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Spoken Word Abc Poems

These Spoken Word Abc poems are examples of poetry about Spoken Word Abc. These are the best examples of Abc Spoken Word poems written by international poets.

Alphabet Poem II
Ascend 		Zion
Believers 	        Yearn
Collective 	        X-Ray
Deserted 	    ...

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Categories: education, heaven, inspiration, perspective,

My Sacrifice
I stopped thinking of those words you said
So that I can go to sleep
Sleep before I lose my head. 
It's just me, I'm all alone

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Categories: deep, emotions, soulmate, spoken

Young Still Learn
Above battered caskets, demons engulfed. For grievances haven’t interlocked juveniles. Karma locking many naysayers, occupying persistence. Quietly remembering silence throughout universal vectors without xany youngish...

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Categories: children, hero, irony, life,

My Five Senses
I love to watch the sun rise,
the way its tangerine colored
rays pierce the
metallic grey sky and
how they dance playfully on
the waters edge. As its face...

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Categories: love, senses,


“Do not be afraid you don’t know what storm I’ve asked her to walk through”- God

She was in a bad state...

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Categories: 11th grade, 12th grade,

The forgotten
When there's no-one left in this living world to remember you,  you disappear into the world of the non living 

You become part of...

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Categories: poems, remember, spoken word,

Insomnia Sonogram
agape gave grave to age
bent not to burdens born
cleave verily the leaves of life
distilled stilled styled reviled
entry net try and try
filigree reeds figure loosely
grave gave...

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Categories: allegory, assonance, birth, death,

I look at you but I don't speak 
Your eyes tell lies your mouth don't speak 

The things you say they cut so deep
Your words...

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Categories: courage, metaphor, paradise, passion,

Twin Flames
I need me some Dutch chocolate in my life.
That Tyrese chocolate.
I'm talking that coffee black.
Once you had it like that.
Ain't no coming back.
White teeth shining.

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Categories: angel, best friend, black

Question To My Human Family
What if My son was gay? Would you lead him astray? Would you force him to believe those things that society might say? Would you...

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Categories: abuse, deep, freedom, society,

Nubian Queen
I know a woman whom resembles a Queen 
Her eloquent features inspire me 
A mellow song she sings with her voice 
And radiant eyes to...

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Categories: black african american, i

Faces In The Night
I see many faces appearing in the night 
Societies outcast oblivious to perils 
which accompany their plight 
Dressed in dingy costumes, Masquerading as 
Creatures weary...

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Categories: community, endurance, identity, inspirational,

Happy Birthday
We may have our ups and downs,
Like all family do.
But, at the end of the day
I truly love you.
So I'm wishing you the best
On your...

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Categories: anniversary, birthday, family, forgiveness,

nobody knows Her like i know Her
and She cannot live with him
but She cannot live without him
but the air is warm
and i just cannot get...

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Categories: god, love, magic, religion,

Ode to an ex
Ive lived my years with my head held high,
Yet the pain that fills me wont let me cry,

Not until the time that i beg to...

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Categories: betrayal, break up, deep,

I look in the mirror and 
I see a girl that's scared to speak 
I see fear and disappointment in every word she speaks 

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Categories: emotions, how i feel,

I never planned to be alone
Floating through forever without connections
I never thought I’d feel the cold
Of lofty fleeting unmeaningful moments

I never thought I’d feel adrift...

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Categories: addiction, cancer, death of

The strongest might not be able to give up the one theylove
To turn away from the soft spoken word said so often yet never enough

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Categories: courage,

I the narcissist
How dare you try to compete with me,
 don't you know my shoes cost more then what you make in 2 weeks

I adorn my body...

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Categories: character, emotions, fun, me,

Lord will I ever win
The clouds are rolling in. 
As I think about my skin. 
Because I sin.
Will I ever win?
As my head spin.
I think about my twin.
It felt...

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Categories: childhood, feelings, inspiration, spoken