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Pets Abc Poems

These Pets Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Pets. These are the best examples of Abc Pets poems written by international poets.

How my dogs greet the morning
Early in the morning
Everybody is yawning
I hear my dogs bark
But still it is so. Dark
The light slowly arrives
The city comes alive
My dogs r abuzz wth...

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Categories: dog,

Dogs are the best. Cats like to rest.I hope your pet like's to play and doesn't  get stressed.

They can be mean. They can be...

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Categories: animal, happy, pets, youth,

I Miss You
I miss you, 
When I'm alone, 
I miss you when the sun goes down, 
I miss you, 
When I hear a song, 
I miss you,...

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© Tera Brown  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: missing you,

My Tiger, His Prey
These cuddly creatures,
Maybe be soft and sweet,
But they do have a temper,
That ones believe is not true,
The sharp evasive claws,
Jagged pointy teeth,
Make up for the...

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© Tera Brown  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: animal, pets,


Bees seem frantic in their hives
Crows are behaving erratically
Deer are running, fear in their eyes
Eagles are diving sporadically
Fish are swimming up to the surface
Gophers have...

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Categories: bird, change, confusion, dog,


I've witnessed seasons
Year in year out
I've seen faces dark and fair
I've met pple strangers and known
Many of a kind, humble and arrogant

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Categories: angel, best friend, boyfriend,

    She stirs first..restless..looking longingly over..senses awakened.
Their feet shuffle slowly under warm covers. The moonlight shines thru the window catching her face....

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Categories: passion,

We live in Blind Harmony
Once upon a time, when the world was young
We hardly heard of crime, for we mostly respected our tongue.
Harmony is what we expect, but though...

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Categories: absence, abuse, age, anxiety,

Chewy is my dog he's friendly, playful and likes to run. When I call him he comes. He is my shadow and never leaves my...

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Categories: pets,

Pets and gadgets
My grandpa spent his leisure with pets 
I don’t spare time from my gadgets. 
Keep busy in gadgets till I can endure 
leaving my lovely...

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Categories: children,

Kids Love For Animals
       Kids Love For Animals ( Poem )

Children’s favorite shows are of animals
I have hours in a playlist that...

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Categories: adventure, animal, children, cute

The ABC's Of Food
This is my first A--Z poem. Any advice or comments are welcome.

Apples Are 
Being Bought
Cooked Creatively
Dripping Deliciousness
Every Excited 
Food Fanatic
Goes GaGa
Happily Having
Interesting Ingredients
Joyfully Jumping
Keeping Kids

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Categories: food, fruit, pets, silly,

A Welsh New Year
A Welsh New Year

The night's dark shadow 
creeps softly over the sky. 
Dark, soft fingers pull slowly at the light, 
fully engulfing it into it's...

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© tej singh  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nice, pain, pashto, pets,

All Creatures
God gave us creatures
both big and small. 
With many beautiful features, 
to keep us enthralled. 

Dogs, cats, birds, 
small animals and species galore, 
each time...

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Categories: crazy, pets,

Atlantic sea dogs
Mommy my dearest,
Walking on the plank,
Sharks circle nearest,
Pirates shout their chants.

Watched by the eldest,
Eyes drawing blank.
Cries from the youngest,
As she hits the bank.

Laughters fill the...

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Categories: absence

Vito the Kitten
There could be no other name for a Kitten like this one .
He is Brave , his black , silky hair , Vito has won...

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Categories: animal, baby, beautiful, cat,

Cheer and Root Hong kong Donald JUNG
   Cheer and root is DONALD JUHG. 
Act a way in open also other evil schemes in secret.
Overt does or convert acts are...

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Categories: dark, men, evil, life,

Handle threats may set our forces.
Acts reacted may dare to all.
Rules that strike are evil causes.
Keep our Taiwan not to...

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Categories: depression, games, games, may,

White little kitten
with glowing eyes
soft purr so lovely
silent walker stealing milk
Homely companion
so gently it plays
always cute for ever

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© Namratha H  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: pets, , cute,

Cute little rabbits
so timid and cute
charming pets of home
Enjoys obseving them
playfull and affectionative
Loved companion sweeties...

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© Namratha H  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: animals, , cute,