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A healthy Kenyan Ego Poem

A huge ego breaks off love’s embrace,
A tiny ego slips off love’s embrace,
No ego, no embrace of love!

A selfless ego suffocates from love’s embrace,
A selfish ego wards off love’s embrace,
No ego, no embrace of love!

A super-visual ego overshadows love’s embrace,
A deep-seated ego is colonized by love’s embrace,
No ego, no embrace of love!

A healthy ego humbly looks above,
A healthy ego can lead and also serve...

Its nerves know not pressured blood,
But developing it is almost hard!

Copyright © Kenyan Poets Lounge for Poetry and poems in Kenya | Year Posted 2012

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Heaven Knows

              “Heaven Knows”
  Heaven hears the joy and knows the sound of pain.
  Heaven gives its recompense and sends it down in rain.
  The sky obeys this notion and holds the clouds in its sphere.
  Swimming in the air, the clouds stir and waver from pier to pier.
  Heaven hears our prayers and keep them in jars as light.
  When gathered up they are placed in the sky and shines as stars at night.
  Knowing this the moon in gratitude obeys and takes a stand
  by giving all its shine to the dark so to share in this glorious band.
  Heaven knows our sorrows and holds them deep in the earth.
  Until soften enough to take place in the earth's yearly rebirth.
  Knowing this Mother Nature burst into attention each spring
  Reminding us of God's promises while housing the birds that sing.
  Heaven knows the kind of suffering that lives in the world.
  Heaven forms a weapon of innocence in every little boy and girl.
  Knowing this the authority of God is placed on us all.
  Giving shelter to the spirit so as not to crack or fall.

                                              Debra Ann Harris

Copyright © Debra Harris | Year Posted 2015

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your kindness

yes i am here
you know me very well
i am an orphan
you have recited so many verses about me
still many many of you are reciting
there is a promise of jennah from Allah SAW

no need of a lengthy explanation
of my situation
who HE the creator already said about this creation
just a very little portion of your wealth
will save me here
and you in hear-after.

shukran : Ashiq

Copyright © ashiq alam | Year Posted 2015

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Sierra Leone - A long way gone book by Ishmael Baeh

South province where Mattru jong is located!
Intriguing issues as a young boy!
Escaped from drugs and the war!
Rebels – They don’t agree with the government and think    everyone is the enemy!
Ready to start over!
A lhaji close friend of Ishmael!
Lonely waking around by himself at the age of 12!
Evaluated but never understood!
One world with terrible memories!

Never being able to let go of  memories! 

Elated  at being with his uncle!

Copyright © Liza Salmon | Year Posted 2013

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Guide my Ride

A little Prayer that I wrote.

Guide my Ride.

Dear Almighty in Heaven above 
Please place your Hands on my 
Shoulders and hold on to them 

Please keep the Sanity in my Mind , 
Guide my Ride, and prevent me from 
Driving faster then my Angel can Fly,

And for Our fallen Angels who Ride in 
the Sky, may You keep Guiding their 
Rides in to Your Light away from the 
Evil that leads to the Dark Side.


By : Shawn Muñoz

Copyright © Shawn Munoz | Year Posted 2013

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He is always there





Copyright © fransisca pretorius | Year Posted 2013

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Somebody Asked Who Was I In Christ:

Somebody Asked Me "What Are You In Christ?",
And I Let Them Know That 
I Am A Hand-Clappin', Foot Stompin'
Saved, Sanctified, Baptized
Holy-Ghost Filled, Tongue Talkin'
Strong, Humble, Faithful, Word Readin'
Powerful, Demon Slayin', Planet Shakin'
Satan Defeatin', Strong, Faith Havin',
Prophecyin', Young Women of God!
Somebody Asked Me "What Are You In Christ?"

