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Looking at your misshapen little red face,
only a mother can appreciate the beauty when seeing her
very precious baby for the first time. 
Eyes filled with happy tears as I
looked at your blonde hair and blue eyes and
inspected your tiny little fingers and toes.
Never had I seen a more beautiful child –
everything about you was simply perfect!
Soon you were sleeping peacefully,
safe in the arms of your adoring mother.

Contest: Loveliness Acrostic
Sponsor John Hamilton

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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At its highest

Copyright © Sienna Muniz | Year Posted 2010

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O-n this Easter day God took you up to heaven.
L-ong days and nights followed, especially for your mummy who misses you with an
I-tensity that only a mother can. A
V-acant hole in her heart, forever longing for you.
I-nvisible threads of love will always bind you together, you are mummy's
A-ngel, who is always with her.

Remembering my niece Olivia who left this world twenty two years ago, aged three months.

Copyright © Elizabeth Kinch | Year Posted 2017

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Gorgeous baby girl, all dressed in pink,
Rosy little cheeks and the cutest of blinks.
All of your wishes we will make come true,
No one will ever hurt you or make you feel blue.
Dainty little princess with the cute little nose,
Darling little ears fingers and toes.
Angelic little lady, believe this is true,
Undying love, we will always give you.
Gently rocking you when you make a peep,
Holding you close, until you fall asleep,
Taking away any tears that you might weep.
Even when your being a little bit loud,
Remember sweet little granddaughter, we will be proud.

Written as a gift for my sister to welcome her first granddaughter :)

Copyright © linda williams | Year Posted 2016

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F- Forever live in faith
O-Oh my little one.
R-Render only to your heart
E-Ever trusting what you know.
V-Voice your beliefs.
E-Endure with desire.
R-Remember always who you are.

Copyright © Sharon Gulley | Year Posted 2015

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When I held you in my arms for the very first time,
Overjoyed that my baby boy was simply sublime.
New life that I had pushed into the world, 
Darling son, oh how my emotions whirled.
Every day brought us something new,
Recording every moment as you grew.
Filling our lives with laughter and joy,
Unconditional love for our beautiful boy.
Love you forever my wonderful son.

Contest:- Wonderful Acrostic
Sponsor:- John Hamilton

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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To My Children

T~was not long ago,
O~nly wee ones you were.

M~onths, then years came and went
Y~earning to move on to matured growth and progress.

C~haracter-building, education, training
H~elping, assisting, childcare, economic strain!
I~ ndependently raising from wee ones to young adult; minimal help indeed!
L~ovingly caring such strength displaying,
D~aring all bad to overcome my good.
R~elentlessly working all week and week-ends,
E~endeavoring to keep 12 hour shifts and Full-time school!
N~ever complaining, always try to share with you all, and some others who 
     may be in a plight.
Thus, children, it may seem long ago, that Example, Caring, Individual Strength, helped Propelled your will to progress; despite the decision to deprive.

Copyright © Rainbow Promise | Year Posted 2015

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Babies crying in an orange,
Evening breeze.
Instead of hot dogs I get slobber.
Nudging branches away from the soft and sweet head,
Geraniums droop into view while we climb.
Her elbows folds tight against my body, safe from the forest chill.
Unknown shrieks are heard somewhere deep in the verdant, carpet of trees.
Mila chucks her nook in response, complete, blind confidence in herself.
Ascending to the dirt road troubles ease as we flatten out.
Never had we a care, never had we a worry.

Copyright © Matt Caliri | Year Posted 2016

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Emma Rylee

Enchanting she will be everyone will want to embrace
Miracle from God above a touch of his grace
Memorizing eyes as she focuses upon her mothers face
Angelic halo she will wear to keep her safe and of a strong faith

Rock her gently and sing a sweet lullaby of praise
Years of love you both will give her can never be erased
Love has brought her here to this very special place
Embrace her and hold her dear like a soft interlace
Experience the joy of mother hood never forgetting her birthplace.

