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Abc Dance Poems | Abc Poems About Dance

These Abc Dance poems are examples of Abc poems about Dance. These are the best examples of Abc Dance poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Belly Dancer-

As beguiling costumes dazzle eyes,  
flashing glitter heightens indulgences.
Jasmine kisses, lightheadedly make 
nerves of passion quiver.
Rhinestone stars twinkle,
usurping Venus
with xanthic 
yellow zircons.

An ABC Poem written Sept.23, 2015 for “Sensual ABCs - Poetry Contest”.

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2015

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The Dragline

THE DRAGLINE  for Pete Brett 

One hundred foot boom 
 7-½-yard bucket 
The tracks are like 
 Ones on the tracks of a tank
They go chunk clunk and clank  

Arm of the boom swings 
 Far to the left then to right  
Out casts the bucket 
 And drags the rock in 

 Papa pushes the pedals and 
 Pulls the leavers
 Lifts the cranes bucket and 
 Swings the arm in 
 Dumps the rock into
 A pile at quarry
Just old black Burt, Bootsie and me
We ride in the donkey a brawny little engine
Careful now Uncle Burt I ‘am heavy as can be
He’d chuckle and let me ring the dingy
 As the donkey pulled all those gondola cars
 to the rock crusher A ring ding-a-ling
 here comes the train ring ding-a-ling, ding-a-ling

Dinner would be with Uncle Red Papa and me
 by the railroad tracks a fire warm 
and perhaps we would see
 Alligator Willy who would stop by to share
 some pickled eggs, sausages and a beer
 I dance in the night by the light that comes
 from cranes rear window the light that
shines from the top of the boom
My stage is a beam of square light
and I dance and I swirl as the 
beam from the top boom does
swing. It’s better than the light from the moon
I spin and I dance in an out of
The shadows
I see my papa’s face
Through the crane’s side window’s panel

His arm is out stretched as he
Pushes and pulls
I wave I am tired now

He jumps from the tracks and
 Lifts me back in
His face has wide goofy grin
We share chocolate milk
From a thermos and take
 Orange marmalade Sandwiches wrapped in wax paper
 which were sticky and sweet
 from his Old battered Lunch Pail 

 when my feet were all wet He took off my shoes
 and placed them by Old Mr. Murphy as his engine was called 
 Dry and warm and cozy we’d be
Papa his dog Bootsie and me
 Northwest the crane that he ran At Seminole Rock
 he was considered the best Crane operator-man

He worked from dark tell the sand-man
I sleep in an empty dynamite crate
Filled with a string called waste
Used to spread thick grease
by the big diesel engine at the back
of the crane 
He shuts the doors as it’s starting to 

The crane growls and grumbles
and rocks me to and fro
 like in a large giant’s lap 
as I take a nap
in dreams I spin and I dance 
by the light from the boom 
it’s better than the light
 from the moon

Copyright © JoAnne Simms | Year Posted 2012

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There is a place

There is a place you can go that is full of only love and Warmth .
you will be surrounded by a light that shines from the Heavens ,
Sprinkles of Silver and Gold. 

This place is filled with brilliant colors of Purple , vibrant Gold, all colors.
not one Color is less significant then another ,
for every color is equal here .

This place is surrounded by the beauty of different Flowers.
All flowers have significance here . No one Flower is better then another .
All Flowers are equal here .

It is important you know , you can cry here , and should cry as often as needed .
For  the tears will cleanse your Soul and give the Flowers water to grow.
No  one Tear is insignificant here , every tear has value and not one is better then another .

 money holds no value ,  Where you live , what you own,  has no significance here .

You will be surrounded by a beautiful light that shines from the Heavens .
A shining warm light will encircle you and allow nothing to hurt you . 
Hate will be shed at the door like an old jacket of no use. 

There is a place of beauty and  Worth.
This place will not be found on Earth .
It is a place where no one person is better then another .