Copyright © Ashanti Artis | Year Posted 2013

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Your Mistake

Sunday evening
5:57 p.m.
September 27, 2015
Kansas City, Mo
Stephen Becker pen name Brian Stoaks

                      "Your Mistake"

Walking into church I can see I am the only one here
I have come to be forgiven for no longer believing in His love
How could I ever believe in something I don't feel in my heart
If there is a God, where is He as I lay in tears fearing tomorrow?

I walk closer to the pew shaking for I know I need to be forgiven
Forgiven for believing that this hell we call earth is only temporary
This earth is not my home for if it was depression would never be daily
I guess this is how I am suppose to feel so that I may call on Him to love me

I kneel on bended knee looking up into the eyes of your son Jesus Christ
Staring into those eyes I am suppose to trust Him to save me from all evil
How can I trust a figment of my imagination when you allow me to feel this bad
If you are my creator please I cry to you to save me from so much pain

As I say my prayer trying to clear my eyes of tears I see a vision
Like so many nights I pray to you these visions are slapped away
I am unlovable, unforgivable, untrusting, far from created by Heaven
I'm just your mistake you choose to keep breathing to suffer for all others sins

Copyright © Brian Stoaks | Year Posted 2015

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How Precious Life Is

We are all born in to this unknown world

As time goes by we grow up as a boy or a girl,

Life is precious every minute of everyday

We all take for granted that it will always be this way,

But, as you get older you realize how precious life can be

So as we leave this earth we will go above for all eyes to see.

Written By: Unique Poetry 2014

Copyright © Michelle Born | Year Posted 2015

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I AM Loved BY God

I AM Loved By God
Because Every prayer I have ever wanted 
Has come true 
So I owe God A Big Thanks
I have so much in my life 
I feel  happy just to know 
I AM Loved By God

Michele Lee Moyer

Copyright © Michele Moyer | Year Posted 2013

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My ABC Poem

My ABC Poem 
 Above the highest mountain
 Beyond the distant sky
 Christ's servants
 Deliver blessings
 Even to those who cheat and lie
 Falling from grace 
 Grieves the Savior's heart
 In prayer we can find forgiveness
 Joy, to us God will impart
 Kindness is the answer
 Love extend to both friend and foe
 Mercies unending
 Now is the time to sow
 Only seeds that deepen faith
 Pearl of great price we can know
 Question not God's wisdom
 Respond to His Way and Control 
 Spend time in His Word 
 Treasure your moments with Him alone
 Under no circumstance
 Venture without the Sword of the Spirit 
 When you walk through the door of your home
 X Commandments obey
 Your Lord make your top priority
 Zealously surrender all in return for a life of eternity

 inspirations by Joan Donnelly Ellis Sept. 29 2015

Copyright © Joan Donnelly Ellis | Year Posted 2015

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The pace of belief,
Just tapped
Counsels towards
But from the heart's

Lived over the
Now in the lamb's
Justice to write
home about,
And no more

Holds firm -
Canon of salvation,
And pasture of the
That is why God

Copyright © Ediruma Edward Eric | Year Posted 2013

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Devil's Miners - To The Messiah

If i could, I’d veil the earth
And keep it far without your view,
I’d wrap its bulk and hide its shape.
But that would be a waste of time.
Your eyes are those that see the depths
Of  the  deepest  bluest  seas.
I look around and feel so grieved
By what I see on mother Earth.
Are these the beings you meant to save?
Their steps have left the golden path.

The congregation you so loved,
Has had indeed a twisted turn:
I see an alter, two men then,
And then I see a priest clad in white,
Hands stretched out in your name,
For man and man to live as one:
Blasphemy is their heritage
From Pharisees of long ago.
They’ve sold the rod you gave to them
To guide your sheep to fields of green,
And took instead their fill of gold,
To get themselves more robes and gems.
Are these the ones you left to lead?
Their every deed profanes your name!