Dedicated  to a very dear friend: Crystina

T Reams  copyright 2015

Copyright © TAMMY REAMS | Year Posted 2015

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Listening to the laughter

Of babies and little children is

Virtually acoustic loveliness

Entirely in its purest form.

Laughter, real from-the-gut laughter,

Is an antidote to all

Negativity. Without

Exception, it stimulates a feeling of 

Serenity. I find myself also

Smiling. This gift is contagious and free.


Written 2-18-2016
For 'Loveliness-Acrostic Contest' of John Hamilton
Fourth Place

Copyright © Susan Gentry | Year Posted 2016

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Blessed by a baby girl; our bundle of joy
Rising as a beautiful stream, flowing in our hearts...ahoy!
Offering her back to God, so He will watch and keep,
Our precious little angel, she is one of His sheep.
Kinfolks come to visit and to show her love,
Little do they know there is nothing like Grandma's Hug.
Yet I love them all, they are my family,
No one will be left out because our God takes the lead.

Happy 1st Easter Grandma - Debra Bruce

Brooklyn was born 2/14/2015 -  Ms. Debra's 1st Grandchild

Penned 4/2/2015

Copyright © Daisy Marie Yant | Year Posted 2015

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Many sleepless nights abound
Yearning for the lack of sound.

Two Minions have me running round,
With many eyes needed all around
Or disaster strikes and I expound.

Beware the Lego on the ground
On late dark trips to a screaming mound.
Yawning smiles though, do astound
Sweethearts sleeping most profound.

Copyright © Nicola Byrne | Year Posted 2016

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Dead Baby

Dying more than ever before
Every time I miss you more
A first child that wasn’t born
Dead, now all I do is mourn

Baby only four months old
A treasure I never got to hold
Big hole in my heart tonight
Yelling “Why didn’t you hold me tight?”

Copyright © Julie Alcin | Year Posted 2013

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Two hearts came together to beat as one
Real love that overflowed producing a son
Every fathers dream, every mother’s true joy
Years we spent wishing for a precious boy
Vulnerable and innocent you had a certain charm
Only I couldn’t protect you keeping you from harm
Now two hearts ache, an unyielding pain

Absorbed in our grief almost going insane
No pain is like the one losing you brought
The reasons god took you was all that we sought
Heaven cradles our baby in arms full of love
Only ours are now empty unlike the angels above
Not once did our baby ever open his eyes
Yearning to hear, but yet knowing he wouldn’t cry

Forever that day’s memory will be vivid in my mind
Always haunting us, wondering if relief we will find
Visions of his lifeless tiny body upon his birth
Only made me take note and total my true worth
Regretting our first good-bye is also our last to you
Son your forever in our mind, and in our hearts LOVE IS TRUE


Copyright © Brenda Chiri | Year Posted 2005

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L Like a juggler, rhythm of harried routine, a mother performing
O On finding the cling-clang-thump symphony's beats missing
S She froze mid-way through her act, something's just not right
T To her surprise, her rambunctious baby boy was nowhere in sight

B Brushing fears aside, she set to seek him in the game of peek-a-boo
A As she peered in every nook and cranny cooing,"momma loves you!"
B But success evaded her and she was fast losing heart and hope
Y Young mother burst into tears, her sanity dangling on a tattered rope

B "Boo!" a voice behind her in a squeamish cry, all too familiar
O Overjoyed she spun around crying and laughing all the same, feeling happier
Y "You naughty boy!"and he smiled impishly, right behind her, under kitchen counter!


Copyright © Yesha Shah | Year Posted 2012

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Bouncing boy is baby joy.
Enchanting sky-blue eyes,
Adored so by my heart.
Undoes me when he cries.
Tiny toes and fingers start
Internal loving sighs.  
Fascinated when his lips part,
Uttering endless, "oh my's", 
Loving him, knows no "why's." 