Copyright © Shanity Rain | Year Posted 2013

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The Rhythm of My soul

The Rhythm of My Soul

All around the room
I hear the music play
It takes control of the children’s feet
And makes their bodies sway

No one can understand
The power of a tune
Because before I know it
The music stops too soon

It acts upon emotions
And can instantly change a mood
It doesn’t deny any soul
It’s not its nature to exclude

Everyone is welcome
As long as they are willing
To leave all their problems behind
And start their bodies swinging

Some may doubt this power
And even say it’s destructive
They say it’s only good
Is for people to act seductive

Yes, this may be true for some
But for me it isn’t this way
For me it’s how I can release
And let my stress fade away

So when life gets tough
And starts to take its toll
I forget the world and start to dance
To the rhythm of my soul

Copyright © Evan Perkins | Year Posted 2013

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The Vent

im livin in a world, where all eyes on me.
trying to curve my own route.
but route 66 keeps finding its way to me.
ive been plenty sick, in all the events layed before me.
even when i reflect to my lowest points
i dont regret any of the choices
That I’ve deployed in my era
A lot of it by error, but hey
We live in hell conditions and there ain’t no air condition 
Or any guidelines when life throws you in the sidelines
But when hindsight twenty twenty hits
You’ll begin to understand life’s a bunch of equations and you in the mix of it
An you’ll have to think twice, before running into a situation and becoming the best of it
it’s what got me here, it’s what got us here
Ran with my thoughts blazing up to her place and
Guess what happened next
She opened up heaven’s gate
And just before late I slipped out
Simply put 
I’m a Grown ass man
Doin his thing, waitin to blow up like an old land mine
In doin what he drools over
But time after time 
Something decides to creep up and cover the light
Lost my way
Then I revoked to ever know, I ever thought that way
But in the in between time, that in the mean time 
Spent a lot of time
Gettin pissed off just to medicate and lift off
Don’t need Don Perion to sip off
Already had my way with the bottle
Even thought to get back with the trouble and rejoin the hustle
That’s just what happens to a man who really knows his old ways
Whos tired of making ends meet and ponders getting back to the streets.
Memory sets in and he remembers an O.G. saying
No matter how tall your pockets stand when you ball
Eventually times gonna make you fall
And I as I pull myself together 
I don’t wanna end up like the twin towers rubble
I mean no offence to nine eleven but at that time I probably could have used a reverend
But all that’s irrelevant now
because i live with a different perspective now

there you go you made it to the end :-) comment if you like, constructive criticism wanted as well.

Copyright © pat roswell | Year Posted 2013

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Dance With Me

His fingers trace down her cheek
While inhaling her scent and smiles
She slips one hand on his shoulder
The other in his hand
They dance a sweet rumba
Hip to hip conversation
Their eyes meet
Lips an inch apart
Her leg wraps around his
He starts to melt
She whispers
Make love to me with this dance
He looks at her lovingly 
Places his arm around her
Pulls her close
Their bodies moving as one
Passionately, elegantly across the floor
As the dance slows
Coming to an end
She twists in his hands
Presses her back
Against his body
He covers her arms with his
Slowly around her waist
In a warm embrace

Copyright © Carissa Kopf | Year Posted 2015

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Do the chicken dance

At that moment the Quasar 
officer passed by,
He made a U-turn and stop 
at The Dark man,
What's in cosmic blazes going 
on here Son?
The Dark man smirk back at 
The Enforcer and asked,
Who wants to know this is a 
private bachelor party,
Double M in this part of the 
Nebula that's who,
and I used to be a Light 
Templar before I traded my 
lightsabre for a 8.0 fusion 
Recognition came across his 
scarred face,
And immediately the Dark 
man began to do the Chicken 
And so did the carrions, 
LadyJewel and his crew, 
Soon the Enforcer join into 
the groove.

Episode III. . .

