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Hair Abc Poems

These Hair Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Hair. These are the best examples of Abc Hair poems written by international poets.

I met you amid the branches
of an old, evergreen tree –
we were wary at first,
dangling like flushed and obscure fruits
from twisted limbs;
exchanging precious gifts
of blue-black...

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Categories: love,

Ugly Sue
Ugly Sue or Smelly Sue as the kids used to call her,
Lived in a cardboard box under the bridge at Fairfield.
Some said she was 100...

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Categories: 10th grade,

Whisper to the whistling wind the wistful worries of the day
For she is sister, tightly twined to smoke that winds and floats away.
All that I...

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Categories: love,

Should you be mine, Just for a Moment
Should you be mine, just for a moment
I will make it count,
I will pull you closer, and feel your warm breath,
Then look into your cute...

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Categories: romantic love,

Do you see me or at least hear me
Can you see me or at least hear me he’s gotten so big I wish you got to meet him you would have loved him...

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Categories: death, emotions, love, miss

Ask your self
Thinking you top of the world 
You boogie
Think you untouchable 
Entitled you feel... 
Smart know who to try 
Think money buy love
No self-worth 

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Categories: confidence, courage, divorce, encouraging,

What Is It About Me
What is it about me? Is it, I'm not the beauty, you think I ought to be? Is it, the bags under my eyes, my...

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Categories: depression, hurt, judgement, sad,

My lovely
Curly hair, gentle eyes, red lips, blue shirt everything reminds me of her where can I find you are you lost
At sea or in deep...

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Categories: beautiful, cute love, love,


Shout out to the super woman in you
That strong and resilient spirit human
Not many women are lucky to have been...

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Categories: beautiful, beauty, care, cute

Love is a Drama
Psyche might be confused
Why Cupid’s arrows no use?
On her, it was just a stick
As true love is not a magic trick.

Delilah must be hooked
Not on...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

They will only use you for a night,
In a bid to satisfy their ill needs,
They will promise you heaven on earth,
Just for them to lick...

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Categories: wisdom,

The passing years
Oh!where,oh where have my babies gone,
Oh!where,oh where can they be.
Five minutes ago they were safe in my arms,
Now I can sit on their knee.
From time...

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Categories: feelings,

tragic magic
torn middle eastern attire
an orphaned heart on fire
houses turn to rubble
gotta bomb them on them on the double
who wiped the mossad prints off nine eleven

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Categories: child abuse, feelings, pain,

roaming homing
trimmed all my long hair
the hair i always dreamed about and wasn't there
somethings are never measured by the means of the brain
shoulders at ease while...

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Categories: beautiful, deep, dream, earth

Battered Shattered and Scattered
Mrs Gladys Wackjob:
“What the goodness is wrong with this hospital,
I receive better service in a restaurant.
You nurses sit there doing nothing while my
Husband is dying....

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Categories: 10th grade,

Premium Member The Beach
Along the water's edge, the grey waves
Break noisily in a white foam spray,
Curling carefully like well-permed hair.
Driftwood carried on to the shingle
Envelops the wind-blown plastic...

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Categories: beach, sea, winter,

love so far
the love I feel for her 
Is a love so great 
shes so far but our love 
is a picture to paint 
a story of...

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Categories: april, courage, crazy, flower,

There is no future
Windmills and cornfields are all this life may seem.

Stories and hopes of a future is all we tend to dream,

children in the dark, as the...

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Categories: america,

Differently Different
A paper and a pen 
I need a few to tell stories of my pain 
Not of what has passed 
But of that which is...

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Categories: abuse, africa, depression, discrimination,

Differently Different
A paper and a pen
I need a few to tell stories of my pain
Not of what has passed 
But of that which is to come

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Categories: africa, discrimination,