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Father Abc Poems

These Father Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Father. These are the best examples of Abc Father poems written by international poets.


Sunrise and sunset don't give hope of tomorrow
What if the climate plays a trick on human race
The clouds may gather and refuse to...

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Categories: adventure, care, emotions, fairy,

If good gods got a great heart
Why do innocent kids get hurt
If we are to live life with lots of laughter
Why do orphans get families...

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Categories: family,

God is eternal love
I trusted the frieds of mine. 
I also trusted my family's. 
Now my life is in the hell, 
I trusted them a lot, but they...

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Categories: true love,

You are broken, brought down and discarded
So you made my life a living hell by fueling my thoughts with your fragments
Sometimes I feel that the...

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Categories: 11th grade, anxiety, birthday,

My father
God listen to me 
i knock the door of heaven 
my word are your promise 

I am like dead rose
Whose beauty with father 
I will...

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Categories: 9th grade,


A father is someone who holds us dear, under a watchful eye he keeps us near.
He protects us from harm and banishes fear and makes...

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Categories: devotion, father,

What is man without a woman
Man is nothing, without a woman.
If man is alive then this life is also the gift of a woman.
If a man is a father,she is...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Katherine remembers
Oh it was so long ago, now, in the time before television.
It was a more genteel time.
Women used to do the housework and read to...

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Categories: 10th grade,

Where I Come From
I’m from small town homes and rose bushes overgrown, with
Where my best friend lives down the block and I make late night trips to her...

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Categories: family, love,

my realization
i suffer from my mistakes
I feel small and out of place 
I watched the terrors of the world 
from the opening of my gates 


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Categories: appreciation, education, endurance, family,

Never give up
Never give up no matter how hard life is always stand up..
Regrets won't help who knows one day you will be up..
People will think they...

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Categories: adventure, africa, anger, beautiful,

Happiness awaits, in the heaven's above.
Through those pearly gates;
   Our Father awaits.
We are always loved, from our Father above!
 He knows who we...

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Categories: bible, celebration, death, father,

A tribute to Dr King
I have a dream
But Dr King 
Had a vision
He lived it out
Made great decisions
He had a dream 
And he made it a reality
Paved the way...

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Categories: age, child, confidence,

Premium Member GOD I DO WONDER X-Y-Z---

A All I ever need is just mercy from the Father
B Blessings, assurance this world need not bother
C Covering my sins...

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Categories: addiction, analogy, appreciation, blessing,

You've grown, In more than just age 
You've grown enternally
Finish with this phase 
The laughs and smiles
Once were not there
Spirit once felt weak
Voice felt like...

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Categories: age,

Dad and the creaky window
The house wasn’t as old as my father,
However some parts were starting to creak,
He detested outliving my mother,
And  wanted a still house that didn’t...

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Categories: 10th grade,

a paining
walking through the dark
long strides, not looking
the eyes all on me
burning, the smell of hate
rising through the leaves 
my thoughts are coming 
just one of...

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Categories: absence,

Psalm 2
God on high that cradles me,
Who Lights the way that I might see,
The one that takes my burdens in his stride,
And never punishes when I’ve...

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Categories: 10th grade,

soul trips
fingertips typing and soul trips
a beautiful crow on crescent stem sits
a hot cup of wisdom from it he sips
a golden leaf pray to never leave

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Categories: beautiful, color, creation, deep,

Tina Louise
What are you afraid of Tina Louise?
Why do you put your head down when you see a mirror,
Why do you jump when the Lightning strikes...

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Categories: 10th grade,