Contest:  Beautiful Acrostic
Sponsor:  John Hamilton
December 31, 2015

Copyright © CayCay Jennings | Year Posted 2015

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The Strongest Mom I Know

Your belly has grown so big, the glow on your face is priceless, your hair so vibrant, I love the smile on your face when you feel your little one kicking, I love it when you crave weird foods, everything is going well, you are 8 months now, you look like you are going to pop, your feet swell, your in the bathroom more than the toilet bowel is, you can not wait for this to be over, your almost 9 months now you feel a wetness on your chair, it is time, you rush, you prepare, but you never seem to have everything, your at the hospital, your about 3 centimeters dilated, there is still some time to go, your patient, you waited this long, your 7 centimeters, 8, and 9, you  hope it is almost time, you feel like you want to push, you push, and push, you hear the baby cry, you believe that things are okay, because that is what you were told, so it is time to say goodbye, you are tired and need some sleep, you hold your baby for some time, you pass him to the nurse, she sings him a lullaby, you fall asleep, your sleep was dreamless, but you are now awaken in a nightmare that will never end, your baby is in a forever sleep, but how could this end, it just all began, you do not know what happen, you heard his cry, you touched him, he opened his eyes, so why is he gone, from this day you will forever be changed, you held your true love tight before the nurse took him away, you blamed yourself, you question your actions, but it was not your fault, this just sometimes happens, you try to move on with your life, but that becomes difficult, you smile but you are frowning inside, you try to make things right, you try to hide your pain, but everyday you live in sorrow, I know that you are not perfect, but you need to look forward to tomorrow, you can not change what happened, you carried a little angel for 9 months long, then God took him so fast, maybe he has special plans for him, in heaven he is having a blast, even though you do not have him with you, I know that he loves you so, because I saw the way he looked at you, this is something that I know, you are the best mom in the world, I am so glad that he atleast got to meet you, it is not easy to carry on like you do, with the positive attitude that you show, I know one thing for sure, your the strongest mom I know.

Copyright © stephanie hanvey | Year Posted 2013

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A     A miracle  that's what you are to me
U     Unique  as your name
R     Rose red fat little cheeks  
O     Once I looked into  your eyes you took my heart
R      Rely on me to always be there for you
A      Amazing little girl that's what you are

Dedicated to my granddaughter who is 4 weeks old today.
Nanny loves you baby girl!


Copyright © Tracey Pollack | Year Posted 2016

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birthday is the most colorful day for all.....
but for me,
your birthday is more colorful than mine.
its the day which keeps me more happy,beauty and energetic.
be smiling.
the day will be charming.
god will keep you happy,smiling and peaceful throughout the year and life.....

Copyright © lavanya ramamurthi | Year Posted 2014

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Today is today tomorrow is tomorrow never say never never say no love love is great but loves is wonderful I love you !!!!!

Copyright © connie mccracken | Year Posted 2014

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E ver since I thought of you
N ever a moment's regret.
T ender was the lovemaking
W hich planted you and set
I n motion your beautiful soul.
N ow I have you nineteen years.
E ntwined our lives have been. 
D earest darling daughter of Jean.

Copyright © JEAN MURRAY | Year Posted 2016

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A Lost Baby Boy

  "A Lost Baby Boy"

A ngels stroke soft golden tresses

L onely baby floating on gossamer dresses
O pulent candy clouds embrace tiny frame
S nuggle sad heart while singing his name
T ossed into a new realm of strangers

B rave little soul projects love among dangers
A live in spirit world missing family
B ottle in hand to land of milk and honey
Y earning for kisses from Mommy's sweet lips

B asking in moonlight and silver star drips
O ver the rainbow; across the blue seas
Y esterday breathing in fond memories. 

Copyright © Linda-Marie SweetHeart | Year Posted 2012

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baby shoes

im not writing a poem here im expressing the power of words.
there was once a compotition called short stories of 6 words or less.
the winning entry was:

"Baby shoes for sale,never worn."

thats the most powerfull 6 words i think that has ever effected me in the way 6 words ever have.
thanks for reading now analize those 6 words in your world and see how much they affect you x deano x

Copyright © dean wood | Year Posted 2011

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Mamas Fault

Mama’s Fault
Abortion and Baby Dumping

The umbilical cord you eliminated before my existence
You conceived concealed the gift from its creation
Deceived and destroyed the destiny that was given to the world
Now you asking me, what gives you sleepless night
Don’t be a hypocrite you have been swallowing your own vomit
No-wait we all are at fault because we allowed this to happen in homes and society 