Copyright © Danesh Morgan | Year Posted 2013

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Flowers In Her Hair

 Across the ocean sings a lady with flowers in her hair
 She dances in the moonlight sky imagining you there
 Pretending she's a princess
 Laughing, having fun
 Streaming tears of happiness waiting for the sun

 The night is slowly ending 
 Tomorrow is on it's way
 Quietly awaiting for another lovely day

 She lay to rest so peacefully upon Earth's precious ground
 Her day of beauty and the love that she has found

 Still no sign of morning light
 No whispers in the air
 The only sign of any life are the flowers in her hair

©2014 Tamilyn Love

Copyright © Tamilyn Love | Year Posted 2014

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the beast and me

There's fire in my lungs.
smoke flows through my veins.
I feed the beast my soul
to gain euphoric pain.
I serve he who lives in me.
The monster in my mind.
The creature so abusive,
at times can be so kind.
In my mental hell,
I sit beside his throne.
I tend to his desire,
so I don't have to be alone.
Here He is my god.
And I, in turn, am his.
A symbiotic worship,
sealed within a kiss.
Sulfuric fumes consume us,
as we dance into the ether.
The hands of god are ours.
Hes made me a believer.
My halo, so very worn.
His horns, so alluring.
Hand in hand we walk,
love and hate enduring.
His guidance lifts me higher
than any drug could try.
His chains hold me down.
bound wings can not fly.
Walking straight and tall,
crawling on my floor.
I am his moonlit goddess.
And his filthy whore.
I wont break his binds.
I wish not, to be free.
I can never escape him,
for this beast is me.

Copyright © JoAnna Mitchell | Year Posted 2013

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I Ride in the rain

Bubbles in my heart
Confidence never drains
Baby you never know how
I ride in the rain

Drops of water falling to the ground
Giving the canopy its very own crown
I feel excitement in my veins
Excitement to ride in the rain

When everybody goes to bed
I stay up and practice in vain
Because I am well trained
of how to dance in the rain

No matter I slip or slide
Or step in the drains
No one can stop me from
Riding in the rain

Studying or working all day long,
Tell me what will you gain?
Just go out, enjoy life
Flutter and jump in the rain

Copyright © Aashima Bansal | Year Posted 2015

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Listen to the gossip of the rain,
dancing on my windows and jumping on the pavement,
thrumming  and battering on the roofs,
plays a little sleep-song on my roof at night,
when it hits the ground, becomes a rivulet. 

Listen to the rain falling from the sky,
tracks blending into the fresh sky-fallen trickles,
crackle dry verandah like an old walkie-talkie coming to life,
beat the panes like timorous wings,
and quench our endless thirst.

Listen to the pouring rain,
pouring from dark skies, 
crashed deafeningly on the corrugated metal roof,
fell down constantly like an endless bucket of water being 
poured down from the heaven,
sounds like the heavens are knocking on my door,
droplets thrashed at the ground, with ferocity matchless,
beat upon my heads with silver liquid drops.

Copyright © Yuhi Musinga | Year Posted 2015

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Immersion in a regal 
carnage. Ash colored dawn
was gang-raped.

A bullet-ridden sexism 
shuts out the fame.
Starts a chilling confession.

O, my orion
I adore your ruffled
stance. Do not make a kill. 

Sunflower, why your
seeds were participating
in bonfire of a moon ?

They came for a sexual 
encounter. But found a prism
exacting a gun. 

Satish Verma   

Copyright © Satish Verma | Year Posted 2012

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Save The Last Dance

I saved you the last dance,
So let's dance the night away,
And wish that the music never ever stops,

I keep hoping and praying that this music never stops,
And my feet never get tired to dance,
And your mind never thinks of walking away,

I felt your heart beat from miles away,
So gentle and in sync with mine and it never ever stops,
In your embrace i found my music so let's dance,

