on my lead.  All things HOT HAVE HAPPENED with my breed.

I know one day i'll be going HOME with my brain HOT WIRED and my broad buff
Bubonic body, introducing my new self to my adoring affectionate family.
But for now the fight is on the might IS STRONG.  We APPROACHED the enemy 
Camp on clever phantom Fox FEET. Thinking. Waiting.
These DEATH BOUND SOULS are all alone with me and my army.  All who volunteer to follow fall in line.   .....Waiting, ready we pounce 25 down no PRISONERS, no COMPROMISE.
NOW hear this, can't promise you BLUE INDIGO ROSE GARDENS AND SUNSHINE in paradise.
JUST know one thing: Stay the COURSE. We will win. We've never Lost.

Copyright © VAL BROOKLYN Rogers BLK PANTHER | Year Posted 2015

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I have always lived my life full of hope. I have come to realize that hope can be debilitating!

Copyright © Kirstie Fontes | Year Posted 2011

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Her name is Poverty

She tells me, 
Of the belt of hunger that clings to her waist, 
Of how it's only ever loosened by rampaging and rummaging through waste.

She tells me,
How her journey through payments, predicaments and pavements make her tire,
How her cracked feet and wracked heart are passed by Tyre after Tyre.

She tells me, 
About the intricate diagnoses and prognoses that riddle her every fiber, vessel and vein, 
About the cardboard pleas and pleads that have all been in vain.

She tells me,
That this is the existence her weeping womb has bred,
That her hope for her successors is that they may succeed her in the fight for bread.

She tells me,
Her name is poverty.
Do you remember her?

Copyright © Jessica Goldstone | Year Posted 2013

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My Love

My love I can not find you anywhere, 
I feel like I lost my soul somewhere, 
because you are my soulmate, 
and us being apart can not be fate. 

You did not leave because you wanted to, 
It just was just something you had to do. 

I was not right, All I wanted to do was fight, 
and knowing you was the love of my life, 
yet I would not make you my wife. 

I know that's what you really wanted 
and now I am feeling haunted, 
by the things I should have done, 
and you being the only one 
I ever loved and will love forever, if it was'nt for me we will still be together. 
But you are gone 
and I can not go on, 
so I must say good-bye, I'm leaving myself to die.

Copyright © stephanie hanvey | Year Posted 2013

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Wasteland of Shame

Bound by blame, broken by blight,
Scarred by a stolen satire,
nuzzling necrophiliacs within the night.

Tangled in torment, tied untamed,
blemished by the blasphemy,
of never speaking your name.

Shackled in sin, shredded sovereignty,
dealing death’s doses,
murdering you and me.

Cuffed with candor, calling our crimes,
to an impetuous enslavement,
tortured through time.

Set me free, to flee this fool’s game,
where we're always left wandering,
in this wasteland of shame.

Copyright © Stacy Stiles | Year Posted 2012

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As I Watch you Sleep

I watched you sleep. In the dark of the night
With such a smile on my face, That brings joy to my heart.
Night after Night, We're so out of sight, Nobody knows.
Alone so empty, Betrayed by love,  Ones we trusted.
Ones so close to our very heart, Ones we thought so true. 
Yet what could we do. 
Lost souls of the heart, Its what we'd become .
Now we bond as one, You said yes , Im so glad as did i , 
On that very site, To our delight .
Then we spoke , How could we have known.
What we'd feel, On that very first night. 
So much in common, It took us by surprise, 
So alike my love, In so many ways.
Miles apart yet, So close in our hearts .
They beat as one .
So much passion, Our open hearts share . 
Yet so much pain, Just the same .
Our betrayed loves, Its what they done .
Destroyed us bit at a time, Then came back for more .
Now its us, In so little time, yet so close we've become.
A feeling so strong, A bond so close.
One of a kind,  We're both the same.
I give you me, Heart, body and soul.
I promise you loyalty, truth and never will i betray.
A love so strong you'll never want let go.
A heart so pure, You'll always believe. 
No cause to doubt, Its just me. 
Thats what you'll see. 

Copyright © donna burns | Year Posted 2011

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the reset button

ever yearned for that second chance? ever wanted that redo that retry? i myself regret every second of every minute of every hour of every day for i have faltered one to many times and beg for that rewind button but it will never come my way we learn from our mistakes we cant fix them just reminisce on how much pain they caused us

Copyright © Jayce Collazo | Year Posted 2013

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whats happening

the text i sent i love you sweetheart seems as just another failed attempt at opening her eyes to the ways of her actions altered her ways aren't as full as they were not as joyous or emotional but rather quiet, bleak, and sad using the pen for release instead of the blade is beginning to not be quiet as satisfying why cant i have her back why is this new person filling her shoes i don't want her i want my life back! give her to me! i need her! but it appears she is no longer here... never to be seen again for her physical self is alive and well but her MIND now that's different her mental state has changed died and come back as something else i cant find her i don't know where she is why cant i find her?! come back! please! please come back for i"am anything but found without you... please come back..

