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World Abc Poems

These World Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about World. These are the best examples of Abc World poems written by international poets.

Am the world I am your world
Thy heart is thy soul I am also.
I am also tears, happiness,and identity.
Your pauser in your mind that walks in your mind.happiness
I am your only...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Our Daily Bread
Racism. Trying to prove ones skin tone or ethnicity is superior to another’s. 

Why we let a such word control society is beyond the human...

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Categories: old, racism,

my realization
i suffer from my mistakes
I feel small and out of place 
I watched the terrors of the world 
from the opening of my gates 


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Categories: appreciation, education, endurance, family,

There is no future
Windmills and cornfields are all this life may seem.

Stories and hopes of a future is all we tend to dream,

children in the dark, as the...

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Categories: america,

My heart is popping
    My bones are breaking
    My skin is burning
    My brain is spinning

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Categories: africa, age, anger, anxiety,

just one man
If all mankind could see what I see
 and feel what I feel
then we could all help this planet to heal
from toxins pollution and disease...

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Categories: inspirational,

The Price of being a Woman
In da Cameroon by da light of da moon,
The mothers iron their daughter breasts,
They put hot rocks to stop the shocks,
Of unwanted pregnancy.

In Bangaladesh when...

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Categories: 10th grade,

when I first met u
When i first met u
 I felt like i had know u forever
 Telling u my secrets what i didn't want ever
 & we could...

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Categories: 12th grade, boyfriend, creation,

A small piece that builds up a past 
Past residency that creates anger and vexation 
True example of free independence and love 
Belonging to genuine...

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Categories: 12th grade, fear,


Tears won't dilute your strength
Your mood won't make it less of who you are. 
You're not broken but a token that is...

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Categories: caregiving, children, courage, dedication,

A Good Book
A Good Book

By: Brandon Rhew

I know this sounds nerdy but,
What makes a good book?
Well I’ll give you a hint 
It isn’t how long it is...

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Categories: 10th grade,

By Parizo Van Thulare 

In this world i live in 
I have you to keep .
Out of these souls I've met 
You still the one...

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Categories: brother, love,

The Right Way
Find the narrow way, while they convince you to stray.
Fall for the lies they say, hidden in a truthful way.
Deception; you will still pay..
Feeling as...

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Categories: confusion, how i feel,


Little Tommy sat in class
Raised his hand, his hope to ask
If for a wee he could be free
Because he had a need to pee
The teacher...

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Categories: abc, child, education, school, teacher,

Why Im in Love With the Moon
I am in love.
I do not “do” love. I feel it. It pulses through me, hard, and blurs my vision. 

It gifts me with the...

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Categories: 11th grade, adventure, love,

Premium Member GOD I DO WONDER X-Y-Z---

A All I ever need is just mercy from the Father
B Blessings, assurance this world need not bother
C Covering my sins...

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Categories: addiction, analogy, appreciation, blessing,

dream birthday
once you lay eyes upon lalinia 
it's emotional mania
a forehead sized sun
two eyes sized green moons
perfection finally in tune 
she's a universe by herself
it's the...

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Categories: angel, anniversary, birthday, care,

Puppa goes on a Yacht
Puppa, is a Jack Russel Terrior,
He is white with tan markings.
One day the hole he was digging in the yard
was big enough for him to...

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Categories: 10th grade,

A dreadful morning
A dreadful morning

He never thought it was goodbye until it happened,
An ordinary day it was, filled with the joys of a new day,
The world was...

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Categories: pain,

Oh my Lord
Oh my Lord!

Lord, I come to you with open arms
Open arms that thank you,
I nearly died but because of your unfailing love I was saved.


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Categories: god,