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Hyperbole Abc Poems

These Hyperbole Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Hyperbole. These are the best examples of Abc Hyperbole poems written by international poets.

Drifting Waves
Great sorrow lies in the depths of the heart
A shadow of loneliness 
A cry for recognition 

The drifting thoughts 
The unfulfilling wants 
The hopeless mind

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Categories: anger, angst, anti bullying,

Lionel Derbyshire

A little bit of rash
Cancels great wisdom
Can serious wrongs be
Forgived ? 
How calm are we
in judgement ..
And let greatniss fall 
On a man down

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Categories: angst, anxiety, betrayal, emotions,

Merry Go
Merry Go
Lionel Derbyshire

AAAY .. It is the pluck of dawn
Morning is examined
YAAY .. i m going wake up
I am breathing again
Ready stable and able
Bouncing and...

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Categories: encouraging, hyperbole,

Funny Numbers
Funny Numbers
Lionel Derbyshire

Numb i have suffered
And by God done I am
Too many characters 
So many teachers
Yell and try to tell
How to sauce 
The spice of life.

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Categories: creation, earth, hyperbole, i

Lionel Derbyshire

O scratchy ear 
Why you itch 
Is someone near ?
I am just sitting down
Looking at a tile 
Which is plastered down.
On a floor
With an...

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Categories: absence, best friend, betrayal,

You Say
You say you have this disorder
I'm not saying that you don't
All I’m saying is think first
And by yourself I know you won’t

My OCD is acting...

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Categories: satire, society,

Bad Seed, Weeded Bliss
She brags about everything she has
With childish hyperbole, arrogance, hubris
No humility, no empattthy, no conscience
That's why full of s**t  rhymes with narci666tic

Her celebration -...

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Categories: evil,

Old love
All i notice are the shadows
Shadows of angelic beauty
Accompanied with strings
Of hyperbole and sticky
love? Who knows.

Oh! My lady call me somemore
And browbeat my furnace-like
Fury for...

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Categories: love

Premium Member ABC Poetry
Another anthology appears
Boldly boasting ballads.
Can't construct cinquain,
Ditto deconstructing didactic.

Easy efforts elevate essentially.
Fabulous frippery, fun, fauxmance.
Giving gifts ,gaiety, glory.
Hiding hyperbole ,hailing honesty.

I ignore idiosincricy.
Jubilant jeweled jots.

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Categories: imagination