Sexually sensitive and spiritually sick
 Why open for sexual pleasure and reject responsibility and accountability
The blood of the innocent crying from the ground-souls we have all murdered 
    Turning girls into holes, dumping babies, chasing pleasure that is under world delusion
Heart full of evil while lips speak love-drinking blood by killing offspring 
Outward beauty while mentally incapacitated-lawlessness life, it’s the life they chose
Feeding on lies, faded in freedom, self-will in pleasure, decaying society

While government set the veil – system collapsed and still won’t acknowledge
Sick of psychologists, spiritually blind and morally corrupt-saying do thus at will
Policy is just logic, written words, practically off, wishing the problem is all in their head
Church turned in a business place, wicked theology exploiting the poor-in it for self
While evil and corruption take over the nation – God is the manager allowing evil
Hearts divorced from truth – these painted priests and pastors got real saints misunderstood 
  Annunciation by media, misleading the nuns, church-good girl lost in lust as love 

I feel sorrow in soul, remaining breathless each day
40 babies dumped per month – I wonder how many are aborted 
I know your soul is turning cold – knowing all the babies you have aborted and dumped
I know you have excuses just like any other person – no, yes I sympathize with your evil deeds
Heart concealed in subconscious of blood – mind covered by deception of unwanted babies 

Copyright © Anthony Ngabwe | Year Posted 2015

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The fear of losing you baby

Frantically I scanned the thronging crowds,
Raging in my heart, blood pounded on my eardrums,
‘Is this my purgatory for some crime unknown in a past life?’, I wondered!
Growing dread cutting cold talons into my mind,
How could I let go of your tiny little hand baby?
Tears well up in my eyes, I cannot think clearly.
Empty womb convulsing painfully as I recall your birth,
No coherent words to describe how I felt.
Emerging from the nearby shop, your hands full of candy, I see you,
Drugged by relief, I clutch you to my bosom, never want to taste this fear again!

Ajitha Sharma
31st October 2015
For Poetry contest Dancing with Description
Sponsor: Casarah Nance

Copyright © Ajitha Sharma | Year Posted 2015

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Screaming infant.
Piercing cry.
Insistant, persistent.
Try the soother.

Tie the ligiture.
Hold the syringe.
End the craving.

Don't you see?
Uterine hits are
Missed by baby
Managing cold turkey?
Your little junkie.

Number 3 Silent 1

Copyright © JEAN MURRAY | Year Posted 2016

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Afghan Superman

Pashtun kickboxing
Blank stares
Free life
Classy travel
Super kamarati

Copyright © Moses Samandar | Year Posted 2013

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Baby Pink

Bottled for it's beauty,
Angelic tones and pastels,
Big it up for the girl's,
Yearning this prim colour,
Pink, my baby pink,
In my life always and forever,
Nauseatingly pretty,
Kind and endearing.

Copyright © Amanda Sullivan | Year Posted 2012

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Cocaine apple sauce

Apple sauce
In my vein
Can't get across
I do it every day
Every night
I can't pay
Now I'm about to fight
I'm trying to get some from the store
I even smoked some off the floor
Chicken fingers and roast beef
Salads and a roasted leaf
Drugs and apples are the best
Because of it I always failed my drug test
Well life is good and life is great
Even if I am over weight

Copyright © Sloppy Joe | Year Posted 2016

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Mother Baby Father

M aternity the cry goes out
O bviosuly the babes being born no doubt
T rembling with anticipation
H ospital the birth location
E very parent panic torn
R elieved when child is actually born
B ouncing girl or little boy
A bsoulute the parent’s joy
B eaming down a smile so sweet
Y es parenthood can make both complete
F ainted on delivery room floor
A dead weight blocking off the door
T rembling as he comes to see
H is lovely child cute as can be
E xcited in the role he’ll play
R ewarded till his dying day

Copyright © Owen Yeates | Year Posted 2012