Copyright © Jayce Collazo | Year Posted 2013

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Amusement Park

I paid a million dollars for entrance into this amusement park and I thought “hey 
this better be worth it”.
A million kisses
A million hugs
A million intense conversations about life and love
The first rides were amazing…I had gotten my money’s worth.
I never wanted to leave
I was trapped and it felt good
Just like I thought I would.
Other amusement parks seemed to be non existent 
The more I rode the rides in the one that made me feel  
Only after the first couples of rides 
I just knew that this was the one for me
And no one could ever change my mind. 

I paid a million dollars for entrance into this amusement park and I thought “hey 
what was I thinking”.
A million arguments
A million lies
A million times you said goodbye
For some reason the rides were’t so fun anymore…. In fact they had gotten a bit 
Most times I felt like leaving 
I was trapped and I could’t find a way out
The fulfillment that the first few rides had brought me
Were still somehow keeping me there
I tried some of the other amusement parks but,
None could make me as happy as the one I loved so much
In the beginning.
So I tried to have a little faith
A little hope somewhere in my heart
A little courage to accept the fact that this park was not perfect
Thinking that one of these rides, just one….would somehow re light that spark

I paid a million dollars for entrance into this amusement park and I thought “hey 
this is not for me”.
A million apologizes
A million make up and break ups
A million moments spent thinking to my self
 “Girl you better shape up… 
Love isn’t expecting you to fight for it, it wants to fight for you. 
There will be no confusion when it comes your way. 
You’ll know when it’s true”.
Damn I thought I was on to something!
But, I guess that’s the name of the game.
And, the way I look at amusement parks 
Will never be the same.

Copyright © Latasha Lee | Year Posted 2008

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Am I?

An Abashment, Am I? Angel 
To my Troubled Tears?
Leaving them Linger, Live Long 
a Life Lacking Love? 
a World of Wounds that Wakes 
What never Wanted to Wake? 
’Wait’, Word that Weakens
Every Ember of Ecstasy  
Shaking, Shivering, Screaming
my Lifeless tears Lamenting
Mourning for More Maturity 
Begging for a Blissful Bond
Their hearts Throbbed Terribly..
I Am An Abashment, Angel 
To my Troubled Tears 
I Do Deserve their Disrespect
For I Didn’t Dare to Dream 
for I Have Hindered, not Healed 
the Wounds of a Waiting World…

Copyright © Yara Rouhana | Year Posted 2009

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Thus Does True Love Flow

Betwixt earth and sun the darkness comes,
As each day I’ve loved you so,
But thro’ right or wrong my love goes on,
For thus does true love flow.

Betwixt the night and day lies my dismay,
Alas my heart has come to know,
For against your will I must love you still,
But thus does true love flow.

Betwixt Heaven and Hell love shall foretell
That tempests there may blow,
As my love’s forever, you’ll love me never
—A dreadful thing to know.

Betwixt the mind and madness lingers sadness,
O’ a death so dreadfully slow,
For love today is sorrow and shall be tomorrow,
But thus does true love flow!

Betwixt shadow and sun shall my anguish run,
As the embers remains aglow,
But amidst Heaven and Hell I know fore well,
That thus does true love flow!

Copyright © Robert Liam McCallum | Year Posted 2015

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Weary heart

Oh weary grows my heart, my heart of fickle dames
who troth eternal love, yet o'er night die the flames.
A year not even shined upon our ever vows
uncouth became to you, strange and foreign am now.

Copyright © Victor Chavez | Year Posted 2015

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Sullen Sylvia

Sullen Sylvia sadly 
Departed deeply devestated by 
Her husband's heartless 
Departure for a deadly damsel

Copyright © Courtney Dyer | Year Posted 2009

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Grand Theft Otto

HandTwist LockSnap

SeatSlide KeyPush

GasRumble TireSqueal

RedRun SpeedFree

SmokeToke BoozeCruise

BlueFlash GunPig

HandFrisk RoughCuff

RightRead EgoFeed

DownTown ClownFrown

JailPail TimeSnail

JudgeFudge LawStraw

SlimeDime TimeCrime

OttoLotto BlottoGrotto

Copyright © Vincent Procopio | Year Posted 2012

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Slit slice open
cut carve enter
rip rape start
pull power enter
unfold unveil reveal
secrete spilled shaken 
explode embroider envelope
grope grip fondle
pull pry panic
stab stun bomb
decapitate dunk drown
shove sharp fall
skin slink spray
steam stream stumble
jeopardize jump jilt
cream crumple capture

Copyright © Rhea Daniel Dear | Year Posted 2007

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The Last Journey

The wheels ran on the tracks of rail-
Through the window the air gushed as a strong gale-
Upon the two serpents rushed and dashed the mail-
Carrying many a reflection, which upon it hath set the sail.