The fragile brand you took from man
Prattles much about her place.
They top their men and bring discord.
The rules you gave on modesty,
Are just as right as purple skies.
The sacredness of two as one
Is all around the busy streets,
And everyone can get a piece,
Except, of course, their purse be dry.
Our consciences are in our bags,
We know no boundaries in our minds.
I see a door, I see ten bolts,
That veil landlords like refugees
From those to whom all wealth belongs.
The touch of gold, so smooth and good,
Has bought the consciences of men,
And turned us all into miners,
Miners on the devil’s mine!

Copyright © Karl Nkecha Safindah | Year Posted 2013

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Come's, our two thousand and ninety-fourth year;
 the earth is green, and the atmosphere clear.
 The mimosa and kudzu continue to grow,
 and which shall prevail – does anyone know?

 The kudzu is stronger and more eager to win,
 but the winter remains mimosa’s old friend.
 Humans? They’ve become an insignificant bunch;
 living under mimosa, having kudzu for lunch.

“Self loathing” bade them quit the great chase,
 now they have become the ridiculed race.
 None knows for sure who shall finally rule,
 but betting on man would be that of a fool.

 Kudzu creeps strongly and relentlessly on,
 and mimosa’s seed is everywhere blown.
 They’ve crowded away every other kind,
 leaving only vine and fern leaf behind.

 By kudzu, in summer, mimosa is bent.
 In winter, ol’ kudzu’s energy is spent.
 Then, seed of mimosa filters on through;
 bringing revival of the fern leaf anew.

 Humans, as animals, scurry around,
 and dwindle in number as the fauna abound.
 It would have been different; this comical end,
 if they had “subdued”, as told by a Friend.

 Gen. 1:28 “Be fruitful and multiply, replenish
 the earth and subdue it”


Copyright © Lionel Ledbetter | Year Posted 2013

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Dirty was I 

Everlasting grace 
Found me
Groping in the dark and
Healed me to see
I am saved! 
Jabbed at his side 
Kissed to his death
Lashed the thirty-nine 
Mocked and disgraced
Nailed with my sin
Obedient unto death
Pulled to the slaughter
Quiet all through
Redeeming me from death
Saying "it is finished"
Transferring me into life
Uncovering my eyes from the
Veil that blinded me
Washing my guilt away
Yes! Jesus saved me
Zion has plus one

©Chidiogo Ibe Radiant ~ March 2016

Copyright © Chidiogo Ibe | Year Posted 2016

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We found him

We found him!
Here we go,

is he lost?
or is he standing there,
Staying still

Who he be?
He stayed right there
He once was with me

An honor my friend

A will of gold
Mining deep

In a pit of disease
is he blind?
Will he see?

That died with me

We found him!
There he is,

Where did he go?

Copyright © Sir William | Year Posted 2016

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Ninevah Or Sodom

I saw a movie the other day,
 made back in fifty seven:
 This was when I was very young,
 not much more than eleven.

 The setting was a New England town,
 and It was considered obscene at the time.
 A romantic story called Peyton Place -
 with no profanity, no nudity, and little crime.

 As I watched, I began to think:
 "My God" how far we've gone,
 from opinion then, to opinion now, -
 Have our hearts turned into stone?

 It has been a mere fifty years,
 this sobering contrast with the past.
 How swift our journey to the sewer:
 Will God's judjment come as fast?

 It seems we've lost all restraint,
 nothing is condemned as taboo.
 Was the hippie era such a shock
 that no kind of filth seems askew?

 Can we hope for that rare repentence,
 as ancient Ninevah realized:
 or, have we lost all sense of decency,
 which resulted in Sodom's demise?

 Jonah3:10 - "they turned from their wicked
 ways, and the Lord spared Ninevah.
 Genesis19:24 - the Lord rained fire 
 upon Sodom.


