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Earth Day Abc Poems

These Earth Day Abc poems are examples of poetry about Earth Day Abc. These are the best examples of Abc Earth Day poems written by international poets.

roaming homing
trimmed all my long hair
the hair i always dreamed about and wasn't there
somethings are never measured by the means of the brain
shoulders at ease while...

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Categories: beautiful, deep, dream, earth

I belong to the local community
The loving home where local hearts belongs
I belong to the rich soil of the planet earth
The soil that accommodates the...

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Categories: 12th grade, caregiving, celebration,

The world is about to witness
 a profound phenomenon,
Such that will baffle
 even the wise ones. 
Don't look very far,
It is already here, 
Closer to...

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Categories: earth day, future, inspiration,

Black moons
The ground weeps with smoke and falls like a nation.       
Topped with ash and cinders of their feet, chest...

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Categories: allusion, betrayal, death, earth

"I see the world in vivid Illustrations 
Sometimes a moment of death can 
Bring the brightest interpretation
Currently patient 
Forever waiting for the day I'll die...

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Categories: analogy, anxiety, day, death,

Morning enchantment
The morning’s enchantment

The sun is bright like shiny copper
The air smells of the ocean like lobster
Irritants are low with visions considered
Level are the tones of...

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Categories: allusion, angel, appreciation, autumn,


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Categories: earth, earth day, future,

Lionel Derbyshire

Silently the words
Tell me something
What am I feeling
No yelling .. only
Picture's rolling by
A mute is broken
With thoughts rolling in
Of broken times.

New days are comin...

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Categories: anti bullying, deep, dream,

Mothers day
Autumn leaves fall
The temperature stalls 
The beauty 
The beauty

Winter arrives 
No more alive
The beauty
The beauty

Blossoms soon bloom 
No more gloom 
The beauty
The beauty

100 degrees 

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Categories: abuse, earth day,

Birds are red
Birds are blue
Birds sing songs like me and you
They fly away
and live there day
Just to sing songs before they pray...

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Categories: april, bird, blessing, earth,

Class of genius
We gave birth to Einstein
E=mc2 was a formula we sat
Down at the spinal cord of a milky
Way to cteae.We were breathing 
Star dust and had...

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Categories: earth day, high school,

All As One
Don't hurt a fellow human being
no matter who they be
religion, cast or creed
we are all from one family tree
don't let them curse or cry
in case...

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Categories: desire, earth, earth day,

lets not
Lets Not Close Our Eyes to What We Are Afraid See
Or the Destruction of this Planet upon the Land And the Sea
Lets Not Close Our...

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Categories: earth day,

God weeps
God prays to us, He weeps....

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Categories: care, earth, earth day,

The 3 keys OR a good Friday matter created miracle
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Frank Sobolews

Follow      ...

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Categories: anxiety, betrayal, bible, black

Ride the same wave

Riding the same wave

I feel like 
I'm riding 
a wave of realty
And it's 
difficult to find 
on the same wave.


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Categories: arabic, community, cool, earth

I Ride in the rain
Bubbles in my heart
Confidence never drains
Baby you never know how
I ride in the rain

Drops of water falling to the ground
Giving the canopy its very own...

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Categories: addiction, adventure, dance, earth

Heaven Knows
              “Heaven Knows”
  Heaven hears the joy and knows the sound...

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Categories: blessing, christian, devotion, earth

The Endeavor of Ennobling
People believe:

To change something forever,

It always starts with the Man in The Mirror.


 On this Earth, long we have all been,

both aged and teen,


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Categories: earth day, environment, hope,

Again Today

Again today.

Again today same thing happened
The desire of living became strong
On standing on the stone of ridge
Down in the crevice a rivulet song. 
A melody,...

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Categories: allusion, best friend, change,