Sometimes it went intrepid through mysterious tunnels,
Sometimes it thundererd over wide canals ,
Sometimes the journey resembled repose-
When it over the plains tip-toed.

Inside the mail beside an open door -
Sat a lass on the uncombed floor;
Dressed as she was most slovenly ,
Left was she in such a fate by all and sundry.

Suddenly a voice of her rang through the air,
Towards a person who was a tea vendor,
Give me some tea -she tried to speak aloud -
Offering a coin of twenty five paise again did she shout.

The venndor passrd unheared, 
His phony maners pricked my heart; 
She sat and seemed to muse - 
That she offered money and still was refused.

The motley of passengers,to help her--
All at heart were willing;
But it could be below thier dignity,
Of what were they fearing.

Then a person rose and like a foreman,
He did lend his helping hand;
Some read for her did he buy-
But when he want to her,to this nice guy,
And to this nasty world she haealready bade her last bye.

The mail seemed to run faster,
To carry the pure soul to her home's corner;
But, where will it find her destination?
When with her carrier only she had her home's relation.

Outside in the sea of darkness,many a dazzle blinked -
But for this poor lass the light of life forever did shrink,
Did this mean to a new light was she exposed?
And,did to hersoul the mysterious eternal dark disclose?

Copyright © Sonnet Mondal World Poet | Year Posted 2008

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She Goes Back

She Goes Back
By Lillian J. Jeffrey

Whispers flow like a river
she will be sold
sold or rented like a cash crop

Born on a Maryland plantation
her mother works the big house
Harriet runs barefoot in the woods
side by side her brothers, nursemaids 
her younger brother, childhood ends at five

She is rented, sleeps on a cold, cold floor 
shares food scraps with dogs 
wounds yarn slow they say 
checks muskrat traps in marshes 
barefoot in icy waters she looks 

Her lungs fill, fill with fluid, her body burns 
she is sent back coughing, coughing, holds on
fights off bronchitis and measles 
her mother helps nurse her back

Rented to take care of a baby, clean house 
the baby cries, she’s whipped, whipped, she runs
runs like the wind, tumbles into a pig pen 
pig fights for potato peels

Her stomach empty, rumbles, she 
returns to her mistress, the whippings set
her back on fire, she is sent back.

Rented, rented to load lumber
hears Nat Turner led a revolt 
losses fighting for freedom
rebellions spark hope in her heart
whispers spread she will be sold

Her master dies, the new master 
rents her to a local builder 
the builder permits her to rent herself 
she makes money, saves, saves, runs, runs
bends with the wind.

Empty of fear, full of dreams of freedom 
doors open, slips of paper lead her way 
through the Underground Railroad, 
a network of shifting safe houses

Her heart skips a beat,
beads of sweat roll, roll down her cheeks
she crosses, crosses the Mason-Dixon Line.

Free at last, lonely, life stands still
like a still life of shells and bones
she is cut off, she longs, longs for her family

The sounds of rattling chains, cracking whips,
echo in her ears, she hears her mother’s
cry, hears her mother's cry, she goes back, 
helps her family, friends escape, escape 
on foot, through cemeteries, swamps, 
around hills, she never losses a passenger.

A will as strong as a rock
a will to endure, persevere 
a will to help others
nineteen times she goes back 

Shoes worn, spirits strong
more than three hundred slaves escape 
Harriet Tubman is nicknamed “Moses” 
for her fearless bravery, 
thump, thump, thump
bounty hunters on her trail.

Copyright © Lillian White | Year Posted 2017

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Unlike all the others, before and after you, he did not hurt you deliberately
As you lay there all tangled up and distorted, draped over the Armco.
 A bloodless corpse, visible to all who rushed by, but unseen.
Your tail jumped and twitched as cars aimed and then crushed
With delight, not believing
That once you flew; and now separate into pieces
Of colour, and fade in the daylight, and in the dark.