Tonight lest dance the night away until the music stops,

Copyright © Billy Simani | Year Posted 2013

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the ministry of the dance

the ministry of the dance is always Scripture based
it's all about bringing the Holy Spirit into the place
the ministry of the dance has a purpose that is two-fold
of Godly deliverance and breaking demonic strongholds
to deliver someone from the spiritual bondage of society
and show with the power of the dance there's spiritual victory
to break demonic strongholds with divine break through
to show in dance what the joy of the Lord can do

the ministry of the dance is a physical manifestation of love
for Jesus the Christ, the Holy Spirit and Father God who dwells above
to know that the tears which are cascading from our eyes
was enough to touch a soul and move them to cry
to know that the spiritual energy we emanate so much
made someone feel that by the hand of God they've been touched
the ministry of the dance is a physical portrayal of the Holy text
and not based on one's age, gender, race nor sex
a powerful ministry that is open to all
of which by the Spirit one is called
a ministry of faithful dedication, true devotion and total commitment
with love for the Lord, trust in the Spirit and a Godly contentment

the ministry of the dance is more that just a worship service
it's a ministry of true faith with a specific purpose
to dance with the Light of the Lord radiating through 
and the Spirit of the Lord filling up the church's pews
the ministry of the dance is to give honor, glory and praise
to Jesus who died on the cross and 3 days later was raised
a ministry of divine inspiration
a ministry of divine elevation
to lift up someone and move them beyond their comfort zone
to lift someone up and move them to kneel before the throne
it's about the Holy Spirit taking complete control
it's about sacred dancing in order to save some souls

the ministry of the dance will forever be spirit-led
it's a visual ministry serving of the Daily Bread
it's not a ministry that is meant to entertain
it's a ministry powered by the sacrificial blood stain
the ministry of the dance is about spiritual victory
that which Jesus died for to give to you and give me
it's not a performance and it does not invite vainglory
it's about being used an instrument in the outward expression of the Biblical story
the ministry of the dance is a ministry of total sacrifice
to submit your body, heart and soul into the hands of Jesus the Christ


Copyright © louise nelson | Year Posted 2008

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Diamond Dance

Villages crushed, by shiny rocks, 
Demolished while, the profits shot, 
Sapper gets nought, from shards in sand, 
His life and yours, in wicked hands [

Twist in it’s dance, 
You are entranced 
Until the last. 

The king’s cup flows, over with blood, 
You know you think, money is love, 
Giving nothing, they steal your trust, 
Binding you with, aesthetic lust. 

You can’t break the, hardest substance, 
Your body twists, in diamond dance, 
Would you save a, million lives, 
Or get lost in, it’s twinkling eye? 

Puppets in the diamond dance, 
Mankind lost in, the wicked trance, 
If you mistake, waste for romance, 
You won’t have an-ything that lasts. 

Purest glass light, that grows in earth, 
Heaven from soil, the land gave birth, 
But it won’t feed, humanity 
Your mindless greed, their agony 

Copyright © Danny Stockton | Year Posted 2015

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Drunk Happiness

Maya ghunura is why you today?
Why do not you see! The old harness
Dancing on music , bowl of wine in hand
sitdown nearby, Large lost.

Drunken traverses, confer was mind 
Yet I saw your smile,
The dream seems fake sow
I still love you.

Maya sees you drunk  spree
The wine is drunk, why do not you
The message was not honest tell.
Flower bed arranged, how many nights crying 
I come back, your nest in the evening
Requested hands repeatedly begging for.

Today, many flower bed arrange flowers
What I saw on the wall in memory of a joke,
 lost you, early in the morning to look for
The day could not bring drunk love.

Copyright © TAREQ HASAN | Year Posted 2016

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Attending the Ball of the Dead Accompanied by the Ghost of Rouen

Attending the Ball of the Dead,
Accompanied by the Ghost of Rouen

Who would of guessed your enticing flashing smile;
Ghost of Rouen.
We cut oh! such a dash, swish, splish splash.
Splendid in your gown
fashioned by them riddled by guilt.

Aren’t I the flavour amongst them?
That tells no more tales.
A medium who shares your secrets?
Now hear ye all such fine music,
together hand in hand
 we enter the Ball.

Behold gasping with wonderment
one hundred majestic musicians,
summing up from their desire,
enchantment, careless abandonment.
Arrows were they? whistled past your ears,
 from upright English bows,
 from upright English men.

