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Fate Abc Poems

These Fate Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Fate. These are the best examples of Abc Fate poems written by international poets.

The deal
Sorry if I offend
With the words I bend
I wont pretend
To be bothered by your hate
Not my fate
Go ahead and walk right on by ....I won't...

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Categories: emotions,

One thing I always ignored and i never wanted to see
That first I shoud be the one who loves me
No one else is gonna come...

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Categories: 12th grade, age, anger,

Covert Creed
We run wild with our exuberance 
Embracing all the exciting things coming our way.
Sailing through like there’s no bank to our excitement.
Enjoying the never-ending twilight...

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Categories: 11th grade, adventure, africa,

At the beginning what was there ...
The all was formless and fluid,
from endlessness to endlessness
Darkness filled the void.
What must there have been?

Truth, Love, consciousness,
becoming aware...

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Categories: creation, fate,

You and I, we don't see the days that pass in the same way.
My days are not here there over there, somewhere.
Days in my life...

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Categories: allusion, anxiety, fate,

Hoop lock loop,
The ecstasy that gaga ones heart above,
For that which do enclose us all bellow our worth,
In this we tend to daily lay our...

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Categories: absence, black love, break

my days
i glimpse my days as they row by
to the corner of my eye
the race for identity
the mirage of divinity
visions and sights
a dark fear of light...

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Categories: art, deep, fate, inspiration,

What lies along the road ahead are thoughts cemented in my head.
Where will I go?, what will I be? And who will be there...

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Categories: fate, future,

My Sacrifice
I stopped thinking of those words you said
So that I can go to sleep
Sleep before I lose my head. 
It's just me, I'm all alone

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Categories: deep, emotions, soulmate, spoken

Life is a Short Journey
Life is a Short Journey 
By: Majed Dodeen
Our destiny rules over us, even when we are not yet aware of it. The future makes...

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Categories: appreciation, journey,

It's Never Too Late
I welcome you all to the start of the show
I will tell you everything you want to know.
There's no place I would not go
As long...

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Categories: anniversary, crush, feelings, first

Not Gods Plan
Who are we? Do we know?
Lost in time as we climb
Through history to make our mark in this life.
We pretend that we are the masters...

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Categories: religion,

Puppa goes on a Yacht
Puppa, is a Jack Russel Terrior,
He is white with tan markings.
One day the hole he was digging in the yard
was big enough for him to...

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Categories: 10th grade,

She came
She came, a naked beauty without a name,
Searching a vessel of love's fragrance,
Though vessels are-if falsified- not the same,
Love's lure sails in silence and bore

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Categories: dark, poetry,

Imagine this
Imagine one day everything's fine
Next day you're in a psychward with a completely differen't mind
No one looks at you the same, not worth anyones time


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Categories: addiction, anger, anxiety, conflict,

Head Ache
My head is badly aches
So many thoughts inside 
Screams, tears, fears and pain
To deal with everything
Heart beats in mysterious rhythms
Restless night relieves my senses
Mind tracing...

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Categories: 4th grade,

what if they knew
what if they knew speed of darkness
what if they knew the moon  is filled both sides with brightness
what if they knew the weight of...

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Categories: change, character, creation, deep,

she and he
she had a broken smile
he had a broken back
she smiled with his lips
he danced with her legs
no begginigs no ends
love mends
wish she was here
wish I...

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Categories: beautiful, blessing, dedication, emotions,

The difference between luck and karma
Who we found was our luck.
What we lost was the failure of our fate.
Do not deeds that strengthen your destiny.
Because luck is subject to our...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Neither luck nor any chance to make fate
In life I didn't receive any more gifts than fraud.
May be that's why I didn't even get the chance
to be with the good peoples.
The fate...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,