Copyright © Lionel Ledbetter | Year Posted 2013

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Lord Can You Hear Me

Lord, life's been crazy lately 
Long and bumpy roads 
And I been on this path so long 
I don't know where it goes 
I know I promise very often 
If you help me I'll be good 
But the devils lives here deeply,Lord 
He's strong in every Hood 
I'm on my knees and praying 
Cause I can't go on like this 
I've escaped death so many times 
I'm scared the next won't miss 
See I really didn't care before 
And now I'm not alone 
I wanna know my kids are safe 
Before you call me home 
You took away my sins one time 
Help me Lord again 
I'll be your servant right now Lord 
In your name I pray AMEN

Copyright © Willie Rathbone | Year Posted 2014

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I am searching

I am searching ..
A thankful  prayer poem
Lionel Derbyshire

I am searching
For my piece of bread
Her name is Eat
And her surname is Happy
Her cousin is Nice
And her grandfather is Satisfied
My piece of bread
Is from God
The good Lord
From the family Good
Who makes the water
My piece of bread
Is always sweet
With her brother
Throughout the Lord’s good day
My piece of bread
Is praying with our Lord
Together with 
my uncle Everybody
Pray is the son of God
Who always talks to
The Lord
My piece of bread
I have now found
She was with Everybody
Together with 
Nice and Marmalade 
Throughout the whole day
With all the Happy
By our Lord
The whole day
My piece of bread
Her name is Eat
I will never 
Lose her again.


Copyright © Lionel Derbyshire | Year Posted 2016

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I Hear A Little Whisper

I hear a little whisper in my ear
So near
That I have to look around
But the whisperers have gone to ground.
It seems I'll have temptation
For the duration,
For life.
Delights I see before my eyes
My imagination turns to lies.
I cannot wander down that path
For two plus two equals ... do the math.
"I will never leave you,"
It's true
What Jesus said
That led
To standing on solid ground
To astound
The critics and accusers,
The bullying abusers,
Who never knew,
Were unaware of the whispering crew.
But then Satan doesn't give a whim
For those who never bother him.

by E. Marshall Evans

Copyright © Ed Evans | Year Posted 2014

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Most Prodigal

It’s been long since I knocked your door.
Too long I dread to trace your steps
For fear I’d sure misplace my tread.
But now it’s cold, I have no choice,
Your door conceals the warmth of home.
I do return, most prodigal,
To your way of peace that I shunned.
The ways of Gog are wild,
Vile are the sons of Maggog.
I try my best to keep me clean,
Tho’ filth invades my vocal cords
And wicked thoughts impede my mind.
I try not to, but what can I,
Mortal man with a fragile heart
Prone to melt ‘fore Satan’s flames
And breed desires of the flesh?
No favours do I reclaim,
For foolishness itself grew
Where wisdom’s bones laid buried.
Now I’m weary, frosty and cold,
And with feet gullied, I trudge, ashamed,
Wishing to find your door,
And hoping too that in your love,
From your undeserved mercies I’d gain. 

Copyright © Karl Nkecha Safindah | Year Posted 2013

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The Lost Bought

A busy world it seem to be
With everyone wanting to be
But all chasing after a ghost
Predators after this host.
Death is all will be

A busy world it seem to be
When will the peace come to be
Pains and hurt is all we see
Like storm in this sea 
Confusion is all will be

Now the darkness set to be
Blind like the honey bee
Lost like the nation Anastasia 
World becomes plagued with 
Frustration is all will be

 All the nation bow in shame
Both the rich do the same
Looking for the way
To take away the wail
for the tears is all the Same

Who will deliver from the pain
That has made the world so pale
Non but who was slained
Pieced with a lengthy nail
Life and blood of a saint

All we need do is to seek the face
Of Him that has the grace
To restore all the light
Brought by the night
For light comes from His glance

For sin and death he has won
Hope has been raised like a horn
For all to rule and reign
Like the cold after the rain
Life will no more be worn

