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Space Abecedarian Poems

These Space Abecedarian poems are examples of Abecedarian poems about Space. These are the best examples of Abecedarian Space poems written by international poets.


           NEW YEAR


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Premium Member Alabaster Snowflakes
Alabaster snowflakes, scattered over  
Brindled patches of frozen forest floor
Cover Autumn's fragmented tapestry.
December fluffs up Winter's white duvet 
Eager to embrace the bitter cold...

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Categories: beautiful, december, imagery, nature,

Premium Member As We Look Toward The Sky
As We Look Toward The Sky

Zillions of specs in our vast universe, and
You, our amazing Earth, are among them!
Xanadu!  For sure, we're blessed! ...

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Categories: earth, space, stars, universe,

Premium Member Wonders Of Space
At night the sky morphs into
Black velvet, with ebony
Creases that glisten with stars. 
Darkness surrounds a wobbly  
Earth spinning on its axis,
Forever circling the...

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Categories: beauty, earth, imagery, nature,

The 60s
American Bandstand, Aqua Velva Ads, Aretha Franklin, and, the Andy Griffith Show
Black lights, Bewitched, bean bag chairs, beads, Batman and the Beatles
Cleopatra, Corvairs, Corvettes, Chevelles,...

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Categories: america, angst, fashion, history,

Premium Member Our Castle In The Sky
As we watch our dark evening sky
Bejeweled with magnificent stars,
Called to our minds comes the endless
Dream to solve all the mysteries
Entrusted to vast cosmic space...

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Categories: earth, space, universe,

Premium Member Spring garden prep

After the winter season
But before the rains begin
Catalogues of heirloom seeds
Delivered just in time
Earmarked and prioritized
Farmer’s Almanac consulted
Given planting periods
Horoscopes included (but...

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Categories: food, garden, home, life,

Ether’s 88 where ya going 
Behind her locked gate 
Caught shy my freedoms 
My baiting the idioms 
My came from extensions...
Is it ever too late?

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Categories: freedom,

A is for atom, the smallest particle of an element which we could observe
B is for B Physics, the study of particles containing the *bottom...

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Categories: science, planet,

My A - Z Affairs
All my energy went into pleasing the other,
belatedly I’ve realized he didn’t bother.
Cozier prospects have lured him from afar.
Doors miraculously opened and left ajar,
empowering me...

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Categories: happiness, husband, love, me,