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Satire Abc Poems

These Satire Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Satire. These are the best examples of Abc Satire poems written by international poets.

byes and cries
emmm byes and cries
yeaaah bye bye
don't you turn that head as i pass you by
emmm byes and cries
yaaaah no no no sad whys
don't your lips...

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Categories: betrayal, black love, cool,

The student bold
A student bold from Abbyfeale
Who feared no Ghost nor Ghoul
Hitched home one night from Dublin
Where he did go to school

The night was dark and eerie

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Categories: boy, car, drink, horror,

You Say
You say you have this disorder
I'm not saying that you don't
All I’m saying is think first
And by yourself I know you won’t

My OCD is acting...

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Categories: satire, society,

Elation and Vacillation a comedy
Elation & Vacillation a comedy
A poem
Lionel Derbyshire

Every day I want to .. but I could not
Today I must do .. I have to
Yesterday I let...

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Categories: anxiety, chocolate, for her,

I Shall Rise

Who said that when you dust me off?
i will not collect my eddys and build a turbulent of rise,
who said when you cough...

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Categories: art, cute love, desire,

Mixed Colours and The Saucy Pauper
Colours are mixed
Seasons  are fixed!
Essence of beauty - Such joint; a necessity!
The phlegm signifies our stench,
On whose bulging shoulders shall they bear?
Phlegm taken out...

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Categories: satire

The Reeling Bridge
Shatters of our loins;
Trepidating high on the mountain sigh
Caliphates on the shoulders of power
The Jungle; a psyche for warriors
I fear not; for its aim are-

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Categories: satire

America Sucks Less
This country’s sure got problems
Corruption, crime, and drugs.
And though we try to fix the world
The world just hates our guts.
But for all our woes and...

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Categories: america, satire, drug,

The Erie Lackawanna
The Erie Lackawanna.
Was a friendly mamma! 
The friendly service route.
Ran across the Southern Tier of New York.
Then across the Susquehanna.
Choo Choo went the train.
Down along...

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Categories: america, places, satire,

Naughty Verses
I'm learning to swear and to curse
And to make my poems sound worse and worse
But when I shouted, oh f**k
It was just my bad luck...

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Categories: humor, satire,

A satire to the famous politician
Politics! Politics! 
What a deadly 
her victim early 
memories i 
recall there 
was but once 
an election,but 
present tell us 
of selection.
With eyes...

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Categories: absence

Feather In The Wind

Pretty smile, sincere eyes.
An honest voice that told no lies.
Likeable one from every sense,
Pure beauty’s true essence.
An Angel’s face, that was you
Before your cohorts turned...

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Categories: satire,

Cool Dude

Shoulders high he saunters in,
Confidence betrayed by his grin.
He shows them off, his high end gear,
Mirror-polished shoes, man of the year.
He owns the room, he...

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Categories: satire,

Thank Heaven

Thank heaven for the heavens,
The haven of evil beings.
I thank you skies
For the seats you clean for us.

Thank heaven for the heavens,
The reward of sinful...

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Categories: satire,

Tell Me Not

Tell me not what the good book says,
And point not at my evil ways.
I know your deeds, I know your type,
So play not my ways...

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Categories: satire,

Milk Sacks

Milk sacks here,
Milk sacks there,
Milk sacks now
Are everywhere.
Milk sacks right,
Milk sacks left,
Be they big,
Or be they small,
Heaven knows
I’ve seen them all
When on the streets
They point...

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Categories: funny, satire,

Blind Seers

It all began when the blind seers
Took the step and trusted their sight.
It was dark, the night was cold,
The storm had dropped, places were damp

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Categories: africa, metaphor, political, satire,

Guitars Of War

When men of fame do meet discord,
They find a way to prove their point.
Then it is, they think of the art,
And call to play artists...

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Categories: africa, metaphor, political, satire,

Devil's Miners - To The Messiah

If i could, I’d veil the earth
And keep it far without your view,
I’d wrap its bulk and hide its shape.
But that would be a waste...

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Categories: political, religious, satire,

Lady Justice
Lady Justice, lady Justice,
Lady Justice has no eyes.
Lady Justice, lady Justice,
Lady Justice tells no lies.
She has a heart ever so pure,
Tilting her scale to show...

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Categories: satire,