The boy has forgotten you, for now he has another
Perhaps a higher flier than you, perhaps with brighter colours.
And his laughter sings afar, as he unwinds the string
And watches his diamond Rainbow climb higher 
Into the Sun.

Copyright © Stuart Ackerman | Year Posted 2015

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Hurt Prowls Down this Loss

Heartbreak’s hollow hold has hardened.

Piercing past pools pain has pardoned.  

Dying dreams drift on dire descents.

Lost in the loneliness, languid love’s lament.


Copyright © A. Kross | Year Posted 2010

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Sweet Suicide

I'm all alone
though everyone's here
I'm trying not to cry
'cause no one will hear
they're not going to listen
to what I have to say
because they don't care
they're all the same way
I have to do something
to end all this pain
that I've kept all inside
I'm going insane
this is all your fault
but soon you'll pay
and know how it feels
to lose me this way
I can't wait to go
and see what they do
when they find the note
then they can blame you.

Copyright © Kylie Routley | Year Posted 2008

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Infinite Number of Beings in a Lonely World

Have u ever felt so alone?

I mean,ur surrounded by others,but they don't hear u.

They don't feel ur pain.

They don't take ur hand, when u reach out to them.

They don't want to.

They are selfish.

Have u ever felt like u were in another world?

Like u were being ignored?

Like u were invisible?

Like the pain & hurt inside of u is a punishment for what u have done?

But what u've done, u don't know.

Have u ever wondered, what did I do to deserve this?

Ur heart is beating so rapidly.

Ur heart is crying so loudly;but still, no one can hear it.

The people in ur world just seem like the walking dead,

They are there,but it's no interaction.

Or could u be the dead one?

& could it be that u need someone to touch u to make u feel alive again.

Has ur body ever screamed out "Touch Me! Touch Me!" ?

Has ur heart ever cried out "Love Me! Love Me!" ?

Has ur soul ever hummed "Take Me! Take!" ?

Loneliness is an illness.

We die of a lack of companionship & longing for another's touch.

One can not live in a world of one.

One will go insane.

& If u shall feel this way, should u be near the point of insanity?

One will go crazy or die if one holds in waste,that shall be released.

It's more healthy to let out, rather than keep in.

But if u can not find a reliable object to direct, it does ur mind,body,& soul no good.

There's only so many days that go by that u can be content with urself,b4 u erupt.

A healthy mind, needs converstation. Talking to urslelf is pure insanity.

A healthy body needs to be consoled,nurtured,held. There's only so long,u can touch urself,without coming to realization that it's u.

A healthy soul needs to be calmed & at ease.

A healthy mind needs to be stimulated,with thoughts of peacefulness. When alone for so long, ur mind has negative thoughts & feelings.

Everyone seeks companionship,friendship,& a just a shoulder to cry on.

Most ppl have a cold shoulder or turn their back on a friend in need.

I just wanna know,is there anybody lonely out there?

Longing for someone to hold.

Growing out of patience, with no one to reach out to?

A room full of ppl,& u still feel alone?

Everybody needs somebody.

It really does take two.

Out of these many people in this whole wide world,Y do I feel so alone at times?

How can someone feel so alone in this world of infinite beings?

Its a question u've become all too familiar with.

& the answer is. .

Copyright © Kayla Bateaste | Year Posted 2012

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for this girl of 6,
so lost and unfree,
her father abandon her,
"where are you daddy?"
scared to the flesh ,
she searches her home,
looks at the id,
no one called on the phone,
as she finally stops,
she gives into herself,
she knows hes gone,
nd left her in hell,
the tears fall down,
as she covers her eyes,
her face gets redder,
as she crys and crys,
"mommy is dead"
"lying on the floor"
"its all your fault daddy"
"i love you no more"
as she quietly shivers,
she remembers the past,
her mom was at home,
he shot her ass,
"whyd you do it daddy"
"whyd you shoot mommy"
"how could you do it",
"when you loved her softly"
so she went on her life
and remembered as she grew up,
"i hate you daddy"
"i hate your guts".

Copyright © Bunny Olivarez | Year Posted 2006

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Mangled Minds

Mangled Minds
Mangled Minds entwined with Rhymes,
My brother’s repeat this nonsense,
Once brilliant men, now lost my kin,
Just ramble in confusion,
Many a man that I’ve met on life’s road,
Has endured the weight of trials untold,
And some survived to thrive and die,
But most just fell, into this hell, that sometimes still afflicts me,
Where are you God? And are you fair? For then these men needed you most, you 
didn’t seem to be there.
And this is the fate which grabbed many a man,
Who stood the tied, and proclaimed Christ to this land,
And I wonder if, it is not finally my lot, 
To Join Them.