But now we are set to dance the dance,
as if all time stands still.
What I care this to be the Ball of the dead.
How they chatter and gossip everyone a ghost,
for once bound to the stake
they called you witch.

Pray I ever to seek such contentness
with one such as you, Ghost of Rouen.
Love beckons in this world
nay but the next.
Once a maid in armour now a princess In silken robes.

Spy kings , queens, emperor’s, lords and French barons,
dressed from head to toe in finery.
Mighty armies came and long gone be,
we will dance no more this night,
Ghost of Rouen.

Thank thee, thank aye thank the lord.

What precious times are had?
You with your enticing flashing smile.
Wish me, another invite
 by the Ghost of Rouen to the Ball of the dead.



Copyright © carrington marshall | Year Posted 2012

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Give me your hand
Let’s dance away sorrow
Of the pain that never ends
Let’s hit the dance floor
With determination
To forget the past
Let’s dance like 
There is no tomorrow
And believe things will change
They will never repeat
In the same pattern
Lets’ get lost in the 
Sounds of cosmic staccato
For a moment of relief
Let’s get drunk with the passion
Hoping the time will heal 
The wounds of deeds
We never accomplished
Lets’ get carried away with the
Winds of change
Believing the next morning 
Will never be the same

Copyright © ruta skendeliene | Year Posted 2016

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you showed me love

You showed me love
When no one else was there
You showed me love
When i was lost

You showed me love 
When l was lonely.............

For more info show it on your comments

Copyright © omphu omphu | Year Posted 2016

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Take your hand and put it out forward,
Than swing out out to the side, c'mon don't be a coward. 
This is fun, now swing your hips from side to side,
Remember all the times you couldnt express yourself and you cried.

But now your can swing your legs and feet any way you want,
Look for that new move that you looked for your whole life like a hunt. 
Grab someone by the hand and let them join you in that awesome moment,
I promise you, you will love this feeling you are about to feel.

Turn up the music and dance your heart out,
Move to the beat and go wild and feel like your out of sight. 
This is your moment, don't let anyone take that away for you,
This is not happening too slow and i tell you that that's the truth.

Put some head phones on and go to your own world of greatness,
Bust a move like you never did before, I promise it's harmless.
Make your heart feel what I am feling right now and take my hand,
I promise that I will make you smile and scream with joy and stand.

Copyright © Roman Chebukin | Year Posted 2012

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Dance, Dance

Shaking trees, flying leaves,
Say we too can dance,
Just as they follow drums beat by winds,
We also can leap to the sounds from our hearts.
Dance, dance to your music,
Let it echo till the world glows with peace,
Let love be that song, the song of hope to the world.
Dance, dance to the music,
The very music that your soul sings.

Copyright © gerry sikazwe | Year Posted 2016

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Flawless finish

She does not dare step down from her chair
She does not dare to take such a chance, a beautiful victim of circumstance
She dreams the day she has the chance to take a stance
Rise up and dance

Copyright © Candi Stricker | Year Posted 2016

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Dance to the song that is in my head

i can heard the beat as I move I see that I’m the only one dancing but as look down the hall i see a picture of you, but as we dance the song never stop as we are dancing it starts to rain and somehow we don’t get wet cause of the fact the only thing that we are thinking of is each other as it get darker we still dancing till the sun comes out and set as the rain is still falling and the people are waken through the dreams they have had we have been dancing in each rain pool till the song stop but in  head my song never stop cause how deep I love you our song will never stop till death and we will dance the night away till death do us apart, it doesn’t matter if I’m not married to you now, but what I believe that we are meant to be together forever no matter how deep our love goes but you are only man that I am willing to be with for the rest of our lives

