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Society Abc Poems

These Society Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Society. These are the best examples of Abc Society poems written by international poets.

Our Daily Bread
Racism. Trying to prove ones skin tone or ethnicity is superior to another’s. 

Why we let a such word control society is beyond the human...

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Categories: old, racism,

My Name Is Society
I cause one's self confidence to crumble away  
Like a worn-down building left to decay 
I infect the minds of the old and young...

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Categories: 11th grade, discrimination, gender,

A painter sits
A painter sits
Alone and in solitude
Staring at a portrait
He paints of society
He starts at the bottom,
The beginning of time
It is wild and unkept
Colours outside of...

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Categories: art, history, humanity,

See as you may, we are dazed.
Blinded, by lies..
Grounded, by truth..
  They have you...
Blinded- to see as you do.
Lie- as you must..
 Be who...

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Categories: betrayal, corruption, freedom, self,

Drifting Waves
Great sorrow lies in the depths of the heart
A shadow of loneliness 
A cry for recognition 

The drifting thoughts 
The unfulfilling wants 
The hopeless mind

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Categories: anger, angst, anti bullying,

Maybe it's society
Can I disappear?
For an hour, even for a day?
I wonder who would miss me?
Would anyone ask me to stay?
Would they miss the time we shared?

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Categories: for teens, how i

Miles to go
In between sunrise and sunset
Blast off and deadline set
Before the ocean beach 
And crowd reach
Just go
Because you have miles to go.

If the road is empty

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Categories: work, youth,

Men without women
Women without men 
As a whole without men and women
Human is incomplete
To build a worthy society! 


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Categories: society,

Useless Users
Useless users, 
Lost life abusers.
Energy wasters 
albeit time haters.
Profile faker's now
Story makers.
Worlds gone crazy
now all lazy.
What's to become,
dull,dead and dumb.
We used to be human,
now only...

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Categories: angst, anxiety, betrayal, confusion,

I belong to the local community
The loving home where local hearts belongs
I belong to the rich soil of the planet earth
The soil that accommodates the...

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Categories: 12th grade, caregiving, celebration,

An ugly world
What an ugly place, what an ugly face,
the human race is such a disgrace
The people here are different, always looking for someone to blame
I was...

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Categories: anger, desire, meaningful, society,

Cannot, Will Not, Should Not
If you don’t think you can, you can’t.
When you don’t believe you will, you won’t.
If you don’t show your best side to society,
You think you...

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Categories: 8th grade,

Like I have just stepped out 
of a cocoon hidden in an 
ancient ageless cave. 
Freshness of the atmosphere, 
so amazingly beautiful and divine 

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Categories: beautiful, conflict, heartbreak,

Stuck in between races
Stuck in between races

I stand melanin enough because all my fellow people think they grew up with the struggles they heard from you. 
I stand...

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Categories: race, rude, silence, society,

End of the Arms Race

Archie A. Agag, the American Idol Kaiser
Be hiding in an underground concrete bunker
Closed-eyed hate peeper sleepy late-riser
Dreaming of a bottom end H-bomb dumpster
Enter the REM...

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Categories: perspective, society, truth, wisdom,

Residing in his love
Residing in his love

I remember sinking low enough to feel my heart throbbing when I realised every emotion,feeling and memory of your love was just...

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Categories: 11th grade, christian, god,

Inner voice and outside world
I apologize(Her inner voice)

Look at her...
Look at the way she walks...
Look how she acts as if...
No wait I wasn't born into this world to please...

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Categories: 11th grade, anti bullying,

Religious leaders
Religious leaders recognize their own
According to the interpretation of religion
The perceptible person is towards his religion
To charm
To cultivate religion, country, society, self and family
Peace, happiness,...

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Categories: religious,

Voice of the real victims
Voice Of The Real Victim
Girls have me long as I increase her beauty, I’m the hair
But people use me creepy, it’s not fair.
Me the forehead...

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Categories: anger,

From the developed countries
Advanced people
Marrying same sex
Male with male
Women with women
That is their right to marry anyone
Might be they are 
Advertising on family...

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Categories: marriage,