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Most wonderful woman God gave to me
You fill my heart with so much joy and glee

Everything I will drop just to heed your call
Together with you I can face it all
Enchanting lady to my heart you hold the key
Rightfully yours from the beginning till eternity
Never will I cheat or betray your trust
Always I promise this until I turn to dust
Loving you with a love that forever will last

Warming my nights and making my days bright
Inspiration you bring makes me want to write
Fulfilling my needs in every aspect
Eternally it is you I will love and respect

Copyright © John Boak | Year Posted 2006

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Love You More

We started together hand and hand just you and I
Friends at first the two of us eventually found love
From day one there was just something about you
Within my heart at first I denied there was more
Never mixing words I knew what you stood for
With the I do’s I did not hold back, I gave you all
The evidence is a skip in my heart when I look at you
I value our friendship more than anything else we have
Watching you rescue animals I love who you have become

Edward J. Ebbs - August 7, 2015

Copyright © Edward Ebbs | Year Posted 2015

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Today is a blank sheet
Oh! What desires I need to meet
Must some go lacking 
Most important are the people
You being one that needs my attention

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2009

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Neighbours hadn’t seen Johnny since his beloved wife’s funeral
Even then, no one thought to check if the old man was okay
Gasps of horror were heard when his body was discovered
Limply hanging from the rafters of his bedroom ceiling
Even the post piling up in the porch hadn’t alerted anyone 
Clasped in his hands a picture of his darling wife and a cell phone….
The last number he had dialled was the Samaritans

Contest: Deep and Dark
Sponsor: Broken Wings

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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I caress you in my arms
and your beauty alarms me...
your soft skin disarms me
and your musical voice charms me...
I lose myself within you
everytime our lovemaking begins a new...
And I knew in that moment
that I had to vent my sentiments
I love you and my essence would plead too
that I drink you, I eat you, and I breath you
...I need you!...

By Soul's Floetry 

Copyright © Souls Floetry | Year Posted 2012

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Mother is the light of every home
Overflowing care
Heart full of compassion
Empowers us with her unconditional love
Responsible and hardworking

Copyright © Estela Canama | Year Posted 2014

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My Companion

She's like the essence of variety.
Her ability to inspire me
taste like passion when she says "Hi" to me.
She'll never lie to me.
Cause she's truth.
She's love like a harsh lesson
and more precious than a subtle blessing.
Constantly testing my sanity like a harsh whisper...
And unlike fear... her sister
I kissed her and never knew lonliness
cause this...
was not an option
after adoption of her promise
She's my companion and like my heart
we were made to be together
She is forever and to sever us... is death.
Like breath without her there's no me left.
Life... my wife... my existence
I'm so deeply in love with you
Pain... I insist this

By: Soul's Floetry

Copyright © Souls Floetry | Year Posted 2013

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Touched By Your Flame

Tears shall never wash away our moments of passion.
Our bond, whispered into Heaven in Angelic fashion.
Unity between our mortal bodies is loving grace.
Courage that binds us shines in our face.
Hearts that are captured true are forever.
Eyes that glisten like ours could not sever.
Deliver constant affections, oh so clever,

Bring the wine of our souls to never end.
You and I are bound with pleasure to spend.

Years shall pass but our ardor will not grow old.
Our cravings may change, though continue bold.
Universal flames that we spark, shall endure.
Remembered beyond our existence so pure,

Fulfilled and destined to be known forevermore.
Listen to the crackling that warms our core.
Angels are speaking to us, giving blessings.
Many shall be jealous, with great digressing’s.
Everyone now knows of our love, it is evermore.

date written

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2013

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The Loveliness of You

Look again at your reflection in the mirror, and try to
Open your heart to the truth I am going to whisper. Your
Vision will clear to see what I behold when I look at you.
Each time you smile I see into your heart beneath the long
Lashes of your eyes. They waver from soft blue to deepest
Indigo when I touch your ivory cheek. And when I kiss the
Nape of your neck, you shiver. My love, not only with my
Eyes do I admire the loveliness of you. I hear it in your soft
Silken voice as you sing bedtime lullabies to our children. I
Stand behind you at the mirror, gazing at my beautiful wife.


