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Memorial Abc Poems

These Memorial Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Memorial. These are the best examples of Abc Memorial poems written by international poets.

forty  one years ago you blessed us with your birth
now today as we gather to bid you a tearful goodbye 
God seemed fit to...

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Categories: bereavement, grief, i miss

How sweet they really were,
The then days of our growing,
When everything was just fun,
When all we knew was play,
Curiosity was our great say,
I miss how...

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Categories: memorial,

We Honor You Today
We Honor You Today

To all of our US Veteran
Far and near
We thank you for your service
For all those years

Your sacrificed your time
 And some gave...

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Categories: military,

It took a Lincoln, Warts and All
Abraham Lincoln was America's Unexpected Jesus
Booth spilled this stream of blood along the Mason-Dixon line
Calls for forgiveness and reunion since the Gettysburg Address
Did bring out...

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© Anil Deo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: america, angel, history, leadership,

Our Angel
We've had an angel in our midst
For the past twelve years or so
She's blessed us with her cheerful ways--
Soon it's time for her to go.


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Categories: angel, heartbreak, meaningful, memorial,

my gran that never dies
Grandchild, please don’t mourn me I’m still here,
though you don’t see.
I’m right by your side each night and day
And within your heart I long to...

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Categories: death of a friend,

A Soldier's Nightmare
He's afraid to close his eyes for he might not awaken. The bodies he has seen was no sensation.    He close his...

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Categories: death, deep, depression, hero,


Great were the old times
When we first met eye in eye
Green was the grass everywhere
Sorrows we had not in our minds
For memorial stories we shared

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Categories: absence, betrayal, depression, ,

kagaj ki naav
Jab jab badal me ye kali ghata chhati hai
Barish ki ye bunde dharti ki pyash bujhati hai
tab me ek kagaj ka tukda lata hun 

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Categories: memorial day, memory,

Africa the continent…of incredible wealth …?
Through exploitation, corruption…and stealth…attrition felt…?
Called the mother land…are you a fan…?
The significance of tribes…the subject of their lives…
The stark of...

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Categories: adventure, africa, international, ,

The endless Journey
Sitting on the beach of “Puri” beholden at the setting sun   
Rose-colored globe dropping drowsily in fathom less ocean.

Felt every atom of the...

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© AB Das  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: philosophy, , memorial,

Poetry Soup
From an era immemorial
you have nourish so many; young and old,
Quenching the thirst of expressions,
Filling the bricks of emotion.

You spur men’s intrinsic sixth sense
With aroma...

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Categories: dedication, light, , memorial,

lets remember
Lets Remember and Also Try to Understand
Those Who Fought for Their Country and Freedom
Of the Land
Lets Remember and Also the Sacrifice That Came at
A Cost

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Categories: memorial day,

A Day in the Sky
The cool air,
blowing in my hair,
the sound of bells ringing loud,
sitting down on the soft clouds.
This down right pleasure,
is what I'll treasure,
that no other dream...

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Categories: beautiful, day, dream, imagery,

A tear fights his way through desolation
a tear fights his way through desolation
the purple summer flower is snapped
hope expired to memorial
green fields are hermetically sealed
mud splashes fouling soft cheeks
the worst in...

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Categories: miss you, , memorial,

"I am a woman phenomenally.Phenomenal woman,that's me." Maya Angelou.

The first time i read your poetry,back in my early teens,i knew the kind of a...

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Categories: death, memorial day, tribute,

Dialogue Poetry - Poetry's Memorial Service
The funeral was a surprise to all 

Bury me!!!

Poetry shouted

Bury me and leave no trace

If pen lost ground and laid 

Then this hand too belong...

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Categories: death

I miss you
When the wind whistles
I hear you call my name
I turn,turn and turn again
Forever you are gone

I miss you
When the aroma fills...

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Categories: anniversary, grief, i miss

I wanna go home for Christmas
Cold, lonely, long nights
endless hours before dawn.
The flickering candle in the night,
brings up yawn after yawn.
I know I want some sleep
but the hill I'm climbing...

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Categories: christmas

Does it stir you,
a body bag ?
Journey of million years
stops here,
decoding the numbers.

A  humming bird 
inflight catches a dilemma
before the sun sets on the

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Categories: art, , memorial,