Copyright © Ololade Sokoya | Year Posted 2013

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moons and stars

                                                  MOONS AND STARS
                                 As the rain came down on that cold new day
                                        As he carry's you away like a hero 
                                           With moons and stars as gifts
                                 As he brings in the last warmth of summers end
                                              with his moonlight kisses
                                      And when winter comes upon you both
                             With each new year your love will grow even stronger
                                        As he takes you home on a night like this
                              You find out some of your past as not been missed
                            With the only son you hope to have he will bring to you 
                                       Where the beating heart will never die
                                              Thy shining eye will never cry  
                                    Between thy mother thy father and thy Son             



Copyright © tanya singleton | Year Posted 2014

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You are:
Dweller in my home
Strengthener in my bones
The shine in the sun
The priest and the nun
What awakens each day
The guider; the way
     Light in the spirit
Omnipotent; without limit
The beginning and the end
The truest of friends
The giver of life
The husband and the wife
     Counselor of my soul
The creator that molds
The shine in a smile
The fashion; the style
Embodiment of love
All around and above
The truth that sustains
The meaning of my name
The power of faith
What keeps me safe
The staff and the rod
You are all. God!

Copyright © Debra Harris | Year Posted 2015

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Jesus is the beacon of love
That we know will never fade
With his angels that come from above
They are sent down to bless our days
He is the joy that will crave
The potter that muds us into heavenly creatures
His mercy is always sufficient even when we 
And get carried away by our human nature
He will never abandon our souls
Even though others have walked away
For the Almighty already knows
We need his beacon of love each and every day
He guild us with his supreme security
Ensuring that our days are filled with peace
He's kindness rules the world of humanity
With boundless care that is never on a lease
He is always there watching our back
Lighting our path to heaven with his glowming light
Ensuring we are on the right track
Each time we let him out of our sight
Without his love where would we be?
What would be left here for you and me?
A world faced without hope in pure tragedy
For darkness is all that we would see
He is a symbol of our happiness
A road map to everlasting life
The strength to our weakness
And harmony to all our earthly strife 
A beacon of love grows within our hearts
Since the day we all were all born
Giving us the strength to survive what seems dark
Allowing within the shadows a radiant light to 
We will never face a day where we are unloved
A day of not seeing a ray of sunshine
Because through the grey clouds that hover up above
Glimpses of heaven are shown that we’ll always be 
able to find
Even in times of hardship
Our days he will surely bless
For we are entwined in his heavenly fellowship
That's why he will never ever give up on us

Copyright © stanley oguh | Year Posted 2013

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Sleeping Samson

Wake up church! Why are you sleeping?
The harvest is ripe and it's yours for the reaping
See this world is so busy following the beat 
That while they dance our kids are dying in these streets 
Yet here you are, with their hope living inside you 
Sitting comfortably in your seat never leaving the third pew
I wonder how you got here, how you fell in such deep slumber 
Literally a saint marching in but adding none to the number 
Your Samson like spirit, started strong and set apart 
You were chosen from the womb to be kept close to the Master's heart 
Then this Delilah of deception formed only to afflict you 
Mixed her coldness with your fire, which caused God to spew you 
This Devil of division lured you in her palace of persuasion 
Making up fables and fallacies that would shake your very foundation 
And she swung her hips of hatred and hypocrisy 
She seduced from you your secret and bound you up in philosophy 
So when your enemy came in like a flood 
They caught you with your guard down 
There was no standard against him so you continued to stay bound 
But this isn't the end for you , what we know from past history 
Is that Christ came to open the eyes of the blind and set the captives free 

Copyright © Janeen Thompson | Year Posted 2016

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Does Hell Exist

Does this place really exist
I believe it does for those who are always pissed,

The evil ones are all related some how
Maybe not by blood but in their sick minds they are proud,

Doing vengeful things towards those you hate
Will one day cause you to meet your own fate,

They don't see how this kind of action is mean
So they enjoy the power they feel when they make a scene,

The evil laugh you hear in their voice
It is deep inside of them but, they still have a choice,

It won't be too funny when it all turns on them
But, then they think oh I can blame this on him,

In hell I am sure the devil is glad
When someones evil soul is really bad,

So just remember the next time you want to get even
It all comes down to what you believe in,

The devil awaits for you in hell
Keep being evil and only time will tell.

