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Teen Abc Poems

These Teen Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Teen. These are the best examples of Abc Teen poems written by international poets.


I thought of conjuring multiple stars to revolve on your head
But i remembered the distractions and the havoc that will cause.
I thought of...

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Categories: sweet love, teen love,

Forgiveness after RAPE
I remember screaming "stop! " I could only yell  
You  drug me upstairs and raped me  putting me through  utter h...

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Categories: abuse, anger, christian, courage,

If I Had A Time Machine
It makes me sick every time I think about how long I put up with you
seven whole months i wasted everyday ignoring my heart slowy...

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© Hazel Love  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abuse, anger, angst, betrayal,

The Hyenas
Smell of teen spirit.
Scratching it on telephone poles
Gnawing on selfie sticks.
Cat toys,
For ruthless animals.
Hidden in boney skin suits
Sniffing out blood
Sinking their teeth into complements,

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© Alex Jade  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: teenage,

Rough Childhood
Growing up was tough
This isn't a bluff
I only made it with persistence
It would have been easier with assistance

My Dad wasn't a Dad
He was violent more...

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Categories: 10th grade, abuse, child

Not Another Poem To My Ex
I've been lying to myself 
I told myself that I don't care about you
Everyday got tough and we had good conversations but now they are...

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Categories: betrayal, goodbye, teen,

Covering your face with strokes of color and gold/, but as Hatshepsut your inside is dead, cold/
Likes or dislikes thats all that pops up/, yeah...

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Categories: addiction, beautiful, character, teen,

At Night
I lay awake at night 
Staring at my wrists 
Thinking with a blade that they must be kissed.
I reach for my phone to tell my...

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Categories: farewell, suicide, teen,

On Fire
It’s hard for me to breathe
Where I’m from.
Stuck in a small room
By myself,
Hopeless and alone.
Feeling like a burden, 
A useless and worthless person.
It’s hard for...

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Categories: angst, depression, teen,

Premium Member I am
All my life I have known I was different, and
bullying was part of my childhood and teen years, awful
cruel words have followed this girl into...

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Categories: culture, inspirational,

What if a sister has a younger bro,
people regard it as a beautiful relation,
but i may tell you that it is not so...

You have to...

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Categories: brother, family, sister,

High School
High school is like a game of life 
You make it half way through the game 
Then someone comes and makes you start over 


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Categories: slam, teen,

Easily broken by force
Melted by heat and shaped by fault
Not the first and not the last
So,I look for my reflection
But I'm see through like glass...

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© Sami Paola  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: deep, depression, emotions, meaningful,

Love Songs
You only ever play
love songs when
I'm sitting in this car. 

We've been so many
places; I've seen
you near and far. 

But no matter where
we travel to...

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© Ema Kenyon  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: boyfriend, i love you,

A Smile
She was then, a girl of ten
Yet she would remember often
The wistful words of her teacher
On the greatness of a smile.
That smile around the corner

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© ASHA V  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: child, emotions, feelings, kid,

Class of genius
We gave birth to Einstein
E=mc2 was a formula we sat
Down at the spinal cord of a milky
Way to cteae.We were breathing 
Star dust and had...

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Categories: earth day, high school,

A knife's edge and a painful cry.
flashes in my mindful eye.
A cry for help. a plea for mercy.
I stand there and watch.
Yet im miles away.

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Categories: teen,

Xenophobic Youth
Attractive boys came devouring every frozen gulp.
Heavenly ices jubilant kaleidoscopic light.
Marvelous opulence, picturesque reoccurring –
Sustenance tasted universally.
Vicariously winterizing xenophobic youth,
Zestfully –



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Categories: adventure, environment, life, snow,

She was standing there lonely
That beautiful girl
Her shape was so lovely
Her silhouette could tell
She was made

Her mind-sizzling smile wasn’t a folktale
You could see that when...

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Categories: age, angel, anniversary, beauty,

As I lay beneath the trees with my niece named Kennedy Guerrero as family friend watching and when it’s needed they are willing to help...

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Categories: baby, beauty, blessing, child,