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Voice Abc Poems

These Voice Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Voice. These are the best examples of Abc Voice poems written by international poets.

love so far
the love I feel for her 
Is a love so great 
shes so far but our love 
is a picture to paint 
a story of...

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Categories: april, courage, crazy, flower,

Self Worth

she danced in 
a field of enlightenment
while the sun complimented her skin,
blending in with the flowers
swaying in the wind

she had a smile that 
brighten the...

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Categories: art, beauty, care, confidence,

just one man
If all mankind could see what I see
 and feel what I feel
then we could all help this planet to heal
from toxins pollution and disease...

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Categories: inspirational,


Tears won't dilute your strength
Your mood won't make it less of who you are. 
You're not broken but a token that is...

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Categories: caregiving, children, courage, dedication,

The Lady in Red
Vinyl spins as you step past the curtain,

music plays and flowers bloom on the wall. 

You have lots of questions, and she has the answers....

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Categories: fear, imagery, sin, surreal,

A tribute to Dr King
I have a dream
But Dr King 
Had a vision
He lived it out
Made great decisions
He had a dream 
And he made it a reality
Paved the way...

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Categories: age, child, confidence,

A painter sits
A painter sits
Alone and in solitude
Staring at a portrait
He paints of society
He starts at the bottom,
The beginning of time
It is wild and unkept
Colours outside of...

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Categories: art, history, humanity,

Tonight, I will undress.
I will remove every article of clothing, leaving them to the mercy of the bathroom floor.
I will undress myself, to prove that...

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Categories: allusion, beautiful, symbolism, truth,


(Verse 1)
Whos stopping you?
Tell me this 
Tell me that 
Giving opinions 
Stating facts 
You can be 
It starts off as just a dream
You can...

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Categories: inspiration, inspirational,

You've grown, In more than just age 
You've grown enternally
Finish with this phase 
The laughs and smiles
Once were not there
Spirit once felt weak
Voice felt like...

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Categories: age,

perfection of imperfection
what's a thorn without a rose 
what's a bleeding without feelings 
real darkness is where no light can shine 
intact to keep the light in...

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Categories: allusion, art, beautiful, imagination,

Dementor's Kiss
This time last year, 
I had my world 
upside down.

I opened my eyes, laid on bed and didn't move. Then a little, I moved to...

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Categories: deep, depression, heartbroken, loneliness,

Its the Little things
When the little things no longer matters...
When the little things are lost...
Forgotten and misplaced...
Left on a shelf like a book that is unread for days...

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Categories: crush, happiness, hurt, love,

The Train to Treblinka
It was a glorious day in 1943,
The kind of day you wish to hug your children carefree.
The frozen Polish Winter winds were almost dying,

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Categories: 10th grade,

From this sullied Earth a lonely African Daisy grew,
A Gazania with bright colours grew.
It bowed its head to the vivid Sun.
It commanded,
It demanded,
The cool Rain...

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Categories: 10th grade,

I Want
" I want"

I want to feel(feel)
something real(real)
when it comes to us(to us)
Boy i love it 
whenever your around
you make me feel
like the happiest girl in...

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Categories: confidence,

Do you feel....
Like... the child you were before is laughing at you 
you are not betraying anyone else but you
Like.... by making you do what...

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Categories: change, dedication, deep, destiny,

Turmoil and Pain
You’re always in my thoughts Jitterbug,
Your memory will never fade.
We had so many great times together.
Fond memories that we made.
Remember when we went camping in...

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Categories: best friend, cousin, death,

Hounds Pt 2
My dearest Jitterbug,

The demon driver has eventually taken you,
As inevitably we both knew it would.
The spirit killer took you in its grasp,
Something I know you...

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Categories: death, death of a

The day you kissed me
The day i saw you,
Is the day i knew you. 
That day, 
Is the day I started crazy. 

The day you kissed me,
Is the day...

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Categories: feelings, first love,