Written By: Unique Poetry 2006

Copyright © Michelle Born | Year Posted 2015

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I sat at the bottom of your 
heavenly stair case, 
looking at your face that 
makes me abase.
Terror and fear runs down 
my spine, 
making it seems as if our 
relationship may be twine.
My feet trembles at the 
hearing of your name, 
and my soul has been 
sunken deep down in 
Every cell in my body have 
been swimming in sin, 
making me to lose a 
My soul has been cast 
down to the last, 
for every sinful deed i did in 
the past.
If only i can go back in 
i will gladly erase every 
done wrongs and crimes.
Because right now my soul 
feel lost, 
and am determined to get 
it at all cost.
If only i can get one more 
i will atone for all my 
Right now my whole life 
has been torn apart, 
and am been left with a 
broken heart.
Every day i falls down on 
my kneels, 
and cry for the pains that i 
right now feels.
Each day i keep asking 
myself inside, 
what i was thinking when i 
left your side.
I keep streching to hold 
back your loving hands, 
because right now i 
drowing in sin like am in a 
I keep hoping to have you 
back in my mind, 
for you are the best 
treasure anyone can ever 
I plea for the forgiveness of 
all my sins, 
and a chance for my soul to 
be pristine.
I have choosen to walk 
back in your holy path, 
in order for me not to face 
your wrath.
You have been so good to 
me irrespective of my 
erasing my evil deed with 
your divine immunity.
I have choosen to love you 
above everything that ever 
and to follow you till death 
even when am been 
For i finally realised that 
you are the way, the truth 
and the life, 
whosoever that ever have 
you will surely have 
everlasting life.
I hope to see you smiling at 
me in heaven, 
for thats all what i have 
been craven.
Because right now am 
curious and eager, 
to be with you in paradise 

Copyright © stanley oguh | Year Posted 2013

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I have spent my entire life searching for my own happiness in the hands of others
Sad but true
Never truly understanding that my happiness lies within me
& within me lies the greatest of love of all
Lord you have given me more than I deserve
& I have failed you more than I should
But like the Hero that you are
You save me from the demons in this world
Through the dark and through the light
You see me through
You have given me clear sight
It has taken trial & error to finally see
That my purpose here is to live for you
Not for me
Growing up I remember giving you my all
Praising you 
You were the keeper of my Heart & Soul
But somewhere along the way 
I lost myself
I lost it all
It is sad to look back and see
That you were always there
Through it all 
Not once did you ever leave
I say this is sad
Because I ignored your presence
& continued to do bad
You witnessed the darkest times of my life
But you didn’t give up
You never let me go
You held on and saw me through
Because you have a plan
& it is set in stone
I woke up today realizing that I still have not given myself to you completely 
Like I had once before
Maybe it is the fear of change
Or habits that I need to break
No matter what 
Either way
I am done with going through the motions
So here you go Lord
My Soul is yours to take
You are no longer Forgotten

Copyright © gabrielle holden | Year Posted 2015

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                           As she stands upon a rock on a hill top
                           Looking into the sky as thy Lord opens the door to Heaven
                           She can see right inside as he shows her upon this cross
                           That he as suffered and died with fear hurt and loneliness
                           Hidden inside For you know life is the most Beautiful thing
                           On earth yet it continues to be a mystery from the day of your birth 
                           Its pretty much what you make it to be full of Joy or Woe
                           If its to be beautiful you must make it so
                           Yes my Jesus I Love you for this reason I'm a Christian
                           Help me to be worthy to bear Thy Name

Copyright © tanya singleton | Year Posted 2014