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Violence Abc Poems

These Violence Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Violence. These are the best examples of Abc Violence poems written by international poets.

That predator should've kept his eyes closed,
His hands to himself,
His temptations under control.
Often times we indulge in these predators behaviour.
Feminist Imani once said, "as short...

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Categories: 12th grade, africa, violence,


You told me beauty is merely skin deep
Wasn't that the reason I wooed her in the first place
Said it...

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Categories: addiction, allusion, appreciation, confidence,

tragic magic
torn middle eastern attire
an orphaned heart on fire
houses turn to rubble
gotta bomb them on them on the double
who wiped the mossad prints off nine eleven

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Categories: child abuse, feelings, pain,

Inside Green Africa
Inside the green land of Africa
An idea was born in a gentle mind
It grew up to develop like a hyacinth 
With pure water and no...

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Categories: africa, appreciation, creation, education,

Forgiveness after RAPE
I remember screaming "stop! " I could only yell  
You  drug me upstairs and raped me  putting me through  utter h...

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Categories: abuse, anger, christian, courage,

Bodies all dusted.
Choices all busted.
Voices all gusted.
Rights all rusted.
The schools like barracks.
The play fields like Graveyards.
Buried all freedom lied in the backyards.
Speaking a word here...

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Categories: conflict, dream, humanity, irony,

Sand in the War
I, a worthless grain of sand,
Was flung as English soldiers claimed the land.
On the grey beach of Normandy, France,
The German soldiers had no chance.
Back and...

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© Abby KR  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: beach, beauty, betrayal, violence,

Are We Living
Are we living 
No we're dying
Drug popping and pistol buying
What kind of seeds are being sown
When taking lives become our own
Who's raising our kids
The street...

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Categories: bereavement, dark, death, feelings,

The life of power is so 
funny that man become so 
engrossed with such impunity 
to pursue a purposeless life 
full of vanity and violence...

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Categories: corruption, dream, heart, violence,

Premium Member A Baby Cries
A Baby Cries,
Demanding, Emphatic,
Forming, Growing,
Having Intelligence, Joy, Kindness, Love.
Mounting Neuroses, Outrageous Propaganda,
Quickly Remove Simple Truth,
Unleashing Violence- Wanton, Xenophobic.
Youthquake Zeitgeist! 

Copyright © 1994-2018 by Mark...

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© Mark Toney  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: angst, conflict, dark, sad,

What is life with a tear of a drop from your eye
You're a vicious barbaric attack within.
Hate becomes goal, love becomes fear.
Within the is a war of emotions, within thoughts become my enemy.
Fantasy of hate become...

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Categories: absence, abuse, betrayal, birth,

Black Robed Maiden
A black robed maiden, born in a sacred world
With dreams and aspirations that swell’s her femininity
She intrudes in my innocence, my future is in her...

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Categories: evil, lust,

Vampire Truth
We are not tales of folklore
You’ve defiled the legacy we’ve impression in your minds
Mirrors and daylight are nothing but harrowing lies
We do not glisten like...

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Categories: fantasy,

Premium Member Coming Storms

Upon this, our blessed earth

Violence has become the norm.

When will all the hatred stop

Xenophobia in all it's forms,

That precursor, of coming storms. 

Entry for Let's...

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© Gary Smith  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: emotions, hate, war,

Heavenly Destiny
Corruption seeks power.
Destruction kills.
Survival at your own will.
Changing lanes.
Turning the wheel.
Focused on the road.
In time wombs heal.
On the real.
Dark clouds.
Cold chill.
So many dying over that...

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Categories: beautiful, blessing, blue, conflict,

its my turn, 

its your turn


is on the run

 "am the don".....

"am next to none"

 the sun long gone...

the fun is hung

 houses -...

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Categories: violence,

Nothing But Silence
The ticking of the clock,
The ringing of the ears,
Pitch black outside,
Nothing left to hear,
Crickets rustling,
No breeze at all,
Nothing but silence,
Everything left in the night fall,

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© Tera Brown  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: peace,

A lovers death
 The last piece finally broke,
The one i've held onto desperatly,
For it was the one piece,
I used to define me.
 I stare at the shattered splinters of...

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© Ash Motes  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abuse, anger, angst, sorrow,

A squatter in my rags with my shoping cart;

Eating my breakfast that, today, didn't originate from a dumpster dive;

A sudden assault by the state,
A female...

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Categories: abuse,

the voice of a refugee
The voice of a refugee

What happened to this world?	
So beautiful in the past
The rivers lakes and oceans
And fragrance of the grass
And now the land...

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Categories: betrayal, community, grief, sympathy,