Copyright © Lin Lane | Year Posted 2016

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Simply superb in sensitive situations
Obviously oblivious to opulent objects
Particularly passionate pondering petulance
Happy at home having guests in her humble haven
Irresistible impressions of immaculate elegance
Softly silently sophisticated in simplicity
Touching tenderly tremendously tempting
Image always impeccably inviting imitation
Curiously calm at calamities culmination
Always appreciates affectionate attention
Traveling together tasting tempting tidbits
Effervescent emotions energizing everyone
Diamonds diminished displayed dangling delicately

John Derek Hamilton
March 29,2016

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2016

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© Demetrios Trifiatis
        05 MAY 2013

Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis | Year Posted 2013

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To My Wife

Never would I have dreamed of this
Inconceivable life we have built together
Not by any stretch of the imagination
Even through the difficult times, we held fast
You have blessed my life with beauty
E...n with his curiosity and laughter
A...n with his brilliant mind and creativity
Reveals the wonderful union of you and me.
So blessed am I, because of you.

Copyright © Michael Campbell | Year Posted 2015

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Tough Mountain

Together we began.
Our joy was evident,
Upon the sights of,
Grass, water and mud.
Here we go lets have fun.

Marching up the mount.
Our pace is our own.
United we frolic. 
No obstacle will contain us.
Together, hand in hand,
Advancing forward.
Intent on having fun.
Nothing could be better.

*** Tough Mountain Challenge 2013, Sunday River Maine. With the love of my life :)

Copyright © Adam Hapworth | Year Posted 2013

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Praying in her back room
Her eyes focused on her Father
Even when downtrodden
Never giving up
On her family, 
Making it her mission to 
Embrace love and the ability to 
Nestle their desires
Absentmindedly she forgets her own significance, while
Love and trust is all she 

Wish for, to
Open the doors to her heart, she 
Magically succeeds to keep
Everybody happy, 
Never forgetting, that to get love you need to give love…

Copyright © Wilma Neels | Year Posted 2010

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The Other Visitors

Tonight, save me and wife and child from thee
Haunted horror our home assumes to be
Enchanted with evils, souls hell has freed

Oh God, thy neck is tired and hard to hold wife, and child walk old of cold
Hath they, the dark; homeless, grotesque and bold
Entered at ease our evenings to ahold
Reaping our grand estate as ghosts paroled!

Vanish thy presence, hither not, visitor
Ill souls, why bring forth this inquisitor?
She speaks to me a low and lurring breath
I notice now the fog below my breath...
To be or not to be, I question death!
Oh God, must I travel her telepath?
Reciting how death of sick wife and child
Seduced a rope that my neck so beguiled

Copyright © Johnny Sumler | Year Posted 2011

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Faithful Duplicity

In the depth of darkness sounds, words, just words of meaningless consequence
Never was there a line so cold, so still, overflowing with too much to hold
Elegant lies weaved into one, the crash comes soon as the enchanted deception runs
Vivid colors, blood red pumps and with every word the mind carries the forbidden orb 
Idolized perfection of thought and words, lips move as hearts tear, a lived lie rooted in flesh
Trivial tasks made into chores, that one line a promise of vows,rocks hide on crashing shores.  
And with the hourglass runs out, sand poured drinks for the parched sitting on stools of doubt.  
Bible teachings show guarantees, written in stone, did they know circumstance as these?
Lying now, even now as confessional insomniacs crawl in guilt, the pills to fall to that darkness yet
Even now in crammed spaces, dark rooms, the inevitable black of truth stains the white of lies.

Copyright © Auden L. | Year Posted 2009

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Husband and Wife

Husband and Wife

Abrupt overly 
Nudity highlighted
Distinctively breasted,

Accented atom's
Nature's beauty
Deliciously delighted In A

Whine  (Dance)
Intensely, seductively to 
For tae it's
Eternal light, of happiness, as 

Carma Reed

Copyright © Carma Reed | Year Posted 2013

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Copyright © Kelly Zakerski | Year Posted 2009

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Witnessing before God, and taking your vow
Enter into marriage, forever starts now 
Devoted to each other, for all your life
Desiring no one, except for your wife
In sickness and in health, till death do you part
No one should come between you, right from the start
Giving of yourself, to make your family whole.

Value the sanctity, of both being “one”
Obstacles are there, for you to over come
Wedding vows are sacred, to show all your love
Straying away, is not meant from God above.

Copyright © Kelly Zakerski | Year Posted 2010

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Kissed by the waking sun, the rain of the night becomes undone,
I dream of you, my daily day dream; and the day has just begun
Riding up to Dahisar, I reach yonwards on my bike
Adieux I've bid to bachelorhood, looking forward to our petty fights
No other can fill my life, only you my wife; my lovely snow-white. 

Copyright © Nitesh Aggarwal | Year Posted 2007

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A bond is tied, a new liaison is made
N ovel experiences are satisfying, but the price is paid
G one are the days, when the dinner was just laid.
E very moment is work, and stress is high
L onely labor at toil, she lets out many a sigh
I help out not at all, and she can’t understand why?
N ow I know I am a fool and inconsiderate alike. 
E ach has own choices, unfortunately ours are unlike. 

