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Future Abc Poems

These Future Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Future. These are the best examples of Abc Future poems written by international poets.

Poem about life
Life is hard and sometimes overwhelming,
Sometimes my life seems so depressing,
I’ve been dragged down to rock bottom,
Which seems all I do is keep on stressing,


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Categories: inspirational,

Proud moment
Proud moment,

I am so proud of myself for how far I’ve come,
I now have no feelings of being so numb,
I am very great full for...

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Categories: anxiety, life,

Ways to overcome
Don't stop thinking, keep thinking.
Till you reach a true way.
Don't stop dreaming, keep dreaming.
Till your dream come true.

Dead body never think or dream at all.

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Categories: future,

Easy don't come easy
Easy don't come easy.

When I think back to what we had,
It breaks my heart and makes me sad, 
Not because we said goodbye, 
Just because...

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Categories: feelings, future, i miss

Future is on your hands
Time will never being anything side.
To disrespect time is to disrespect future as well.
If it is altanate to reach a future destination, everyone will being...

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Categories: education,

No one can forget ex love
You were stole my heart.
But i found it back again.
Even though you were put it in capativity.
Someone somehow rescue it,as im towards to die because...

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Categories: first love,

By Edward Egbelo

I was just about to pick my bag from the dusty floor she threw it when she screamed “Eddie where are...

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Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, africa,

Content I was to be a frog,
Devouring dusty dragonflies,
Exposing eyeballs by a log,
Floating 'neath sublime summer skies.
Now I'm a Prince alphabetized....

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Categories: future, humor,

his dream
she woke up in his dream
she woke up his dream 
she whispered I'm real
she introduced herself
to his feel
what's future but a
postponed memory
he sighed and if...

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Categories: art, devotion, dream, heart,

why baby why did u lie
u said u love, why did u leave me
all the moments we spent together
i saw u and pictured a future

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Categories: break up,

My Dying Choice I Live In Regret
To my unborn child, I'm so SORRY
I can't stop this pain, it's a non-stop debate of how it all would be

Painted images and thoughts constantly...

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Categories: abortion, death, heartbroken, how


*I know my root* 
*I know where I started*
*My tears weren't just from pain or sadness*
*Many at times from my efforts* 
*My sweats weren't...

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Categories: appreciation, birth, career, future,

Crimson king
from the perfect ILLUSION
it all came to pass
we all came to go through
the chained  crimson king
with peeping glossy curls
sweating logic pearls
now this how...

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Categories: confusion, creation, dark, deep,

By Parizo Van Thulare

Stop acting brave whilst you are hurting 
Stop trying to be a man in boy's life 
That you make the future you

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Categories: cry, inspirational,

Suffer No More
We can be happy living with joy  
Tranquillity, and peace 
Or we can be miserable and cry in pain  
Cursing our own disease...

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Categories: 4th grade, happiness, inspiration,

if i didnt have you
If i didn`t have you, I wouldn`t know what to do
maybe being dead would be the next best thing
in rough times i have bad thoughts...

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Categories: baby, lonely, love,

How do i let go
As I sit here and think about my life
I don't know if I still want you in it
I'm so confused I don't know what to...

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Categories: boyfriend, break up, love,

Like the Rain running to earth for asylum
Like the Birds setting on trees for asylum
Like the Sun taking in sky asylum
Like the winds giving us...

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Categories: destiny, discrimination, earth, emotions,

If I had
If I had
Lionel Derbyshire

If I had
a little granddaughter or
a little grandson
of my own
I would give them
a little
bucket and spade
in uniform
of their own
or a little
tip up...

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Categories: celebration, child, emotions, future,

The day is finally here
The groom has arrived
Here comes the bride gorgeously dressed
Her beauty shines like the harmattan sun
Her smiles are bright like the...

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Categories: daughter, girlfriend, i love