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New York Abc Poems

These New York Abc poems are examples of poetry about New York Abc. These are the best examples of Abc New York poems written by international poets.

Very early on a Monday morning 
Just before the morning salute
With pillow between the thighs
And head with blank wonders 
Dreamt of her in miles
The unknown...

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Categories: morning, motivation, my children,

Paddy is Doing it Diffrent
Paddy said to Murphy soon I will be going on holiday,
In fact I am booked to go next Saturday.
Last year I went to New York,...

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Categories: poetry,

The Great Negotiator
The Great Negotiator 
likes to play golf actually 
likes to play a lot of golf 
even though he touted 
from the podium that he'd 

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Categories: political,

Philip Petit
Phillip, dancer of the skies,
Artist of heaven crosswise.
The god of the twin towers
Made obedient by a wire.
Phillip, a winged man.
Elegant and poetic,
Charming and majestic.
City birds...

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Categories: america, angel, creation, fantasy,

New York City Make Me Crazy
Yo Yo New York City make me crazy and i am cool man and i am rap and people think i am cool rap walk...

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Categories: america, basketball, celebration, funny,

I live in New York, and I am a New Yorker, And I am also...a worker. I close the door to my house, and begin...

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Categories: angel, death,

Ides of Brussels
Ides of Brussels
Lionel Derbyshire

“Lennon asked the world to live as one ..
There is a harmony of birdsongs in his song. 
Jackson made a change when...

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Categories: appreciation, celebration, courage, history,

tribute to September 11th
Its been 14 years ago 
Its still hard to believe
That so many lives were taken
Still so many families to grieve
On a normal day as this

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Categories: beautiful,

New York City
I live in the city that never sleeps
Time square lights shine
While the sun creeps.
Homeless men rush to the big tin can 
Of left over meals

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Categories: community, environment, humor, new

A hole in the ground
There's a hole in the ground.
There's a town in the hole that's in the ground.
There are friendly people.That is positioned in the town. Live in...

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Categories: city,

Still, dark
"Grandpa tell me the story 
again!", the young boy yelled in 
excitement, as he and his 
parents entered the room. It 
had been only one...

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Categories: irony

The Erie Lackawanna
The Erie Lackawanna.
Was a friendly mamma! 
The friendly service route.
Ran across the Southern Tier of New York.
Then across the Susquehanna.
Choo Choo went the train.
Down along...

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Categories: america, places, satire,

Just Another Poem
As I sit and stare at this big crate filled to the top,poems I have made ,scared to death to take the next step.
wondering if...

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Categories: courage, fantasy, poems,

A poetess friend of mine Marcela VM has told me that her poem titled ”Mud” was plagiarized by a lady name Francis Robinson with the...

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Categories: absence,

Raspar ese hielo 
That cold Brick of ice
Raspar ese hielo
Crystal clear and light

Raspar ese hielo
Dame una de piña 
Y una de coco
Piragua man
I like the...

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Categories: culture

wonders about my colour BLACK
I don't know if I should love you or hate you
As innocent as I was you just had to label me
You took my love and...

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Categories: anger, art, beauty, body,

Spudly Love
Mashed potatoes are a drug
each bite tastes better than than the first
ladled in hot pork gravy 
puddled in the middle of the dollop
and dripping slowly...

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Categories: food, mother, natural disasters,

That I came back to live 
in the region both 
my parents died into 
that I will die into 
if I have nothing else 

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Categories: on writing and words,

Cinema Memory Lane
Cinema Memory Lane # 2

An Affair To Remember with the sexiest
Bombshells Of The Silver Screen in the
Casino Royale, this was a 
Day Of Heaven just...

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Categories: adventure,

Premium Member The Indigenous
Apache, the Ndee, "the people" of Arizona and other States
Blackfoot, the Siksika, whose painted red faces we can relate

Cheyenne, the Tsitsistas, meaning relatives of the...

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Categories: native american