Copyright © Woodrow Lucas | Year Posted 2007

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Hell's Bell

Got no themes to write on,
Got no poems to sell.
I think my clergy has arrived,
With the tolling of hell's bell.

Random thoughts like shells fall,
As I stand here like a broken wall.
Brick by brick and inch by inch,
Covered with moss and sooty stench.

Such thoughts I cannot bind,
In cages of words like a poet blind.
Nobody sees the aching head,
Bursting with agony of thoughts unread.

A verdict as this is seldom passed,
To a shooting star which burns to dust.
Pages like blots rot in my head,
Sleeping still as if comfortably dead.

Thought I was the chosen one,
To taste the mist and the morning sun.
Cosmic fun is but so brute,
Played by Gods with existence crude.

Like a man, whom the distant Bedlam calls,
Housing lost prophets and pierced dolls,
I am lost between the paper  and the head
Reading scribblings of prophets at sinful sheds.

Wanders thus, my third eye blind,
Touching the walls of a pitch-dark mind.
If a thought like a firefly does fly by,
Dies the fire before the gaping third eye.

Pierce my body with a thousand nails,
And hang me on the cross of the grail.
My brain still would be numb to pain,
As it hangs impailed by the barren grain.

Give me a touch, a smell or a tear,
Give me the death of someone dear.
Just pay the price which I'll hold as debt
Taken to save a poet from death.

Copyright © Malyaban Lahiri | Year Posted 2006

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the end

soo this is how it ends......
i get the best friend....and no goodnight kiss 
soo this is how it ends the one that knows you the best you just leave in the 
dark....no goodbye no i love you no i cant be here you just get up and leave with 
no warning well that is a good present from you i just want you to know 1 thing is 
that i still love you.....i took one big step and i looked aways and then i tought of 
alll the things i wanted to say i am always to late you never got your story straigh i 
am always up late i think i am everything that you hate......

Copyright © jessica summers | Year Posted 2007

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Behind this wall

I feel trapt behind this wall
It's so big; I feel so small
I've never been an important girl
Not the shiny gem but dull pearl

Behind her I feel so alone
Because I'm all on my own
And no matter what I do
I'm stuck here without you

Copyright © Kiara Lowdog | Year Posted 2006

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Shallow sands spill,
Sharp like silver.
Several strong soldiers stand
Sequentially like steel.
Suffer so short like strangers.
So soon , so shallow, so still.
Sorry standards slyly stroke;
Send six, seven sterling swans,
Seamless, storied, swallowed.
Seas sail sanctimoniously
Severed like the war itself.

Copyright © JAN BACKES | Year Posted 2006

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Our Creation

Loco lonely liaison
Passionless painful prize
Who we were withering
Erroneous empty eyes

All alone aimlessly 
Sitting silent suffering
Soulless stranger sadly
Ruthless regretful ring

Astute audacious affection 
Brings betrayed blasphemy
Pleading posing practicality
Misleading mental me

Destruction deviated distance
Afar against all advice
Cries crafting compassion 
Disarmed disloyal device  

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

Copyright © Stacy Stiles | Year Posted 2007

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I'm dying inside. 
Shredding to pieces. 
Open me up. 
There's a dark empty hole. 
Deep enough to bury a thousand souls. 
The remains of a thousand lifetimes,lay bare,unyeilding. 
Fatally murdered by love. 
Love lost and not returned to sender. 
Painfull enough,one by one, surrender. 
I'm crying as I cringe in fear or getting deeper. 
I pay no soul. 
The cost of life; much cheaper. 
Cold and empty; with days 
Gets much colder. 
If my head had a heart,I'd lay it on my shoulder. 
Once unbareable,but it hurts no more. 
Just to remember love, 
I'd patch my heart and leave a sore. 
Numbness hurts even more. 
No feeling to explore. 
Just a memory of what was in your chest, 
Now in your head. 
I'd rather hurt, 
Than be dead. 
It's painful memories, 
But only in ur brain, 
If ur heart had sensation, 
U'd feel the pain. 
Ur paralyzed in a sense, 
Yet there's no sense of feeling there. 
Ur brain appears disconnected from ur heart and body 
So there's no feeling anywhere but up there. 
Dying of love,with no possible cure. 
And ur so deep, 
U can no longer endure. 
So u've lost. 
And only can remember what was 
As if love were a crime, 
And now u have to pay the cost. 
An endless rope can't pull u free 
Ur in love deep & dangerously. 
Painful memories. 
An indication of a hole so deep, a thousand lovers can't fill


Copyright © Kayla Bateaste | Year Posted 2012