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Today Abc Poems

These Today Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Today. These are the best examples of Abc Today poems written by international poets.

The Black Cat that crossed my path
You are nothing but a cliché,
You used the L word every day.
Then you went and danced the slow dance,
 With that sad girl filled with...

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Categories: 10th grade,

Miriam aged 12 and her Grandmothers voyage on the Titanic

Miriam:		Oh Grandma
Grandmother:	Yes, dear what is it?
Miriam:		I am awfully excited to be traveling today.
		        They say the Titanic is...

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Categories: 10th grade,

Beauty in the Hell 1
We can't ignore the fact that,
Our planet is a hellish place right now!

Little pieces of ego
Exploiting an alive blue marble,
A wet blue piece of dust

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Categories: absence, anger, angst, anxiety,

The Black Cat that crossed my path

You are nothing but a cliché,
You used the L word every day.
Then you went and danced the slow dance,
 With that sad girl filled with...

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Categories: 10th grade,

Just a thought
From the remnants of past memories drowning tears and questions tossed into a midnight sky.          ...

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© mark brown  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: anxiety,

Life keeps on testing and testing to no avail our sorrows keeps on escalating
   When is it gonna stop taking the air out...

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Categories: simile,

Dedicated to all girl children out there  On this International day of the girl child


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Categories: gender, girl, girlfriend, mother,

Are You Satisfied
Its been so long since I have seen him
Even more time since i have been him

Zr :-
I've almost stopped dreaming
Almost night inside
No lights beaming
Finding other...

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Categories: 12th grade, anger, angst,


Some days are filled with doubt 
We think of life and what its about. 
If I could get just one visitor today...

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Categories: hope,

I Light A Candle
I Light A candle. 
For all the love, and all the lost.
For all who paid the cost.
I light a candle.
For the memories that live.
All the...

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Categories: abuse, america, betrayal, corruption,

I ll tell you
I saw you as one more adventure
Not knowing you're a great treasure
That all life Expect to find
I thought you weren't that special.
And today I understand...

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Categories: betrayal, blessing, break up,

How many disappointments
How many disappointments?
You don't have a heart ache for yourself.
How many more people
'll continue to be betrayed
How many more disappointments?
He is that one that let...

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Categories: black love, break up,

And my death has come
And my death has come that clock has stopped My Spirit trying to stay alive but is to late now my heart has failed no...

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Categories: absence, angel, anger, anxiety,

Day One

Finally the voice of opening an account won
Why? You'd ask
Everyday I sit in front of my monitor
I am bleeding
I am hiding
I am running
I found my...

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© Lyn Ngesh  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: appreciation, art, beauty, deep,

I remember the day I stepped in school
Initially I was a freakishly absurd fool
Running around with everything i got my hands on
Every tool
My parents got...

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Categories: anger, anxiety, beautiful, best

Disney and the Millenial Acolytes: A Generation of Failure and Death
More or less, half a century ago,
A darkness hovered over this world,
Our generation dwells in this darkness today.
When does the light of hope become evil...

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Categories: 7th grade, 8th grade,

He did it for me
"He did it for me"

He did it for me 
He did it for you
He paid with his life 
what a sacrifice
he loved us all 

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Categories: america, art,

I wish you were here
I wish not to shed a tear
I wish I could accept that you are gone
I wish I could be more...

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© lisa brady  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death, mother,


A life full of mysteries and surprises
A life where daybreak doesn't guarantee sunshine
The priests places the sacrifice at his shrine
But bcos the...

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Categories: creation, death, life,

You May
You may"

You may stumble , remain humble
You may stumble, remain humble 
No matter what you do
Never lose you
We've all had some hard times 
All had...

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Categories: age, art, beautiful,