Copyright © Sheena Casanova | Year Posted 2013

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Giving thanks

Thank you for my daughter’s laughter
she reminds me there is joy to be found everywhere
thank you for arms that embrace
life’s yearning to connect
thank you for dreams
the ones we follow
and the ones we dance with
Thank you for music
the kind that cracks you open
then puts you back together again
thank you for the ink of our memories
so that we may write
our own beauty
thank you for the sky
a window wide open
calling you in
thank you for the ocean
its vastness humbling
waves that whisper
let go… let go…
thank you for the wind
that partners with the trees
for a soulful ballet
thank you for the rain
washing away the dust
and tampering our fires
thank you for springs vibrant bloom
a canopy of magic and renewal
thank you for summers swell
thick sweet honey humming with heat
thank you for autumns release
unfurling itself against a palette of color
thank you for winters deep sleep
and the stillness of snow
thank you for all the darkness
the despair
the fear
and the losses
for without them
all of this
would not be
so achingly

Copyright © jenni pezzano | Year Posted 2015

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Reflection of me

The sweetest thing is knowing 
 you are the biggest part of me. 
From your tiny hands and feet 
 to you're smile. 
 A reflection of me. 
 Dance tiny princess. 
Laugh tiny princess. 
Let me be the one to worry. 

Take in yourself 
Every beautiful day 
Every sunny sky and starry night. 
For now...just be you 
And dance tiny princess. 
Laugh tiny princess. 
Let me be the one to worry.

Copyright © Nichole Schindewolf | Year Posted 2012

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Dance City Street Lights

A baby's basket
bounced two-times two.
Circled chimed towers ring
downtown beep-bop to the rhythm.
Enjoy the music; birds
fly over docks. It's the busy bouncing
great city street lights that 
hit the road, shimmer in the dark.
I enjoy watching you dance to the music,
June. The jungle summer parties
kaput from hard rain last summer and were
laden with children screaming
"Mommy, I can't find you."
Nothing stops your dancing. You're
oblivious unless the music stops. I 
pace the streets of the city's heart and
quadruple the center of the streets core, two-times-ten
ready to run, run when I know it's your 
sassy sway from side to side 'till you 
turn in his arms, a fall light as yogurt. It's
undeniable that this baby's basket can bounce, bounce, bounce, so
vulnerable to the splitting of the wood and the crying of the child's
watery mucus clogs her throat and all you hear is wah, wah, wah when
Xenon cries, like cheese cloth dipped in chocolate; hard to hear the
yelling when all you comprehend are feet tapping and music moving all around like
zig, zag, zook until you collapse, cause all you knew was dance, dance, dance.

Copyright © Cynthia Green | Year Posted 2011

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A beautiful day in Ayr
Because its so breezy and fair 
Chasing seagulls and sand in my hair

Copyright © jimmy mccurdie | Year Posted 2015

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Each moment kaleids to the beat

Each blissfully aware of what it evolved from
And to which it may switch

Copyright © Rob Browne | Year Posted 2013

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Christmas dance

Cold dry airs... 
Crunchy fruits... 
Crazy hair-dos... 
Cramped chicken... 
Coded smiles... 
Calm relaxation... 
Cute smilin faces... 
Chilled fanta... 
Cod-full soups... 
Cats n dogs games... 
Chuffed beancakes... 
Creamy salads... 
Chucks and shoes... 
Coke? Not for me... 
...Xmas smellin' everywhere... Leme be the 
first to wish yu a great Xmas! OiH

Copyright © Okechukwu Iroegbu | Year Posted 2013

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Dance In The Rain

Rain, it is so refreshing. 
Go outside.
Dance in the rain.
Hold your head back
let it wash all your pain away.
Throw your arms open wide
spin your body around.
Do not be afraid to show
what you are feeling inside.

Feel the small drops
as they fall on your face.
Swish the wet  grass 
between you bare toes.
Making you smile 
like the warmest embrace.

Feel the rain as it kisses your lips.
Open your mouth 
let the rain fall inside.
Taste the sweet nectar.

Feel as it falls on your skin
each drop like a caress of the wind.
Close  your eyes
let your mind soar...
Let your spirit out
feeling free.
As you run your 
fingers through your hair.

Listen to the melody 
it will soothe and comfort your heart.
Mother nature can heal you.
Dance in the rain
feel your soul take flight.

Let your mind be soothed
and wish for another rainy day.

Copyright © Athena Beauchamp | Year Posted 2014