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Endurance Abc Poems

These Endurance Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Endurance. These are the best examples of Abc Endurance poems written by international poets.

Family bond is strong like glue
Holding the links together from me to you

Family bond is saying "I Love You", and I"ll be here for you

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Categories: children, endurance, faith, forgiveness,

Abiding in God’s will, let’s serve the Lord with joy

Beautified through His grace to minister along gladness-glow

Cheered up midst Scriptures’ truth, smiting hypocrisy and deceit...

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Categories: blessing, christian, devotion, faith,

Growing Amid Thorns
Timely, a rapid germ enters a rich soil,
Grows into a plantlet all green to admire.
Enraged thorns obstruct its growing tall.
Old it will grow, no matter...

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Categories: anxiety, confidence, devotion, hope,


Uphill I saw him push on his wheelchair sweating
Reached out to offer a hand
With a sad face he declined swearing
It’s my burden to carry
Didn’t mind...

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Categories: conflict, cry, emotions, encouraging,

my realization
i suffer from my mistakes
I feel small and out of place 
I watched the terrors of the world 
from the opening of my gates 


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Categories: appreciation, education, endurance, family,

new year different types
to the ones who are passing this day
in one or more of the following ways
to the ones who'll sit talking to their tears
to the ones...

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Categories: celebration, change, devotion, heart,

Love confusion
Love confusion

I hear the voices in my head, 
Soft, sweet and mild...speaking so fast, sometimes I find myself dreaming,
Is he the one, or maybe just...

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Categories: confusion, encouraging, endurance, first


Shuru-shuru mein ik anchaha, anjaana
Rishta- sa tha tumse,
Tumhe-mujhse aur mujhe-tumse ik
Naazuk - kamzor se bandhan se
Baandh diya gaya,
Bandhan mujhe behad naagavaar-sa tha,
Ye bandhan mere liye

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Categories: emotions, encouraging, endurance, inspirational,

Sometimes some words spoken are better left unsaid 
Sometimes something so broken can never be repaired 

Sometimes some friends are better off not around 

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Categories: blessing, cheer up, confidence,

Just Watching
Mild was that seed that rooted into a rich soil 
Rain and sun mixed for seed to become tree
Branches grew green and fruit wasn’t to...

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Categories: anger, endurance,

Eroju ole ekomu,
Eroju ole ekomu,
Omoyin kosagbafo onkasowale,
Eroju ole ekomu.
This in astonishment my spirit wane,
Of the drum that echoes from afar,
with no dancer that its sound...

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Categories: africa, art, betrayal, character,


I may be calling from downtown
May even jump up & down
Others may call me a clown
They get annoyed and even frown

That's their...

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Categories: confidence, courage, deep, emotions,

Silence is not good in love
Why do you keep quite silently?
Some do not even tell us.
What's up in your heart
Which you are comfortable with?
Why do you keep quite silently?

No relation...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Faces <~~
The faces you show aren't the ones I see, when I look at you I just see me, has washed away loves spree, yet...

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Categories: beauty, conflict, creation, death,

Open letter
I struggle with depression
I struggle with pain
Every morning I wake up
It seems like it's in vain

My family they love me
But it's me who don't love...

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Categories: death, depression, emotions, endurance,

Premium Member Just a Matter of Fact
Behaviors by choice good or bad
Down from the minds of humans
Goes unawares, no one cares
Individuals of all races, colors
Keeping promises in the dark
Noticeably found in...

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Categories: adventure, anxiety, character, destiny,


Don’t judge me because,
You don’t know me.
I remain a book of history,
To be studied.

Don’t try to read me,
Because you can’t.
It is by my...

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Categories: character, confusion, endurance,

In life there is a mountain that is far higher
In climbing, men who are willing will never tire
Climbing this mountain seems to many a great...

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Categories: endurance,

all about life and a little bit of hotdog buns
Anxiety will be alright, just believe in Christ, because he win always save, don't let those angry spirits drag you to your grave

birth is so...

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Categories: anxiety, birth, city, dream,

Starting Over
Starting Over
Lionel Derbyshire

Have you ever been at the
start all over again ..
The well of empty confidence 
Where your sun don't rise.
You go around in circles

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Categories: angst, anxiety, character, encouraging,