Copyright © Nitesh Aggarwal | Year Posted 2008

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Wonderful-2  Free verse acrostic

W onderful is my life being here with you
O nly you can make my heart rejoice
N ascent feelings of love, move me to
D esire you, be with you, to
E mpty myself into you, to
R emove all feelings of doubt and despair
F orevermore wanting you, to guide me to
U nexplored places and emotions
L ighting my pathway and illuminating my life.

John Derek Hamilton
January 13,2015

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2016

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Richard And Carma Palmer Forever

R- richness beauty,             
I- in love, we are, have we;
C- charisma n' sass', *yes we 
do*, pon dis:
H- holy ground, before The 
A- almighty grace, of family  n' 
friends, where peace n' unity;
R- realms, united tightly, 
bonded, you and I;
D- deliverance silently,,,

A- another world~ring, 
promised, aloud;
N- never to be darkened by, 
D- darkness knights dawn...

C- cometh unto thy sun~Rae's;
A- alliance steeled skies, pure 
R- righteous colour to;
M- mend, heal, stir, 
A- amen......

P- praise wise prayer;
A- and GOD will carefully,
L- listen; weary,
M- mercifully, cleansed, 
weeping rain, drys;
E- externally,
R- rising us in sickness n' 
health as:

F- faith and wisdom, stand 
stone~rock solid, to cherry,
O- one another always perched, 
proudly overcooled all 
pathways; turned or unturned,
R- revived triumph waterfalls; 
E- everlasting peak,
V- victoriously, we see, we 
speak, wisely owl;and
E- entry Law,
R- ripely in strength,in love, 
heart n' soul, ahhhhhhhhh "di 
hell wid it," we juss suh, " Mi 
GuN~ShoT, WED~LOCK;" fi 
life, "Dem Gaza weh....#1
trespass, or a murdda yuh 
dub~step in Holy 

All Rights Reserved
Carma Reed

Copyright © Carma Reed | Year Posted 2013

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Copyright © Suburban Lovechild | Year Posted 2015

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Morning High

you're my morning high, 
fresh as chai, 
fingers slowly tickling your neck;
your playful gaze, whirling clouds; 
your smile's layer of a rainbow, 

curtains whispering to windows, 
burning in passion; wrapped in love; 

your eyes, teasing winds, butterflies and deep blue skies,
absence of rain, as painful as your thoughts,
your lips, mysterious as painter's mind 

your touch, 
a mountain high...a fine surrender

Copyright © Pushpendra Pandya | Year Posted 2015

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Romance on Dubain Sands

Random thoughts on a roulette grid, softly sifts on Dubain sands
Edge of heaven I cannot see, yet see you, I do, my bestest friend.
Keystone of bliss, you carry along; strumming softly its guitar strands
Hand in hand, cheek to cheek, glued together by Aphrodite's command
Abstracting on a distant dream, together should our family expand. 

Copyright © Nitesh Aggarwal | Year Posted 2007

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Another one that I love deep, strong and has helped
	me allow my feelings to emerge and be free
Allowed me to bond with another human being instead
	of dismissing and hiding what is inside.
I had grown accustomed to keeping what I feel inside,
	it was a sign of weakness for no one to see.
Then along came Judi and I began telling the world what
	she meant to me and no longer would the fact
That I was and it was alright to be in love.

She is sick and I am hurt for her but also the fears I feel
	are definitely also for me.
Will we be able to grow old together, or will the Creator
	of all life see fit to leave alone again?
I have been here before, don’t want to go back no more
	being alone is not being free 
And in the end to keep losing the one you love is an awful
 feeling that you don’t won’t ever end
Until you meet again in Paradise.


Copyright © Reid Lewis | Year Posted 2015

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InThe Mood For Love Again

Inhaling her scent
Nuzzling behind her ear
Tickling unfair

Her breath uneven
Exhales almost like a sigh

Only saying ‘no’
Only really meaning ‘yes’
Despite her intents

Focused are my eyes
Only looking into her hers
Rejecting her noes

Losing herself just
One more time, then once again
Virtuous passion

Endlessly caressed
Aggressively entangled
Giving herself up

Against her best intent
Intending to resist me
Nightly—just a game

Copyright © Mark J. Halliday | Year Posted 2014

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Magnolia ~*~*~*~

Magnolia stems

1 million

if I could just

hold one wish.....

Copyright © Eva J Tortora | Year Posted 2006

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Departed, broken hearted
Independent now is me
Victorious in the court room
Or at least I hope to be
Regretting ever getting married
Could anyone else love me?
Ending of a marriage that was never meant to be

Copyright © Brandlynn Young | Year Posted 2007